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It was a warm summer day, about three in the afternoon, the sunlight streamed through the metal paned window. IA put down the book she had been reading down onto the table and pushed open the window. She watched the birds fly around the old oak tree and said in a quiet voice "Where did you come from?" A pleasant breeze swept by bringing with it the sweet scents of the forest. What a beautiful day she thought it would be a waste to stay inside! IA soon acted on her idea, quickly slipping on her shoes and grabbing her basket, IA opened the door to her small cottage home. She intended to go for a relaxing stroll through her natural surroundings and maybe gathering some berries for later. Another gust of wind mad her hair a silvery mess. She stared down the dirt road that led into the heart of the forest, and began to walk. It was peaceful; IA enjoyed listening to the different melodies of nature, the buzzing of bees, running of the river. Even though IA had been living alone in this forest for so long she never felt lonely, the creatures of the forest always filled that empty void for companionship. For 140 years, IA had been living like this, separated from the world, only knowing of world through the stories in the old books in the cottage.

She was about halfway to a known berry thicket, when IA saw something alarming. About thirty yards down the road she saw something she hadn't seen in decades. There on the dingy trail was a boy about fourteen; she could only see his back. He wore a white hoodie and appeared extremely lost. Snap! IA stepped on a twig, the stranger whipped his head around the boy's hair was black as coal, his eyes just as dark. "Who's there?" he shouted. IA hid behind a tree, she was trembling with fear, her heart pounding. She heard the stranger walk away; she started to run back to the solace of her home. It was as if she was running for her life.

Within minutes IA stood in front of the old house, she dashed in throwing her basket into the corner of the walkway. Immediately she crawled under the table and curled up into a ball. Who was that? Where did he come from? The frantic thoughts flooded her head. After a few minutes IA came out from under the furniture. She grabbed the book she had been reading earlier that day Greek Mythology was printed in gold lettering on the cover. IA opened the book to the chapter on the evil entity Medusa. She saw a mirror not far away; IA picked it up and looked into her reflection. The first thing she saw were those dreadful eyes, they were blood red, the symbol of her curse, more abnormalities followed impossibly white skin, silver hair, and although being almost a century and a half old IA looked like she could be a freshman in high school. "Why must I be like this?" IA said in an inaudible voice. She was always alone because of this curse. She threw the mirror to the ground in frustration. Shards of glass littered the floor. In one of the broken pieces IA saw the image of her eye. It took her back to that day, when she found out why she lived alone and became so afraid of others.

IA was no more than five years old; she was playing under the tree in the yard, making flower crowns. Her mother was watching her from the window. Two boys from the nearby village approached IA, they began to bully her. They hit her, pulled her hair, and destroyed the blossoms she had tied together. IA cried out for help, her mother dashed out of the house and grabbed IA away from the ruffians. IA's mother tried to run back into the house but one of the boys had grabbed her ankle. "IA, look away" IA remembered her mother's desperate words, but the young IA did not listen. Through the crook of her mother's arm, IA saw a horrendous sight; her mother had somehow turned one of the boys to stone. The other one ran away. A week later IA's mother died of disease. Her last words were "IA never look any one in the eye or they'll turn to stone" IA never forgot those words.

The memory brought tears to IA; she stared at the page with the picture of the frightening snake woman. Before she died, IA's mother had told IA that Medusa was real not just some legend. Also that Medusa was one of her ancient ancestors, the reason for her longevity and accursed eyes.

IA began to loosen up, she calmed down. She began to clean up the shards from her previous fit. Small cuts were soon abundant on her hands. It took about half an hour to clean up the mess; IA opened the front door to sweep out the hazardous pieces. A cold wind sent a chill down IA's spine. It was night already. IA had spent about half the day bringing back saddening memories. A full moon lit up the dark forest. In the distance IA could see the fluorescent lights of the nearby city. I hope that boy made it back to his home. IA thought, her caring nature pulling through her anguish.

The night was quiet and IA readied for bed, changing into her night gown. That night IA had the most horrifying nightmares of that day when her mother protected her, and IA turning to stone herself, but for some strange reason that strange boy appeared in her dreams. But what she didn't know was that boy was soon going to change her life forever.

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