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After couple hours of resting the dwarfs continued their journey on the nearly visible forest path they had found. The sun had risen into its highest point and the sunbeams gleamed from between the treetops. Bilbo and Gandalf were walking side by side at the back of the company, the halfling having little troubles of keeping up with the wizard.

"So," Bilbo started asking, "what did you do after we left to the mountain? I mean, how did you get to the forest?"

Gandalf smiled shortly. "Well, let's say that I used some magic." The wizard winked at the halfling.

"Hmm.. Did you happen to hear any – noise – from the mountain?"

"What do you mean by that?" Gandalf turned his head to see his fellow traveler.

"I mean, kind of a big rumbling? Like an, umm, earthquake maybe?" Bilbo tried to come up with something.



"I have to admit that I may have caused them," Gandalf answered lightly, shrugging innocently.

"Wait, what?!" Bilbo hissed and made sure that no dwarf heard their conversation. "You caused them?"

Gandalf noticed the sudden change and frowned baffled. "Why is it so important?"

"Why?" Bilbo asked whispering and alarmed. "WHY?! Because apparently you caused the avalanche that made Fili and Kili fall nearly into their deaths!"

Gandalf was quiet for few seconds. "Oh.."

"Yeah," Bilbo gave the wizard a gaze. "I don't think it's a good idea to mention anyone about your magic there."

"Probably not," Gandalf agreed and they continued in silence.

The road was turning into a downhill, not big but noticeable. Also the vegetation around them changed and all the dwarfs noticed it. They began to lift their heads to see the darkened trees, everything in the forest seemed to become more gloomy and creepy.

Thorin stopped and turned to look at the wizard.

"Is there something wrong with this part of the forest? Or am I just imagining this?" He pointed to the woods ahead of them.

"No, you're not imagining," Gandalf answered examining the surroundings. "We have come to the part where the evil darkness affects more."

Thorin glanced to the distance. "Should we be more careful here?"

"Mmmmm..." Gandalf thought. "It would be wise. And I suggest you don't touch or eat anything you cannot recognize safe for sure."

"You heard him!" Thorin thundered. "Let's keep going!"

They walked among the dead grass, warped tree branches and heavy atmosphere. It felt like something, or someone, didn't want them to be there. Bilbo got goosebumps and shivers only thinking about it, he was feeling little paranoid.

The company continued walking much more silently for hours. Soon they became for a small meadow-kind of area that was the size of four times their group, big enough to walk around.

"I think we should rest for a while," Thorin said as he had examined the area.

The other dwarfs sighed relieved for the pause and few of them collided heavily to sit to the ground.

Bilbo also put down his baggage and sat down, massaging his feet. Travelling around the Middle-Earth had developed cuts and bruises all over his body. And because he was the only one with none shoes his feet had to deal with much more aching. It didn't really bother the halfling while they were walking and focusing on something specific but as soon as they stopped and had the food or rest breaks his feet had the time to moan about their pain.

Bilbo watched as the dwarfs took their weapons from wherever they had them and put them on the ground next to them. Everyone had at least two or three different weapons, several of them had much more. Glancing towards his own little sword Bilbo was so happy he didn't have so much iron hanging on him, he might not be even able to move.

Gandalf was sitting on one edge of the meadow, leaning himself toward the tree and smoking his pipe intensively. Thorin was discussing with Balin if they should also search for something to eat; it had been a long time when they had eaten properly. Bilbo took his sword and studied its shining surface and small details in the patterning; it certainly was very beautiful and made with experience.

He put it on the ground and lied down on his back, using his arms as a pillow. He watched the sky that peeked out in the distance. Bilbo was just about to close his eyes for a moment when someone's face appeared to his sight. He stared straight into the brown eyes, starting to feel slightly uncomfortable second by second.

"What?" Bilbo asked irritated as the dwarf didn't move anywhere.

"Oh nothing," Kili answered and smiled his sweet wide smile. "I was just wondering."

Bilbo became suspicious and squinted his eyes. "Wondering what?"

"If you have anything important to do right now."

"What does it look like?"

"Great! Get up then!" Kili got excited and lifted the halfling by this shoulders.

"Woooah!" Bilbo said being pulled up. "What are you doing?"

"I will teach you how to fight," Kili grinned.

Bilbo swallowed. "You – you what?"

"You need to learn how to defend yourself. We will meet a lot of orcs and wargs and other creatures, you need to be ready for the fighting."

Bilbo moved his mouth like a fish on dry land, trying to protest. "No way!"

"Well yes way, Mister Baggins, it's very important." Kili took his sword and placed it in front of him, pointing it towards the halfling. Others had become curious and were looking the two, even Gandalf was following the situation.

"No no no no no! No!" Bilbo said crossing his hands to his chest. "I am not going to do that. I am against violence, you should know that, Master Dwarf."

"But the orcs don't know that," Kili said innocently. "Pick your sword."

When Bilbo apparently wasn't going to do anything, Bofur decided to interrupt.

"Hey laddie," Bofur called out, "I suggest ya take that, he means it."

Bilbo gave a glance at Kili who was already taking a fighting position. He knew he was going to lose this one and he didn't need any more reasons for Thorin to hate him.

Slowly the hobbit took his sword. "I really don't -"

Without a warning Kili made his first move. And Bilbo barely evaded the sharp steel that came straight toward his chest.

"I promise to be gentle," Kili said smiling widely.

"Well that wasn't looking like it, if I must say," Bilbo answered horrified, keeping his weapon way too high.

"He's not gonna make it," Dori said shaking his head.

"You wanna bet?" Nori asked twinkling in his eyes. Couple others joined the betting and hands were shaken.

"Lower your sword," Bofur gave a tip to Bilbo. "And put your other leg in front. Yes, like that."

"Poor hobbit," Dwalin mumbled to the dwarf next to him, Thorin. "He won't even know what hit him."

Thorin sneered.

Bilbo was feeling nervous now when everyone's eyes were focused on him, and he didn't even know how to fight. He had never fought with anyone, especially like this, and didn't want to fight. Hobbits had always been a peaceful nation, this kind of action wasn't familiar to him.

"You're ready?" Kili asked challenging.

"No," Bilbo answered.

"Good!" Kili said and attacked the underdog halfling.

The swords clanked against each other as Bilbo tried to defend. The dwarf moved quickly around to give another hits and their audience cheered and whistled loudly.

"Show him, brother!"

"Trust your instincts Bilbo!"

"Watch out!"

The next strike caused Bilbo to let go of his sword, and the weapon flew couple feet away from him.

"Are we done yet?" he asked when Kili didn't seem to drop his own sword.

"No," Kili answered and grinned. "Not until one of us is on the ground."

"Well, in that case I can just sit down and –" Bilbo had to cut off his sentence when the dwarf started the attack again.

Bilbo ducked just in time and gave a kick to Kili's left knee while he was still facing the dwarfs back. Kili made a surprised cry as he dropped on his knees. The other dwarfs cheered for this unexpected turn.

"You said you don't like violence," Kili said little confused.

"You're right, I don't. But I will use it if I have to," Bilbo explained, thinking that the fight was over.

"That's good," Kili smiled and rose.

The dwarf made several strikes towards Bilbo and every time the halfling managed to avoid the hard steel, in one way or another. Kili couldn't believe that he might actually be losing, he got irritated and attacked with more force which of course made him lose his focus.

Bilbo trampled to Kili's foot and the dwarf started jumping with his other leg. Bilbo used this advantage and jumped to Kili's back. He wrapped his arms around the dwarf's face to make this unable to see anything.

Kili shouted muffled something unclear and dropped his sword trying to get a grip of the halfling. He started to sway and circling around, finally losing his balance. Just before hitting the ground Bilbo jumped off.

The dwarfs cheered on their feet. Bilbo picked Kili's sword and pointed it to the dwarf's throat.

"You've had enough?" Bilbo asked lightly, with little smile.

Kili groaned, rubbing his back. "Yeah, I've had enough."


Bilbo held out his other hand to pull the young dwarf up, and after Kili was standing on his both feet he turned to walk towards the others. Kili followed him little ashamed. Bofur and Nori tapped Bilbo to his shoulders congratulating for the victory.

"Well done, laddie, well done!" Bofur said smiling widely. The small money bags switched their owners.

Kili felt someone right behind him, the dwarf's face near his own.

"Your skills must have got rusty if a hobbit can beat you so easily," the low voice said and made Kili to swallow hard and grimace in his mind. He didn't know what to say but the tiny smile and the whole look in Thorin's face as he walked away was something that made him feel so small and embarrassed.

Fili walked to his brother. "Don't worry bro, he got lucky."

"Is that supposed to make me feel better?" Kili asked unhappy.

Fili shrugged amused and watched the little hobbit.

"You're one heck of a fighter," Bofur said praising. "Did you know that?"

"Well, uhmm," Bilbo felt little awkward. "I – I would say it was pure luck. I wouldn't survive if some orcs attacked."

"But you handled very well the one on the cliff!"

"That was... that was a different situation," Bilbo tried to explain. He could feel Thorin's gaze on his neck. And it wasn't pleasant at all. He was about to say more but a sound of a thump and shouting caught his attention.

"What – " Bilbo started asking after he turned around.

Two dwarfs were wrestling on the ground, yelling insults at each other and trying to get the upper hand.

"I'll show you your luckiness, jerk!" Kili yelled as he wrapped his arm around Fili's body.

"Stubbleface!" Fili shouted back, pulling his younger brother's head.



"What are they doing?" Bilbo asked finally, not able to turn his gaze away from the two fighters.

"Oh, don't mind them buddy," Bofur said smiling, "they tend to do that every now and then."

Bilbo just couldn't understand those dwarfs. Thorin shook his head and wondered if he had made the right decision to take his nephews on this mission.

"FILI! KILI!" the leader thundered and the young dwarfs quit their playful fight. "Be useful and go search for any food you can find."

The brothers slowly stood up, still glaring each other with a twinkle in their eyes. Kili walked to this quiver and lifted it to his back. Thorin was giving orders to the others and when his nephews were about to leave, he called out them once more.

"Take the hobbit with you."

Bilbo froze. "Wait, what?" He glanced first to Fili and Kili, then to Thorin. "You – you want me to go.. with them?"

"Is there a problem with it?" Thorin asked raising his eyebrows innocently.

"No no no, no problem," Bilbo answered and coughed once. "Not a slightest."

He turned on his heels and followed the brothers to the forest, mumbling about being probably killed by maniacs.

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