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Kono ran up to Steve, catching him before he dropped putting pressure on his leg that Catherine shot him in. Catherine. She forgot about her. Kono slowly looked up the find a slumped over Catherine with a bullet between the eyes. God, thank that it`s finally over. Getting back to Steve, Kono saw the blood slow down a little so she took her hand off of it and looked over to check if he was awake. And, he was, a little out of it but he was okay. That`s all she needed to know.

He looked over at her with heavy-lidded eyes, and smiled a weak smile at her. Causing her to smile at him too. He suddenly remember about Catherine and Kono must have read his mind because she said.

"She`s dead, it`s alright." And, he suddenly had that smile on his face again.

"Wow, so I guess there's only one thing to say." Steve said as she helped him stand up.

"And, what is that?" Kono said as they began walking out the old office, and down the halls out the building.

"Kiss me Lieutenant Kalakaua." Steve said as he turned to face her, cupping her cheeks with his hands.

"Yes sir, Commander McGarrett." She said as she put her arms around his neck bringing his face closer until their lips meet in a passionate, but gentle kiss.

As, they continued kissing, they both thought about how all this drama and trouble started. Because they always avoided each other. Because they were to worried about the trouble they would get into for having a relationship. But, the more they thought about it, the more they didn`t care. They were with each other, and they are happy and that`s all that matters.

As, they broke from the kiss, they looked each other in the eye. And, Steve said.

"We should retire, and go back to our home state." Steve said as they both got in the jeep.

"You want to go back to Hawaii?" Kono asked in surprise, as Steve started the jeep and drove farther, and farther away from the building.

"Yea, I wanna start a life with you. But, I don`t want to start it here. I want to start it on Hawaii. What do you think?" Steve said as he looked over at her, then back out.

Wow...um...yea, I would love that." Kono said to him in a soft voice.

"Here we go?"

"Here we go."

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