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IA's dreams that night were filled with scenarios, of the next day's events. What is she like? What is her name? The questions went on and on within IA's head, the jealous thought from last night completely gone. She could hardly contain her excitement. She opened the closetto reveala row of old fashioned dresses. What to wear she thought, finally deciding on a white dress that had red and orange flowers on the bottom. She put the hoodie she received from Tsukasa over it. IA then scrounged around in one of her drawers to find a pink ribbon, she quickly tied it in her hair. I hope he likes it she thought as she fixed the bow in her hair.

"I better get started on those tarts" she said to herself as she saw a glimpse of the basket through the half open cabinet. She opened the cabinet obtaining the basket full of over ripe berries. They filled the room with a heavenly scent. She took out multiple small dishes and a tray from the adjacent cabinet. Soon enough, IA had dough, and the berries with herbs mixed in, in the trays ready for baking. IA used the logs from the last night's mishaps to heat up the oven to bake the sweets. IA's face became red at the memory. She placed the tray into the oven the room becoming more immersed in the delicious scent of pastry and wild fruit. IA began to tidy up the cottage for her coming guests, although there was not much to do.

IA was gazing out her window, beginning to daydream about a possible future friendship. She looked to the front of the house and noticed that her flower garden was in need of watering. She grabbed her watering can by the front door and began her task. It was an exceptionally sunny yet windy day. She went on hum a merry tune, which her mother used to sing to her, as the withering plants began to rise with the supply of fresh water. "Wow, what a pretty song!" It was Tsukasa; he was waving to IA, a girl with green hair followed close behind him. IA turned around returning a smile to the oncoming boy. "Oh it's ni-"she was cut off as a huge gust blew, causing the hoodie to fall down. They both began to laugh, the girl remaining silent. "Hello there" IA finally said. "Same to you" Tsukasa responded, but his companion remained quiet not even looking IA's way. She continued to look to the side of the road. Tsukasa lifted his head sniffing the air "Mmmm something smells good" Tsukasa said an audible growl coming from his stomach. His face became a light pink. "I'm glad to hear it Tsukasa, the tarts should be ready soon." "Tsukasa?" they were the first words to come out of the stranger's mouth, she seemed quite surprised. Tsukasa leaned over to her whispering something her ear. The girl looked straight at IA with her big green eyes, her surprise even more evident. "Please come in" IA gestured her guests into the cottage. "Quaint" was all that the green haired girl said as they walked into the house. "Oh yeah let me introduce you" Tsukasa said in a cheery voice "IA this is Megpoid Gumi, Gumi Chan this is IA" IA put out her hand "It's very nice to meet you Megpoid" Gumi gave IA a puzzled look, Tsukasa looked on the verge of laughing "IA that isn't how you say it" Tsukasa finally said chuckling as he did so. "Huh? What did I say wrong?" This made both Gumi and Tsukasa begin to laugh furiously. IA's face turned bright red. "That's her last name" Tsukasa explained.

"Then why did you say it first?"

"Oh my IA" Tsukasa said gasping for breath. "How long have you been living here?" "Huh?" IA found the question to be extremely strange "Ummm almost 140 years. Why do you ask?" Tsukasa and Gumi stopped laughing and looked at each other then back to IA. "What!?" they said in unison. "You're kidding right IA" Tsukasa said. IA shook her head. What's so surprising? She thought, cocking her head in confusion. "How the – "Gumi began, but Tsukasa stood in front of her. "Umm IA, not to be rude, but how old are you?" Again another confusing question for IA "The same" she replied. IA sniffed the air "Oh shoot the tarts!" She grabbed her oven mitts from a drawer, and then removed the tray of delicacies from the oven. The two teenagers stared at the little dishes. They began to lean forward to grab one of them. "Oh let me go get some forks" IA ran back to the drawers and found three forks. She returned within minutes, Tsukasa and Gumi were whispering amongst themselves.

"Do you think she's telling the truth?"

"She doesn't seem to be the type plus she lives here by herself"

"How do you know that for sure?"

"I just know"

"Look Tsukasa kun, I don't think we should trust her"

"Gumi Chan give IA a chance"

"Fine, but if I see anything suspicious I'm leaving"

"Alright, Alright"

Tsukasa began trying to eat the desserts with his hands, finding it too hot to do so. Gumi continued to stare at them with suspicion. "Here are the forks" IA said bringing the silver utensils. Her guests both took one. "Itadakimasu" They shouted in unison clapping their hands together. "Itadaki – what?" IA said, practically dropping her fork in the creamy interior of the treat. A chuckle began between the teens. This time IA decided to laugh with them.

The rest of the afternoon was spent eating tarts and the naïve IA learning many things of the outside world."Wow IA! This is delicious!" Tsukasa said at one point, Gumi agreed. By sunset all of the sweets were gone. Tsukasa took his phone out of his hoodie "I'm sorry IA" he apologized "We have to go" He slipped the device back into his pocket "It was a lot of fun seeing you, lets meet up again sometime and the food was delicious. Thank you" He started toward the door, Gumi got up from her seat. She walked up to IA and leaned in toward her. Their faces were almost touching. "You better stay away from him" she warned, her tone was threatening almost murderous. "Come on Gumi Chan!" Tsukasa shouted from the front yard. Gumi got away from IA an evil smirk on her face. "Coming" she shouted in a cheerful voice. She had a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality, shy and evil at one moment then happy and go lucky the next. Down the road IA can see Gumi glaring at her, a glare full of hate. Gumi's statement left IA pretty shaken up, but what the girl didn't know was that night was the start of a roller coaster life.

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