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Commander Steven J. Mcgarrett and Lieutentant Kono Kalakaua were in the navy. Both stubborn, and hard-core, and both were completely in love were each other. But, you would think that they would try and tell each other. But, no they did the exact opposite. They avoided each other as much as possible, if they were in the same room, they would be standing or sitting away from each other. They wouldn't speak unless needed and that only included professionally. Which the only reason they won't tell each other is because, they have a dangerous job, filled with dangerous things; they don't want to get tied up in the romance. But, what about risk taking.

So, when their commanding officer and a few other officials called them in, they knew something was up.

"Mcgarrett, Kalakaua. Get in here". He said, standing ram-rod straight.

"Sir, you wanted us". Steve said, as the both of them saluted to the officials and their officer.

" At ease soldiers, and yes I wanted you here to tell you that, you two and seal team four and going into the forest to eliminate two terrorist that build home bombs; uses them to destory towns and homes. Since, you two are my two most developed snipers. I trust you to work together and kill this son of a bitch. You ship out today, meet at the truck in 800 hours". He debriefed them.

They were both surprised all of those times of avoiding each other and no talking, down the drain. Now, they have to spend however many days in the jungle with each other. Oh crap.

" Yes sir". They both said saluting to them as they turned to leave.

As they left Steve turned slightly to Kono not saying anything but, nodding at her. Silently, telling her they got this. And something else which she must have got because, she turned around and walked away saying.

" I'll see you in 800 hours".

" Yea, see ya". He said quietly to himself, before walking away.