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Chapter 62: The Last Glee Wedding and The First Day of Middle School

"Last Glee wedding!" Brittany said as she, Rachel and Santana helped each other zip up their lavender bridesmaid dresses.

"I know!" Santana said. "Until the next generation, anyway."

"Allie's going to be first," Brittany said.

"Well, Beth might beat her, but they are the two oldest," Rachel admitted, though she didn't want to think about her daughter getting married just yet. She, Santana and Brittany went to join Marley, Harmony and Harmony's sister Ariana in the bridal suite. Marley and Ariana were the maids of honor, and Rachel, Santana and Brittany were the bridesmaids. Down the hall, Jake was with his best men, Puck and Ryder, and his groomsmen, Finn, Kurt and Blaine. Allie thought she was too old to be a flower girl now, so she was in charge of the guestbook. Caylie, Bailey, Emily, Julia, Lizzie and Olivia would be the flower girls, and Daniel and Bryan were the ring bearers.

"Today of all days, I bet you're glad you ended up transferring to McKinley," Marley said to Harmony.

"I am!" Harmony said. "Jake and I had to be the grand finale."

"It will be weird, not having more weddings," Rachel thought out loud. She sent a quick text to her dads, asking if Chris and Liam were okay (her dads had agreed to take care of them in the audience while she and Finn were with the wedding party).

"I'm glad we all live in New York together," Marley said. "That way we got to bond with people who were in New Directions before we joined."

"Yeah, it's great," Santana said. "Hey Marley, how's your little guy doing?"

Marley looked down at her baby bump. "Only a few weeks to go. Olivia's so excited for her baby brother to get here."

"Have you guys picked out a name yet?" Ariana asked.

"Yeah," Marley said. "We decided to name him Max Anthony Lynn."

"Awww!" Harmony said. "Hopefully Jake and I will have one soon."

"You want one, trust me," Rachel said as they heard a knock on the door. She opened it and saw Quinn with the six flower girls.

"Don't you girls look pretty?" Rachel said.

"I love my dress, Mommy!" Caylie said.

"I like it, too," Rachel told her youngest daughter. "It's very pretty." (Allie had loved the color of the dress, so Harmony had said that she could get one that color for the wedding, too.)

"Thanks for taking care of the girls while we were getting ready," Santana said to Quinn.

"It's no problem," Quinn said.

"Where are our flowers?" Julia asked Harmony.

Harmony handed each of the girls a small bouquet of flowers and then went back to her seat as the bridesmaids and flower girls went to meet the groomsmen. "Wow, Rach, you look so pretty," Finn said as they met up.

"Thanks," Rachel said softly. "You look handsome yourself."

"Can you believe this is probably the last time we're in a wedding party?" Finn whispered.

"It's crazy," Rachel said. She'd been a bridesmaid in Anna's wedding over the summer as well, so this probably was the last wedding she'd be a bridesmaid in. She linked arms with Finn as the wedding march began and she watched Caylie walk down the aisle with Julia, Emily, Bailey, Lizzie and Olivia, with Daniel and Bryan following with the rings. As she and Finn walked down next, she was so happy to see their Glee family there. Rachel's dads were sitting there too, with Chris, Liam and Allie, right behind the row where Quinn, Mike, Tina, Evan, Sam, Mercedes, James, Artie, Betty and Jacob were sitting. In the row in front of them were Mr. and Mrs. Schuester, their sons, Rory, Sugar, Alyssa, Joe, Kitty and some of the people who joined New Directions during Jake and Harmony's time in it. Even though time had passed, the New Directions alumni were still a family.


"So, you start middle school next week, don't you, Allie?" Mike asked. It was time for the wedding reception, and Sam, Mike and Artie had come to talk with the groomsmen. Allie had come over as well.

"Yeah, I do!" Allie said proudly.

"Yeah, she does," Finn said, not believing it. He would miss having Allie at the elementary school with him, but he knew she was excited.

"What are you taking?" Sam asked.

"Sixth grade English, sixth grade math, sixth grade history, sixth grade science, art, orchestra and introduction to foreign languages," Allie said proudly. She knew her schedule by heart.

"I bet we know which class you're most excited for," Artie said.

"Of course!" Allie said. "Orchestra!"

"Are you and Rachel disappointed she picked orchestra over choir?" Puck asked Finn.

"We're not, because she loves playing her viola," Finn said. Plus, he was sure Allie would be involved with the choir by playing music for them.

"I could have done both, but I really wanted to take art for my other elective," Allie said.

"It is nice to have electives now, isn't it?" Blaine asked Allie.

"Yeah," Allie said. "Now I won't have to deal with gym ever again!"

"I'm sorry, Allie, but your school will make you take gym one year," Finn reminded Allie.

"Ugh," Allie groaned. "Why can't I just play a sport instead?"

"You don't have to take gym this year," Finn said. "Just focus on that."

"True," Allie said. "And now that I'm eleven, my mom and dad said I can babysit Caylie, Chris and Liam when they go on errands."

Allie had been looking forward to babysitting for a while. "Maybe sometime she could babysit our kids, too," Blaine said.

"I'd like that," Allie said.

"So you like having little brothers?" Sam asked Allie.

"I love it!" Allie said.

"She is a heavy sleeper," Finn said. "So she doesn't wake up when they wake up in the middle of the night."

"What's it like having two of them waking up in the middle of the night?" Mike asked.

"Yeah, do you and Rachel get any sleep?" Artie added.

"Luckily, they do tend to wake up together," Finn admitted.

"Well, that's something," Sam said. "Mercedes and I would like to have another baby."

"Yeah, so do Tina and I," Mike said.

"Same with me and Betty," Artie said.

"You should," Finn told his friends. "Having more kids is definitely better."


"Well, here we go," Rachel said as she handed Allie her lunch bag. "First day of middle school."

"Yes!" Allie said with pride. "Middle school!" She had been excited for the next step for a while now. It was always sad to see the summer go, but she had a feeling middle school would be fun. Last night she and her parents had gone to sixth grade orientation, and she found out she had at least Mia, Gracie or Abby in each of her classes (and no classes with her nemesis). Once she figured out how to use her locker combination, she felt all ready.

"You know, Allie, you can ask the seventh and eighth graders where your classrooms are if you get lost," Rachel said as she gave Liam a bottle.

"Mom, I'll be fine," Allie said. "Most of my classes are in that same hall."

"I know, I know," Rachel said. "It's just that my little girl is going to middle school."

"It'll be great," Allie said. She got out her phone and sent a text to Mia, asking when she'd be getting there.

"Remember Allie, keep that in your locker during the day," Finn said.

"We had this talk last night," Allie said. Which was true.

"She'll be fine," Caylie said.

Allie looked at her younger sister. "Listen to her, I'll be fine." She turned to Caylie. "Next year, you'll be starting kindergarten!"

"I want Daddy to be my teacher!" Caylie said.

"I don't think the school will let that happen," Finn admitted.

Caylie pouted.

"So, are you ready to go?" Finn asked Allie.

Allie picked up her bag. "Yeah!"


The bus ride to the middle school wasn't too long and there were lots of other middle school kids on the bus. Finn rode the bus with Allie and then went on to the elementary school. Allie walked up to the middle school building, hoping one of her friends would be there soon. She remembered where the sixth grade hall was and found her locker right away.

"Hi Allie!" Allie turned and saw Mia.

"Hi!" Allie said.

"We have our first class together!" Mia said.

"Yes we do," Allie said.

"The middle school's bigger than the elementary school," Mia pointed out.

"Yeah," Allie said. "But we don't have to stay in the same classroom all day, and I get to have orchestra every day!" (Mia had chosen to be in the choir rather than the orchestra.)

"That's going to be fun for you, like choir is for me," Mia said. "Let's go find our homeroom."


"How would you like some visitors?"

Finn looked up from his desk. His students were at the playground now, meaning he could be in his classroom on his own. He looked up and saw Rachel with Caylie, Chris and Liam.

"I've missed you guys!" Finn said.

"It's only the first day of school," Caylie said.

"Oh, I know," Finn said. "But I miss hanging out with my wife and my kids all day."

"Chris and Liam wouldn't go for a nap earlier," Caylie said.

"They wouldn't," Rachel said. "I just couldn't get them to sleep. And of course, they fell asleep in their stroller as soon as we got here."

"Hey, sometimes the girls were like that too," Finn said.

"Really?" Caylie asked.

"Yes," Rachel said. "Sometimes you wouldn't fall asleep until it was time for your dad and me to get up!"

"What about Allie?" Caylie asked.

"She usually slept through it," Finn said. "I wonder how her first day of middle school is going?"


The first day of middle school turned out to be a fun day. Allie had enjoyed having at least one of her three close friends in each of her classes and all three of them in two. The whole sixth grade ate lunch together, so she could hang out with the three of them there as well, and she'd also met a few girls from other elementary schools.

She had been excited for the day to be over so she could tell her parents about the best part of the day though. She knocked on the apartment door, hoping they'd get there soon.

"Hi honey!" Rachel said, answering the door. "How was your day?"

"Great, is Dad home?" Allie asked.

"Yeah, he is," Rachel said. The kindergarteners had a shorter day for the first week of school, so Finn had gotten home earlier. "He's reading to Chris and Liam."

"I want to tell him!" Allie said. She and Rachel went to the boys' room and Allie couldn't hold it in any longer. "I made first chair viola in the orchestra! We had seating assessments today and I got first chair!"

"You beat the seventh and eighth graders?" Finn asked.

Allie couldn't believe it, but she had. "Yes! The orchestra director told me that I'm the first sixth grader to make first chair on the first day in the whole time he's been there!"

"Wow, that's amazing!" Finn said.

"We can't wait for your first concert," Rachel said.

"Neither can I," Allie said. She had a feeling middle school would be a lot of fun.