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Chapter 1: How could she ever love him?

Midnight; a time where many people are sleeping or partying. The deep dark blue sky was splattered with white paint. The white paint is the stars and pretty things they are too. Many believe in a midnight romance love thingy but does that even exist and love at first sight? What is that rubbish all about then? Its total craziness; right? Deep down we all love somebody even if we are scared to admit it. Love is like sleep, you need sleep and you can't live without it, just like love. They say it conquers all of us but that all depends on how people define it. What is love? Hugs and kisses, the butterflies in your stomach, the important confession or the flirtiness of the whole, confusing matter. Well I'll let you decide what love is as nobody can tell you what love is because it is different for every single person that lived in the past, the people of the present and for the people who live in the future. It is all different...

A young anthropomorphic rose colored hedgehog ran as fast as she could as continuous tears spilled from her jade green orbs. Her name? Amelia Rose or simply just Amy as she preferred to be called. Her long bubblegum pink hair like quills flew in the wind as she whizzed through the eerie forest. She was scared, frightened and terrified of...it. The mysterious wolf like beast she had encountered not long ago. His menacing stare and his loud growl made her heart skip a beat.

How did this all happen?

Well I'll tell you of course!

It all started around sunset when Amelia...I mean Amy was sitting in her special place; the old weeping willow tree that hung over the crystal clear lake like an elderly person. She'd always sit on the same mossy branch and watch the moon's reflection as it glistened like billions upon billions of diamonds. She'd lie on her stomach as she gently pulled its weeping branches like curtains so she could she the water beneath her. This was her place, the mossy branch of the old weeping willow tree that hung strangely over the water. Utter bliss...Yeah right.

"I love it here it's so peaceful *sigh* how could anything take it all away from me"


The young female hedgehog sat up as he ears rapidly twitched trying to locate the growling sound. She put a hand on her heart and found that it was racing. Presuming it was her imagination, Amy lay back down on her stomach and tried hard to forget about it; but somehow it wouldn't go away. She had to be dreaming. It had been a long and tiring day for the young hedgehog. Shopping with her girlfriends and then cleaning her apartment. She yawned, soon she would have to leave her place and return to her apartment where she would dream about coming here tomorrow. A few minutes later, the teen decided to call it a night a carefully made her way down her tree. When her feet touched the grassy surface she dusted herself off making sure that no damage had been done to her ruby red dress. She was just about to set off when she heard a distant twig snap followed by the same roar she had convinced herself was her imagination. Curious about what it was, Amy cautiously peered through the thin leaves and branches to see a wolf like creature on the other side of the lake drinking its water. But there was defiantly something different about the creature as it had spiky hair similar to...quills.

Wait a second, she thought No wolves been seen on mobius for two hundred years so what the hell is that. And even if it is a wolf then why does it have quills? It then suddenly hit her, the beast wasn't even a wolf but if it isn't a wolf then has to be a...

"Werehog" she whispered, finishing the last word of her mental sentence aloud. In school, Amy had studied about the myths and legends of her planet and she her favourite legend was the mysterious Werehog. It's said to be an old story whether that's true or not and it has probably been changed many times however, Amy loved it. No, she adored it. It was back when werehogs were said to have been friends with mobians. The werehogs would protect villages and in return the villagers would supply them with food, a.k.a, meat. It was all peaceful until one day a great evil befell on a small village called Nobelia and the werehogs didn't protect the villagers. The word spread and werehogs and mobians became enemies. It says that only a young girl can properly tame a werehog and that is day when mobians and werehogs unite once more as one.

When the hedgehog stopped her day dreaming, she found the werehog staring at her and dagger teeth bearing. Then it ran towards, using its powerful limbs to run incredible fast. Amy was in shock and didn't move. Her body trembled with fear as she whimpered with fear. She tried to move her legs but her boots were glued to the floor. The werehog roared through his pants as Amy's jade green eyes began to fill with tears. She was petrified, afraid and the thing that scared her the most was that she was all alone. All of a sudden, she felt warm blood gush back into her feet and then she darted off into the forest behind her.


The tears stung her eyes and they had lost their aluminous glow that made everyone that she knew smile. She wasn't in the mood for smiling at this very minute in time as she was being hunted by a WEREHOG! Amy could hear his pants getting closer. Screaming in terror, Amy ran faster, trying to out run him but it was on all fours which meant it could probably run a hell lot faster than she could ever run. The rose coloured hedgehog had no idea where she was and had just bolted in random directions in this chase. She occasionally stumbled over tree roots but the werehog didn't seem to be phased by this. She was still unsure of why he would chase her for over ten minutes as normally it was said that they could only run at full speed for about two minutes. It obviously wasn't running very fast then was it. This made her anxious

Unexpectedly, Amy felt water splatter on her hair like quills. She gazed up to see gloomy dark grey clouds in the once clear sky. The heavens then opened and the rain pounded on her once fur. She tried not to let it get to her and pressed on running. The two played their everlasting game of cat and mouse until Amy skidded to a stop. She was on a cliff edge. It was the ocean or its jaws. The cliff had shear rocks at the bottom and the waves pounded the rock hardly. She could the vibration of it. Her train of thought stopped when the muscly werehog leapt over the bush she had dashed through and when it landed it let out an almighty growl that seemed to make the thunder louder and the lightning more intense.

Amy turned to face the creature as it walked slowly closer towards her trembling figure. She let out a small scream as she too walked but instead of forwards she walked backwards towards the very edge of the cliff edge. The rain fell heavily and the wind howled in their ears though they went unnoticed. It was very close to her now only a metre between the both of them. Amy walked back once more but the cliff gave way and she knew she was going to fall so; she gave a terrified look at it and raised a hand as if she expected it to grab it.

Amy fell. Screaming as she fell into the cold ferocious sea bellow her. The werehog ran to the edge of the cliff and dived in after her. Under the water the werehog search until it spotted something red. Her dress. It swam down towards her ignoring the pain in its lungs. It grabbed the back of her dress in its jaws and swam to the surface. The werehog paddled over to the sharp rocks and the cliff, keeping her head above water at all times. When it reached them, it sprang out of chilly liquid and clawed his way to the top of the cliff. It the werehog some time but it finally reached the top. It threw her onto the damp grass first and then hoisted itself up. The werehog shook its greyish blue fur before grabbing Amy and running back to the forest. She was unconscious and shivering.

It ran until the werehog reached the lake where he had met her. Yes, the werehog was a male. He placed her in a sitting position and leaning against the willow tree. He cautiously licked her peach muzzle until she slowly opened her eyes. They were beautiful and made his heart miss a beat. When she finally realized how close he was to her face she let out an ear-piercing scream and the werehog growled due to his sensitive ears.

"Are you okay" she whispered. Her voice was like heaven to his ears and he tried to hide his rosy blush.

"Y-yes, I am sorry for chasing you...girl"

"It's Amelia Rose but my friends call me Amy, do you have a name?"

"Yeah I have a name, its Sonic, Sonic the Werehog"

Sonic noticed how feminine she looked and beautiful. He had never seen beauty like this since the last time he saw his mother in...The attack. Was he falling for her already? No he wouldn't let himself because; how could she ever love him...

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