There was something wrong with Charles' wounds. The veins had turned an awful bluish black and it crawled up with every passing hour.
"It's infection. It will keep climbing, we can do nothing." The healer bowed to James.
"Don't tell me that!" He roared "male him well!" He chocked "please!" A sob tore from his chest "please..." The healer bowed and walked away from the hall and towards a lounge of sorts.
He walked in slowly, his steps barely making a sound on the rock. "Charles?" The boy made no sound
James walked to the bed slowly and bent over his son to make sure he was still breathing.
He was but sweat glistened on his forehead and his hands clenched the sheets tightly.
James picked up a rag from a bucket the healer had left behind and mopped the sweat off and tried to keep him cool while the infection raged bringing with it fever.
"Dad?" Two glassy blue eyes opened and tried to focus on the village leader.
"Yah, hey Charlie." A sigh escaped the boys lips
"Hi dad." The boy hissed "my legs hurt, dad, they hurt really bad."
"I know son."
"They really hurt!" Charles cried and tears pored down his face. He chanted that for five minutes while James whispered "I know" over and over along with a broken "I'm sorry" every few seconds.
James was escorted out of the room by a healer with a
"we will give him poppy seed, he won't feel a thing."
Yukio met him outside and grasp his shoulder and elbow and led him back to their home.

"How was he?"
They turned to Jacob, his back was pressed against his dragon and he fed a raging fire in the hearth making the home muggy.
He wasn't given an answer.
"I'm going to Berk. I need to know more about these outcasts." He pulled himself up and limped to the door, having been so close to the fire his prosthetic heated to a bearable but uncomfortable heat.
A hand on his shoulder stopped him and he turned to the owner, it was James.
"Ask if they will help with a battle." There was rage and hatred in the brown depths his father held, a need for retribution.
Jacob gave a nod and he walked out of the house followed by his dragon.

A day later the infection over took Charles.
A tomb was built on the eastern side of the island and his body placed upon a pedestal in the direct centre.
His sky screamer had crawled into the tomb and wrapped around its masters body and seemed to coo and chirp to the corpse, nudging it as if trying to wake the man.
"Ridge, come on." Emily pleaded and beckoned the drake for the tenth time. "You can't stay here!" She was usually slow to anger but having to try reason with a dragon while in the same room as her deceased brother frayed her nerves.
"Let's go em, he won't leave." Yukio said.
"But..." She sighed "okay, but we can't seal it! He might come out in time." Yukio gave a small smile and bid one last good bye to his brother.

"Sayonara, ototo. Hayaku tobu."