This story is inspired by the songs, Power and Control by Marina and the Diamonds and Left Behind by the Birthday Massacre. Also a MAJOR Taboo warning. This story will include taboo such as, sex, corruption, and homosexuality. If you don't like don't read. Thank you and enjoy!

"I will wreak havoc upon this world, as it has wreaked upon me."

The young princess hid behind a lush shrub. Her heart raced and breathing quickened. She tried to stay quiet, but she was so out of breath she could not control the heavy pants of air. She heard some twigs snap near her. She darted her head to look behind her, having some of her dark auburn hair brush past her eyes. She narrowed her vision trying to find the one who had broken the twigs. She scanned her eyes over the terrain slowly, not wanting to miss anything. A twig snapped behind her. Her breath hitched in her throat, and before she could even avert her eyes, she was grabbed from behind. She let out scream as she kicked and thrashed.

"Got you!" A young boy with brown hair exclaimed.

"Ah! Darn it, Elliot!" The princess complained. "How did you know where to look?" Elliot set her down. "You're not exactly the most quiet Princess." He teased.

She gave him a playful punch, "You arse!"

"Well, I also had a little help." Elliot admitted revealing the Princess' Dog, who she ever so cleverly named him Dog, that stood behind him.

"You cheater! You had outside help!" She exclaimed petting her dog's head.

"I didn't ask for it! He merely showed me the way. I had to follow! I mean, what he smelt something wrong?"

The Princess rolled her eyes, "Uh-huh. No matter, I'll get you back next time!" She said turning to Elliot. "What shall we do now, my handsome knight." She teased. Elliot was no knight, but she never minded about such things like that.

"Well, my lovely Princess, I can come up with a few." He said pulling her close. He dark brown eyes looked into her deep blue ones. The Princess put her arms around his neck, affectionately. They both smiled before closing the gap between her lips.

Logan moved his curtains out of his view. He watched his younger sister play with that boy. It made him sick seeing his sister with him. She deserved much better than a...rat like him. She deserved a man like-He was ripped from his thoughts when he sees the two embrace and kiss. He tightens his hold on the dark purple curtains and glares down at the two. They could not see him, but he knew that wouldn't even matter. They would still defy him even he stood an inch away. He grinned his teeth together as the rage uncoiled itself and boiled.

"Brother?" He was, once again, ripped from his thoughts to notice his other sibling stood at the doorway behind him.

"Darien? What is it?" Darien was the twin of the young princess, fraternal twins, but twins non of the less.

"Your needed in the War Room. Are you alright? You seem distraught."

"Of course I am distraught. I am king and have many things I have to and now in my one moment of relaxation I am needed in the War Room." He said pushing past his younger brother.

Darien looked behind him watching Logan walk off. He turned his head back towards his brother's room. He thought of entering and figuring out what he had been looking at from the window. But Darien decided against it, he hadn't time. He was already late for his combat practice. But in the back of his mind he knew that whatever was eating his brother was, eventually gonna consume him.

The princess laid her head on Elliot's shoulder as she fed the pigeons small pieces of bread. Elliot wrapped his arm around her, bringing her close.

She smiled, "This is the best life, Elliot."

"The best." He agreed.

"And I pray it never changes." She hugged his around his waist and brought her head to the side of his chest. He rested one hand on her head, softly stroking her hair.

It mattered not that the world around them was crumbling due to the rule of her brother, they were together. And that together they were the world.

Elliot lightly kissed the Princess soft pink lips, "I will see you in the morn?"

"Yes, I will wait in the gardens as usual. And this time you won't be so lucky on finding me!"

Elliot laughed, "You say that now." He looked into her eyes, "I love you Isabel."

"And I love you, Elliot." Isabel replied.

Elliot kissed her hand before taking his leave. It was only half passed noon, but she had little time to spend with him. But the little time she had, was magical. She felt her problems melt away when she was with Elliot. She sighed and went up to her chambers were she studied her books and poems.

Isabel practiced her handwriting in a small note book, her mind continued to travel to Elliot. She thought of how their marriage would be. Would he want kids? Where would they live? She did not want to stay here. Under her brother's rule the kingdom was beginning to fall into shambles. She loved her older brother deeply, but staying here would be dooming her and Elliot. Though, she was very worried for her brother. He always seemed so tired, and she couldn't remember the last she had seen him happy. She wished there was something she could for him, but what was there to do? Never rarely ever talked to her anymore. She sighed and rubbed her temples, but continued to practice her handwriting.

"Princess?" A guard asked peaking is head through her door.

"Yes?" She replied turning towards the short stocky man.

"You best come to the throne room."

"Why? Is my brother alright?"

"Well, Princess, he..." He hesitated trying to find the right words. "You...It's Elliot, Princess, he and some protestors are on trial for treason.

Isabel dropped her quill and quickly pushed past the guard fleeing from her room.

Elliot stood with his hands chained together along with the other protestors who were sobbing and cowering in fear. But Elliot showed no fear and no sadness, he wouldn't give King Logan that. He did not blame the protestors for weeping and fearing nor did he see them as little. Elliot balled his hands and kept his head to the floor.

Isabel ran through the halls, trying not to trip over her dress. Her heart was heavy and she felt like she could not breathe. But she would not stop. She rounded the corner only to collide bodies with another sending her crashing to ground.

"Isabel?" Her twin questioned. She did not bother replying him. She quickly got up and began to dart off.

''Whoa! Hold on! What has you so frightened?" He stopped her by grabbing her hand.

"Lo-Logan...he!" she tried to tell him but she could not find the breath.

"Logan? What has he done?"

"Trea-Treason...! Tria-l...Elliot!" Isabel was not sure how her brother understood her, but he did. His eyes went wide, "Come on we have to stop him!" He said guiding Isabel through the many hallways.

"Oh No...! Please sir! We meant no harm with the protest..!" The villagers begged, but Logan had no remorse. He held no pity on his face for these people.

"For your crimes, you all will be sentenced to death." Logan said simply as if it he were saying good morning to someone.

"No...No...Please sir!"

"Take them to the firing squad." He signaled his guards.

Elliot bit his lip, His thoughts went to Isabel. He wanted to say he was sorry, and wished he could hold her one last time.


Elliot turned his head to see Isabel. She was relieved that he had not been executed...not yet.

She ran and embraced him, "Oh Elliot! I-I won't let you leave me!" She sobbed into his shoulder.

"Brother! What are you doing executing these innocent prisoners?" Darien demanded answers.

"How did you know of this? Who told you?!" Logan asked angrily.

"These people are innocent protestors! They cannot be executed!" Darien exclaimed.

"These protestors are disrupting my rule and are causing an uproar with the citizens. I cannot have them continue." Logan answered then looked to his sobbing sister, "And that boy is nothing more than a spy."

Isabel calmed her sobs, "What?" She questioned looking towards her older brother.

"What I say is true, my sister, he has been trading information to the growing rebellion."

Isabel turned back to Elliot, "Is that true?"

"It is, Isabel. I have been trading information to the rebellion."

Isabel's heart sunk, "But why?"

"The kingdom his falling apart, the rebellion can offer the kingdom more than your brother. I wanted to kingdom back to the way is was. I wanted us to be happy here."

Isabel's mouth fell agape.

"Now you see, my sister, why these traitors must die."

"No!" She threw herself at her brother's feet.

Elliot and Darien both stood there as shock filled their faces.

"Please, brother. Do not punish them, punish me. I would take their place." Isabel said quietly without a single tear.

"No! Isabel you can't!'' Elliot yelled. "You mustn't pay for my crimes!"

"Please brother," she ignored Elliot's pleas, "Please take me instead."

Logan studied his sister at his feet. He ran his hand down the sides of his chin. "Very well." Isabel sighed and looked up at her brother relieved.

"No! Isabel you can't do this!" Elliot yelled.

"Isabel...? Are you sure?" Darien asked his now standing sister. Isabel just nodded not wanting to look at them.

"I shall reconsider my sentencing only one of you will die." Logan stated.

Isabel's composer had broken. "What! But brother you said-!"

"I have reconsidered the sentencing, only one of them has to die. And you will choose which."

Isabel's eyes grew wide and horror filled her face. "" she said backing away from him.

"If you do not choose, I will have them all die."

Isabel grabbed her head, she couldn't she couldn't! Tears streamed down her face and all the color had drained from it leaving her a ghost. Her body shook and felt she would crumble into pieces.

"Isabel." Elliot spoke. She slowly turned to him.

"You must pick me to die." She opened her mouth to speak, but not words came out just the sound of her breath hitching in her throat.

"Logan stop this! Leave Isabel alone. She's going to break!" Darien shouted.

"Be still brother," he raised his hand, "She will choose or they will die."

"Isabel you have to listen to me, I am not worth all these lives. Choose me."

"" Was all she could choke out.

"You must!" Isabel could not think clearly her thoughts kept colliding. Just not long ago she and Elliot had made plans for tomorrow. She had planned out the perfect hiding spot. Not long ago was she thinking of marriage to him. Now, if she chooses him, her hope would be gone, her world would be gone.

"You have to choose me, my love. I'm sorry I got you into this. I'm sorry I couldn't give you the marriage you wanted-" Isabel sobbed, "But you need to listen to my words. I love you more than anything. I would give up anything for you. But you must choose me and forget about me." Isabel looked at him surprised. How could she forget about him?

"This will cause you much pain in your heart, but you needn't feel pain. I can't bear thinking of you in constant pain. My life is not worth all these innocent ones. Pick me Isabel and forget about me. This I beg of you." Isabel just closed her eyes tightly and cried.

"Please respect this wish for me Isabel." Could she really do that? Condemn her lover to death and then forget about him. She can't see herself ever imagining herself forgetting about Elliot. But she wanted to make him happy and if this was the way...

"A-Alrigh-t" Isabel choked.

Elliot smiled sadly, "Thank you Isabel," he took her hands in his and gave her a deep passionate kiss. Isabel never wanted to let go, but Elliot was ripped from her. She reached for him. He gave her one last smile before being dragged out of the room. Isabel stood there, her hand still reaching for what was not there. She closed her eyes tightly before crumbling to the floor. Darien rushed over to her side and hugged her. Isabel screamed and cried. Her hands balled up against the floor. Never in her life had felt so much pain. Not even when her Father died.

"I'll never forgive you for this!" Darien said turning his head to his brother.

"That matters not, what matters is you being escorted back to your chambers." He signaled his guards and they grabbed Darien off his deeply grieving sister. "Release the protestors as well." Darien and the protestors were taken out of the room leaving only Logan and Isabel. She continued to scream.

"My poor sister." Logan said placing hand on her shoulder. She quickly turned her body, removing his hand. "Please do not view me as evil. I only wanted to protect you from that boy. Giving you this choice was because you have grown now and need to have experiences like this." Isabel couldn't believe what she was hearing. He made her choose because she needed experience?!

"Why Logan? Why have you treated me with cruelty?! Why!" She turned on her knees to him pulling at his clothes. "What have I done to make you this way! Please tell me! I am sorry, brother! But please stop this cruelty! Please!" In an instant, Logan kneeled down in front of her engulfing her in a tight embrace. She tried to resist him, but she had not the strength. She just scream and cried into his shoulder.

The pain I have felt because of this world, everyone shall feel tenfold.

End of chapter one! Hope it wasn't too boring! Chapter 2 will be better I promise! But Now I have to pay attention to Reaver! See ya!