OK, for starters I LOVE My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and Discord is probably my favorite character and I just had to write this down because the Host Club is surprisingly not THAT different from the Mane Five Ponies. Neither Ouran nor MLP:FIM belong to me they belong to Lauren Faust and Bisco Hatori separately, ENJOY THE FANFIC! P.S There will be more chapters! :3

Chapter 1: Moron Academy?

Equestria, is where the Spirit of Chaos Discord had just recently left and found an escape from. After being trapped and stopped by those Ponies he had found a way using his magic to travel from dimension to dimension, universe to universe, world to world. Some of them were interesting some were just as boring as the latter's. Discord himself had doubts that even the magical Twilight Sparkle would ever find some sort of magic spell to track him down and turn him back into stone. Since he had escaped the ponies caught word of it and no doubt they must be looking for him right now. But there's no way they'll find him now.

He chuckled at the thought, "As if Twilight was THAT powerful enough to find little old me in this new pretty little world." He said as he skipped along what seemed a very long garden around some very large pink looking castle of some sorts, or at least that's what Discord assumed it was, "My my, this is almost as big and glamorous as Canterlot, though I have to say Canterlot is better and just a tad bit fancier." He said, eying in the large site which was actually almost the same size as Canterlot, Discord giggled again, "Well then this looks like the place to have some fun, if only I could find out what just what this place is." He said as he flew around the 'castle'.

Hmm… Ouran Private Academy?

"Ouran? What kind of name is that?" He said with an unamused look, "I mean it rhymes with moron." He chuckled. "Moron Private Academy, Academy for morons. I bet that's the only kinds of ponies who attend here." He laughed as he flew and noticed some creatures walking about, not ponies though, but humans…

Discord had heard of them, they were creatures who claimed themselves far too intelligent and 'superior' to consider themselves creatures. In fact they considered where he came from him and the other ponies as the 'creatures'. However since they lacked most empathy and only had senses of entitlement they were easier to manipulate than the ponies, since he had played tricks on them back in some of the other universes he's crossed into. Compared to the ponies who had a stronger sense of togetherness and friendship, humans probably don't. Sure friendship is what frustrated Discord since the ponies redeemed with friendship meant no fun for him at all, but this particular flaw amongst these 'creatures' would be LOTS of fun. "These humans are usually so boring. But judging by their funny outfits these humans in this strange universe are bound to be interesting."

"Apparently I'm in the land of what this universe calls…Japan."

Discord flew around the school, keeping invisible to these humans and noticed many of them. From young ones, to teenagers to young adults, they were no different from the ponies but definitely not as friendly. At least that's what Discord thought, "Yeesh, this place is SOOO fancy, it needs a little bit of…" He smirked and then in an instant flash he cast a spell, and then it rained…

Staining the pink, posh school with not rain, but chocolate milk. To everyone in the whole schools befuddlement and shock. "Chocolate rain?" Discord turned to see a pair of twins, he had seen twin ponies before but they weren't this identical. "AWESOME!" They exclaimed and even opened their mouths' to catch a few sweet drops. He chuckled, "Humans are interesting…"

A girl, definitely a girl Discord thought; her hair was short as can be but Discord was far from blind. He kept his eye on her as she made her way next to the twins. "Why is this girl wearing a boys outfit? Unless it just suits her character?" He thought. She opened her mouth and tasted a drop, "It's Chocolate milk." She said, confused though.

"Why is it raining chocolate milk, it's…it's impossible." She said to the twins, "Who cares, it's amazing!" One of the twins said, "And it's delicious." The other one said. "Come on you guys lets go see Tamaki-sempai and the rest of the host club." The girl said, with the twins following her and unknowingly… the Spirit Of Chaos.

"Chocolate Milk?" Asked said 'Tamaki-sempai' "How is that possible, that sounds amazing but how is that possible?" He was tall, blond and blue-eyed but Discord was able to sense some sort of foreign lineage to him; judging by those looks he couldn't be just Japanese.

"I don't know, we just went outside and apparently it was raining chocolate milk outside." The girl explained to the rest of the confused looking host club, and the twins nodded in succession. "Chocolate rain, cool!" One of the younger ones Discord assumed, exclaimed as he had a happy face on a bunny doll in his hands with a very tall, stoic-looking guy standing behind him. "Chocolate milk?" One of the guys, in glasses asked and he almost reluctantly opened a window and noticed the rain drops and that they were indeed chocolate milk drops, with the shorter boy sticking his tongue out to catch some.

"It seems that Haruhi wasn't kidding when she said chocolate milk is raining outside." He said whilst writing away in what seems to be a little black notebook, Discord flew over behind him and kept his eyes on all of the fancy little scribbles this guy had written, lots of math involved… "Ugh, I personally don't like math." He said out loud.

"Which one of you said that?" He asked, and everyone shrugged because no of them said that. The glasses-guy sighed. "Well, I'm not sure what is going on, but apparently this chocolate milk is staining the school as we speak, and anyone outside has probably gotten their uniform dirty… " Glasses guy kept talking, completely oblivious to the Spirit Of Chaos standing behind him with one the uniforms and all and even the same pair of glasses the guy was wearing, imitating his movements writing in his notebook and moving his mouth, mocking him. Which looked completely hilarious to an unknowing eye.

"Including you Haruhi, I'm afraid that's going to go into your debt." He said with a smirk and earning a shocked looked from 'Haruhi'. Discord laughed, "Well that's not very nice is it?" He thought, that will be useful…

"We may not be able to do much about this chocolate rain, but we can still keep up with the hosting while the girls are coming in." Said the blond guy known as Tamaki with a charming smile. Discord mentally palmed himself, this guy looked stupid but also fun to mess with. He seemed almost as glamorous as Rarity.

"Yay, Cake, Cake!" Cheered the little boy, whom Discord found out his name was 'Honey', figures. And that the guy he was next to was known as 'Mori, go figure. He could only watch as the host club entertained the girls, "A club that entertains girls? Bleh, they're doing a poor job at entertainment. This isn't fun at all." He lamented as he sat on one of their tables with a very bored expression. "My princess, would you drink this? If I drank it?" Said blondie and Discord could've sworn the girl almost nearly fainted. He smirked, "This will be fun." He said and snapped his fingers, animating the tea cup blondie was carrying and it sprayed the hot coffee right into the girl's face. "KYA!" She screamed as the hot drink burned on her skin and face and stained her dress, "M-My princess! I'm so sorry! I don't know how that happened!" He exclaimed and only earned a hard, loud slap on his cheek, Discord laughed out loud and banged his fist on the table, HILARIOUS!

He saw Blondie go and sulk into a nearby corner with the rest of the host club watching, though they weren't surprised and confused by what had just happened. "Oh now that's just pathetic." Discord said with an amused smirk. Ok he changed his mind, this would be a pretty fun world to play in after all.

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