You know, it's not all that bad being the 'Demon of Konoha'...well if you don't count the merciless beatings you get from villagers, that is.

The sixth year of Naruto Uzumaki's life had been a real eye opener to the boy that there was still some hope in the world.



Naruto met two wonderful people. The first was Mikoto Uchiha. She was one of prettiest people Naruto had ever seen in his far. She saved him from a group of villagers and asked him if he wanted to join the Uchiha clan but he declined with a heart-warming smile. She told him to be safe and the two spent some time together.

Next, he met an eighteen-year-old old Anko Mitarashi. He was being swindled in the market by a food vendor and Anko just so happened to be walking by and had stopped there the previous day and cussed the vendor out. After that Naruto treated her to some ramen and he surprisingly paid. She was the second prettiest person Naruto had ever met but he didn't compare her or Mikoto.


Next he met a nineteen-year-old Kurenai Yuhi. She had met him and Anko eating some ramen at Ramen Ichiraku and later that day defended him from some thugs trying to mug the small boy. After that, seemingly customary for Naruto, he treated her to some more ramen in which she obliged. He again paid somehow. She was the third prettiest woman Naruto had met and he told her after they met. She blushed and laughed at the small boy but all three women developed a small child-like crush on their 'Naruto-Kun.'


Naruto had befriended one Kiba Inuzuka and the two quickly became the best of friends. Later that month Kiba had invited Naruto over to meet his family. Naruto accepted and met Hana and Tsume that night along with their dog companions. Naruto immediately blushed at the sight of Hana and Tsume in which they both found it cute. Later that night a small, male, wolf-looking, black dog came into the dining room and immediately jumped in Naruto's lap in which made the Inuzuka family's jaws drop. They explained that, that pup had been a pain and had disregarded anyone who had tried to claim it by giving it a name and wouldn't even let anyone pick it up. Naruto called him 'Arashi' and the dog yipped for joy at the name.

They told the blonde boy that whoever named a pup early got to keep it for life, as was the Inuzuka clan tradition.

Naruto accepted ownership and the newly named Arashi became Naruto's partner for life while the eleven year-old Hana and even the twenty-six-year-old Tsume eventually referred to Naruto as 'Naruto-kun.'

The following months leading to September were spent training and building his friendships with Tsume, Hana, Kurenai, Anko, and Mikoto all the while building his rivalry with one emo called Sasuke Uchiha.

And now, for Naruto Uzumaki, it was the same almost every day of his kid life. He would get chased around the village for something he had no control over. He had to eat out of the garbage just to survive and he had no family. None. Zip. Nada. Bet you it was different on his birthday, right?


He would get near-death beatings especially on his birthday. He'd get cut, bruised severely, and broken bones. Wanna know how people remembered his birthday? Most remember it by it being the day the Nine Tailed Fox attacked Konoha.

Crappy way of remembering someone's birthday, huh?

But he figured someone was looking out for him. Each morning after the nights he was beaten, he was healed fully with not even bruises to show.

However he was truly the man in the village seeing as how he held absolutely no ill will towards the people that beat him. He would just keep smiling, but he figured that was his innocent way of payback. Just keep smiling at it shows the others that what they do doesn't hurt you.

But one night in particular was something that marked Naruto forever...something that would make him the greatest Ninja in the whole world...possibly since the Kage of The Six Paths. Maybe even greater.

"Gouge his eyes out!" one villager said with a sadistic smile.

"Make sure he never walks again!"

"Pull his teeth!" one said as he kicked Naruto in the face, though the kid was desperately trying to block it. Another sent several blows to his gut as to hope to break some ribs.

Those are only some of the things the villagers would say to the six year old. They never tried to, anyways. Thank God.

"What is the meaning of this!?" one bellowing voice said among all the others. That voice belonged to one Hokage of the Village Hidden in The Leaf.

Killer Intent leaked from the Hokage making the villagers part, with his two ANBU guards on either side of him and if you were keen in sensing chakra signatures, then you would have sensed a dozen or so more in the forest behind them.

The Hokage glared at all of the villagers as he saw what the center of everyone's attention was. It being one badly beaten and bruised Naruto Uzumaki.

"Naruto-kun!" Hiruzen Sarutobi exclaimed as he ran over to the battered form of Naruto with his two ANBU guards on either side of him. He saw that Naruto had a kunai in his left forearm and he was breathing faintly. The Hokage scanned the unconscious boy's vitals to see if he was alright. The final diagnosis was that the boy had internal bleeding and a few broken ribs. Hiruzen then cradled the small boy's head gently in his lap.

"I want the leaders of this to be brought here any means necessary. I also want a medic-nin here now," Hiruzen said darkly as the ANBU bowed immediately saying a 'Yes, Hokage-sama' at the same time.

The villagers immediately ran off but all of the ANBU, including the ones in the forest, chased them and deduced who the leaders were. After about ten minutes they returned with three men of who were tied up with bloodied clothes and faces. The medics had arrived and started to tend to Naruto's immediate wounds.

After sending a worried glance towards Naruto, the Hokage sent his hard gaze towards the three men.

"Please explain to me why you beat a six-year-old mercilessly as you would a criminal. Why have you treated a child in such a manner? What did he do to you? Did he steal from you? Did he hurt you? Tell me something good and I might just let you skip the punishment. These acts towards a defenseless child will not be tolerated and I will act accordingly," Hiruzen said coldly with a menacing glare as his KI flooded the area making the three men sweat and begin to grovel. Though one very, very stupid man had the gall to speak.

"He is a demon, Hokage-sama! He does not deserve to walk among us as an equal! He should be exterminated like the disease he is!" the man said sending a hateful glare towards Naruto as a kunai was immediately placed towards his neck courtesy of one Anko Mitarashi.

"He's a kid you sick fuck! Do you think he had any control over what happened six years ago!? He doesn't deserve to be treated like this!" Anko said enraged. The moonlight held an ominous glow over her and her cursed seal burned with rage. Her trench coat and purple hair blew slightly with the 'wind' atop the Hokage monument though it was not a natural wind. Her chakra burned with rage and her KI skyrocketed.

Another leader spoke. "What are you talking about?! That demon is possessed and is trying to destroy the village! Open your eyes, Hokage-sama! That thing deserves to be killed!", though as soon as the words left his mouth a kunai found its place in his forearm courtesy of one Kurenai Yuhi, the ice queen of Konoha and mistress of genjutsu.

"He is a kid and you are an adult. You should act like one and call him a thing again and you will lose your life," Kurenai said coldly as she twisted the kunai causing the man to scream in pain and fall to the ground, the kunai still in his arm.

"The demon has you all brainwashed! The thing deserves to be either banished or killed and I'd do it myself if there wasn't always a shinobi to stop us! Please Hokage-sama, let us end all this madness by ending that thing!" the last man screamed as he nodded his head towards the recuperating Naruto though he had kunai embedded into his shoulder by twenty seven-year-old Mikoto Uchiha, though she barely looked twenty. Having survived the Uchiha clan massacre along with Sasuke, she re-enlisted into the Kinoha shinobi and regained her jonin rank and title as 'The Flame Princess.' She met Naruto on a patrol also being cornered by villagers and she recognized this man but hid it well. After saving Naruto she took him to get his first ramen. She wanted him to stay at the Uchiha compound but he declined. She smiled at his upbeat attitude every time she thought of him. I just wanted to reiterate that.

"This boy has been nothing but kind to kind to those who have been kind to him and yet even after what you brutes did he still manages to smile. Now please, tell us how he would have us brainwashed? He is a child. And this is for calling him thing," Mikoto said harshly as she twisted the kunai causing the man to scream.

"This is an outrage! You have n-no right to do this to us!" the man with a kunai in his arm said angrily all the while gasping for air.

"We were merely acting in defense of Naruto-kun as what the law dictates. You may do that for any member of the village," the Hokage replied calmly though his voice carried much disgust for the three men. "Take them away, Anko-san," Hiruzen told the twenty-year-old.

"Hai, Hokage-sama," she replied as she and half of the ANBU guards left with the three men only to be replaced by Tsume, Hana, and Kiba Inuzuka and Naruto's dog and partner, Arashi. Arashi and Naruto had been originally at the Inuzuka compound so that he could play with Kiba and Akamaru. Naruto was only in this situation because he said that he had to go back to his apartment to get something about six that night but was chased all over the village and eventually stopped at the Third Hokage Monument where he was then beaten.

"Naruto-kun!" Tsume and Hana exclaimed along with Mikoto and Kurenai as the four encircled Naruto's beaten form, trying to not get in the way of the medic-nin.

"What happened, Hokage-sama? Why is Naruto like this?" Kiba asked with a growl though it was directed more so at the men who organized this.

"The ignorant villagers hurt Naruto-kun again, Kiba-san. If only I had adjourned the council meeting when I sense Naruto was in danger, then maybe I could have prevented this," the Hokage grimly.

"They were probably trying to stall for time," Tsume growled. She was part of the civilian council but she called in sick so she could spend the day with her family and her precious Naruto-kun.

"It is a possibility," Mikoto said though grit teeth, trying not to cry at the beaten form of Naruto. She had long since put to bed her love for Sasuke's father...even though it was faker than female movie stars' tits of today. It was basically a shotgun marriage. Sasuke's father was used to getting what he wanted so he got her, but she completely loved Itachi, or Isane, if you weren't going by her ANBU alias, and Sasuke but she learned something as a shinobi. Cut all emotional ties if a person betrays you. She still loved Isane but if needed be then she would kill her with her own two hands. (A/N What can I say? Deviantart poisons my mind. Say hello to Fem! Itachi, everyone!)

"Those lowlifes," Hana growled as a few tears rolled down her cheeks. She closed her eyes to try to stop them but a hand groggily reached up to wipe them away.

"D-don't cry, Hana-chan, I'll be fine, b-believe it," Naruto said with a fox-grin, though he was still in massive amounts of pain.

"Naruto-kun!" the females said happily as to know their little Naru-kun was A-Okay...well sort of.

Arashi, meanwhile, yipped and ran over to lick Naruto's face causing the kid to chuckle.

"Naruto, are you alright, man!?" Kiba said worriedly gaining a small grin and nod from Naruto.

The medic-nin told the women to back off so he could get some air but before he could Naruto went into a coughing fit and coughed up some blood which caused all present to gasp.

"Get him to the hospital, NOW!" the Hokage demanded and immediately received a nod from the two medic-nins.

I have failed you, Minato. I am sorry, the Hokage thought sadly as he and the females shunshined, with Kiba and Arashi, to the Hospital after the Medic-nin.

Now, back to the passed out Naruto, we see something that is relatively the same for every story that contains a Fem. Kyuubi on here...

Naruto opened his eyes to see a sewer. The blonde boy rubbed his head in pain and looked over his body for any cuts, bruises, or anything to signify what happened not half an hour ago. He saw nothing of the sort.

"Hello?" Naruto called out and it was followed by an echo.

"I guess no one's home," he said as he walked through the sewers but stopped when he heard crying.

"Why? Why is he so ridiculed? What do those people have against him? Why is he beaten? I'm so sorry, Naruto...I'm so sorry..." someone sobbed. The voice was peculiarly feminine. He could deduce that.

"Hello? Is anyone there?" Naruto called out again as he looked to his right to see a sewer wall, then behind him to see the sewer lead somewhere else, and to his right to see a giant cage with a beautiful, barefoot, woman sitting on the wall next to the bars with her hands to her face seemingly trying to stop the flow of tears. She had long red hair in a braid that stopped at her lower back with nine individual clumps of hair seemingly conjoined at the end. She also wore a solid red kimono with the top low so you could see the generous cleavage she unintentionally showed off which was easily a D-Cup if not double D's.

"N-Naruto-kun, is that you?" the woman said shakily as she lifted her face from her hands for him to see her beautiful face. She had red, scrumptious lips that were crimson red, but they had a more natural than artificial look to them. She had a set of piercing red eyes with slip pupils but they were red and puffy because of all the crying. She also had pointed ears. Her complexion was only described as one word. Angelic, was ironically that word. The hair that wasn't tied up in the braid was shaggy but it was still very much beautiful.

"What are you doing in this cage, miss? And why are you crying?" Naruto asked as he simply walked into the cage and sat down next to her with a worried expression on his face.

"You're still worried for others more than yourself, Naruto-kun," the woman said with a smile as she enveloped Naruto in a hug causing him to blush.

"What's your name, ma'am?" Naruto asked politely offering a small smile.

"I'm Kyuubi no Yoko," Kyuubi said as she ruffled Naruto's hair making the child blush.

"Nice to meet you, Kyuu-chan, I'm Naruto Uzumaki!" Naruto paused. "Oh, wait, I think you already knew that," Naruto said sheepishly causing her to giggle and blush at the nickname.

"You're so cute, Naruto-kun," Kyuubi said smiling making Naruto blush.

"So, it seems the fox has a heart," a voice said from across the cage causing Naruto to look up to see a man with piercing red eyes, long black, shaggy and spiky hair, a large war fan on his back, fair colored skin, and dull greyish-black armor.

"Who are you, mister?" Naruto asked as he stood in front of Kyuubi protectively.

The man chuckled as he adopted a softer look than a moment ago. "I am Madara Uchiha, Naruto-sama," Madara said looking past Naruto to see a now standing Kyuubi giving him a hard gaze. "I already told you I was sorry, Kyuubi-san. I was blackmailed into attacking Konoha six years ago," Madara said as he walked past Naruto to rest his fan on the cage wall before sitting down about three yards from Kyuubi of who was now sitting again.

"Why are you calling me 'Naruto-sama,' Mr. Uchiha?" Naruto said with a raised eyebrow as he stood in the front middle of Madara and Kyuubi.

"Because I see it fitting to be calling someone that especially when it is their body," Madara explained.

"Okay, I have a request and two questions," Naruto said as he crossed his arms.

"What is your request, Naruto-sama?" Madara said with a raised eyebrow.

"Just call me 'Naruto', Mister Uchiha. We're friends here, aren't we?" Naruto said.

"Of course...Naruto," Madara said earning a smile from Naruto. "What are your two questions, Naruto-sam, er, Naruto?" Madara asked.

"What did you mean 'you were blackmailed into attacking Konoha' and what do you mean when you say that this is my body?" Naruto asked.

"Eight years ago I was confronted by a group of five of who I still don't know their group name, and requested me to attack Konoha. They said that if I didn't then they would kill the entire Uchiha clan and make me watch. I proceeded to fight the group but was defeated after killing two of them. They gave me two years to prepare. I learned of your...parents planning to conceive a child and that the jinchuriki's seal would be at its weakest then. So after you were born I controlled Kyuubi-san here and made her attack Konoha at the point that was farthest from the Uchiha clan compound. But, during the attack, Kyuubi was resealed and I was sealed along with well as someone else," Madara finished with a downtrodden tone and expression.

Naruto looked to Kyuubi on the last part and she nodded. "So...from what I've gathered...I'm a jinchuriki and my mom was the previous jinchuriki, huh, cool. And this is my mind...I need a remodeler," Naruto said earning chuckle from Kyuubi and Madara. "Who were my parents?"

Kyuubi stood, knelt down, and wrapped her arms around Naruto's neck from behind him causing him to blush. "Your mother was Kushina Uzumaki, or known as, 'Red Death' around the elemental countries. You father..." Kyuubi paused for a moment, "was the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze. You are, by rightful, heir to the Namikaze/Uzumaki clans here in Konoha. When you get out of here be sure to tell the Hokage that."

Naruto's eyes widened. "What happened to them, Kyuu-chan?" he said after a moment, not giving a crap about being heir to a clan but he did store the info away for later.

"They died heroically," said a new voice from outside the cage causing Madara, Kyuubi, and Naruto to turn around to see a tall man in strange attire. He had on a large red hat with a wide brim, long red trench coat, sunglasses with ocular lenses, and a black suit with a white undershirt, red cravat, white gloves and black riding boots. He wore a grin and he had black hair.

"Who are you?" Naruto asked as he exited the cage and wiped away some tears after hearing his parents had died.

The man walked over to Naruto and knelt down before ruffling his hair. "Alucard and I am at your service," Alucard grinned showing his elongated K-9's.

Naruto grumbled as he swatted Alucard's hand away causing the man clad in red to chuckle. "What are you talking about? How do you know how my kaa-san and tou-san died?"

"Nah, I'm just fuckin' with ya," Alucard said releasing a laugh but earned a very, very hard punch from Madara.

"You don't joke about those things you meanie!" Naruto said angrily with a few tears falling down his cheek.

"They died saving you," Alucard whispered making Naruto's eyes widen. "From her," Alucard added pointing a finger at Kyuubi making her fall to her knees in her cage and more tears to fall from her cheeks.

"N-Naruto-kun, I'm sorry. I-I wasn't being myself-f. Please f-forgive me," Kyuubi said in between sobs as she buried her face in her hands.

"Why did you tell him that?" Madara whispered to Alucard as they watched Naruto walk back in the cage. They could exit the cage freely but they couldn't exit Naruto's mind all together.

"Because if she ever wants to become his mate when he gets older, then he will need to know now better than later," Alucard reasoned. "However, me being the asshole I am, will not tell him that his mother's body was never recovered," Alucard grinned making Madara sigh and pinch the bridge of his nose.

"They've known each other for fifteen minutes. How did you deduce that?" Madara questioned after a moment of silence.

"The air around here became lighter and happier ever since they started to speak, but now it's heavy again...courtesy of moi ('French for me')," Alucard finished with a cackle while Madara surprisingly sweat-dropped.

Meanwhile with Kyuubi and Naruto...

"I'm s-sorry, Naruto-k-kun," Kyuubi stuttered as more tears dropped from her beautiful crimson eyes and rolled down the porcelain skin on her face.

Naruto just stood there with his hands clenched at his sides and tears were rolling down his cheeks. His spiky hair was in his eyes so she couldn't see his expression.

"I-I understand i-if you d-don't want to speak t-to me," Kyuubi stuttered again as she sobbed more.

Not a moment later Naruto put his small arms around Kyuubi's form making her look up to see the smiling yet crying face of Naruto.

"It's okay, Kyuu-chan. I-I know it's not yours or M-Mr. Uchiha's fault. I forgive you, K-Kyuu-chan, so we can still be f-friends," Naruto finished with a smile as he pulled back and wiped away the tears on her face with his thumbs.

Kyuubi went wide-eyed as a blush found its way onto her face. She took both of her hands and put them on the one Naruto had on her face. She smiled through the tears and pulled Naruto into a hug of her own before kissing his forehead lightly making him blush furiously.

"Not to ruin the moment, Naruto, but are we going to get on with this?" Madara piped in as he and Alucard stepped in the cage.

"Why can you guys come in and out of the cage while Kyuu-chan can't?" Naruto questioned as Kyuubi stood and put her arms around Naruto's neck making him blush again.

"Because this seal wasn't designed for us but it's doing a good job keeping us in here," Alucard chuckled.

"You still never said how you got in here, Alucard-san," Naruto questioned.

"I was simply taking an enthusiastic stroll and wanted to hitch a ride on Kyuubi-san and I was sealed in here along with Madara here," Alucard grinned.

Naruto gave an 'ohh' while Madara spoke again. "Now that you have met us, you need to train...but you won't like what you will have to Naruto-sama," Madara said grimly.

"What is it, Madara-san?" Naruto questioned, ignoring the 'sama' Madara added.

"You will have to leave the village for a long time...of which during you will become a very, very strong ninja, Naruto. I already have a set amount of time you will be away. You may decline but I recommend it, Naruto-sama," Madara added.

"How long will I be gone?" Naruto questioned again, still ignoring the 'sama.'

"Seven years. You will return on your thirteenth birthday," Madara said. "You want to be Hokage of Konoha, no? And protect your precious people?"

"Of course I do! I'll do it," Naruto said without a seconds thought. Kyuubi gave a smile to Naruto and how he would protect his 'precious people' with his life. She hoped that one day she would be on his list.

"But I have one question...why do I have to leave Konoha?" Naruto asked curiously.

"Because you will be advancing at a rate unseen by anyone and you will attain a strength that rivals the Sage of the Six Paths. You will learn each affinity and its basic abilities as well as advanced, learn each of our special abilities, unlock my dojutsu, learn most sub-elements, and be taught S-Rank jutsus, as well as wield each of our special weapons...excluding Kyuubi-san, of course. She has raw power and has no need for weapons. You will also be taught advanced Genjustus, Ninjutsus, and Taijutsus, and well as most sub-categories, including kinjutsus, but you will be taught the basic jutsus first. You have six years and the child mind is more easily manipulated than a matured one, so it should be easy given the amount of time we have along with you having some of the greatest nin and the most powerful biiju as teachers," Madara said releasing a sigh before looking at Naruto's 'dafuq' expression.

"In other words, you're gonna be learnin' a lot of shit. You better be ready, kid," Alucard said as Naruto began to fade.

"You must be waking up, Naruto-kun, but we can still speak to you telepathically, so don't worry, but remember to remodel for me!" Kyuubi said with a smile as Naruto completely vanished from his inner realm.


Naruto opened his eyes to a sliver to see Kiba, Anko, Kurenai, Tsume, Hana, and Mikoto, asleep as well as Arashi in chairs around his hospital bed, though Arashi was sitting on Naruto's stomach, him rising and falling with Naruto's steady breathing. Naruto reminded himself that he needed to speak with jiji about his leaving for the next six years. He also thought about who was going to protect him at such an early age.

Do not worry, Naruto-kun. Madara, Alucard, and I will protect you until you are able to fend for yourself, Kyuubi reassured with a smile.

Naruto smiled back and sighed mentally before he sat up only to be greeted with Anko and Kurenai jumping up immediately causing Kiba, Mikoto, Hana and Tsume to soon follow. After making sure he wasn't injured and giving them a foxy grin, which made them strangely blush and Kiba to roll his eyes, he said one sentence. "I need to see Jiji."


"Are you alright, Naruto-kun?" Hiruzen asked worriedly as the rest of the group that had been watching him that night left his office per request on his part.

"I'm fine, Jiji, but I have something to say that I believe you may not like," Naruto said as he looked his jiji right in the eye.

"What is it, Naruto-kun?" the Hokage replied.

"I-I'm leaving Konoha."


Breaking the news to his Jiji was difficult but breaking the news to Tsume, Hana, Anko, Kurenai, Mikoto, and Kiba was even harder.

They did not like the fact that their little 'Naru-kun' was going off into the very real and very dangerous world. But Naruto said that this was for the best and that he would get stronger. He took the genin exam a week after his meeting with his three tenants and the Hokage said that when he came back to Konoha, he would immediately be met with the rank genin and issued a headband.

"You never told us when you'd be coming back, Naruto," Kiba said as he smirked.

"I'll come back exactly on my thirteenth birthday, believe it," Naruto said giving him a thumb's up. "Are you sure I should take Arashi, Tsume-chan?" Naruto asked receiving a small blush from the clan leader.

"Who else is gonna watch your back, Naru-kun?" Tsume grinned as she, Hana, Anko, Kurenai, and Mikoto each gaze Naruto a loving hug making Arashi yip in approval.

Perverted dog, Naruto thought.

Oh you know you liked it, Alucard piped in with a cackle.

"Oh, and Jiji," Naruto said earning a questioning look from the Hokage. "I expect the Namikaze compound to be ready when I get back," Naruto smirked to himself as he saw the wide eyes from everyone present. He then exited the gate and headed to who-knows-where. After a while he soon checked his shorts pocket to find a picture of him, Kiba, Mikoto, Anko, Kurenai, Hana, and Tsume with him seemingly being the center of attention with him blushing and the crowded around him so they could pose for the camera. He looked back to Arashi of who was resting on the top of his backpack and smiled.

That would be motivation enough for him to get stronger so he could protect them and any others he considered part of his group of precious people.

One Year Later...

In a field just inside the Land of Waves you could see five figures. One was clad in a red trench coat, another a properly fitted kimono, another figure that was clad in grey-black armor was fighting a seven year old boy. The last figure was a small pup of who was cheering Naruto on by giving an occasional 'yip' of motivation. He had been taught that he could materialize any of his tenants by preforming a Kage Bushin no Jutsu (Shadow Clones Technique) and adding their chakra to them and adding a more than usual amount to them so they wouldn't dissipate but this was only fairly recent seeing as how he had to be taught that technique first.

"Again. Your stance is sloppy," Madara said as Naruto charged him with the Inazuma, the lighting affinity blade, and Kajin, the fire affinity blade which were Madara's two trademark blades. Both were chokuto swords with no hilt, but the Inazuma had a blue hilt and silver blade while the Kajin had a black blade and red hilt. For Madara, there were six of the blades so there was one for each affinity, but until Naruto was ready, Madara would restrict it to two. During this year Naruto had advanced to low jonin levels in all of the jutsus taught to him. He had also made a small name for himself.

He had been doing simple jobs that kept him afloat in terms of money in the Land of Waves. But he had been all over the elemental countries but he rarely ever went to the Land of Fire because he wanted his change of strength to be a surprise.

And boy would there be a surprise...

Three years later...

A ten-year-old Naruto walked into Suna's Kazekage's office clad in a black trench-coat, black t-shirt, black boots, black ANBU pants with boot-cut pants legs, and an orange mask with a black swirl revolving around the only eye hole of which was the right. All of his clothing, however, was comprised of chakra and could change color at his will as well as grow along with him. Speaking of appearances, he was now at a height of 4'6''. His rank was also low kage by then...he had also acquired the third tomoe to his sharingan. But the only thing that irked him was the fact that as he got stronger, his three tenants did as well so he could always strive to get stronger under them. Their gruesome training was the only thing that made him get stronger and it seemed to get tougher as the years went by.

Another thing to add was that he was not alone...he had a twenty-two-year-old Shizuka "Zabuza" Momochi and Haku Momochi, Shizuka's adoptive daughter, and last but not least, Arashi. (YES, FEM. ZABUZA AND FEM. HAKU CHECK MY PROFILE IF YOU WANT AN ACCURATE REPRESENTATION OF WHAT ZABUZA LOOKS LIKE. Big woop, wanna fight about it?)

For weaponry, Naruto had two large pistols in shoulder holsters inside his jacket, each with thirteen inch barrels while one was black and the other was silver. He had decided to name them; well more-so Alucard had decided to name them. The midnight-black one was named The Jackal and the silver was named The Casull. They fired raw chakra at whatever he aimed them at simply by pulling the trigger. He also had his two swords at his hips inside his jacket. However he had a genjutsu placed on his person so that if you were to see him then he would have two large broadswords on his back in black leather sheathes.

When he was eight and attained the level of high jonin, he fulfilled his first bounty...and that bounty was also his first ever time taking another human's life. The bounty was a low-life that raped women in The Land of Water. From then on he had always taken a place in his hart to hide away a special hatred for rapists. However, since then he had been going along the alias 'The Black Death' as to hide his identity.

But back to the subject of killing...he never liked killing but Kyuubi, Madara, and Alucard had all drilled into his mind that killing was alright for the people who deserved it...well Madara and Kyuubi did anyways.

When he was nine, Naruto met Zabuza on a contract...while she was the contract. She would have been the second A-Rank kill he would have had, but if he hadn't taken a quick liking to her and her adoptive daughter, Haku, quickly, then she would have been dead. But he did his first ever swindle on a village. Madara was the pinnacle of genjutsu back in his day so Naruto had quickly thought of making a very elaborate illusion in the shape of her head. When he arrived back at Iwagakure, he showed the Tsuchikage her 'head' before he let it burst into flames. After much grumbling the Tsuchikage forked over the bounty and Shizuka "Zabuza" Momochi was officially dead, but ever since then she was at his side because she had seen the ten-year-olds surprising power firsthand.

When he had just turned ten, he accepted a bounty via bounty board in Kirigakure, he killed the target with the help of Shizuka and Haku, and turned it in to the Mizukage, Mei Terumi. But all of this was after he, SHizuka, and Haku had helped end the Kiri civil war alongside Mei and her rebel army. He had to go in his four-tailed state to defeat a fully transformed Yagura, however he had complete control. Afterwards, that was also when they started to date while Mei was his second girlfriend, his first being Kyuu-chan.

Naruto had also met the Raikage, A, within the same year. The man took a quick liking to the young bounty hunter. He had also made quite a few friends in Kumogakure. Killer Bee, the eight tails jinchuriiki, Yugito Nii, Mabui, A's secretary, Karui, and Samui Nii. Yugito, Karui, Samui, and Mabui each had a crush on our not-so-oblivious-anymore nine tails jinchuriiki. That didn't mean that they knew of his 'Black Death'.

Naruto smirked at the memories. There were only five people that knew his true identity. A, Killer Bee, Haku, Mei, and Shizuka were the only ones.

"Here are your bounties. The billboards were also off. One of these fools was a borderline S-Rank, A-Rank missing nin. I expect reparations," Black Death growled out receiving an immediate nod from the Kazekage.

"Your final total is 1,800,000 ryo. Four hundred thousand each for the A-Ranks and one million for the Borderline nin. Good day, Black Death-san," the Kazekage said receiving a nod from the orange masked, red-haired, man.

That night as Naruto walked out onto a balcony in his hotel in Suna he pulled out two pictures this time. One was of him back in Konoha and another was of him, Mei, Haku, and Shizuka back in Kirigakure with him and his mask on.

Naruto smiled and returned to his bed in his hotel room. He also heard something no normal ten year old should. He heard Haku and Shizuka in their respective rooms moaning his name due to his heightened senses. Rest assured he was still a virgin but he found it cute that they would masturbate to him. He shut the balcony door, took off his coat and mask before falling on his bed, and let Arashi claim his spot on his chest.

Three more years, was the last thing he thought of before falling into a blissful sleep.

Another three years later...

Naruto, Arashi, Haku, and Shizuka were currently making their way to Konohagakure in the Land of Fire three months before the assigned time. Naruto had hidden his mask away inside his jacket as well as making his jacket white. He had grown to an impressive 5'5'' over that two years and nine months. He had actually already hit the early stages of puberty seeing as how his voice had matured early...damn Alucard. His power had also advanced to above kage-level or eight S-Class shinobi. Madara, Alucard, and Kyuu-chan, had all come to the joint conclusion that Naruto was so powerful that he was to be in the famed X-Class shinobi rank. No one in one hundred years had attained that rank. That was actually his base power level. If he were to use any of his other techniques, then he would be unstoppable to anyone and everyone. He had also mastered three things. One was the Mangekyo Sharingan. He had attained that on his toughest day of training which was four months from the current time. So the Amaterasu, Tskuyomi, and Susanoo were all added to his arsenal of killing techniques though the Susanoo had only progressed to and incomplete Susanoo without a lower body. But Madara praised him saying that it was neigh impossible to unlock the Susanoo within four months of unlocking the Mangekyo and then still have time to spare with progressing the Susanoo to it's second out of seven stages. it The second was that he mastered the Rasengan by the time he was eleven. The third was the summoning contract he had with a few...winged beasts, you could call them. Courtesy of his Kyuu-chan.

But here's another piece of information on our favorite, above kage-level, X-Class, blonde. He had truly amassed a treasure over the years so he had purchased a few houses throughout the nations. It was truly astounding that a few years out of the village that did him harm made him attain such a great level of prosperity. There were eight things that made him want to return to the village. Kurenai-chan, Mikoto-chan, Tsume-chan, Hana-chan, Anko-chan, Kiba, his Jiji, and the fact that he could head the most prestigious clan in Konohagakure. By then, word had gotten out that Shizuka was still alive and no one knew who had turned in the bounty three years ago thank to a certain red-head, female kage. Naruto had to thank her for that or his identity would have been found out a long time ago by simple addition. If he was to walk around with Shizuka then people could put two and two together to find out he was 'Black Death.' He was also very much wanted in Iwa but no one really cared because of their dislike for their kage.

Why'd you have mess with me hitting puberty? I was perfectly happy the way I was. I wanted to come into this process naturally, ya know, Naruto grumbled towards Alucard and Naruto got a cackle in return. He then heard a giggle from his precious Kyuu-chan.

I think you look sexy, Naruto-kun, the delicious vixen said seductively which made Naruto blush. If anyone wanted to make him blush, it was her.

"You're never gonna let me live that down, are you?" Shizuka groaned as she heard an amused chuckle from Naruto.

"I was scarred with the noise of you moaning a ten-year-olds, too, Haku-chan," Naruto snickered making the eighteen-year-old Haku blush. "Don't hide your blush from me, Shizuka-chan."

"I-I'm not hiding it, Naruto-kun," Shizuka responded. "On a random note, why'd you take off your mask and change your clothes colors?" the swordswoman asked as her blush receded.

"Because I wanted to keep my identity a secret, duh," Naruto said poking his tongue out at her.

Shizuka rolled her eyes as the three people, and dog, walked up to the gates, the two guards sprang to action.

"Halt! State your name and business!" the one on the right said.

Naruto smirked. "Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze. I would like to see the Hokage."

The two guards went wide-eyed and immediately bowed. "Of course, Namikaze-sama. We trust you know the way to the Hokage office?" the guard on the right asked as he received a nod from Naruto. "I also trust that these two have the Namikaze clan protection?" the left guard asked receiving another nod. "Enjoy your stay, Namikaze-sama."

Naruto nodded as he entered the gates with Haku and Shizuka right behind him. However, Naruto wanted to stop somewhere first...

"I'm home!" Naruto called out at the Ichiraku ramen stand.

"Who the Hell thinks they're home-" Teuchi stopped as he was met with the sight of a grown Naruto clad in strange clothes. He couldn't forget the wolf-like dog on his head or that mop of blonde hair anywhere.

"N-Naruto-kun?" Teuchi stuttered. "AYAME! GET OUT HERE!" Teuchi yelled to his daughter.

"Yeah, dad?" Ayame said as she stepped out of the kitchen to see a grown Naruto with two women on either side of him.

"Otouto!" Ayame cried as she hopped over the counter to hug Naruto, of who was now only a couple inches shorter than her.

"How much ramen do you want, my boy?" Teuchi asked with a smirk.

"A lot," Naruto responded as he took his place on his favorite stool from what he remembered with Shizuka and Haku on either side of him. This place was actually on the list of why he wanted to come back to Konoha.


Hiruzen Sarutobi rubbed him temples as he sifted through the paperwork.

"Hey, jiji," he heard somewhat deep voice call from behind the stack of papers.

"I don't know who you think you are, boy, but no one calls me jiji except special people. And how the Hell did you even get in my office?" Hiruzen asked irritated, not even bothering to look above the papers.

"Am I not special, jiji? Did you forget about me?" the voice said again. Sarutobi's eyes widened as he shakily looked up to see a grown Naruto with a dog on his head and two women on either side of him.



"Why'd you think Hokage-sama called us in here?" the twenty-four-year-old Anko asked as she, Kiba, Mikoto, Kurenai, Hana, and Tsume all walked to the door leading to Hiruzen's office.

"Maybe an A-Rank mission?" a now seventeen-year-old Hana asked.

"Kiba wouldn't be here if that was the case," a thirty-one year old Tsume said with a chuckle making her twelve-year-old son growl.

"Probably just to remind us that Naru-kun is coming back in three months," Mikoto said visibly saddened. Each and every day Naruto was gone that made each of his friends want to see him and hold him more...the females more-so than Kiba. The male Inazuka trusted his friend to come back in one piece.

"Possibly, but it's unlikely," the twenty-four-year-old genjutsu mistress and ice-queen, Kurenai said, her voice also downtrodden.

"Enter," they heard Hiruzen say from the other side of the door however what they saw when they entered was a sight they thought they wouldn't see ever again. Probably due to the fact that a six-year-old out alone in the world didn't have a high chance of survival.

"N-Naru-kun?" each of the females stuttered as they blushed on the sight of the very, very, handsome, and Hell, even sexy form of Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze.

"Am I early?" Naruto said with a genuine smile making Haku and Shizuka smile at the reunion. He then cackled at a joke. This is the only time I'll 'come' early, he finished mentally followed by a cackle.

"NARU-KUN!" they yelled as they tackled the above kage-level, X-Class, nin to the floor, each with huge smiles and tears running down their faces.


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