Isabel let out a soft moan as Elliot held her close in his arms. She smiled as his embraced tightened around her small form. He ran his finger through her hair softly, not wanting to tangle her auburn locks. He planted a small kiss on her light lips. Her lips responded almost instantly. Their fingers intertwined tightly as Elliot placed himself between her legs. They had always spoken about waiting for such an act, but it never felt so right to be doing this. His lips left hers, causing her to whimper. But that whimper quickly turned into a moan as his lips danced across her neck. Her body shifted from side to side, rubbing her hips against Elliot. Isabel wrapped her arms around his neck tightly, "Elliot..."

Isabel opened her eyes feeling a heavy pressure on her body. She, for a split second, hoped to see Elliot. But-to her horror-she saw Logan resting on top of her. Isabel's eyes widen before she let out a scream. Logan noticed her awakening and quickly placed his large hand over her mouth.

"Why do you scream Isabel? Why do you forsake me? Why do you moan out another's name?!"

"What...?" Isabel questioned, stunned at what she was seeing.

"That boy you hold so fondly in your heart. The one who is dead!" Logan yelled.

Isabel's eyes widened, "Elliot..." Had she truly moaned out his name in her sleep?

"Don't utter his name in my presence! He is no more! He is nothing but a pestering memory!" Logan griped Isabel tightly. Isabel flinched at his touch. She noticed the situation she was in, causing a huge wave of anxiety crashing into her soul. She tried to take his hands off her, but her strength was almost nonexistent.

"But we don't have to worry about him any longer, now do we Isabel?" Logan said before reclaiming her neck with his lips. Isabel felt her heart pound in her chest. She desperately tried to push him off her, but she had no strength. She could feel his erection against her closed womanhood.

"No...! No no no no!" Isabel cried trying to trash her body back and forth. Logan silenced her cries by smashing his lips onto hers. Logan's hands gripped her nightgown tightly as he tore it from her body. Isabel whimpered feeling her half naked body exposed. Logan moved his lips to Isabel's collar bone.

"B-Brother plea-ahh!" Isabel moaned as Logan lightly bit down. He quickly ripped off the remainder of her clothing, leaving her only in her head dress. "Isabel fought back the tears, knowing what happened earlier was about to happen once more. Logan leaned up, giving Isabel a shred of hope. But hope quickly vanished as he stripped himself of his clothing. Isabel tried to back away, but to no avail. Her mind screamed to move, but she had not the energy. She cannot recalls why. Logan placed himself between the fearful princess. Isabel flinched feeling the tip of his manhood at her entrance.

"No...No..." Isabel mumbled unable to escape. Logan gripped her hips tightly. Isabel closed her eyes tightly not wanting to believe she was about to be raped by her brother once more.

" me." Isabel uttered unknowingly.

Logan's eyes went wide with rage, "What did you say?"


"You called his name again! You torment me more with him! I will have none of it!" Logan screamed causing Isabel to tremble. Logan flipped her over, slamming her head down to bed with her bottom high in the air.


"Enough! Do not refer to me as brother. I am your lover!" He pushed her head down further.

"Brother, i-it hurts..." Isabel grit her teeth.

"I told you to enough with that!" He put more pressure on her.

Isabel tightened her closed eyes, "Please...Logan stop..." She felt his hand leave her head. Isabel tried to turn back around, but Logan forced her head down again.

"Wh-What are you doing?" Logan gripped her hips and brought them to his manhood.

"L-Logan? What-AHH!" Isabel is cut off when Logan slammed himself into her tight womanhood. He did not hesitate as he furiously pounded into her already abused entrance. "S-Stop! Please! Not again! AHH!" There was minimal pain, but Isabel was mostly engulfed in a guilty pleasure. Her moans her scattered and her breasts where pushed deeper in her sheets. Logan grunted as he quicken his pace. "Ahh...ahhh! Lo-Logan!" Isabel moaned out her brother's name quickly regretting that she had. She felt his member drive deeper into her. "Ahh! Ohh! It feels...ahhhh!" Isabel felt so dirty feeling pleasure from this sinful act, but she could not help how a female body reacts when joined with a man's. "Ugh..Isabel..."Logan groaned out before digging his nails into her pale skin. Isabel cringed in pain as he dug into her old bruises. She felt her walls grip his member tightly causing Logan to let out a loud moan.

"You tight Isabel...! The tightest I have ever felt...ugghh!" Logan grunted as he rammed himself into her roughly. Isabel's stomach churned. She wondered how many girls he has lain with. Logan lifted her waist higher into the arm causing Isabel to yet out a blissfull scream as he thrusted himself deeper. Isabel's mind cursed and screamed for this to stop, but her body only wanted the pleasure to escalate. But she wouldn't allow herself to sink into this terrible act her brother forced on her.

"Lo-ahhhh! Logan please aah! stop! T-This is wrooooh-! wrong! We're sib-siblings!" Isabel managed to plead between her moans. Her tears flowed down her cheeks wanting to escape what he was doing to her. She pushed the side of her face deeper into the sheets, as if she could melt away in them. Logan bent over, his chest making contact with her back. He roughly grabbed her hair forcing her head up. Isabel winced at the pain.

"Enjoy this Isabel..." Logan breathed in her ear. "For this will make you forget ughh...about that boy. Ahhh...That boy who could give you ughh..nothing, but I..ahh, can give you everything." He lightly bit her ear before releasing his tight grip on her hair. Isabel's head slammed back down with a thud.

Isabel felt the heat in her stomach weld up tightly, "Ahhh! I'm-! Ahh!" She felt Logan's member throb widely inside her. Her eyes widen, was he planning on releasing inside her again? No! He cannot do that! If he were to release inside her this close to before...No! She wouldn't think about that dangerous thought.

"L-Logan...ahhh t-take it out now..." Isabel moaned as his thrusts only fiercened. Her walls clamped down on him tightly, making his member twitch madly within her.

Isabel's eyes widened as the pit in her stomach readied to release. No!

"L-Logan please stop or I'm going to-AAAHHHH!" She felt Logan hit her deep in her core causing her to see white flashes of light. Isabel wondered what that feeling was. Logan thursted again hitting her core. "AHHH! Lo-Logan! What-" He hit her core a third time. "AHHHH!" Isabel let a load pleasure filled moan as the pit in her stomach burst onto his still pounding member. Her eyes where wide before slowly glazing over.

"Ughh...Isabel...uggghh!" She snapped out of her daze,

"L-Logan, please...ugh take it out!" She panicked turning her body slightly. "Please! You can't release inside!" Isabel pleaded but Logan only increased his pace as he ravished her womanhood.

"Please if you release it inside me again so soon...I'll...I'll conceive!" Isabel feared that word when it now associates with Logan. "That cannot happen! We can't do-ahhh!" Logan shoved her back down as he pounded her womanhood without mercy.

"Ugh...Isabel, I'm-"

"No! Logan release on my back!"

"UGHHH! ISABEL!" No...! Isabel felt Logan's seed spill into her core. Her body flinched as Logan's member remained inside her, not allowing any to fall out. She felt like her womb would burst. Her stomach burned and heated as she felt their releases mixing.

"No! Logan take it out! Take it out!" Isabel panicked thrashing her body. Logan slammed his hands onto her shoulders holding her down.

"Don't fret, Isabel," He placed one of his hands on her stomach, "You'll provide me a healthy heir." Isabel's eyes widened and her breath hitched in her throat.


"In due time, you will give me a son to take the throne. You will bare a strong son, that will rule all of Albion. Then, I will have you bare a daughter, one just like you Isabel, beautiful, gracious, and alluring. Our children will be strong Isabel, even with our...situation, they will be the strongest Albion has ever seen. I only entrust this task to my precious Isabel."

She couldn't believe what she had just heard. She was expected to bare her brother's children. That's unethical and vile! Their children would be weak and sick considering their parentage.

"" Isabel sobbed as Logan slowly left her body.

Isabel lay on her stomach, still unable to move from the ordeal she had just been forced through awhile ago. Logan sat on the edge of her bed as he pushed back his hair. Isabel felt truly broken. As if she was made of glass, and Logan was the hammer. Logan lifted up Isabel's chin and planted a heated kiss on her lips, "Isabel, you must please me once more." Isabel shook not wanting to have her womanhood penetrated again. He lifted her up, her back resting against the head of her large bed.

"We will not always have time for full intimacy, therefore you need to know how to please in shorter sessions." Isabel slightly raised a brow to exhausted to move any further. Logan laid on his back. Isabel's eyes widened in horror as his erection grew again. She shook greatly, not sure what to make of this.

"Please...don't make me take that inside me again..." Isabel pleaded.

"It is not a necessity to use your loins, but this will require you to get on your hands and knees." Isabel hesitated.

"Do it, Isabel." He ordered sternly. She slowly got on her hands and knees, her body ached as she moved causing her to bite her lip. She noticed his member was close to her face. She flushed and moved her head back slightly.

"Take it into your mouth."

Isabel's mouth fell agape, "But...that act is forbidden. It's shameful for us."

"I am the King. I decide what is shameful and what is not. Now take it into your mouth." Isabel moved her head away, but her eyes were glued to his member. She felt disgusted having to look at her brother's most private part. It was still coated in their releases, and she was expected to...

"I-I can't..."

"Why can't you Isabel?" The King questioned.

"I...I can't do that to my brother's most private area! I just can't..."Isabel felt tears escape her eyes.

"I have told you this many times, Isabel. We are no longer viewing each other as such, no don't make me tell you again." Isabel flinched at his words. She closed her eyes tightly before reopening them. She leaned in hesitantly before wrapping her mouth around the tip. Logan let out a groan. Isabel kept her eyes shut tightly, not wanting to see what she was doing. Her mouth filled with the taste of bitter.

"Ugh...Lower yourself more."

Isabel slowly took more of him into her mouth. She heard Logan moan and groan as she did. She stopped as the tip hit the back of her mouth. She felt like she was going to choke. She could barely breathe.

"More your head up and down." Isabel shook with disgust as she bobbed her head up and down on his member. Logan grunted, "Use your tongue and teeth." Isabel was unsure of what that meant. She tried her best to comply. "You're...ugh...doing well."

Isabel increased her pace as her tongue and teeth lightly scraped against him. Logan groaned and tightly grasped onto Isabel's head, intertwining his fingers in her long hair. He moved her head furiously and with passion. She tried her best not to gag as he shoved his entire member in her mouth. She felt him throbbing and he bucked his hips up. "Isabel...ughhh!" She wasn't controlling her pace now, he manipulated her movements roughly. She could rarely get a breath in and her lungs began to ache. His member twitched and throbbed. "I-Isabel..!" He let go of her head causing Isabel to gasp as she removed her mouth from his member. His semen shot onto her face and dripped down to her sore breasts. Her head hung low as Logan breathed deeply. Tears silently fell from her eyes, mixing with the semen plastered on her cheeks. She had preformed an act she had always seen as vile and unfitting for someone of her birth.

"You did well for your first time, Isabel." Isabel wanted to crumble at his words. He lifted her chin, "Oh my precious Isabel, I am sorry for dirtying your beloved face. Come, let us take a bath."

"Ahhh!" Isabel moaned as Logan thrusted into her violently. Her breasts pushed against the cold marble of the tub and her fingers griped the edge tightly. The water around them rippled and smashed against the inside of the tub harshly. He smashed into her fiercely and without and sort of thought. Her moans escalated as he rammed himself at her core. Logan grabbed onto her breasts teasing her tender nipples in his fingers. "No...! If you do that..ahhh I'll-!" Logan rammed himself into her core harshly. Her body was now completely used to Logan's penetration, feeling to pain in any matter. But Isabel's mind was not. She was still shattered and broken, yet she couldn't deny the pleasure her body was under going. "L-Logan..ahhh stop. I can't take ahhh this anymore..." Isabel sobbed wanting her nightmare to end. She wanted non of this to be real, she wished this was all a trick or a horrific spell, but it was not. She turned her head to look at him for a response, but saw that his composure was had diminished. She felt him throb against her tight walls.

"N-No no more inside...ahhh!" Isabel pleaded.

"W-We..uggh can't get the water-ugghhh! any dirtier." Logan barely managed to say.

Isabel could not let him release inside her, for if he did, she would surely conceive his child. "T-Then..ahhh! I'll..." She gulped, "I'll take it in my mouth."

"Oh?" Logan purred against her skin making Isabel shudder.

"Y-Yes..Just not inside my loins-ahh!"

"Very well my precious Isabel." He violently ripped himself from her causing Isabel to moan out loudly. With her mouth agape he thrusted her down onto his member. Isabel whimpered feeling the water enter her mouth as well. He thrusted into her mouth a few times before releasing his seed into her mouth. He pulled her head up from the water and Isabel threatened to open her mouth for air, but Logan tightly grabbed her cheeks preventing her from doing so. She, unwillingly, swallowed. It tasted of salt and sour. She let out a large gasp for air after swallowing it completely. She coughed and slightly held her throat. But she would rather have that taste linger in her throat than have Logan's babe rest in her womb.

"My precious Isabel." Logan ran a hand down her long wet hair. "You are so beautiful and alluring. I love you so much." He embraced her in a tight embrace. Isabel's arms fell to her side. What has become of her life.

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