HTTYD oneshot!

Draco fight scene hiccup rant lol!

Hiccup glared at the man he had once tried so desperately to please, the man he had once called father. He walked towards toothless with more bravery than whole clan and rubbed the dragon's head and ears affectionately, thou the dragon still sent a death glare at stoic the vast.

" son! Get away from that beast!" said the Viking leader. The boy simply shook his head.

" I cannot do that stoic..." the man growled at the lack of respect shown to him by his son no less!

" son I am your father and you will resp..." Hiccup cut him off

" son?! Son? No I don't think so! I had tried so hard... To get your attention and affection, but you..." he pointed at the other Vikings " all of you damned me to a life as an outcast! No one believed in me! No one trusted me! Then I met toothless, he kept me sane in this world of insanity!" he rubbed the night furies head lovingly but kept his icy gaze on the villagers. Stoic opened his mouth to speak but was stopped as the boy climbed upon the dragon.

" I'm not your son! I will NEVER! Be a murderer like you!" he and his pet draco flew out the hole toothless had blasted for an entrance and disappeared above the clouds as the dragon named nightmare followed them to its freedom.

Hey! This is my first post... Ever! If I owned the HTTYD fandom this would have been the dragon fighting seen! And I'd have LOADS of money! Lol so I don't own! ;). I have a black kitty named toothless but that's about it. Review if u think it's worthy!

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