"I swear to Kami, Ao, if you take Arashi for more than a few hours again, I'm going to go get the sealed Sanbi and make it your Christmas present," Naruto said as he scratched Arashi's back while he glared at Ao.

The two weeks had gone by fairly quickly, especially when you had sex…a lot of sex. It was like Mei practically lived off of the stuff and instead of just her walking with a limp, he did also. Kyuubi had also been in on the occasional threesome with him, though about sixty percent of the time it was just him and Mei because like before, Kyuubi knew that she would ultimately be with Naruto more than Mei, so she let the Mizukage have her fun.

And just about every other day, Ao and Chojuro would stop by Mei's office or home to go take Arashi for a walk, however the walks would last well throughout the night and into the next morning where Ao and Chojuro would appear on Mei's home's doorstep, ring the bell, only for Naruto to appear behind them and take Arashi from them before they would repeat the same process the next day.

The only reason he did so was because he knew that both Ao and Chojuro were very fond of the dog and spoiled the ninken whenever they got the chance. Naruto figured it was because they wanted a dog like very, very badly. And the only reason he didn't go outright hunt them down was because of Mei alluring him back to the bed…or Mizukage desk…or couch…or kitchen table…or backyard patio, okay you get the idea.

Though one more very important thing happened within the two weeks also. He had finished the counter-seal for Hitomi's caged-bird-seal. It wasn't difficult, but it did require chakra be required to be placed in the exact locations they were supposed to be in. as well if the strokes were off even by a millimeter, he had to start all over again because it could have possibly make her blind or fry her brain. It was the norm side-effects in the fuuinjutsu world.

Naruto's relationships with Morgana and Misara had quickly progressed whenever he wasn't, erm…busy with other things. He still, somewhat, saw them as men, but the feeling was quickly being replaced with comfortableness in their respective presences.

"N-Now, Naruto, we can talk this out, right?" Ao pleaded as he waved his hands in front of himself defensively.

"Of course, but you'll have to tell that to the Sanbi this holiday," Naruto grinned evilly thought it was quickly replaced with a glare of mild annoyance. "And plus I already told you when Arashi mates then you and Chojuro will have first dibs on a pup you want," Naruto continued.

Before either Chojuro or Ao could thank Naruto, Mei appeared at the gate of Kiri that lead towards the docks.

"I'll see you in a little while, Mei-chan, so don't miss me too much," Naruto smiled as he put his arms around Mei's waist, pulling her close to him while she threw her arms around his neck.

"You know I will, Naruto-kun. And when I get to Konoha, you had better take me to your home and pound my brains out," she whispered the last part with half lidded eyes while Naruto had the decency to blush but chuckled before kissing her passionately.

"That's a promise," Naruto smiled devilishly.

"You know back in my day public display of affection was considered immoral and-," Ao started but was cut off by Mei.

"Ao…shut up…or I'll kill you," Mei said with a sickly sweet smile.

Ao immediately shut up and ran in the other direction while Chojuro chuckled.

"We'll see you in a month, Naruto-sama. Until then, take care," Chojuro said meekly as he ran after Ao causing Naruto to roll his eyes.

"Why does he call me 'Naruto-sama'? I told him to just call me Naruto," Naruto muttered while Mei giggled lightly before kissing him on the cheek.

"Maybe because you're openly dating the Mizukage?" Mei responded with a chuckle as she nuzzled into his neck.

"Possibly," Naruto responded with a smirk. They stood there for what seemed like hours before they let go of each other, opting to hold each other's hands for a moment before Naruto pulled her in close one more time before giving her a chaste kiss.

When he disengaged the kiss he smiled. "I'll see you in a few weeks, Mei-hime," he said as he let go of her once more before turning around to walk out of the gates with Arashi following him, his white trench coat fluttering in the wind while he put said dog on top of his head.

"I hope these weeks go by fast, Naru-koi," she said with a smile as she watched him leave towards the Kiri docks outside the village walls.


Unknown location…

"Isane, Konan," a strong, masculine voice called out as eight other figures gathered around a stone table in a cave. There was a single light located about six feet above the table that gave an eerie feeling This was one of the Akatsuki's many temporary bases in the Elemental Nations when outside of Amegakure.

The nine figures that were assembled was one Pein, though the soul of the man was long-gone replaced by an empty shell of an obsessed woman who wanted her secret love back after his death. (Not Konan, so why don't you guys take a guess?)Pein was a tall man with spiky orange hair, many piercings, or chakra receivers, in his nose, lips, ears, arms, etc., etc. His eyes were that of the legendary Rinnegan though they had the full four ripples making the dojutsu at its most powerful. His clothing was that of the others as it was Akatsuki robes along with black-painted fingernails and shinobi sandals with painted toe-nails as well. He had a ring on his left hand on his middle finger.

Beside him was a lavender-haired beauty with a labret piercing on her lower lip. She had an origami rose in her hair on the right side. She wore the standard Akatsuki robes with the high collar and red clouds. She had an impressive bust, though it was confined by her dress underneath her robes as well as the robes themselves. She wore high-heeled sandals couple with black-painted toe-nails and finger-nails. She had beautiful amber eyes and an impassive expression. She also wore a ring on her left hand on her ring finger. Her name was Konan Origami.

Beside the previous woman was another. Her eyes were the legendary dojutsu, the Sharingan in their three tomoe'd state. She was twenty and looked like her mother, Mikoto Uchiha. She had long straight, black hair that reached her mid-back. She had two bangs that framed her face like her mother as well. She was very beautiful and had a flawless complexion. Her bust was impressive, though, like the woman before her, her bust was pushed down by her garments underneath as well as the Akatsuki robes. She also wore high-heeled sandals. Her toe-nails and finger-nails were, like those before her, painted black and she wore a ring on her middle finger on her right hand. Her name was Isane Uchiha.

The others gathered were Kakuzu of Yugakure, Hidan of Yugakure, Deidara the Mad Bomber, Zetsu a 'failed' experiment of Orochimaru, Obito Uchiha ('Tobi' does not exist), and Sasori of the Red Sand.

To put things short, Kakuzu was a zombie who loved money. Hidan was a man who prayed to Jashin, Deidara was a man who loved to blow shit up, Zetsu was a plant…thing, and Obito was a man with a scar that covered half his face, though he still had his left eye, and eye-patch over his right eye.

"What is it that you need, Pein-sama?" Isane asked with a raised eyebrow as she stood by her new partner, Konan. Ever since Kisame had 'died' she had been stuck with Konan. The female Uchiha didn't mind the Origami Princess, but they just didn't compliment each other's skills. Where Kisame had brute strength, Isane had grace and smarts. But in the new partnership, Konan and Isane actually bickered somewhat on a plan because they would often have different ideas.

"As you all know, after Kisame's death one and a half years ago by the hands of the Raikage, we have been searching for a new member for the Akatsuki. I believe we have found that member. Most of you know the man 'Black Death', yes?" Pein asked while they all nodded.

Black Death had often been a popular subject within the Akatsuki. Many subjects had been brought up about recruiting the young bounty hunter, but he had constantly eluded them.

"The one we just can't seem to get in one place, yeah?" Deidara spoke while Pein nodded.

"Yes, however, I have learned from Zetsu that Black Death has just arrived in Yugakure and will be staying there for the next day before heading to Kumo. I want you two, Isane, Konan, to intercept him before he gets to Kumo," Pein explained.

"Why us? Why not send Hidan or Kakuzu? They are much more familiar with Yugakure and the surrounding lands," Isane asked as she looked at Pein.

"It has been noted that Black Death tends to have more of a reasoning capability when it comes to women rather than men. If Hidan or Kakuzu were to intercept him, he would perceive them as an immediate threat and he would either kill them or be killed in the process," Pein explained. There was silence until Obito spoke.

"When will we be going after the Biju, Pein-sama?" Obito asked with a raised eyebrow.

"When we acquire another member, Obito. And then after that we will wait three years to make sure everything is in order for us to proceed. Until then, we will keep doing jobs around the Elemental Countries. Now, each of you have been hired for missions. Until our next meeting you are each dismissed," Pein said as each of the Akatsuki members either shunshin'ed or walked casually out of the room before the light went off.

Yugakure: Bar…

Now we find Naruto in a bar in Yugakure dressed as Black Death. He had purchased the bar named Afterlife about one and a half years ago from the previous owner. He actually used the bar as a base for his spy network. It had three upper levels to the bar. The top level was where he worked out, the other two levels were a barracks for his spies while the bottom level was the bar itself.

The bar's sale for admission and drinks were very, very good though seeing as how Naruto owned many bars, and had his own bounty hunting business, he had no real use for the money. The previous owner had a family so Naruto split the profits with him, thirty seventy. The seventy percent going to Shinji, the previous owner, while Naruto took the other thirty percent.

Inside the bar he sat on a stool at the bar itself. Afterlife could be more described as a nightclub more than anything. It had booths with red leather on the seat lining the walls while in the center was a dance floor with strobe lights above it and color-changing tiles for the floor.

The Bar/Nightclub was also very packed, though it was mostly just white noise as he read through the Bingo Book he had purchased from Kiri, but had no chance to read it. However that was difficult because of the Black-Death fangirls crowding him wanting him to have their children.

Well it seems that Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze had made it to the Bingo Book, Naruto thought with a smirk behind his mask.

What do you mean, Naruto-kun? Misara asked as he let her, Kyuubi, and Morgana look through his vision to read the contents of page fifty-one.

Name: Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Noticeable traits/features: Wears white trench-coat with a collar that reaches mid-neck, black combat boots, black jeans, and black mesh shirt.

Weaponry: Two firearms that fire raw chakra inside his jacket and two chikoto swords situated at his waist. One of the firearms is Black while the other is Silver.

Height: 5'5'' to 5'7''

Village Affiliation: Konohagakure no Sato

Threat Level: B-Rank.

Ninja Rank: Genin

Warnings: Unless Chuunin or above, engage with caution

Other Known Information: Extreme speed, no know Kekkai Genkai, shows advanced regeneration.

Collective Bounties: 25,000,000 in Iwa if alive.

I do believe you are the first genin to be in the Bingo-books, Naruto-kun, Morgana spoke with a smile while Naruto snickered inwardly.

I think it's because of what I did in the Land of Snow, he deduced.

I'm just breaking a lot of records aren't I? He said while Kyuubi giggled.

Like having sex with a Biju and Kage at the same time? Definitely breaking records, she said nonchalantly with a smirk while Naruto, Misara, and Morgana each blushed.

Naruto cast a genjutsu over his head that seemingly 'paused' time so that he could drink his drink that he had gotten moments ago freely while he placed the mask itself in his jacket. He placed a good bit of chakra in the genjutsu itself so that it wouldn't break for anyone unless they had mid-jonin reserves and no one on the first level had above civilian level.

"Let me have your babies, Black Death-kun!" "Let's go to the back and we can have some fun, Black Death-kun." Those were just some of what the fangirls were saying, but they were merely white noise to Naruto as he had learned to block them out.

Naruto noticed that his sake was empty and the bartender noticed as well.

"Another, Black Death-sama?" Shinji asked while Naruto nodded.

"You know me too well, Shinji," Naruto smirked behind his mask while Shinji smirked as well. Shinji was a man in his early thirties that wore a black polo shirt and khaki pants as his uniform as well as a nametag and position tag on the left side of his shirt. He had blonde hair that was tied back in a ponytail, and a rugged complexion. He also sported a pair of pupil-less hazel eyes. Shinji had originally been a jonin for Yugakure, however, he retired when he got married so he could start a family. That was about six years from the current time though he did keep his skills sharp just in case there was a robbery.

While Shinji was getting the drink ready, Naruto looked around past the fangirls that had died down somewhat to see that he had set a fashion example for the people of Yugakure. They didn't dress exactly like him, but most wore blue jeans or T-Shirts.

Meanwhile Shinji sat another fresh glass of sake in front of Naruto. "Oh the house," Shinji chuckled.

"Well technically, Shinji, one of us will ultimately be paying for this either way," Naruto said with a little mirth in his voice.

"True," Shinji chuckled while he walked away from Naruto's place at the bar to go to the back while another bartender came from the back as well to attend to the people at the bar.

Naruto extended his senses to the upper levels to sense the unique chakra signature of Kisame, Ameyuri, Raiga, Meizu, Gozu, and the Naraka path of his Paths of Pain. He always kept one path at the bar just in case he needed to know what was going on. Their individual cells of spies which consisted of about ten people each save the Demon Brothers because they operate a cell together. Because Afterlife acted as a base of operations for Black Hand, this was their main headquarters. He also presumed Mito was elsewhere with his Paths of Pain as well as her cell but he didn't worry too much about it.

Naruto sat there for a good thirty minutes drinking glass after glass of sake or conversing with his tenants before he sensed a suppressed medium-Kage level source enter the bar. He figured Raiga, Kisame, The Demon Brothers, and Ameyuri did as well because they had each taken up positions in the shadows of the bar itself.

Naruto watched out of the corner of his visible eye as he continued to watch a woman with a daito sword strapped to her back, black cloak on that covered her other attire. He also noticed she had red hair coming from the sides of the hood she had on.

She sat down beside Naruto before ordering a small bottle of sake over the roar of the music playing. He had to say that her voice was beautiful, but also noticed something strange about her chakra.

If I remember right, her chakra is all over my home in Konoha. She has read hair, I've seen the daito in several pictures around the house…hmm could she be my mother? He asked himself as he inspected the straightsword with gold hilt guard, red sheath, and red hilt.

That's definitely her, Naruto-kun. I recognize that chakra anywhere, Kyuubi said while Naruto nodded inwardly however kept up his cool outer visage.

Some would practically jump for joy if they found their mother after thirteen long years, however, Naruto actually loathed this moment as a few questions popped up in his head.

Why'd she leave the village? Or, why didn't she come back to see me? Wasn't she supposed to be dead? Why'd she leave me all alone? Those were just a few however, he was actually somewhat angry at her for not coming back. He just needed to play it cool for now. He channeled chakra to his left eye before he opened it to reveal the Rinnegan. He closed it to look out his Naraka paths' eyes while the path was crouching above the alcohol stands.

He looked at her to see that she was quite beautiful. Her nose, her eyes, her lips, her skin tone, all of it.

You're a bad boy, Naruto-kun…checking out your mother like that, Kyuubi giggled perversely while Naruto chuckled inwardly not even denying the fact that he was.

"So, what is a beautiful woman like you doing in a humble bar like mine?" Naruto asked smoothly though he did clench his fist at his side, trying to remain composed.

The red-head seemed to be taken aback by this but regained her composer not a second later. "I was just passing through and felt like I needed something to drink," she said while she poured some sake in her saucer.

"Ah, well there's a hotel not a block away if you need to rent a room," Naruto said trying to not grit his teeth at the anger bubbling underneath his surface at the woman for not coming back to him when he was a child. Though now all he was looking for was justification for her actions. He had no use for a mother and his birth mother's role was outlived. He decided that if he revealed his identity to her then he would treat her as a stranger, then a friend, then an acquaintance, then a friend, and then something more if it even got to that point. Who needed morals and ethics anyway?

"Oh, um, thank you, I guess, Mr..?" she trailed off at the masked man.

"Black Death. I'm surprised you don't know me," Naruto chuckled dryly while Kushina blushed slightly at being so dense. He readjusted his mask before dispelling the genjutsu. "May I ask your name?" he added.

"Kushina," she said simply.

"Nice to meet you, Kushina," he responded with his fingernails digging into his left hand. There was nothing nice about this encounter.

A couple hours had passed while Naruto had small talk with his birth mother, though she was oblivious to the fact that she was talking to her believed dead son. They just shared stories with him taking up most of the time with his travels around the elemental countries and her being a Kunoichi once for Konoha, leaving out parts that he knew about with being the previous Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi and her having a son. Though during the entire conversation his anger was bubbling under his skin with Morgana, Kyuubi, and Misara trying to sooth him so he wouldn't do anything brash.

The bar had thinned out with only a couple dozen late night drinkers or couples staying along with the officers of Black Hand not moving from their positions, though Naruto could hear Kisame grumbling about being sore from not moving and not getting to kill anything, however Naruto made an ox hand-sign behind his back to give them each the signal to get ready for something.

"Alright Kushina, I've got another question for you," he said while she raised an eyebrow at him.

"Shoot," she said simply.

"What do you know of Naruto Uzumaki?" he asked while her eyes widened before drawing her sword to swipe at him from the side, however before she even knew it, chains were wrapped around her body courtesy or Meizu and Gozu which were to the left of her. Her sword was stopped by Samahada with the giant sword being tip to the ground while Kisame was standing tall with a grin on his face to the right of Naruto while the latter was facing her and looking at her calmly. Ameyuri had both Kiba swords diagonal behind Kushina's neck ready to slice it at a moment's notice. Shinji had his own sword at her neck as well while he stood behind the bar. Raiga was on top of the bar with the Rajin no Ken (Sword of the Thunder God) aimed down at Kushina. The Naraka path had the Jackal right at Kushina's head to the left of her though to the right of Meizu and Gozu.

Each of them were dressed similarly to Naruto though they each had the Kanji on each of their backs. Kisame had the second cell kanji. Ameyuri had the third cell kanji. Raiga had the fourth cell kanji. Meizu and Gozu had the fifth cell kanji. The Naraka path had on a white version of Naruto's mask except it also had two eye holes.

"Rule number one of Afterlife: you may enter with weapons, but you may not draw them," Shinji said calmly while Kushina was gritting her teeth for not sensing an above Kage-level chakra reading from Kisame, a mid-Kage level reading from Ameyuri, three elite ANBU levels from Raiga, Meizu, and Gozu, and a high-jonin level from Shinji. (I made Meizu and Gozu more powerful on purpose)

"I don't appreciate you trying to attack our boss," Ameyuri spoke as Kiba cackled with lightning slightly.

"Can I give her a funeral, Black Death-sama?" Raiga grinned while Naruto merely looked at Raiga and shook his head making the ex-Kiri ANBU pout slightly.

"Look, brother, we got a person trying to attack our employer. I say that calls for death," Gozu spoke while Meizu chuckled darkly.

"What do we do with her now, leader-sama?" Kisame grinned while he knocked the daito to the floor making it clang.

Naruto looked around the bar and noticed that just like every other time someone tried to attack him in the bar, no one was even paying attention. He chuckled inwardly while he turned his gaze to Kushina of which was glaring at him.

"I asked you a question, why did you attempt to attack me?" he asked innocently.

"Because I don't like people to talk about my dead sochi! I don't even know how you know the name, but I'll make you pay!" she yelled while each of the gathered raised an eyebrow at both remarks.

"You're going to make Black Death-sama pay and yet you have eight armed people with their weapons ready? Don't make me laugh," Ameyuri said while she let Kiba cackle more with lightning.

"Ameyuri, I will handle this," Naruto spoke making the former Swordsman of the Mist cease her speaking. "Now, your son is very much alive. I make sure of it myself when I visit Konoha. Nice kid, and he has potential, however those damnable villagers treat him with such poverty and prejudice it's disgusting and he has no chance to grow. I also have an offer for you, would you like to see him?" Naruto lied half-way. He figured he looked too intimidating for most villagers to even try to attack him, and a number of times, Naruto had to pull the old 'not serving Clan Heads' to food vendors when he went grocery shopping. However there were the people that were native to the village that treated him with genuine respect not counting Anko, Kurenai, Hana, Tsume, Mikoto, and Hitomi. And those were the villagers that Naruto despised the most because they were the ones that beat him when he was younger.

Kushina's eyes widened. Her sochi was alive? But Homura had told her that Naruto was dead? Why would he lie to her? And why did the villagers treat him badly? Did they know of his status as a Jinchuriki? Now she was regretting not going to Sarutobi for answers.

Seeing as how she wasn't going to speak, Naruto decided he would. "I will discuss the rest of this meeting in my office. Our full meeting is in one and a half months at the Valley of The End. Remember that," Naruto told his subordinates while they all nodded.

"Of course, leader-sama/Black Death-sama," they said as they shunshin'ed back up stairs.

Naruto looked at the still wide-eyed Kushina, picked up her sword, put a hand on her shoulder, and used Kuroi Denko to appear in his office making Kushina's eyes go wide at the black lightning.

Kushina looked around to see an oak desk with several papers on it and a map with several locations marked. Behind the desk was a black leather roller chair. Also on the oak desk were several sealing papers with many kanji written on them as well as blank sealing papers.

She looked around the room to see that it had a polished hardwood oak floor and the walls were wooden as well, but they were also barren of any pictures of any sort. All it was was a board with many strings going from one location to another with notes of either end of the strings. Then there were mission papers and spy missions. Whoever this man was, he was very organized.

She looked past the desk Black Death was now sitting at to see a window overlooking Yugakure, though it was at night.

"Sit down. I will give you your sword back when the offer has been made and you give me an explanation as to why you left Konohagakure," Black Death said as he 'placed' his broadswords against the desk, though it was just part of the genjutsu. Meanwhile Kushina sighed but giggled slightly as she watched a small wolf-like dog trot past her to jump in Naruto's lap and then jump in his jacket.

"It was just after the Kyuubi had attack Konoha that I woke up in the hospital. Homura was there and I asked him if Naruto was still alive. I don't know why Minato-teme's most trusted advisor lied to me or if he truly didn't know, but he said that Naruto had died and taken the Kyuubi with him. I had nothing to keep me in Konoha after that so I escaped the hospital and ran to the Namikaze estate to get my things and I left after that. I just traveled the elemental nations for thirteen years, but now that I know that Naruto is alive, I'm going there to be the mother I never could be," she smiled as she sniffled a little while Naruto raised a non-visible eyebrow at 'Minato-teme.' But also internally snorted at the last remark. She'd never get the chance.

"From your earlier statement, I trust you hold no more love for your deceased husband because of the pain he caused Naruto?" Naruto asked. It felt very strange talking about himself in third person.

Kushina nodded as she wiped some tears away. "W-What is your offer?" she sniffled slightly.

Naruto straightened up slightly at this as his anger continued to rise at the stupid woman for not confirming things herself with his own supposed death. "My offer is for you to meet me in Wave Country in their capital in two weeks in the main square. I will take you to see Naruto from there," Naruto explained.

Kushina's eyes widened at the proposal. "I accept!" she said with a bright smile. She then thought for a moment. "Wait, why are you helping me? What do you want out of this and how do I know you're not lying to me?" she asked as she tensed slightly.

"What in the actual fuck do I have to gain from lying to you? Your undying loyalty? I do not need it. Your sword? I have two of them that are just as powerful as yours. In fact, I don't even know why I'm helping you," he paused as his three-tomoe'ed Sharingan morphed into its Mangekyo state before walking over to her making her shrink somewhat, "I am actually angry at you, you bitch! I'm furious at you for not for figuring out if your own damn son was dead or not on your own! How could you be so stupid! He has called me tou-san for the past seven years because you were not there. Yes he knows he's the son of the fucking Yondaime, but he still calls me that. And I have nothing to gain from this. So, do you except my damn offer, or will I induct him into my spy network for him never to be seen by the public again?" Naruto lied again. The woman's presence made him so infuriated. He might have sympathized with her, but after she told him that she didn't go for facts herself, he couldn't forgive this utterly stupid woman.

By this time Kushina was in tears at being so stupid. "I-I accept y-your offer…" she cried while the KI he was emanating vanished and for his chakra levels to be suppressed again.

"Two weeks, Land of Wave, Main Square, and don't be late," he growled as he put a hand on her shoulder for her to vanish in a burst of Black Lightning before sending the sword to the same location which was in front of the hotel he had mentioned earlier.

He 'readjusted' his broadswords before opening the window to his office before jumping out of it. "I wonder if there are any Bandit Camps around…"

Before he even reached the ground he knew he'd have to go through emotional conditioning again to control his anger.

Next Day: Konoha…

Tsume woke up in her bed the same as any other day of the week for the past two weeks.

Emotionally exhausted.

She had no idea where her precious Naru-kun was. She hadn't heard a peep out of him whatsoever. She couldn't ask Shizuka or Haku because they were out on a joint mission to hunt down a missing nin they had been hired to kill for the past week and six days.

Kurenai, Anko, Mikoto, Hana, and now Hitomi didn't know where Naruto was. For each of them, save Hitomi, six years and nine months waiting for Naruto to come back was one of the hardest things each of them had ever done. And now even two weeks without knowing where he was, was emotionally taxing on them.

She rubbed her eyes and sat up in her bed. Her attire was simple, a white tee with a pair of pink panties. She looked around the room as tears threatened to spill as she remembered she wouldn't get to see Naruto that day. The Hokage had been a recluse when she or her future harem sisters pried for answers on the blonde genin's whereabouts.

She had no idea why she loved the teen so much. Maybe because he reminded her of her bastard cheating husband before the man cheated on her? No, Naruto was even better than that. Naruto listened to her problems when he was younger before he left; he comforted her when she was upset then and now. He was there for her when she needed it and she needed him right then, damnit!

She turned in her bed and threw the sheets off of her and put her feet on the floor before standing and then stretching. She looked around her room which was very nice because of her status as clan head and spotted a picture of just her and Naruto when he took her out to dinner a couple weeks after he got back.

She walked over to it and smiled weakly as she traced a hand over it. It was a picture of her with her arm thrown around his shoulder with his arm around her waist while the waiter took a picture of them.

She had never felt so drawn to someone, not even her ex-husband. Naruto was such a part of her life it hurt no to be around him.

"Please come back to us, Naru-kun…" she mumbled to herself as she took off her shirt to reveal a set of borderline DD-Cup breasts with perky red nipples. She never liked to wear a bra when she slept. She slipped off her panties to reveal a perfectly sculpted and shaven snatch that showed no signs of childbirth.

She walked into her personal master bathroom, unintentionally shaking her hips a she walked, making her shapely yet firm behind move in a hypnotizing manner as she walked.

She walked into the bathroom which had a double sink countertop, large tub and separate shower. She brushed her teeth first before stepping into the shower, her hands roaming her body, threatening to play with herself in Naruto's name before she took hold of herself.

She washed up, got out of the shower and brushed her hair, and put on her only makeup which consisted of purple lipstick. She looked in the mirror at her almost constant feral appearance with her untamed brown hair and nodded in contempt with how she looked.

She walked out of the bathroom and dressed in her usual jonin attire before opening the door to her room to walk downstairs.

She got the bottom stair to look around to find herself in the living room. It was about seven thirty at the time so she decided to get breakfast ready for her children.

She fixed breakfast absent-minded and the final result was two plates of eggs, toast, bacon, and a glass of orange juice for her, Hana, and Kiba each. So each would receive two plates of it.

The compound for the most part, was shared by clan members, but the matriarch's family (Tsume, Hana, and Kiba) had a house of their own.

Not a moment after breakfast was done, three dogs AKA the Haimaru Brothers, came down the steps with a fully dressed for the day Hana in tow. She too looked drained of any energy.

Hana noticed her mother's also drained appearance and smiled weakly. "Good morning," Hana smiled, though it wasn't real.

"Morning," Tsume said tiredly as she sat at the table just as Kuromaru walked into the home through the backdoor. "And where were you?" she asked the dog as she ate.

"Outside sleeping. You and your crying in your sleep is annoying," Kuromaru explained while Hana looked in her mother's direction. She'd been crying, too? "I told you the brat would be fine. He's probably just on a secret mission he couldn't tell any one of you about," Kuromaru spoke while Tsume looked at the table.

"But what if he isn't? What he actually just upped and left and the Hokage let him do it? W-what if-?" she was cut off by a primal growl from Kuromaru.

"That boy is a faithful to a woman he takes interest in as I am to you. I'm positive he wouldn't do that, Tsume," Kuromaru said while Tsume wiped her eyes and looked at the table in shame. Her ninken was right so she should have more faith in Naruto to come back to her.

Hana smiled as Kuromaru indirectly made her emotions at ease with the proclamation.

Kuromaru did understand that Tsume's possible future mate should have at least told her, but he also knew of the secrecy when genins went on high ranking missions, especially if they were a clan heir or Clan Head. However, the woman needed to have more faith in her potential future mate if she ever wanted a true future with him. What's a relationship without trust, anyways?


Naruto walked along a trail not ten miles to Kumo with Misara to his left, Arashi on his head, asleep, and Kyuubi and Morgana to his right. He had also forgone the look of Black Death several miles outside of Yugakure just so he was sure he wasn't being watched. The blonde hair in front of his left eye blew slightly with the wind in the mountains. Over the past two weeks, he had let his hair grow out to where it was tamer and it covered his left eye as well as reached the bottom of his neck.

His thoughts then drifted to the night before.

Crime wouldn't be up in the village because of the bandit camps that were destroyed the previous night. He really had a lot of pent up rage he, himself didn't know about.

He didn't feel bad about what he said to his birth mother because she deserved it for being so stupid. When she 'met' Naruto in Konoha, he would make sure that he gave her piece if his mind there as well.

He yawned as he woke early that morning to get to Kumo on time as well as not encounter Kushina that morning. Oh, he knew who he was going to be calling 'Uzumaki-san' for a while.

He blinked once as he walked along the trail and looked towards a devilishly smiling Morgana. He raised an eyebrow but turned his gaze back towards the road ahead. He blinked again to feel his arm being hugged to death between some soft…pillows.

He looked in Morgana's direction again to see her smiling contently while latched onto his right arm. "I never expected you to be this girly, Morgana-chan," Naruto chuckled while Morgana blushed slightly.

"There's a lot of this you don't know about me," she smiled as she basically purred into his left arm. Naruto had to say that her breasts were soft and his newly awakened and heightened libido was taking control of his mind.

He pushed his lust to the back of the head because he still really wasn't that comfortable to go ahead and get in Morgana's pants. He heard a little clatter and felt his left arm being taken into an embrace as well. He looked in Misara's direction to see her doing the same as Morgana with a small smile gracing her features.

Naruto chuckled after he sighed but soon felt a small furry object curling up on his shoulder. He looked to his right shoulder to see a small fox and the further right to see Kyuubi-chan gone.

"You wanted in on this, too, didn't you?" Naruto asked both Misara and Kyuubi while Kyuubi yipped and licked his face making Arashi growl slightly. This was his job, damnit! Only one gets to be cute and fluffy! Misara just blushed with a giggle.


Did Misara just giggle?

The end is nigh!

Just kidding.

It was about 2 P.M. when Naruto reached the gate. He entered the magnificent Village of Kumo with its huge mountains with housing, restaurants, and stores built into their sides or on the mountaintops.

Misara and Morgana had let go of Naruto's arms while Kyuubi stayed curled on his shoulder in her fox form. God he hoped she wasn't naked when she morphed back.

At least in public anyways. (Wink Wink)

He was surprised Bee hadn't basically jumped him by the time he entered Kumo, that or Yugito, Karui, Samui, or Mabui. Yugito wasn't far from Bee because of her needing training to control her Biju powers. Karui was probably with Samui while they were most-likely with Bee while Mabui was most-likely sitting at her desk in front of the Raikage's office.

He was met with some waves from the villagers while he waved back. Some brave women even glared at Misara and Morgana for being so close to the blonde Adonis. Oh, A was gonna love knowing that they were women.

Morgana, Misara, and Kyuubi didn't dematerialize so Naruto had no protests against it.

Naruto entered the Raikage tower and saw Cee and Darui. Both walked over to him and greeted him.

"Sup, Naruto," Darui said nodded. He was actually the one to teach Naruto how to make Black Lightning.

"Hey, Naruto," Cee said while he outstretched his hand and Naruto returned it.

"Hey, guys. Long time no see," Naruto chuckled.

"I see you joined the Leaf Village," Darui pointed out while Naruto nodded.

"Yeah, though I'm only a genin," Naruto huffed while Cee and Darui had to restrain their cackles.

"Who're your lovely friends?" Cee smiled while Misara and Morgana didn't even spare him a glance while Naruto coughed into his hand.

"Darui, Cee, these are Misara and Morgana," he introduced the lovely he had in his company.

"Man, you get all the hot chicks," Cee huffed while Darui rolled his visible eye.

"C'mon, Naruto, I'll take you to see Raikage-sama. No doubt he'd want to see you. I'll actually go ahead and send Cee to get Bee, Karui, Samui, and Yugito for you," Darui said while Naruto nodded his head in thanks.

"Thanks, Darui," Naruto said while Darui nodded and Cee scurried of.

Darui, Morgana, Arashi, Misara, Kyuubi, and Naruto made their way to the Raikage's office. Naruto spotted Mabui writing away on a form of paper so Naruto decided to sneak up on her.

He crept his way up behind her oblivious form and got right behind her before crouching down to her sitting form and snaking his hands around her to where his hands where sitting on top of hers making the tanned woman gasp and turn to see a man with an angle jaw-line, mop of blonde spiked hair, a wolf-like dog on top of his head, a rugged complexion, and deep cerulean blue eyes.

"N-Naruto-kun?" she stuttered while Naruto grinned.

"You bet, Mabui-chan," he smiled as she got up to hug him.

"I missed you!" she said with a smile as he picked her up playfully making Misara and Morgana huff each in jealousy while Darui grinned slightly.

"I trust you're here to see Raikage-sama?" she asked while Naruto nodded. "Oh and that's a cute fox on your shoulder," she smiled cutely while she pet Kyuubi making the Biju move into the petting hand. Meanwhile Arashi was pouting.

"Let me get the door for you," she said while pressed a button and for the doors to open to reveal a large tanned man curling a one-hundred pound dumbbell.

"Oh, Naruto, my boy! Nice to see you," A spoke while Naruto merely walked up to him and pounded their fists together. He looked past Naruto to see people similiarly dressed as Madara Uchiha nad Alucard.

"Are those two…?" he said pointing towards Misara and Morgana.

"Yep, and their women? Would you have guessed that?" Naruto laughed while A did as well. Madara fucking Uchiha and Alucard the Demon among Demons were women? Priceless!

Before anything else could commence, a large rumbling sound was heard down the hall. A, Mabui, Naruto, Darui, Misara, Morgana, Kyuubi, and Arashi all turned to see a nine-teen-year-old Karui, a twenty-one-year-old Samui, and a twenty-year-old Yugito speeding their way towards Naruto.

"Oh holy Hell…" Naruto's eyes widened as he was then glomped to the floor making the men in the room save A mumble 'lucky teme' while the women giggled.

"Naruto-kun!" Samui, Karui, and Yugito chorused with large smiles.

"Oh, hey, Samui-chan. Karui-chan, Yugito-chan," he smiled while Samui let a rare smile grace her features as she smothered him in her large bosom.

"The mighty Killer Bee has arrived to greet nine-o! So watch out ya fools!" Bee said with his usual pose as smoke filled the room.

"At least he didn't rap this time," Naruto mumbled making the women he was being smothered by giggle like school girls.


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