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"What do we do?" the dwarves asked their king worried and anxious. They knew they didn't stand a chance but they weren't cowards either.

"There has to be a way to go around this!"

Thorin didn't reply anything, he had shut his mind from the reach of the others. He tried to think all the possibilities they might have winning the upcoming battle but every idea ended badly.

"We fight," he finally mumbled barely audible.

The fuss among the dwarves stopped at once.

"Thorin?" Balin asked, thinking he had heard wrong.

"We will fight," Thorin repeated, now loudly, so that every one of them would hear it. "We may be just 13 dwarves defending Erebor but this is our home!"

When no one interrupted, he continued his speech.

"I do know that the odds are against us but do you really want to be remembered as dwarves who gave up when the war was on upon them? Or do you want to be remembered as the ones who protected their homeland against the enemy, no matter what?!"

The dwarves cheered encouraged.
"We will fight until the Mahal himself takes us to his halls. We won't surrender!"

They cheered more and lifted their fists in the air. The only one who wasn't so keen on going to a battle was Fili. Because he knew.

He knew what was coming, only partly but still. And he had made his decision not to make the prophecies come true. That's why after the most enthusiasm had settled down he walked to his uncle.

"Thorin, can we talk?" he asked quietly.

The dark haired dwarf nodded and they stepped aside.

"What is the matter?" Thorin asked.

"We cannot fight this battle," Fili said sternly.
The older one stared the other for couple of seconds.

"Fili – "

"No, listen!" the blond dwarf glimpsed the surroundings, making sure no one heard his words. "We can't fight. Not here, not now. Can't we just sneak outside from the back and leave while we can?"

"Dwarves do not run away!" Thorin kind of snarled at his nephew, not able to believe what he had just been told to. "Dwarves don't flee like the humans, dwarves will fight as long as they live. We will fight as long as we live. When you are a king you will understand."

And by that Thorin walked away. Fili closed his eyes and shook his head slightly.

"If I ever have the chance to be a king," he mumbled to himself, knowing that only he heard that sentence. He had failed to turn his uncle's mind, but that was predictable. He just hoped he hadn't failed to unfullfill the things that were yet to come. Possibilities that may come true at any moment.

He returned to his brother's company and didn't want to talk to anyone. But of course Kili knew that everything wasn't okay, though he had learned to keep quiet at the times it needed. And now it seemed to be needed to not ask questions. Instead he tried to lighten up his older brother's mood.

"We will crush many of them before they get to us," Kili said grinning and gave a single tap on Fili's shoulder. Fili gave back a tiny small that didn't reach his eyes. To him it seemed like no one understood the situation at all.

The dwarves went to sleep soon after that and two of them were always on a watch. Bilbo didn't return to them during the dark time and it concerned few of them. Some of them wondered if he'd got eaten by the dragon, it wouldn't have been a big surprise considering the nature of the hobbits.

An hour or two after the sun had risen above the horizon the two dwarves on the patrol woke up the rest of them. Thorin decided they would search the mountain for any kind of weapons, armours and other stuff they might find useful in the upcoming situation. Slowly the tiny feeling of fear started to crawl in few of them, affecting their minds and thoughts, finally attaching to the others too. They all knew they didn't stand a chance against the orcs; they wouldn't survive.

The dwarves split up into three groups to search faster, their time was running out. The day when the dragon had attacked the mountain had left a lot of visible proves about it. They found destruction, skeletons and collapsed walls, and it terrified them deep inside. All the groups headed into different directions because the kingdom beneath the mountain had several places to storage things.

"Balin?" Fili asked silently as their group reached one of the weapon chambers. "Can I have word with you?"
"Sure you do, laddie," the old dwarf smiled and they parted from the others.

Kili eyed the two of them as they talked silently, little bit worried about his brother.

Within a short distance the second group had also started to dig through the fallen pieces of stones. They found some crushed metal that were not in the shape of using ever again.

"So much waste," Bofur said as he threw another piece away.

"You said it," Dori agreed and glanced around the place.

A sudden scratching sound caught all of their attention, it was coming from one of the halfway fallen corners. The four dwarf in the room – Dwalin, Bofur, Dori and Oin – took their position, even though they didn't have much with to protect themselves. A loose stone fell to the floor, soon after that the whole wall got several bumps onto it like something would be trying to get through it.

"Hold your ground!" Dwalin ordered and they stayed where they were. On the fifth hit to the wall all the stones gave up and and collapsed, pulling something orange and red coloured with them. The fall caused a dust and sand cloud, which made the colourful thing starting to cough.

"Bilbo?" Bofur asked confused as the dust had settled down more. "Is that you?"

Indeed, the hobbit was laying on the stones, groaning from the stinging pain on his back. He turned his face toward the voices he heard and sighed for the relief.
"Oh thank god," Bilbo mumbled as Bofur rushed to help him up.

"Where have you been?" Dori asked.

"I got lost," the halfling said and wiped the dust off of his jacket. "I was running and then I didn't know where I was and.. I think I've been walking in circles for long time. Then I heard voices and found that." Bilbo pointed at the now collapsed wall.

"It is great to see you," Bofur smiled and gave a big hug to the hobbit. "We thought Smaug had already eaten you!"

"It almost did."

"Let's not worry about that now. The main thing is that you are alive. And with us. Nothing else matters now," Bofur stated happily.

"Did I miss something important?" Bilbo asked and watched as the dwarves faces changed from relief to worry and despair.

"What? What has happened? Did.. did someone.."

"We are going to a war," Dwalin said in turn and shook his head. "The orcs have surrounded us here and demand our surrender. But we aren't going to do that, we have decided to fight."

"And how many are there? Orcs, I mean," Bilbo asked again.

"We don't know, a lot probably."

They let the news sink in to the hobbit's mind. "Oh.. That's.. not good."

"We are gathering everything we can to defend ourselves," Dwalin explained and looked around. "But it seems quite much is destroyed here. I hope the others will find at least something useful."

"Yeah, there is nothing here," Dori said shaking his head. "We should go back."

They left the grim room and returned to the great hall where they had been sleeping. Thorin's group was already there.

"Did you find anything?" he asked immediately as Dwalin was close enough.

The tall warrior shook his head. "No weapons, no anything. But we found something else." He pointed to the hobbit who was behind all the dwarves.

Thorin's eyes grew a little bit larger. "Was your.. journey succesfull?" he asked, careful not to mention anything about the jewel.

"No. The dragon woke up before I found.. before.. I managed to do what you asked," Bilbo changed the words in the middle of the sentence, remembering about the secrecy. "I barely got out alive. Smaug is one cranky dragon, let me say that."

Some of the dwarves sneered at this statement. Hobbits could always find the humor in everything.

It didn't take long until the rest of the dwarves came back, carrying whatever they found. Altogether they had gathered few swords, spears, daggers and shields, just enough that everyone would have something. Thorin explained them the plan of the attack, how they would get the best benefit of the situation.

As they all got prepared for the upcoming battle, Fili wanted to talk some of the dwarves. He gave them words of courage and bravery. When he came next to Ori he pulled the dwarf little bit further.

"This will be my first big war I've ever been in," Ori said and smiled proudly. "I'm gonna hit them hard! They won't even know what happened to them!"

Fili gave him a smile. "I'm sure you do. But listen, the battlefield can be very much full of surprises and I want you to know that it's okay to do whatever you have to. Even though you would be terrified and the act feels like it's a way of a coward's. It's needed, okay?"

Ori looked at the blond dwarf with a little bit of worry and curiosity. He nodded understanding and walked away. Fili sighed.

"Listen everyone!" Thorin announced and the dwarves turned to look at him. Fili walked back next to his brother.

"It's finally the time!" the king said and let his gaze circle among the others. "We will fight as hard as we can today. It might be our last day but as dwarves we will not run away against this enemy. One day our brothers and sisters will sing songs about us, about our courage to face our fate. We shall not let them down!"

The dwarves cheered and followed Thorin through the big hall and toward a new exit they had managed to make earlier. It lead straight to the front of Erebor where they would meet the army of orcs. As Thorin repeated their war plan Fili turned to Kili and put one hand on his shoulder.


"Exciting, isn't it?" the younger one grinned. He had never been serious about anything.

"Kili, I want you to know that whatever happens there you know that I have always loved you. As much as a brother can love," Fili said slowly, trying to make Kili understand.

"Of course, brother," Kili answered smiling. "You don't have to be so sentiment about it. We are going to beat the orcs, just like uncle did years ago."

"Yes, we are," Fili gave his brother only a twitch of a smile.

Finally the small group of dwarves reached the fresh air and sunlight. The dead ground looked miserable. In the distance they could see Azog's army ready to crash everything in front of them. The dwarves walked forward, acting confident and taking a better grip of their weapons. They stopped at the half way, not wanting to be too close to the enemy.

"We will not surrender!" Thorin announced with a loud voice so that Azog could definitely hear it. "Dwarves will never give up without a fight! Prepare to die!"

Azog smiled at the answer. "So death it is," he said growling.

Before either of the groups managed to do anything they noticed movement all around them. Figures came in sight from all the directions except the Erebor, first just heads and shoulders appearing behind the small hills.

Thorin took a tighter grip from his weapon, others taking a better position against this unexpected attack.

"Wait!" Balin said as he walked a little bit forward and put a hand on Thorin's arm. "It's not the enemy, it's Dain!"

All the dwarves looked at the approaching characters now with an interest and joy.

"But how.." Thorin mumbled his question.

"I don't know but let's not focus on that. We have a bigger issue at the moment," Balin stated and turned his gaze back to the orc army.

Azog watched the new dwarfs with a suprise and anger, realising that his own army might not be enough against all of them. He let out a furious roar that made the ground shake. Then he said something to one of his fellow orcs in their own language and the smaller creature took out a horn and blew it.

The Iron Hill's dwarves let out their battle cry and ran toward the group of orcs. Thorin looked at the sight mesmerized for few seconds but commanded then his own group into action. Together all the dwarves on the battlefield attacked their common enemy.

Bilbo, who was located behind their dwarf group, wasn't so keen on running straight to his quite certain death. He quickly prayed and put the ring on his finger, before anyone could see it.

The war was purely a massacre, for both of the armies. Only after few minutes it started to look like the dwarves actually had a chance. With invisible Bilbo on their side they were able to kill many of the orcs. But just as the dwarves were starting to feel victorious, somewhere in the distance was another orc army walking toward the battle.

The group was still far away but it would be fighting among others pretty soon.

"We are going to lose," Bilbo said to himself as he let out a frightened breath. "We are all going to die." He looked at the dwarves all around him, fighting for their lives, swaying their axes and swords and whatever they had.

The hobbit came up with an idea. It wasn't as good as it could be and the possibility to fail was greater than to succeed. He ran quickly back to the Erebor; to his luck they weren't extremely far from it. No one noticed him disappearing, of course. Bilbo ran inside and tried to recall the route he needed.

In the meantime the dwarves crushed bones from different parts of the orcs, leaving them to die without limbs. They had the advantage of a small size but the orcs were unscrupulouses; many dwarves died in a short period of time.

The thirteen dwarves got separated from each others. Once in a while they happened fight back to back with one another but everytime the meeting was quite short. Thorin's mission was to kill Azog as soon as possible but the giant leader was always too far from his reach.

Bofur was having hard time fighting against couple ugly looking orcs. He could hardly move to avoid the fatal hits coming from the opponents. Getting more and more tired he accidentally stumbled on one of the fallen ones and while trying to keep his balance an orc nearby saw its chance. The creature swung its spiked sledge hammer toward the dwarf.

Bofur got his stability back but didn't have time to duck. He tried to step back but only managed to move a little bit before the weapon hit him, tearing his clothes and skin just below the ribs. Bofur let out a loud scream and fell backwards to ground, blood starting to stream outside. The world around him spinned and after few seconds the dwarf passed out.

The orc prepared to give the final strike and raised his hand in the air. The act was interrupted though for the orc's throat was suddenly pierced with a wooden spear. Blood bursted out, making the pale creature to suffocate in it. The orc dropped on its knees and fell to the ground, dying painfully.

Kili sprinted towards his friend, avoiding the enemies' weapons and hits.

"Bofur!" the young dwarf shouted for the other and bent over the lifeless looking body. "Bofur, open you eyes!"

He tried to revive Bofur first by slapping his face slightly but it didn't give the expected result so Kili started to shake the dwarf from the shoulders.

"No.." he breathed when nothing worked. Kili stared his companion in disbelief and felt the pain of loss rising inside of him. "You can't be dead, Bofur please.."

He placed a hand gently on Bofur's shoulder and was about to say a prayer when the injured dwarf gasped for air and grabbed Kili's hand.

Bofur groaned in pain and hold the hand tighter.

"It's okay," Kili said partly relieved and partly still horrified about the situation. "You are gonna be okay."

Bofur tried to say something but his voice wasn't strong enough.

"Say again?" Kili moved his head closer and Bofur's eyes widened.

"Behind you.."

Immediately Kili took the nearest weapon from the ground he could see and launched himself to the contrary direction, thrusting the thing in his hand to the orcs stomach with a great force. He stabbed again, twice, before the orc died.

Panting from the fighting and all he turned back to Bofur and nodded.
"I can't do anything for you now," Kili said apologetically. "Lay down, don't open your eyes, but please don't die eather. I'm gonna make sure no one gets to you, just play dead, okay?"
Bofur nodded and grimacing he closed his eyes.

Kili took a fighting position and checked the possibility of danger around him and Bofur. He was about to start attacking the enemies again when a stupendous roar was heard. The ground shook and everyone stopped at once, turning their gazes towards the Erebor.

The roar was heard again, now much angrier, making even the bravest of the fighters to tremble in their boots. Huge pieces of rock flew and fell from the mountain's side, leaving behind a round shaped hole on it. Every single dwarf and orc on the field stared at the scene amazed.

The enormous fire coloured dragon climed from the hole, shrieking furiously and turning its eyes towards the warriors outside.

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