Chapter 13

-With Moonpaw-

Moonpaw just stared blindly ahead. She had almost died. She had heard rumors from other cats that a fox could take down 2 cats by itself (A.N I don't know if this is real). Graypelt had taken Amberpaw to the Medicine Cat den and right now, Bluefang was trying to make Moonpaw talk. Greenstar just stared at Moonpaw.

"Moonpaw." Greenstar mewed calmly. Moonpaw turned around to face Greenstar. "Can you please tell Bluefang and I why you and Amberpaw were out here this late?" Greenstar asked. Moonpaw looked down and stared to roll a pebble around. She just couldn't tell them that it was Amberpaw's idea. If she told them that it was his idea, he could get kicked out. "I-It was my idea Greenstar. I wanted to get some time alone and I woke him up by accident. I'm sorry." Moonpaw mewed, head still down. Bluefang sighed. Greenstar was quiet then mewed to Moonpaw, "Moonpaw you are punished by serving the elders' for a whole moon starting tomorrow."

Moonpaw silently nodded her head then went to the apprentices' den to sleep.

~The next day…..

Moonpaw woke up and remembered she had to serve the elders'. She got up and went to the fresh kill pile, got some fresh kill, ate it quickly then went to the elders' den. Lionstorm was still sleeping and Silvereye was washing herself. Moonpaw padded over to Silvereye and thought, 'What do I do now?' Silvereye, who seemed to know what Moonpaw was thinking, mewed "Can you replace the moss from mine, it's very wet." Moonpaw nodded and bit the moss bed with her fangs. 'Yuck! It's soaking wet, disgusting.' She thought, but tried not to show a sour face.

As she dragged the moss bed, Amberpaw came hobbling out with Graypelt behind. Graypelt was too busy mixing herbs to notice Amberpaw watching Moonpaw. Suddenly, Shadowpaw appeared out of nowhere in front of Moonpaw, causing her to fall down with wet moss on her. Amberpaw hobbled as fast as he could to her. "Moonpaw, are you okay?" He mewed, worry clouding his eyes. Moonpaw sighed and when Amberpaw tried to make eye contact, she turned her head. She picked herself up and the moss, with the help of Shadowpaw.

When she was outside the camp, she dropped the moss and went to find some. As she searched, she noticed two black shapes moving in the trees. "Hello?" Moonpaw mewed uneasy. "Hi Moonpaw!" A black tom with a brown underbelly burst out. It was Whitepaw. She sighed in relief. "She's pretty for a Clan cat." A new voice mewed. "Oh, be quiet Forestpaw!" A sleek black tom with dark green eyes came out. "Not my fault she's cute. Too bad she's in a Clan." Forestpaw mumbled. Both Moonpaw and Whitepaw sighed. "So, where were you?" Moonpaw asked. "I was were I lived, Blood Woods. I decided to come visit you, but Forestpaw wanted to come." He mewed. Moonpaw opened her mouth when she remembered her duties.

"Sorry guys, I have to get moss beds for the elders'. It's my punishment for sneaking out. I was too curious about meeting Amberpaw." She mewed, about to leave to find some. "Wait, his name is Amberpaw right? Was he a SunClan cat?" Moonpaw froze and slowly nodded. Forestpaw growled. "He's my twin brother." Forestpaw mewed, anger in his voice.

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