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Discord: Really A-chan you need to make your opening chapters sound a little more interesting. You make it sound so bland.

A-chan: ..! I'm no good at that…!

Discord: You don't think I know that?

Chapter 2: Good Luck Every-host!

Discord smirked as the whole host club came together after the coffee episode to discuss how in the world did that just happen? To glasses-guy's annoyance some of their customers had left because they were appalled at all of the new sudden chaos going on in the host club room, coffee spraying them in the face, their fancy little teacups saddening getting up and walking and then bonking them on the head. He would've snapped his pencil in half as he wrote away the costs of all the new damage caused but everyone else could clearly see that he was pissed.

That is until Blondie got up with sudden energy "Whatever is going on in our host club, we shall get to the bottom of it! Something's telling me that someone else is plotting against us!" Discord raised an eyebrow, he was only half right though he was only screwing with them because it was funny.

"Boss has a point, but who would want to plot against us?" The twins asked, by now and by advantage Discord had been watching them and now he was able to notice which twin was which.

"I bet it's Lobelia! Trying to take away my precious daughter again!" Blondie said with something of a scowl and holding Haruhi rather protectively. "Daughter? Yeesh, and I thought I was crazy." Discord thought while pointing a finger at himself.

"Sempai I doubt that even Lobelia would be able to make all of these crazy things happen."

To Discord's satisfaction almost all of these guys were no different from the ponies back in Equestria… However he knew that he knew about these guys even more than Glasses did. Speaking of which, the latter sighed "Whatever's going on in here can't be normal… but it's going to cost us…"

Now it was getting more amusing , so Discord decided to make something of an appearance but he always liked to start off with an evil laugh. He chuckled his wicked chuckle which spooked all of the hosts (though the tall one and Glasses kept their emotions guarded), Blondie in particular shrieked and clung to Glasses and the short one hugged the tall one.

"Aw come on now son where's your sense of humor?" He asked, his voice somewhat sinister.

"W-Who said that?!" Blondie asked, the fear all too obvious in his voice.

"Oh I'll give you a hint. What's pretty and red?"

"Huh?" He asked as a soft rose petals flowed around the room, more so than usual, "BOO!" He took them by surprise when the petals had his face on them with his white fuzzy eyebrows and eyes, creeping them all out as they screamed( except for the tall one and Glasses who tried to hold back a frightened expression) .

"Ah…roses are red, violets are blue. This suit is lame and so are you." He said while harassing them with faced roses and then one of their uniforms saddening getting up and dancing.

"W-What are you?" Haruhi asked timidly, she wasn't one to be frightened but no doubt that this was something supernatural, even though she didn't believe in anything supernatural.

"If I told you right now that wouldn't be any fun now would it?" He sniggered as a red rose fluttered next to her, with his face on it. Haruhi shuddered and Blondie came his way, to protect his 'daughter'. "HEY! Whether you're a ghost or a monster, I won't let anything get near my daughter!" He yelled as he tried to catch the fluttering rose but it kept on floating away from him. "Well then daddy if you're so protective of your so-called daughter you wouldn't let Glasses over there keep her in this sad thing you guys call a hobby."

Blondie blinked a few times before taking in what Discord said, b-but he liked Haruhi spending time with them so there wasn't any harm done in that right?! Well…aside from Kyoya's relentless increasing of her debt. "Haruhi made a deal to repay what she has broken, an 8,000,000 yen vase and since then she has been working to pay it off." Kyoya said while trying to locate this…thing that has been harassing them.

Discord let out an exaggerated gasp of shock, "Oh my goodness! All that for a silly little vase like this one?" He said holding up the same exact vase that Haruhi had broken except it was all in one piece, much to the host club's shock. Haruhi on the other hand was amazed, as much as she wanted to use that one vase to replace the one she broke, she didn't really want to either…

Discord looked at Haruhi's awed expression, "You want it? You can't have it." He said simply as he dropped it just like that as it smashed in a bunch of little pieces just like the previous, to Haruhi's shock and disappointment. "Oh no! It seems that I have now broken this ridiculously expensive vase, guess I'll have to pay you back and work with you guys." Discord said very sarcastically and even appeared in one of their uniforms, as he made his full appearance as the draconequus to their immense shock and even fear.

"You're…You're a draconequus…" Haruhi stuttered. Then a round of applause was heard as a bunch of other Discords clapped their hands, "Congratulations! You figured it out my dear." Discord motioned his way to Haruhi and carried her while giving her a noogie. "Hey! Hands off Haruhi!" The twins yelled and managed to pull her out of his grip only for them all to wince back in fear as Discord look at them with a psychotic looking smile.

"Oh… is she your friend?"

"Of course she is! She will always be our friend!" The elder one Hikaru yelled.

"And we'll always protect her!" The younger one Kaoru yelled.

"Friend? As far as I can see, she's merely your toy." He said snidely as he began to float about leaving the twins looking somewhat befuddled, this thing was right about that but they valued Haruhi more than that.

"Excuse me, but exactly who are you?" Glasses asked. Discord turned his head to Kyoya and smirked, "Who am I? Who are you?" He asked and then appeared right behind Kyoya, except he was dressed just like him and had a book like him with a pencil and everything, even writing like he did earlier. "I'm you, I'm the one who's always writing in this little thing." Kyoya almost twitched an eye, this thing was not just somewhat sinister, this thing was also fucking with him, on purpose. He was almost worse than the twins.

"You didn't answer my question."

"Aww you're no fun." Discord said and then ripped the paper from his fake notebook and ate it. "Mmmm…! You must try the yen cost from the teacups, it's AMAZING." Discord said through mouthfuls of paper, to Kyoya's annoyance and confusion and then looked in his notebook and noticed the writings he'd done earlier were gone!

He nearly lost his temper and even gave Discord one of his famous death-glares which made all of the host members shrink away in fear. "Oh no! The death glare! I'm so scared, Stop looking at me with your cold, COLD eyes! Ahh…!" Discord yelled, though it was obvious he was still screwing with him, pissing Kyoya off even further.

Until Discord flew up into the room and laughed one of his evil laughs. "You think that just because you have all this money in the world, you can stop me?!"

"Whatever it is you want, you can't have it! Now leave our host club, our school and just leave us alone!" Blondie, or Tamaki yelled with defiance and bravery in his voice, to Discord's amusement.

"You've got some nerve on you for a pesky, delusional and pretty much STUPID brat." He said and the brave Tamaki was reduced to crawling back in the same corner. "Need help picking those mushrooms?" Discord asked as his face appeared on the corner wall Tamaki was sulking at, which made his scream and crawl away.

"Your name?" Haruhi asked, wasn't that what they were trying to ask him in the first place?

"You'll find out soon enough."

"Why are you here?" Kyoya asked, his irritation not fading and patience wearing thin. "Well for thing I know is why this girl is here. After all a friend doesn't make another friend repay this ridiculous debt, nor do they just keep adding on to the price. Some friend you really are." Discord mocked him.

"Hey! He may be some calculating creep sometimes but you cannot talk to Kyoya-sempai like that!" Haruhi defended him, as much as she disliked him at times she still respect him at times. "At least he's not a jerk who screws with other people's heads just for fun."

"Oh honestly Haruhi you say that about me, when in actuality me and him are not that different in that department." Discord smiled a fake smile, poking a hole in her logic, except she could tell that Discord was actually evil.

"That's not true, these guys are my friends and you can't make me think about them otherwise."

"We'll see about that. Now who's up for some games?" He asked with excitement in his voice, obviously fake.

"Games? What kind of games?" The short one, Honey asked. Though he was actually defensive behind his cutesy façade.

Discord popped up in front of the seven hosts, "Ok, here's a little fun game I like to call: Find your way around Moron Academy!"

"Moron Academy?" Haruhi asked.

"It's OURAN Academy!" Tamaki yelled, just slightly peeved.

"Ouran? Hm… this school seems like a 'Moron Academy' to me, I mean you go to this school and so far you're the biggest moron I've seen so far." Discord said flatly while Blondie kept a pouty face and for ONCE didn't go to his corner, fearing that Discord would've done some sort of freaky thing to it like he did earlier.

"Moron Academy?" Hikaru asked and then looked at Kaoru "That's actually pretty clever." He said while they nodded at each other. Honey giggled as he watched Discord beginning to dance in place, while Mori just stared, this creature was just ridiculous. Discord continued to dance until he knocked down yet another vase, on purpose though. "Oops, my apologies. I'll fix it." He said and then snapped his fingers and the vase transformed into a lamp version of him. "There, looks much better than it did before!"

"Enough of your stalling, exactly what kind of game is this?" Kyoya asked.

"Oh come on now, you're just as boring as Celestia, but it's actually quite simple my good gentleman. You see, this entire school is like one big maze. However the seven of you must find something, something VERY valuable, but by valuable I mean something that is ACTUALLY valuable and not just costly."

"Something? I see you're certainly not going to be specific, i suppose you're going to want us to simply look for each other." Glasses said. "Wow, you're just so smart Kyoya Ootori, the intelligent youngest son of your family's business." Discord said which nearly made Kyoya's eyes widen. How did he know that?!

"Now don't look so surprised, you sir are not THAT famous. You shouldn't be so egoistic."

"How do you know who he is? Did you really hear about him or were you just snooping around?" Haruhi asked annoyed, this thing was getting irritating.

"Well what do you know the commoner, honor student Haruhi Fujioka found it out. You know Haruhi you're probably even smarter than Glasses over there." He said pointing to Kyoya whose expression changed from shocked to annoyed once he said that. "You're probably the most intelligent one in this whole school." He picked her up and carried her like a doll. "Well…street-wise yes but I like to think that actually…" She said while being carried, still surprisingly unflappable. "YOU PUT MY DAUGHTER DOWN THIS INSTANT, Y-YOU…THING!" Tamaki yelled while trying to jump up and reach Haruhi from Discord's grasp. "Thing? You really don't have anything else to say than that? Prince Tamaki Suoh?"

Tamaki kept on jumping to reach Haruhi but Discord on the other hand kept lowering her down and then bringing her back up. "Come on now, uh-uh-uh. You've got to try harder than that. Really? That's the best you can do? You've got to really want her." Discord mocked while Haruhi was beyond irritated, "I'm not a doll!"

Discord continued having fun at their expense and then heard the giggling coming from Honey. "This dragon-pony's funny!" Discord raised an eyebrow; Haruhi knew what he was but the others probably didn't even know what a draconequus was, but Honey was close enough. Absent-mindedly he dropped Haruhi and went over to Honey, "Well aren't you the cutest little bundle of joy, Mitsukuni Haninozuka?" Discord asked and then almost winced once Mori stood behind Honey with a very defensive and protective look behind that poker-face of his. "You know my name?" Honey asked innocently.

"Yes Honey I do. I also know your cousin Takashi Morinozuka's name. Or should I say Mori?"

"So you know our names, how's that going to help?" The twins asked, they thought Discord was amusing but also annoying. That was their thing!

"Oh I know more than just your names Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin." He said and flew in between the twins, "Can you imagine all of the cool things we could do to this place?"

"Shut up already, what do you want from us?" The more emotional and impatient twin asked curtly. "That's rude speech from a rich brat like you. But I will tell you a few last things before you all head out and search for each other like a game of hide and seek but here's the catch. Hint 1: They won't appear in front of you right away, you have to FIND them and search for them good. Hint 2: You have to be separate because it's no fair when it's two people instead of one, unless you happen to come across each other" He said and then the twins looked at each other, looking uneasy. They were literally almost never separated and when they were it didn't feel that right, at least not to Hikaru.

"Hint 3: You can't leave the school in any way because that's no fun. And also none of this…" He said and snapped his fingers which took away everyone's wallets, phones and other weapons they may have conceived (Honey and Mori). "Excuse me Mister?" Honey asked. "Can I bring Usa-chan?" Discord looked a little unsure but then he smirked deviously, "Why of course you can young man." He said in a fake sweet voice and tousled Honey's hair, to Mori's annoyance.

"That's all the rules for the game. GOOD LUCK EVERYHOST!" He said and then disappeared into thin air. "This doesn't make any sense, where are we supposed to-" Haruhi asked until they all started floating into the air and then they disappeared.

Haruhi landed somewhere in her own class, Class A which was for the Honor role students.

Tamaki was actually not far from the Music Room 3 where they did all of their hosting.

Hikaru was in the hallways where the Class A students hung out at and Kaoru was not that far from him but they were oblivious.

Kyoya was somewhere in the halls where students in his year, juniors hung out at.

Honey wasn't alone as he held Usa-chan in his arms as he looked around to find himself in a class where the seniors mostly hung out at.

Mori was without Honey, near the gymnasium and somewhere near Class D where the Yakuza hung out at.

Discord was up above the school as he watched them, the was going to be interesting. VERY interesting and VERY fun.

Well that's another chapter done, but I think I'll get another one done today! Warning some of Discord's antics may contain spoilers in episodes he's appeared in! P.S Which host do you think Discord is going to get first?