My god, I don't even know why I wrote this. I was listening to feel by MariƩ Digby and suddenly this came out of it. I think about adding a chapter or too. Because I don't like bad endings hehe. Probably about Jack telling another guardians or something. If I add a chapter, you'll see :D
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He screams because it's the only thing he can do.

He screams because he's alone, because he's so full of anguish.

Why has nobody ever come for him? Was he really that bad of a person? He has never done anything wrong, or he tries not to. Why can't people see?

So he tries, he really tries. He helps people, he helps children, he even tries to help other spirits. Well, the ones who let him, the ones that don't immediately jump to conclusions. Of course he makes mistakes, how could he not? He is an 18-year old boy, with all the power of winter in his hands. Nobody ever explained a single thing to him but oh, he really tries.

But it's all for nothing, because even after 150 years of living in solitude, with nobody except the wind as company. He is still utterly alone.

So he tries to make his own family, his own family made from snow. He creates a father, a father who's there for him, whom he can talk to, a father who's stern but jolly too. A real father.

And he creates a mother, a loving mother. A mother that always listens. With a smile that can drive all his worries away. A real mother.

And lastly he creates a sister, a little sister. Somebody he needs to keep safe, a sister whom he can play with, needs to be an older brother for. He would be the best brother she had ever seen. Areal sister.

So he talks to them, tells them how it was being so utterly lonely, and how grateful he was towards them for being there. He jokes with his little sister and tells her how he missed her. He hugs his mother and tries to savor the warmth he hasn't felt for so long. He smiles at his father and thanks him for being there. Because they are here, and they are feeling his pain and helping him. He thanks them all for being a family, a real family.

But they are not real, and he breaks.

He hits them, breaks them, shakes them. He begs them to say something. To let him know he's not alone. But they don't and he destroys them completely. And he screams, he screams and he cries because it's the only thing he can do.

And he keeps screaming until he can't anymore.
Not because his voice doesn't let him, but because even screaming doesn't help anymore.

He is alone.

Why won't anybody help?

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