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I always thought I was a normal kid, or at least compared to normal people. You see I always knew I was different from the other kids, maybe because my eyes changed color or that we always moved around so much I have never really thought of anything as home.

It was just my mom and I. I don't know much about my dad. Mom says that she met him during a protest rally about some politician mucking up some big lake with a whole bunch of garbage. He was there too and when he and mom met it just… clicked. Well that's what mom says. He was so kind and he was so passionate about nature and the earth.

Oh wow Jordan's dad is a hippy!

Shut up, a guy can like nature and not being some stoner hippy living in a rainbow van that wouldn't look out of place in a Scooby Doo episode. Though if he had any of those stupid lava lamps in it then yeah he's a hippy, mom assures me there were no lava lamps in the van. So that reassuring, I guess.

Where was I? Oh yeah me being different. See I'm different from other kids. I'm only 12 and am at least a couple inches taller than the tallest boy in my grade, and my eyes changed color a lot. Pretty sure I mention it earlier.

I have dark brown hair that spikes up slightly and I'm pretty tan for someone who used to live in Colorado. Right now my eyes are dark green. And I don't mean just green I mean green. Mom always tells me when my eyes are green that they reminded her of the leaves of trees, the grass on the ground, the moss on a tree trunk, blah blah blah. Other times my eyes are dark brown, mom says they look like the earth and the tree trunks. Right now my eyes are blue, if I'm in a good mood then their bright blue like the sky but if I'm in a bad mood then they can be as dark as the ocean.

My mom always told me about how much I reminded her of my father, I didn't know if I should be happy and proud or resentful. It was true I didn't look a lot like my mother, she was tall like me but had red hair and light brown eyes. No matter what happened she always had a small smile on her face, she was content with her life, I had never seen her cry before.

Enough about my weird eyes, I doubt you care that much anyway, guess I was rambling.

My life has always been a little whack, what with my mom, being the nature fanatic she, always went to every protest and rally to defend the earth. No she's not a hippy, she doesn't have any lava lamps, trust me if she did I'd have gotten rid of them the second I saw them. But yeah we've always been on the road, so I don't have that much friends, not the kind you always talk to. I never had time to make friends.

I spend a lot of time in the woods; we were always surrounded by them so it wasn't that hard. Who knows I guess mom rubbed off on me, I hate pollution and if I ever find any trash in the woods I'll pick it up and make sure there isn't anymore.

I may not have any human friends but I do have some furry ones. For some reason I always feel drawn to the woods, anything filled with plants and life. I guess the woods are the closest thing I have to a home.

Animals seem to love me as well. I mean seriously they adore me. One time when I was six I got lost in the woods, I was crying calling for my mom. It was getting dark and I was just a kid and was terrified.

Then all of sudden a huge shadow appeared behind me, I turned around and the biggest bear I've ever seen in my life was standing in front of me. The bear was a grizzly, a big one.

Mom always warned me that bears are very dangerous if you aren't careful, you have to be calm. But I freaked and fell down flat on my butt and scuttled backwards like a crab.

Yeah real heroic, huh.

But the bear didn't look like it wanted to eat me, instead the bear looked at me with her, because something made me realize the grizzly was a girl, big brown eyes and I didn't see any dark emotions, I saw…. Love? I guess it was love; I don't know I was six man!

The next thing I knew she was nuzzling me like I was one of her cubs, I remember giggling and playing with her soft fur. I somehow managed to get on the bears back and I felt like the king of the world riding on a grizzlies back.

I wasn't scared anymore, and soon enough the bear somehow knew where my distraught mother was. She looked like she was about to have a heart attack when she saw her six-year-old son emerging from the woods on a grizzly bear's back.

I got off the bear's back and it gave me a big lick from my toes to my head and I hugged her massive head, and then she vanished into the woods.

We quickly left after that, I never saw the bear again.

Then there was time when I was ten. Mom had dropped me off at school I had been at for a couple of months, something rare for me.

During a field trip to a state park one of my teachers Ms. Lamia, we all called her miss lame behind her back, asked me to walk with. Confused I did until we were far away from the group.

She always did creep me out, she never blinked. And whenever I had her class all she would do was stare at me with anger and some other emotion.

And then something happened that would forever haunt me.

"You think you could fool us!" Ms. Lamia suddenly hissed at me, making me jump. Her voice sounded scratched like her whole throat had been used against sandpaper.

"W-What?" I stuttered confused.

"You will die, you should not have been born. Your father should have died long ago, I will not have his line continue!" she hissed at me.

"My dad?" I asked confused before realizing Ms. Lame knew about my dad, "wait you know about my dad? Who is he? Why isn't he here? When did you last see him!" mom never liked to talk about my dad, it made her sad and I hated to make her sad.

"Don't act like you don't know, half-blood!"

"A what-" I stopped talking as Ms. Lamia's form suddenly shuddered and shifted. I looked with boggled eyes as my English teacher suddenly turned into some thing.

Ms. Lamia suddenly didn't have legs. It was like some sort of tail, like a Cobra's. Her top half was still human but her eyes. They were staring straight at me, right into my soul. Add of the fact she never blinked and looked like she wanted to set my soul on fire made me even more freaked out.

Stay calm. A voice spoke in my head, it was deep but still soft. It reminded me of a soft wind. I felt something flood through my body, I felt immediately more energized and calm. A soft wind seemed to be coming out of me, even though it was late fall I smelled early spring, flowers blooming, and all sorts of different scents I would recognize in the woods.

My first thought was, great first my English teacher turns into some sort of snake lady and now I have a voice in my head.

Ms. Lamia's eyes narrowed before she laughed, "foolish child, do you think you can beat me? Do you know who I am? I am Lamia, the child devourer. You will be a tasty little snack."

The power surging in me suddenly left my body, I could feel it moving through the air, like some sort of force field it seemed to blow everything.

But wind wasn't going to stop some crazy snake lady from eating me. I immediately decided to book it and ran as fast as I can.

I never realized then, but snakes can move fast. She was easily keeping up with me; I knew she was toying with me.

"Run little half-blood, run!" she cried in amusement as she chased after me.

Oh man, oh man I'm going to die! I thought as I ran through the woods as fast as my ten-year-old legs could carry me. I tripped over a root and tumbled in a small clearing, Lamia was on one side and I on the other.

"This chasing is fun and all," Lamia giggled, "but I think I'll just eat you right now."

Then all of a sudden growls echoed through the clearing, and then I saw them. Every animal that lived in the forest was suddenly surrounding us.

From bears to foxes, to wolves to mountain lions, they were all there. Every dangerous predator was surrounding me.

I thought they were going to come after me, after all I was the smaller, weaker target and I probably smelled better than Lamia who reeked of snake and what he assumed was dead things, he always knew she smelled rank. But he didn't know she ate kids!

But to his surprise they were all glaring at Lamia and as one raced towards her, she shrieked in terror before trying to run away.

They easily caught up to her, a huge pile of predators on top of the struggling Lamia. Soon she exploded into gold dust, I just stood there gapping like an idiot.

And as quickly as they had come the predators left, not before giving me a warm gaze before they returned to their home.

I hobbled towards the spot where Ms. Lame had exploded and I saw the last traces of the dust fly away in the wind.

I was shaken pretty bad, but can you blame me. I managed to get back to the tour group and ignored all of their questions and instead focused on ignoring them until I got home.

When I got to our small apartment I immediately told my mother everything, she was the one person I could trust with anything.

My mom looked at me with worry, as though something she hoped wouldn't happen had. We immediately moved, despite my begging my mother wouldn't tell me what happened.

Sometimes I hope that the whole thing was a dream, my life would have been simpler if it was.

Two years had passed and now I had surprisingly been sent to a boarding school, mom had been hesitant about it but I was excited. Sure I wouldn't see mom as much but I could actually do a full year at school in the same school and actually make friends.

So most of the school year I had found myself at Yancy Academy in New York City. It was pretty cool in his opinion, despite being ADHD and having dyslexia he loved school. Sure it was hard to read sometimes but if he tried than he could get through it without to much trouble.

We all had dorms at the school, my dorm mates were two guys named Percy Jackon and Grover Underwood.

They were defiantly my best friends here, me and Percy easily became best friends, we had the same personality. We were lovable goof balls who never really listened to rules unless they were forced to. Percy had a troubled life, his real dad had become lost at sea when he was just a kid and had an asshole of a father, he also seemed to bounce through schools like a rubber ball.

When Jordan had told Percy that he had never known his dad either and he had never really stayed in one school for enough time to make friends, it brought the two together.

The other boy Grover was an interesting kid. He was even taller than Jordan and seemed to have a beard growing even though he was in the sixth grade, he was also crippled as he needed crutches to get around.

When Jordan and Percy had caught of couple of guys making fun of Grover they immediately stood up for him, the three became inseparable after that. But Jordan was a little wary of Grover, sometimes the guy would stare at him and Percy when he thought they weren't looking. For Percy he looked nervous and maybe even a tad bit scared, for Jordan he looked like he was trying to put together a puzzle that he had been trying to solve for years and Jordan was the final piece.

Jordan didn't mention any of it. Grover was a good friend. Plus Jordan doubted Percy noticed it, the kid was dense sometimes. So he kept quiet about it.

Right now Jordan was eating cereal in the empty cafeteria, Percy was still asleep in his bunk while Grover was probably studying for a test.

Jordan was looking at his Greek mythology textbook, he frowned when he couldn't find anything about Medusa that he could put into his paper. Crunch. Jordan glanced at his spoon and saw that the top piece of the spoon was missing.

I sighed, "not again," he muttered. For some reason Jordan could bite through metal and eat it and wasn't bother by it, it gave him a heart attack the first time it happened though.

Jordan then noticed Percy entering the dinning area, rubbing his eyes tiredly. Jordan immediately threw the bitten spoon to the side and pretended to look at his textbook.

Percy sat down next to him munching on a bagel, "you know you should be studying," Jordan advised the dark-haired boy with a small chuckle.

"It's not fair!" Percy complained, "you have dyslexia too but your still really smart!"

Jordan chuckled as he closed the textbook, "maybe because I actually study?"

Percy rolled his eyes and reached for the other half of the bagel but Jordan swiped it before Percy could get it, "Hey!" Percy said.

Jordan munched on the bagel, "you should get ready, we have a field trip today."

"Joy, I wonder what's going to happen to get me kicked out this time, I'll probably make the building explode or something."

Jordan pointed his bagel at the near teenager, "you sir are a ray of sunshine."

Percy laughed at that and the two headed to the bus, Grover was waiting for them.

Yeah Jordan didn't really thinking packing 28 mental kids on a school bus on the way to the Art Museum was a smart idea, he knew the principle had warned Percy that if anything funny happened on the trip he would not be allowed to go to Yancy anymore.

Luckily Mr. Brunner, who was our Latin teacher, was going to come on the trip so at least it would be fun.

Mt. Brunner was a middle-aged guy in a motorized wheelchair. He had thinning hair and a scruffy beard and a frayed tweed jacket, which always smelled like coffee. Though Jordan was pretty sure he smelled horse a couple of time, which made no sense.

You wouldn't think he'd be one of those cool teacher, but he told stories and jokes in class and let us play games in class. He also had this awesome collection of Roman armor and weapons, so he was really the only class Percy didn't sleep in.

On the bus ride there the local bully, Nancy Bobofit, the freckly, redheaded girl who had a stealing problem. She thought it would be funny to throw chunks of her peanut butter and ketchup sandwich at the back of his head.

"I'm going to kill her," Jordan heard Percy mutter as he glared daggers at the redhead.

"It's okay," Grover said as he dodged another wad of the nasty sandwich, "I like peanut butter." He quickly dodged another one.

"That's it," I heard Percy mumble as he slowly stood up but he and Grover held him down, "not worth it man, the head will use any excuse to get you kicked out." I said before I stood up and glared at Nancy, who immediately stopped throwing stuff at us.

"Hey Bobo, stop throwing stuff at us!" I said as glared at the redhead. For some reason she listened to me, Percy thinks its because she has a crush on me while Grover thinks I scare her. I'm hoping for option two.

The bus soon arrived at the museum, Mr. Brunner led the class through the Roman and Greek gallery explaining every piece.

He gathered all of the students around a thirteen – foot - tall stone column with a big sphinx on the top, and started telling everyone how it was a grave marker, a stele, for a girl about their age. Percy, Grover, and I hung out a little in the back listening to Mr. Brunner but it was hard with everyone talking to their buddies.

"Will you shut up!" Percy hissed towards Nancy but everyone heard him, Mr. Brunner stopped talking, "is there a problem Mr. Jackson?"

Percy's face turned red, "no sir."

Mr. Brunner than pointed to one of the scenes on the stele, "perhaps you'll tell us what this picture represents?"

Percy looked at the picture and after a couple of seconds he said, "that Kronos eating his kids right?"

Mr. Brunner didn't look satisfied with the rest of the answer, Mr. Brunner turned to me. "Mr. Hunter, can you tell me why Kronos ate his children?"

I racked my brain before I remembered the answer, "Kronos was told a prophecy that one of his children would overthrow him, so when his wife Rhea gave birth to a child he quickly gobbled it up, it was only after Kronos has eaten so many of his kids Rhea decided to take measures into her own hands. She disguised a rock as her child and when Kronos ate the rock she hid the baby, who was Zeus, and had him raised away from the Titan's home. Zeus grew up and grew stronger and one day he confronted his father, who didn't know who he was, and gave him some wine mixed in with something nasty which made Kronos throw up his siblings."

"EWWW!" A bunch of girls said.

"And there was a big war and the Gods won," I finished somewhat lamely.

Behind me I heard Nancy grumble, "like we're going to use this in real life," she said to a friend, "like its going to say on our job applications, 'Please explain why Kronos ate his kids.'"

Mr. Brunner turned back to Percy, "And to answer Ms. Bobofits excellent question, does this matter in real life?"

Percy shrugged, "I don't know, sir."

Mr. Brunner looked disappointed, "well full credit Mr. Hunter you were right on the reason why Kronos ate his children and half credit to you Mr. Jackson. Now I believe its time for lunch."

As we went out of the building I saw a door leading into an area we had not been in.

I always liked Greek mythology so I was actually interested about the stuff. So I went inside it. I saw a large statue in the middle of the room, I somehow found myself in front of it and I got a better look.

It was a large statue, probably bigger than the stele. It depicted a person who was half goat and half man. He was playing the pan flutes and all around him people and animals were looking at him in adoration. I tried to read the label but my dyslexia wouldn't allow me to read it.

"Pan," Mr. Brunner's voice made me jump out of my skin, "Lord of the of nature, shepherds, and pretty much anything that relates to the wild. Disappeared over two thousand years ago."

"Sorry Mr. B," I apologized, "I'm probably not allowed in here."

Mr. Brunner smiled warmly at me, "its alright my boy, it warms my old heart to see the younger generation show an apitude towards Greek myths."

I blushed scarlet red, "your not the old, sir."

Mr. Brunner laughed, "oh you'd be surprised."

I shifted my feet as I continued to look at the statue of Pan, "it's weird," I muttered to myself.

"What's weird?"

I forgot Mr. Brunner had radar ears.

I shrugged, "I don't know it's just..." I looked at Pan's face... it looked familiar, "I just feel... connected to him." I chuckled as I rubbed my head, "you probably think I'm crazy."

Mr. Brunner was staring at me, I shifted uncomfortably at his gaze. I felt like he was looking into my soul, trying to figure me out. It reminded me of Lamia.

"Run little Half Blood, run!" Lamia's voice rang into my head, I looked at Mr. Brunner, he's a latin teacher maybe he knew something.

"Sir can I ask you a question?" at Mr. Brunner's warm smile and a nod I slowly spoke, "do you know... know what a half blood is?"

I watched in surprise as Mr. B's face seemed to pale, he looked at me with surprise and a bit of wariness, "no I don't."

I looked at Mr. Brunner, he was lying, he knew what a half blood was. But what was a half blood. For that I still have no idea.

"We should probably go, I bet you're hungry," he guided me, almost forcefully, out of the room and outside of the building where everyone was eating lunch. Percy and Grover were eating at the fountain, I headed towards them.

Overhead, a huge storm was brewing, with clouds blacker than I've ever seen anywhere, and I've been to quite a few places. I bet mom was convinced that the reason the weather was so whack was because of global warming. I was starting to agree with her, mostly because the weather all across New York state had been weird since Christmas. We'd had massive snowstorms, flooding, wildfires from lightning. I bet a hurricane was soon to blow in, or maybe a giant wave of killer shrimp. The weather's been so weird I wouldn't be surprised.

"Hey man where'd you go?" I looked at Percy who looking at me, I just shrugged, "I was in this room, it was about one of the Greek Gods, Pan." I noticed with interest how Grover chocked on his apple. Percy hit the guy on the back until he coughed it back up.

"Who's Pan?" Percy asked as I bit into my cheese sandwich, I was a vegetarian.

"He's the Lord of the Wild," Grover surprisingly spoke.

Before they could speak anymore, Nancy Bobofit came up to them and dropped her sandwich on Grover's lap. A nasty combination of peanut butter and ketchup went everywhere. "Oops," Nancy smirked.

I stood up as did Percy, but something else happened. I felt the power I felt when fighting Lamia come over me, the wind started to pick up and despite it being Fall everyone suddenly smelled flowers and spring, and the outside of the museum, despite it being in the middle of New York City, seriously smelled as though it was in the middle of a forest. Grover gasped as though he had been shocked. But that wasn't the surprising thing, the water in the fountain suddenly rose and grabbed Nancy and pulled her into the fountain. I was stunned, I was pretty sure I didn't do that, I glanced at Percy who looked as surprised as me, did Percy do that? I wondered confused.

I never got to finish my train of thought as suddenly the other teacher, Mrs. Dodds, stalked over to us with a triumphant smirk. She hated me and Percy and she terrified Grover. "Come with me!" we both groaned, there goes not getting into trouble...

"Wait, I did it! I pushed her in!" Grover exclaimed which surprised us since he was completely terrified of the teacher, when she looked at him he went as white as a ghost and trembled as though seeing a demon, I was beginning to suspect that opinion as well.

"I know what I saw Mr. Underwood. Jackson, Hunter... come with me," Grover looked desperately in Mr. Brunner's direction but he was absorbed into his book, the umbrella hooked onto his wheelchair and his coffee on his table made me think of a mobile coffee shop.

Percy and I followed Mrs. Dodds into the building; we both assumed we were going to have to buy Nancy some new clothes. I decided if that was the case than I'd buy a kiddie shirt like, I Had An Educational Day! Written on it with big letters and Einstein with a pointer pointing at the Mona Lisa.

But Mrs. Dodds didn't take us to the gift shop, she took us back to the room we had been in before, besides us there was nobody else. I immediately started to feel uneasy, this felt familiar.

Mrs. Dodds stared at us with contempt, I backed away from the pure loathing she was sending to us.

"You've been giving us problems, honey," Mrs. Dodds said to Percy.

Percy tried the safe thing, "I'll try harder ma'am." He tried to be respectful but even he was getting creeped out.

Mrs. Dodds didn't seem to like his answer, thunder shook the building, the hairs on Jordan's neck rose as he suddenly had the impulse to bolt out of the room.

"We're not fools, Percy Jackson, it was only a matter if time before we found you out. Confess, and you will suffer less pain."

Crap does she know about me and Percy's secret stash of candy? I wondered, or perhaps did they know that I did Percy's essay on Tom Sawyer for him?

"Mrs. Dodds," I began.

"Your time is up," she hissed, I froze I suddenly remembered why this felt so familiar.

And just as I suspected Mrs. Dodds form changed. Her eyes glowed like barbecue coals. Her fingers stretched, turning into talons. Her jacket melted into large, leathery wings. She wasn't human. She was a shriveled hag with bat wings and claws.

Really what was up with all my teachers turning into monsters and trying to kill me!

"Percy run!" I yelled but he was frozen in fear and confusion. It was obvious he didn't expect his pre-algebra teacher to transform into something that looked like it came from the pits of hell.

And then if things weren't weird enough, Mr. Brunner suddenly wheeled into the room, "what ho, Percy!" and he tossed a pen towards Percy.

Oh thanks Mr. B, I thought sullenly, thanks for not giving me anything and giving Percy a pen, reeaaall helpful.

But then once the pen landed in Percy's hand it suddenly turned into a sword. I instantly recognized it from tournament day. Okay unexpected but why do I not get a weapon!?

Percy was shaking, the tip of the sword trembled and lowered. Percy was beginning to lose his nerve, and he was confused and scared as hell.

"Die honey!" Mrs. Dodds screamed as she flew at the two of us, I stepped back seeing as I had nothing to fend her off.

Percy acted on instinct, he swung the sword. Hisss!

And then suddenly the demonic form of Mrs. Dodds was an innocent pile of sand. The room smelled of sulfur and a dying screech and a chill of evil hung in the air like a weight. I swore that two red eyes glared at us from the pile of powder.

Mr. Brunner was no longer in the room. Percy was trembling and so was I, but not as much as Percy.

"We should head back," I said as Percy jumped, he had forgotten I was there.


It was raining as we left the building, Grover was still at the fountain. Nancy was still soaked to the bone from her trip to the fountain but she strode towards us with a smirk. "I hope Mrs. Kerr whipped your butts!"

I looked at Percy confused, he was as confused as me. "Who are you talking about, Bobo?"

"Our teacher. Duh!"

Percy was as confused as I was, who was Mrs. Kerr? We went over to Grover and Percy asked where Mrs. Dodds was.

He said, "who?"

But I was good at reading emotions, and he was hiding something, he wouldn't even look at us in the face.

Thunder shook the ground.

Percy saw Mr. Brunner sitting under his red umbrella reading his book. As though he had not been in a museum giving a sword to a twelve-year-old boy to fight off a demon.

"Ah, that would be my pen. Please bring your own writing utensil in the future, Mr. Jackson."

Percy gave the innocent looking pen to the Latin teacher.

"Uhh Mr. B," I started as I glanced around the area, "where's Mrs. Dodds?"

Mr. Brunner stared at me blankly, "who?"

"The other chaperone." Percy added in looking annoyed by everyone's antics, "Mrs. Dodds. The pre-algebra teacher."

He frowned and sat forward, looking mildly concerned, "Jordan, Percy, there is no Mrs. Dodds on this trip. As far as I know, there has never been a Mrs. Dodds at Yancy Academy. Are you two feeling alright?"