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Everywhere in the world, people will be singing

And everywhere in the world, things will be a changing

And everywhere in the world, people will be spreading

Laughter, kindness, love and comfort, comfort...

~ John Dahlback - Everywhere (D-O-N-S- Vs Tranquillo Chill Mix)

A/N: Warning. Mild Suggestive Material.

Two months had passed since R's rebirth. One week after Julie had been abducted and things were finally starting to look up. Things were, so far, going great for everyone. The zombies that had helped destroy the Boneys were now beginning to heal like the rest of them. Families were being reunited and even a bit of love was flourishing. The medical staff had to work night and day to attend to the mass of extra people in the city. Even Addis, who in a matter of days managed to heal up enough to be able to move around easier and speak smoother, ran around trying to help Nora. It was a wonderful week, with the world healing around them.

That morning, Julie Grigio woke as she usually did, draped over a warm, strong body, her head resting over his chest. People say that when you sleep next to someone, you usually end up on opposite extremes of the bed. That might have been true if R had a larger bed. R still had a twin size bed and refused to trade up if he could... after all, why give them waking up to a beautiful women sprawled over you like he did every women? Ah but they both knew that even if he had a king size bed, they'd always find a way to end up waking up with their arms around each other. Since they met, they had gravitated toward each other... even when one of them tried to put some distance between them.

And so, like every morning, Julie laid still, listening to the chirping birds outside and R's soft breathing. When his arms tightened around her ever so slightly, it either meant he was awake or having a very nice dream. Either way, it meant pleasant things would follow. Julie smiled and craned her neck to look up at him. As soon as she did, his eyes opened and he smiled back at her. "G'morning," Julie said as half-asleep as usual. R simply smiled and moved a little to reach her, kissing her. Julie had in the past tried to shy away from morning kisses, claiming she might have bad breath, but R couldn't care less. He had been dead, had spent years of his unlife in filth, rotten flesh, maggots, and trash... bad breath? No way. To R, Julie never smelled bad, no matter what she did.

"So what's the plan for today? On this beautiful weekend?" Julie smiled.

"Hmm, it's a surprise..." R smiled back.

"A surprise, huh?" Julie moved so she was laying fully on top of him. It was a good thing she weighed so little. She leaned in to kiss him again, enjoying the feel of his hands over her. They spent the morning laying in bed together, holding each other and talking. A little while later, on R's behest, they got up and joined each other in the shower. Once they finished, Julie went to sit by R's mirror in the bedroom while he finished getting ready. Usually it was the other way around, but today R seemed to be a bit more meticulous than usual and she had to wonder why.

A few minutes later, R stepped out wearing a clean and nice looking blue button-up shirt, jeans, and his 'new' sneakers. "Looking sharp there, R," Julie smiled at him. It wasn't exactly a suit and tie, but for them to be able to find such nice clothes in a world that no longer manufactured new clothes, at least for now, and those that didn't have any worn parts, re-sewn parts, or patches... it was a rarity. So yeah, he wasn't dressed like a business man, or in a tux, but he still looked amazing. Though to Julie, he always looked amazing in whatever he wore... or didn't.

Julie wasn't dressed for combat either though. Since R had mentioned wanting to surprise her, she figured she'd dress nice too. Wearing a simple yet very pretty white skirt, sandals, a nice blouse and a blue sweater on top. She looked like she was ready for a stroll in the park. They both looked like that, actually. Funny how things turned out. R straightened his shirt a little. "You like it?" He smiled back.

Julie made a motion for him to turn in a circle. R smirked a little and did so. "Very much..." Julie walked over to him and straightened his collar a moment. They smiled down at each other. Julie could smell a bit of aftershave on him, she reached up with one hand to stroke his clean-shaved jaw tenderly, leaning in to kiss it appreciatively. R raised a brow when she teasingly slipping her other hand under the collar, caressing his neck and shoulder and pulled back to give him a look. R's hands went around her waist and they moved to kiss each other.

"What are you... doing?" R murmured against the kiss, feeling her fingers run down the seam of his shirt slowly, unbuttoning it as she went.

"You don't wear 'fancy' clothes often, right? Mostly plain shirts... I've always wanted to try this on you..." Julie answered, opening his shirt and pushing it slowly over his shoulders. R didn't stop her, shrugging it off. They pulled each others clothes off again and fell upon the bed. After spending some more quality time together, they got dressed once more. "So, you never told me. What's the occasion?" Julie questioned, brushing her wild hair once again.

"I didn't tell you because you never gave me a chance," R teased, re-buttoning his shirt and passing a wet comb over his own hair. When they were finished getting ready – again – R smiled and turned to her. "I wanted to take you somewhere... show you something," he said, offering his arm to her. Julie grinned and accepted it, letting him take her where he wanted. They walked out of the apartment, greeting those around them amiably, no longer worried that someone would see them exiting R's apartment together and run and tell the General. John had accepted them together, given up his daughter to another man. People seeing them together had become a norm and something to be expected. Especially since they rarely fought or spent time apart.

"Is it far from here?" Julie asked as they waited for the wall gate to open. To think, very soon this wouldn't be necessary anymore!

"It's a bit out of the city, the whole city I mean," R explained. They stepped out, greeting Kevin on their way.

"It's all ready, R," the older man smiled. "Filled it up myself!"

"Kevin, you didn't have to do that!" R sighed, though smiled at his friend. Kevin and R had become pretty decent friends the past week, since R started taking a bigger interest in learning how to use a rifle and his shotgun. Kevin had invited him to a simple football game with his friends and had a fun time learning how to play. There were still a few people who looked at the former zombies oddly, but at least they went out of their way to interact with them and tried not to discriminate. R in particular had earned the respect of most of the people in the city, so fortunately, he didn't have as many problems as some did.

"No sweat, man," Kevin pat the young man on the arm and winked at Julie. "You two have fun, huh?"

"Thanks Kevin," Julie grinned at him.

"Shall we?" R offered Julie her choice and was surprised when she sat at the passenger seat. "You sure?"

"You've been practicing, right?" Julie's brow rose.

"Sure... but I still drive like, well, like a 'stiff'," he shrugged and smiled when Julie laughed.

"Come on, buddy, get in," she beckoned him with her finger. R smiled back and sat down, checking his mirrors and putting his seat-belt on. They drove for a while before Julie started getting impatient. "So where are we going?" she asked.

"I found a really nice spot around here, a long time ago..." R explained mysteriously.

"A nice spot for..?"

"You'll see..." R grinned. They took a few minutes more before the red convertible pulled up to what looked like a subdivision under construction. It was a small neighborhood of half constructed houses, untouched by the horrors of the world. Since there was virtually nothing of value anywhere in any of these half-constructed houses and lots, there was no sign of human activity anywhere near it besides construction. R stepped out of the car and ran over to Julie's side, opening her door and offering his arm again. Julie rolled her eyes at his cheesy chivalry, but accepted his arm, secretly enjoying the special care he took to please her.

They walked to a bare lot, overlooking the other houses in the small culdesac. "This place is awesome," Julie mentioned. It was so... clean and peaceful there. No trash, no bodies, no graffiti, no X's on the doors, it was amazing that R managed to find this place. R let her go for a moment and walked to the middle of a grassy field, stretching his arms out.

"So what do you think of this spot?" He asked with a curious smile.

"For what?" Julie smiled back, tilting her head curiously.

"For our house!" R chuckled. "This is where I'd like to start our future together... if you want..." he dropped his arms and smiled at her.

"You want to build a house for us?" Julie's eyes widened. She had never heard of anything more romantic. It was such an R thing so to!

"I've been learning a lot about construction," R explained, this time beckoning her to him. Julie walked over and wrapped her arm around his middle as his went around her shoulder. They looked around them, seeing the beautiful views, untouched by the horrors of the world. "I just need to learn a bit more and I'd be able to build it, no problem," his chest seemed to puff out pridefully.

Julie shook her head in amusement. "So, how long would it take?" She challenged him.

"...Maybe a year or two..." R shrugged.

"It might take less with some help from friends though, right?"

"...Yeah..." R blushed.

"R," Julie turned and cupped his cheeks. "I don't need some fancy house or anything – not saying I don't want one though!" She quickly added. "You don't need to do everything yourself to look any better in my eyes," she smiled, knowing he was trying to impress her. "It would mean a lot to me if we could get friends to help. It'd be nice and fun, don't you agree?"

"I guess it would be," R smiled. "So how big would you want it?"

"Ah, I dunno..." Julie shrugged. "That depends..."

"On what?" R asked curiously.

Julie smirked and kissed him slowly. They pulled back when need for oxygen became too great and she pulled him down slightly so she could whisper in his ear. "Depends on how many kids there would be..." she grinned.

"Oh..." R blushed. "I guess in that case,'s up to you still," he smiled.

"You have no preference?" Julie's brow rose.

"Nope," he shrugged.

"So you'd like to? Not now of course, but maybe in a few years?" Julie wrapped her arms around him, ducking her head slightly so she was resting her cheek against his chest.

"Yeah, why not?" R grinned back.

"Think you can handle a bunch of little brats?" Julie smirked.

"A bunch?" R blinked.

"I was thinking at least four..."

"Four?" R laughed.

"With the way we go at it it'll probably be more," Julie snickered.

"You're right," R nodded, and hugged her tight. "Doesn't matter to me, it'll be great no matter how many we have..."

"You're going to spoil them rotten I bet," Julie smiled up at him.

"Oh definitely," R chuckled. "They'll probably get discipline from you and whatever they want from me," he teased.

"Hey, I want to spoil them too," Julie laughed. "God knows they'll deserve it..." Most people when talking about raising kids often spoke about how strict they wanted to be, for some how unlike their parents they wanted to raise the kids... but in these times, to be able to spoil your children, when there was so little in the world so far, when it was still so dangerous... it was a luxury. Of course, that didn't mean they wouldn't be stern with their children when need be, teach them the ways of the world and prepare them for the worst, but a little pampering didn't hurt, so long as the children didn't turn into little terrors themselves. "What's this?" Julie asked as they approached the car again and R opened the trunk.

"I thought it'd be nice to enjoy the day a bit more?" He pulled out a box and a blanket.

"A picnic?" Julie laughed. He really was a cheeseball.

"Yeah! Have it right here where our future house is going to be," he smiled and offered her his arm again. Julie took it and helped him set the blanket and food out. They had a lovely lunch of canned vegetables and fruit with a little surprise. "You dad knew about my plan today and gave me this," R pulled out a bottle of wine.

"Damn, R, you're going all out," Julie laughed and crawled over to kiss him. It was surprising this past week how much her father and R had been bonding. They both discovered that they liked working with their hands, fixing things was one of the things they both seemed to be good at. John had shown R his little workshop behind the house and they often spent a bit fixing radios, car parts, and whatever else they could get their hands on. It was amazing how far her dad had come, how much he approved of and accepted R.

They ate lunch peacefully, talking and laughing under the sun. After they ate, they laid out on the blanket and watched the fluffy white clouds drift by, pointing out what they saw, laughing and joking with each other. They lay there in comfortable silence for a moment, before R noticed something. He reached forward and plucked a piece of grass from Julie's hair, smiling at her. "How'd that get there?" Julie smiled back and took the blade of grass.

"Maybe it's nature's way of..." R shook his head, deciding not to go on.

"Of what?" Julie braced herself up on her elbows to peer down at him.

Instead of answering, R placed his hands on her waist and rolled them over. He smiled down at her and leaned in to kiss her softly. "Nature's way of suggesting we should be rolling around in the grass..." he finally said playfully, suggestively.

"M's been a bad influence on you," Julie snickered. M and Nora have been hanging out a lot lately... maybe it was the combination of both of them having an influence on him. Whatever it was, Julie certainly liked the results.

"Maybe," R smiled, letting his hands run up her leg teasingly, pushing her skirt up as he went.

"Mm, but what about..?" Julie's question was answered when R pulled out a familiar little packet from his pocket. "Naughty boy..." Julie laughed, finding it even more amusing when R blushed. How could someone manage to look both enticing and adorable at the same time? He had a gift for it. Julie shivered in anticipation as R got them comfortable. She had to wear skirts more often, it made this much more fun. It was amazing how far R had come in a month since the first time they were together. Every day there was less and less need to 'help' each other along. After spending some time together, they settled with the longer part of the blanket over them. It was fortunate that they were completely alone out there.

Two hours later they took their time heading back home, taking a drive around the city and see if they could spot other places like the future home. If humanity was going to rebuild itself, it need a fresh, clean place to do so, did it not? After the pleasant drive around the city, they stopped just outside the walls, looking up at them. "It's almost time, isn't it?" R asked.

"Yeah, dad said it would be just as the sun began to fall. They had a lot of preparation to do, after all," she shrugged.

"I know where we can have a nice view of it," R smiled.

"Another one of those places you found?"

"Yep!" R grinned, then drove a bit into the city outside of the walls. He drove up to a bridge on a hill, a perfect spot for the 'show'. He parked the car and they walked hand in hand up a bit more. R plopped himself over the railing, smiling encouragingly at Julie and offering his hand to her. Julie eyed the railing warily but took his hand and settled down next to him. Today was the day that the city opened it's doors again to the world. Since sending more troops into the city and a bit further to look for more threats and not finding any, not even in the sewers, John had decided it was time. Besides, they could always send regular patrols out to make sure the city stayed safe!

As they waited for the walls to be torn down, Julie pressed a little closer to R, letting out a soft breath of contentment. The world was finally perfect to her. So long as Julie had R in her life, it was the closest she had to heaven. She had everything she wanted, really. Her dad had become a bigger part of her life, warmer and more caring, she found love in an amazing man, the world was healing, and there were no more horrors anywhere nearby. There were obviously still some threats in other states, there were still people who didn't like the change, still other sanctuaries to deal with, such as Goldman Dome, - though they didn't seem to want any hostilities, kept to themselves mostly, - but at least for now, in their little corner of the world, things were as close to perfect as could be.

They sat in comfortable silence for a while, simply watching the city. "R?" She asked, suddenly thinking of something.

"Yeah?" R answered curiously, kicking his feet idly as they dangled over the edge of the railing. The late afternoon sun dances around them, warming them and giving the city a halo. It was getting quite cool, but they didn't feel it, they basked in the fading sunlight and settled closer to each other.

Julie paused. "Do you remember your name yet?" She asked softly.

R shook shook his head slightly. "No..." he muttered. Actually, he hadn't even tried to remember. Not ever since Julie named him, what felt like years ago.

Julie frowned thoughtfully. "Well, you know you could just give yourself one. Just pick one, whatever you want!" She smiled. He could at least pick a last name if nothing else. After all, R Grigio? Wasn't it the girl who usually changed her name? She snickered inwardly.

R thought for a moment. What name could he possibly pick? What could be better than the name that Julie had given him? "I like R," he shrugged.

Julie blinked "Really? You don't wanna know what it was? You don't want your old life back?" She asked in surprised, looking up at him with a little smile.

"No," R smiled, shaking his head again and giving her a loving look. "I want this one..." he declared, his eyes telling her how much she was his life now.

"Just R, huh?" Julie rested her head against his shoulder, shutting her eyes blissfully.

R smiled softly as he gazed out into the city. "Just R," he agreed.

As the walls fell, opening the city to the rest of the world once again, life felt pretty good. Despite all the horrors and hardships they had gone through, R wouldn't trade his life here, with Julie by his side, for anything in the universe.

The End..?

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