The second chance job

Summary: What if the Dubenich job wasn't the first time Eliot and Parker had met? What if they had loved and lost each other years ago? Could this be fate giving them a second chance?

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Chapter 2

A hatred of hospitals

The next time Eliot saw Parker he couldn't find a trace of the girl he had once known in the woman before him. She had a gun in her hand and an unforgiving look in her eyes but he noticed she kept the gun trained on the other two members of the team. It hurt that she didn't trust him anymore, she wouldn't have bought the gun if she did (she would have stood behind him like she always had before) but at least she wasn't prepared to shoot him.

Eliot was only seconds behind Nate in figuring out they had been set up and he was relieved to see that Parker was already on the move. A lot had changed in 5 years but the girl was still as sharp as a tack.

When the hacker went down on the stairs Eliot hauled him to feet without breaking his stride he had not saved the guys neck last night just to see him go up in smoke today, it was purely professional pride that made Eliot save him again, he did not in any way shape or form like the overly talkative kid, at least that was what he told himself as he shoved the younger man under the slowly rising steel door.

When Dubenich withheld their payment he made a big mistake, when he tried to kill them he made a stupid one. Eliot never took it too well when someone tried to blow him up but he accepted it as unpleasant fallout from what he did as a job and moved on. When someone was foolish enough to try and hurt Parker, Eliot began to plan slow and painful retribution for them. Dubenich was going to pay as soon as Eliot could get out of the damn hospital and get his hands on him.

While chained up in the white clinical room plan after plan raced through Eliot's mind, all of them had 1 main objective, to get both him and Parker out safely. Sadly every single one of his plans ended with him fighting his way past the sheriff and his men. Eliot really didn't like hitting cops but sometimes he didn't have a choice.

"I can take these cops" he informed the others who where all just as peeved at the situation as he was

"Don't you dare" came Parker's sharp reply a second later "you kill anyone you screw up my get away" she added hastily but he knew it was just for Nate and Hardison's benefit. They both knew what Parker really meant was "don't you dare make me watch you kill someone, not again I can't take it" and It broke Eliot's heart

Ever since he had been handcuffed to the uncomfortable hospital chair Eliot had been wishing he was sharing a room with Parker instead of Nate but now he was wishing it harder that he had ever wished for anything in his life. He desperately wanted to see her face, he needed to know if the tiny tremble of fear -that only- he heard in her voice could be seen in her beautiful eyes, he had always been able to read her no matter how hard she tried to hide what she was feeling.

A rush of unwanted memories flashed through his mind, he remembered every emotion he had ever seen in those eyes. They ranged from pure joy to complete horror and sadly it was the last one that had stayed with him, he carried the memory of that look with him every day as he strove never to see it again.

Eliot wanted so badly to tell Parker he wasn't the man she seemed to think he was, not anymore but he didn't get the chance. Nate Ford was once again stepping into the role of mastermind and coming up with a plan to get them all out. Eliot would have preferred if Parker didn't have to empty her stomach for it work, he would also have preferred it if she still trusted him but she had made it clear she didn't and he could handle that so long as the plan worked and she was safe.

Just like the Pierson theft getting out of the hospital and police custody was almost too easy when they stopped arguing long enough to work together. Eliot really did like how smoothly things ran when they worked as a team. What he didn't like was the idea of running and hiding (particularly if he couldn't take Parker with him) but as they made their way to Hardison's so they could do just that he had to admit he saw no other option. Lucky for all of them Nate did.

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