Meelo paced up and down the hall, trying to decide what to do. He loved Korra, he knew that; had loved her since he met her at the South Pole, although then it was more of a child's admiration. His love for her had grown with him, though, and he was finally old enough and mature enough to be able to qualify his love. She had always played with him as a child, helped him with some of his pranks, put up with his antics; but now, he wanted to be treated as a man, not as a child. He wanted her to be everything to him. She was as bright and beautiful as the moon in the sky, and brave as a moose-lion. She was the coolest damn girl he'd ever met, and he wanted her to know it, and return his feelings.

She had travelled for a while, after she mastered all of the elements. She had duties as an Avatar, after all. He'd heard stories of her, second hand, from people on the street, and from Republic City's newspaper. She had come a long way, and gone to great lengths to strengthen the relationship between benders and nonbenders, to smooth out the ripples that had been caused by Amon's rebellion. And he was so proud of her for that.

Now, she had come back to Republic City, ostensibly on business, but she had found time to visit Air Temple Island. She was staying in the exact same room she had before, in the women's wing. As he walked down the hall to her room, he thought of what he should say to her. He was a man, now (a handsome one, at that), and he had so much more to offer her now. He could protect her, travel with her, hold her at night…and he had enough experience to pleasure her, if she wanted it. He'd do anything for her, and he hoped she'd accept his offer.

As he drew closer to her room, he could hear something, someone, within. Movement, the spring mattress heaving, muffled cries and moans…and a whispered, "Oh Mako…oh, I've missed you…" and Meelo's heart shattered. Of course, she'd want him; they were closer in age, he was a cop, handsome and experienced. What would she want with some bald, master airbender like him? He felt tears fill his eyes as he turned to flee, flee this pain, this longing, this shattered hope. He had reached for the moon and fallen short, and the fall was devastating.