The second chance job

Summary: What if the Dubenich job wasn't the first time Eliot and Parker had met? What if they had loved and lost each other years ago? Could this be fate giving them a second chance?

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Chapter 1

So we meet again

When you live your life on the wrong side of the law you find that there are a few names that every criminal knows. Some of them belong to real life people while others are nothing more than urban legends.

Eliot Spencer had once believed that the infamous Parker fell into the second category, until she had crashed into his life 6 years ago. Now thanks to Victor Dubenich the two of them where being thrown together again.

When Dubenich had contacted Eliot and offered him a place on his one job only team he hadn't mentioned who else was on it. If the retrieval specialist had known he would be coming face to face with Parker after so many years of carefully avoiding her, he would probably said no to the whole thing.

The theft its self went better than he had ever expected it to. They had experienced a few problems but it was nothing that they couldn't handle. As much as Eliot hated to admit it the four of them -himself, Parker, the forma IYS agent Nate Ford and a hacker by the name of Hardison- made a good team, so long as they actually worked together. Saying goodbye once it was all over shouldn't have been hard but it was, it was so hard in fact that he couldn't do it.

When the four of them where meant to have gone their separate way's Eliot found himself following Parker, for a few silent minutes he thought that she hadn't noticed but when she led him into a blind alley it became clear she had known he was there the whole time

"What do you want Spencer?" she demanded as she turned to confront him

"Spencer, is that who I am now Darlin?" he said with a raised eye brow

"Eliot" Parker snapped at him "What do you want Eliot?"

"I need to talk to ya" he told her simply

"So talk" the blond sighed impatiently

"I need ya to know I would never have left ya behind back there" he informed her. Despite his declaration of every man for himself he had no intention of leaving Parker to fend for herself and he hated the thought that she might think he would actually have abandoned her in the Pierson building

"Yeah well, I would have left you in a heartbeat" she said coolly with a shrug of her shoulders

"We both know that's not true sweetheart" he smiled gently at her. He knew she didn't deal with emotions well and she liked to pretend she didn't actually have any, but he also knew that if you looked past the indifferent front she put on you would find a frightened young woman with a heart of gold. He believed that she would have done everything in her power to get both him and the geeky hacker out safely, then just pretend it was an accidental side affect of her own escape.

"Maybe your right" the tiny thief conceded with a small smile of her own

"It was good to see you again Parker" he said, admitting it to himself as much as her

"You too, Eliot" she agreed "and at least I get a goodbye this time" she almost whispered the last comment. Her softly spoken words hit Eliot with all the force of a gut punch and stole away whatever it was he had planned to say next

"Parker-"he began in a regretful tone but she stopped him with a small shake of her head.

"Let's not talk about it, I don't want to spoil this" she told him firmly "goodbye Eliot, look after yourself" she said with a genuinely warm smile before she quickly side stepped him and marched out of the alley

"Take care" Eliot called after her but she was already out of sight. "Goodbye Parker" he whispered into the empty air. He really hoped it would not be another 5 years before he saw her again, little did he know just how soon their next meeting would be.

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