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Enemy of mine
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Running out of time
Better go, go, go…!

Stranger In A Strange Land- 30 seconds to Mars.

Chapter 8: Ponies In The World Of Ouran!


"It seems like someone broke the rule: no escaping the school." He said and snapped his fingers which let everyone of them get back their phones and wallets.

"And it seems that you didn't find all of your friends, Game's over!" He exclaimed and held up an umbrella, "Get your fancy parasols you brats, it looks like you're in for a storm of chaos!" He said and cackled evilly while Haruhi wore a look of shock and fear with the others merely standing there seemingly unfazed as the storm continued to roar.

"I don't understand… hey you! Just what do you think is the meaning of this?!" Haruhi yelled at the draconequus, this wasn't right… and even if it was it wasn't fair either and she still had almost no clue what this thing was even doing.

Instead Discord only laughed as the 'storm' started, if it were a real thunderstorm Haruhi would've curled up in fear but this storm was only chocolate milk for rain and not real…

"Hey! What do you think is so funny huh?!" Honey marched forward in front of Discord with an annoyed scowl that he merely brushed off.

"Ohohoho~ and I thought the ponies were great fun… you humans are much more entertaining and a heck of good time!" Discord chirped rather giddily as he walked over to a nearby chair that he just got simply with a single snap of the fingers.

"Well you'd better knock that crap off! Because nobody laughs at Mitsukuni Haninozuka! Nobody!" He claimed and pointed towards himself with a somewhat snobby but still grouchy expression.

"Oh is that so Honey-sempai?" Tamaki asked but he was really just mocking Honey and he used 'sempai' to be ironic as he started to laugh, "Ahahahaha~." It was fake laughter but he did so to piss off his senior.

"Don't you joke around with me you rotten little brat! I'm your senior so you'd better cut it out!"He sneered at a smirking Tamaki, whom did not look intimidated by him at all.

"Hm, let me think. No. Ahahahaha~." He ignored him and continued his mocking laughter as he crossed his arms haughtily.

"I said to stop it!" Despite Tamaki's disobedience Honey wasn't backing down, nor was he going to.

"Nope. This is hilarious, ahahahahahaha~!" He started laughing for real now with how mad Honey was getting now, steam practically puffing from his ears.

Stop it!"

"Make me!" He laughed harder as he started to point at the now fuming Honey.

"I said Stop it!" Honey barked as he started to charge at Tamaki with bared fists only to be stopped once Tamaki simply put his hand over the smaller boy's head and kept his at arm's length.

"And I said to make me." He only smirked at Honey as he held him back with his hand, his laughter not ceasing much to Haruhi's shock as she only watched the scene.

"Something has definitely happened to you guys that's making you guys not act like yourselves… and Kaoru and Mori-sempai are still elsewhere…" She started to ponder aloud since her 'friends' weren't paying her no mind.

"Hey Hikaru where's Kaoru? Did you happen to see him anywhere when you were in the halls?" Maybe asking Hikaru would help despite what he'd been saying earlier.

"I already told you, I don't know and I don't care." He said and then shifted his eyes, which hinted that he was really lying.

"Oh come on enough with that already! We need him!"

"No we don't! And I sure as hell don't! But you know what I need? Whatever kind of cool stuff that Kyoya's hiding in that notebook…" Hikaru whispered the last parts and pointed to Kyoya carrying or caressing the 'notebook' and paying all his attention on it.

"Hikaru that's not-" She was cut off once Hikaru got up towards Kyoya to have a word with him.

"Hey Kyoya-sempai, would you be a dear friend and let us see what's in your pretty notebook and Haruhi even said that you should share some of it with me… and only me and not Kaoru…" Hikaru tried persuading Kyoya and lied rather terribly but even if he was lying, his now crazed junior didn't give a damn.

"Like hell!" He yelled and then without warning he kicked Hikaru right in the stomach, knocking him off the ground as the red-headed boy lied on the ground groaning and clutching his abdomen in pain.

"It's mine all mine! Go get your own you freeloader!" Kyoya yelled and glared at the hurt Hikaru as he hugged his 'notebook' tightly.

"Guys come on knock it off!" Haruhi stood in the middle with her hands out to try and get them to settle down.

"I'm gonna kick your ass!" Honey yelled at Tamaki again and the latter continued to deliberately ignore him.

"You couldn't even reach me Short-cake!"

"Cake? I hate cake!" Honey made a disgusted face at the mere mention of the food, men don't eat sugar!

"Sempai's that's enough already!" Haruhi tried to give another command and once again they all ignored her.

"No way loser, this is fun so don't spoil it for me." Tamaki sneered at Haruhi, hurting her again and then went back to pretty much bullying Honey.

"You guys…" She said softly as she watched all her 'friends' bicker and argue while Discord only say behind her.

"See? This is what I meant. It's so entertaining…" He said as he chomped on popcorn that he now held but Haruhi was too hurt to hear him or acknowledge him.

To the Mane Six:

"This is like the 100th world we've crossed into and still NO sign of Discord! Just where the heck is he?!" Rainbow Dash grew frustrated with every other world that they crossed into, because wherever they went the got no vibe of the trouble-making draconequus anywhere!

Truth be told they've only crossed into at least 7 or 8 different worlds but the searches were long and futile since Discord wasn't in any of them.

The first world was a world full of talking animals at a pet shop, one that Fluttershy fancied but they couldn't stay too long.

The second world involved a castle of sorts full of magical people, Twilight was fascinated along with Rainbow Dash over a game that involved fast flying but Applejack wasn't as amazed so they had to leave.

Another world involved kids that were singing and dancing, a world full of strange, sparkly creatures known as vampires and all sorts of other weird, crazy or ridiculous worlds.

"He's bound to be in one world we haven't checked yet, we can't give up girls." Said Twilight, sure she was frustrated too but they've got a job to do and they weren't going back to Equestria without Discord.

"Now let's try this next one." She said and then they all got zapped into the next dimension.

The ponies were still fairly groggy from the effects of the spell every time they entered another realm or world of sorts, disorientation from not being of the world they came into.

"Holy…" Rainbow Dash took in awe of the new place.

"Moly!" Pinkie Pie finished for her. The place was pretty, well pretty enough because that rainstorm is implying a storm coming to a head.

"This place reminds me of Canterlot…" Twilight awed over the place, particularly the 'castle' that she saw up ahead as she and her friends trotted closer towards it and right in front of the gates.

"My, now this is a world I do not mind exploring. This castle is absolutely lovely." Rarity fawned over how pretty the place was, seeming the most anxious about looking around here.

"Eh… this place seems a li'l too fancy for mah likin'." Applejack commented, it was pink and pink wasn't really her color. And the garden was nice she had to admit that but the place looked a little lavish and more for fancy-schmancy types non too similar to her friend Rarity's taste.

"Oh boy! I smell chocolate milk!" Pinkie bounced up and down and looked towards the sky because that's where the smell was .

"Are you sure that's not rain Pinkie Pie?" Twilight asked skeptically, but chocolate milk? That only meant…


"Discord?! Let me at him!" Rainbow Dash started to fly towards wherever the stormy clouds were at.

"Wait...! Rainbow Dash…!" Fluttershy called for her but then she found herself forced to reluctantly fly with her into those scary black storm clouds.

Rainbow flew and fast like she always did but she didn't see Discord anywhere, she knew he was around but where was he?!

"Discord! I know you're around here! Come out and face me like a stallion!" She started to challenge as she kept looking in different directions to see if he came out but nothing…

"The tops probably where he'd be, he's got such a fat head." She thought as she flew towards the top, truth be told she enjoyed being up high like this but Discord was a bad guy and the guy had an ego almost as much as she did.

She flew around the 'castle's' top grounds and didn't find the draconequus, "Argh..! Nothing…" She spoke too soon when she turned to see a red-haired person staring right at her with wide and bewildered eyes, whom gasped once he and the pony made eye contact.

Kasanoda didn't know what to think once he saw the blue, rainbow-haired flying pony in front of except… this was impossible! She was also super cute but still! Flying ponies don't exist! And he heard her talking! Flying ponies don't talk! Wait… ponies don't talk either!

Rainbow Dash kept eye contact with him for a minute but then she nearly shrieked after 5 whole seconds, "AHH!" She flew backwards a bit frantically to get away from him, "What the heck are you?!"

"No, no, no! Don't… fly away! I won't hurt you I promise!" He pleaded through being tied up, his face usually scared animals but maybe this one could help him so he has to try a gentler approach.

"Are you sure about that?! Huh?! How do I know you're not one of Discord's goons?" She asked, the sudden fear of this guy leaving and replaced by a more suspicious look.


"He's about yay-high," She raised a hoof high above her head, "He's goofy-looking, has big eyebrows, a goat's hoof, lion's paw and a bunch of other weird things. You can't miss him."

Kasanoda recalled on what that thing that tied him up here looked like and the flying pony was right, he did NOT miss him. "You mean that thing that tied me up here?"

"If by 'thing' you mean Discord then yes." She nodded, "Hey wait a minute like I said how do I know you're not one of his puppets?" She narrowed her eyes and flew in closer towards him.

"I'm not his puppet!" He tried not to sound too annoyed, for fear that he might scare her away.

"Rainbow Dash?" Kasanoda heard a quiet and even meek sounding voice and then he noticed another flying pony except she was a light yellow color and she had long pink hair, and she was almost even cuter than this pony in front of him.

"Another one?" Fluttershy saw the non-pony and she immediately shrunk in fear and flew behind Rainbow Dash.

"I-Is he a… a human?" She asked shyly to her friend, whom shrugged her shoulders. "Not sure, hey are you a human?" Rainbow raised a questioning eye.

"Yes." He answered simply.

"Oh my goodness… Rainbow he's all tied up, we should help him." Fluttershy insisted as she flew closer towards Kasanoda.

"Can you help me?" He asked the pony politely, he still couldn't believe it but if they could understand him and help him then he'd accept it with no hesitation. And he couldn't get over how adorable they were too…

"Oh of course." Fluttershy said with a light blush and a sweet and shy little smile.

"She's so cute…!" He thought as he blushed at her cuteness.

"No way Fluttershy! I don't like the looks of this guy." Rainbow Dash argued, skeptical about this guy because he didn't look like he could be trusted and he looked like some sort of thug.

"That's not very nice Rainbow…" The shy Pegasus muttered and hoped that she didn't offend the person they were trying to assist.

"No I swear. I'm not going to hurt you two… I'm just… confused… ponies don't talk… and they certainly don't fly." Kasanoda vowed and then pondered what he knew about ponies.

"What? Yeah we do, well only the Pegasus ponies like me and Fluttershy fly and the other ones don't. It's one of the many advantages of being a Pegasus ponies, me I'm the fastest flyer in all of Equestria!" She started to gloat again, to Kasanoda's confusion.


"Oh that's where we're really from… w-we're just visiting here for a little bit…" Fluttershy informed meekly and as polite as she could be, he didn't know entirely what was going on but they were going to help him out and they weren't scared of him! Or at least they didn't seem scared…

"You're not scared of me?" He asked both of them, and hoped that he didn't make a face that would scare them.

"No. Why would we? You just spooked me a second ago… but you humans are a bit weird looking…" Rainbow said as she flew a little closer towards Kasanoda's face eyeing him closely, making him feel somewhat uncomfortable but he couldn't glare at her or else she'd fly away.

"No… you're not a pony but… if you're not harming anyone… then we have no reason to be afraid of you…." Fluttershy said as she managed to somehow untie him, and then Kasanoda started to wonder how she did that with her… hooves! That's right.

"Thank you two." He wanted to bow but if he did he'd fall, maybe he could ask them another favor.

"No problem! Hey the names Rainbow Dash by the way." Rainbow Dash grinned, she seemed to trust him a little more because Fluttershy was right… sure he was a human and they didn't understand humans very much but she believed him when he said he wasn't going to hurt them.

"I'm… Fluttershy…" Fluttershy greeted or whispered shyly as she looked in the other direction but she was audible enough for Kasanoda to hear her.

"My name is Ritsu Kasanoda."

"Casanova? That's a pretty interesting name." Rainbow snarked lightly and looked amused as he blushed.

"T-That's not how it's pronounced. It's Kasanoda." He corrected her but he sounded polite.

"Yeah I'm going to call you Casanova. Do you want us to help you get down from here?" She asked after she gave him the nickname other people called him but he nodded somewhat vigorously.

"Yes please thank you you two. " He said and then Rainbow Dash lent out one hoof for him to hold and lean on, Fluttershy supporting him on the right as they started to slowly and safely fly back to the ground so that way they wouldn't drop him. Fluttershy wasn't going to let him fall and Rainbow Dash made sure to be careful.

"There they are!" Applejack pointed a hoof towards the two pegasi holding a human! But it looked like they were helping him so it was okay.

"Rainbow Dash! Fluttershy! Are you girls okay?" Twilight asked as her friends as they landed the human safely to the ground.

"We're fine! Nothing could take us down." Rainbow Dash smirked but reassuringly.

"And… we made a new friend." Fluttershy said as she put her hoof out towards Kasanoda, whom blushed once she said 'friend'.

"I'm your friend?" He asked almost in disbelief, he had started making friends but it was unusual for someone to consider him a friend just like that.

"Mm-hmm, you were nice and thanks to you we found out that Discord really is here." Fluttershy nodded despite the skeptical looks from her friends with the exception of Rainbow Dash.

"Yeah! You're not a pony but you're pretty cool for a human! You wouldn't hurt a pony right?"

"No of course not." He shook his head immediately, he liked animals he wouldn't ever hurt them; especially not these ponies.

"See Twi? He's cool."

"I believe you and hi there. I'm Twilight Sparkle but you can just call me Twilight." Twilight greeted him, judging by that horn on her head she's a unicorn.. and a really cute one at that.

"I'm Ritsu Kasanoda." He bowed to her and the other ponies, which flattered all of them

"Howdy, I'm Applejack. It's mighty a pleasure to meet ya." Applejack took her hat off to him.

"Hello there kind gentleman, I'm Rarity." She greeted him politely, she sounded and looked rather elegant. To him she seemed a bit more pretty but she was still cute like the others.

"Wow… I've never… met ponies like you girls before…" He said that rather awkwardly, it was true but still…

"Well maybe the ponies here in your world may be a little different than us…" Twilight assumed and Kasanoda nodded, but then all of a sudden a bright pink pony bounced right in front of him.

"And I'm Pinkie Pie! Hey you're names Casanova right? Well aren't you the luckiest human because I'm going to throw you a party after we're finished doing the job!" Pinkie chirped happily as she closed in towards Kasanoda, he was not only amazed but also surprised by how close she was getting no person ever did. She was a pony but still.

"You're going to throw a party... for me?"Now he was confused but at the same time... somewhat touched... no one had ever really thrown him a party before.

"Yup! I throw parties for all my friends including new friends!" She beamed as she bounced in circles around him, and he couldn't help but chuckle at her carefree, bubbly personality and she said that they were friends. It was strange but he was going to accept her friendship too.

"Thank you… Pinkie Pie… right?"

"Yes, Yes, YES!" She started to bounce again but Twilight moved to where she was to stop her.

"Pinkie Pie… maybe you ought to throw your parties after we find and catch Discord." Twilight advised to the hyperactive pony whom nodded.

"Okey-dokey-lokey!" Pinkie chirped as she started to skip towards the entrance to Ouran along with Applejack and Rarity.

"Um… hey you're a resident here… um… would you mind telling us where we are exactly?" Twilight asked Kasanoda but as polite as possible.

"Oh… this is the school I go to. Ouran Private Academy, for the rich and wealthy." He explained rather short and sweet but it was enough for Twilight and the other ponies to understand.

"Okay thank you for all your help and it was nice to meet you." She said nicely with a friendly smile.

"I should be the one thanking you all, for the help." He said sounding a bit awkward, he never was really good with things like this.

"Like I said no problem man, and hey if you ever need any help again just give your pony pals a call." Rainbow Dash flew in front of him and flashed him a confident smile

"Thanks Rainbow Dash." He smiled back at her and then looked over at Fluttershy, "And thank you too Fluttershy…" She blushed in response and smiled cutely that made Kasanoda's heart melt as she made a cute little squeak, "You're very welcome… I'm happy we met you…"

"Same here…" He nodded, "Now go do what you guys have to do."

"You heard the man, let's go!" Rainbow was the first to fly through the gates, with the rest of the Mane Six following.

"Well at least we know where we're at, the School of Ouran." Twilight announced, making sure that her friends knew the name of the place, "It's a big place so Discord could be anywhere but let's stick together." She learned from her mistakes, whenever they separated it didn't help especially when Discord took their Elements of Harmony.

However Rainbow Dash flew quickly inside the school with Pinkie Pie following as she skipped merrily into the entry.

"Girls don't ya'll get ahead of yourselves. You hear me?" Applejack called for them as she, Rarity, Twilight and Fluttershy sped up their pace to keep up with the impulsive ponies up ahead.

"Yeah, yeah." They heard Rainbow Dash's idle response but Pinkie Pie didn't really seem to hear Applejack.

"This is one of the biggest and fanciest schools I've ever seen! Can you imagine what kind of fun and wild parties I could throw here! There'd be tons and tons of balloons and a DJ in every one of these big rooms and-" Pinkie Pie cut herself off once she stopped in front of a mirror with someone in it…

She giggled and then she had questions to ask, "How in the world did you get in there?"

Now that almost all the hosts have been corrupted Discord's having a great time now that Haruhi's so-called friends are doing nothing but disagreeing with her, but… the ponies have made it in Ouran! Now it's up to them to try and help whomever they come across :3

Discord: Oh… I see that the ponies are back…

A-chan: Sorry man….

Discord: Well it's not over yet, after all I'm pretty much going to win.

A-chan: (whispers) Keep telling yourself that….