Ollie's eyebrows shot up in shock, rather surprised but kept silence as she watched the young couple.

"Of course I do," Ellah rolled her eyes. Casey grinned then and went down on one knee in front of her, which this time obviously he could do. He revealed the small blue velvet box and snapped it open to reveal a beautiful diamond ring, which was sparkling as it caught the sunlight streaming from the window in the living room. Ellah gasped, her hands on her chest, even though she looked over dramatic, she wasn't as bad as Ollie who let out a scream and this made Scarlett blink her large now dark green eyes at her Aunty in confusion.

"Oh god Case it's so beautiful," Ellah breathed. "Yes yes yes all over again!" Casey looked so overly happy that Ellah could've cried just there but she saved it as Casey slid the ring on her finger and slowly but definitely got up and gave her a huge hug.

"Good," he sighed in relief, before kissing her tenderly to seal the deal again.

"Oh guys you are so cute," Ollie groaned. "Oh my god." They broke apart, Casey's hands tangled in his fiancé's hair and total adoration across his face.

"Right I'm gonna go and get dressed so I guess I'll see you later, by later I mean tomorrow?" Casey whispered, kissing her nose.

"Yeah, have fun today," Ellah beamed, crinkling her nose slightly. "I love you."

"I love you," Casey murmured, before kissing her yet again and rushing to the bathroom. Ollie and Ellah let out another scream and admired the ring as Scarlett went exploring again.

Ellah had to go over to Marilyn's because she had a flower that Ellah was planning to wear for the wedding. Of course her and Marilyn got along well so Ellah had no problem with turning up. She knocked on the thick wooden door and waited. Jon opened it. "Oh! Young Ellah, come in," he smiled, bowing as she stepped through the door. Ellah giggled at this and walked through to the living room where Marilyn sat. When she looked up and saw Ellah, she squealed.

"There you are! Oh congratulations," she swooned, smothering her into a huge hug.

"Congratulations?" Ellah repeated slowly, struggling to breathe in the hug.

"Yes, I heard about the engagement! Isn't this exciting? Oh I'm so happy!"

"Marilyn let go of her you're strangling the poor girl," Jon rolled his eyes as he began to pour Ellah some orange juice.

"Oh! Sorry," Marilyn laughed.

"No it's okay, um where did this news come from?" Ellah asked her curiously.

"Oh! Well Dex told April who was sitting next to Maddy where she told her and she was talking about it with Sasha in school which is where Jett heard and told me!" Marilyn explained quickly. Ellah raised her eyebrows and nodded slowly, making a mental note to kick Dex for that later. "I mean I thought it was a lie or a rumour but the ring says it all!" Ellah tried to keep up with it all but just ended up blinking. "So, have you set a date?"

"Woah," Ellah woke up then. "No not yet. We're not rushing in like that."

"Oh?" Jon piped up. "Well personally I believe that that is quite a good decision."

"It's a very brave decision," Marilyn breathed out, but smiling still.

"Why?" Ellah asked, picking up the orange juice and taking a sip.

"Well...you stay engaged for too long and pretty soon you get sick of each other," Mariyn said wisely.

"Oh I'm sure we'll be fine," Ellah gulped down more of her juice, her throat now getting dry.

"What has your mother said about the engagement?" Marilyn asked Ellah quietly, those blue eyes twinkling.

"Oh my mother's dead." Marilyn and Jon stared at her.

"I am so sorry," Marilyn gasped.

"No don't be it was a while ago," Ellah waved it off, giving them a friendly smile.

"So your dad's walking you down the aisle then!" Jon tried to change the subject.

"No Mr Palmer I doubt it. He's been gone for a while, he's...on a trip." There was an awkward silence.

"Well as long as you don't feel like it's rushed," Marilyn concluded, giggling slightly.

"Rushed?" Ellah repeated.

"Well you're so young and committing to the Braxton's is a very serious thing, I mean look what happened to old Charlie?" Jon tutted, shaking his head sadly. Ellah suddenly felt a little sick.

"Well thank you Marilyn for the flower, I've gotta run," she said brightly as she picked up the flower and made her way to the door.

"What about your juice?" Marilyn called after her.

"Yes it was lovely, good bye!" Ellah shouted back, now desperate to get away from there.

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