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Chapter 1: The Boat

One day Jane was walking near the bay. She was not supposed to be there as it was the last known location of the missing boy Jimmy. Jane sighed and kicked the sand at her feet. Jimmy had only been in the U.S. for a few weeks when he disappeared after getting kicked out of the school band that day. Everyone had teased the poor Brit though to Jane he seemed like a fun boy. Jimmy had often skipped school and rushed in late saying he "'ad forgot" . The boy was always day dreaming in class while running his hand through his dark brown locks. Jane was ashamed now for watching the most likely runaway so closely but she couldn't help it. She was for some reason drawn to the wild, forgetful boy. Now it was too late to even say hello.

Jane reached the shore and gazed out over the water. She shuddered to think that almost two weeks ago the shore had been the site of a gruesome search. The waters had been searched for miles around for the boy's body as this was his favorite haunt. The search party discovered no evidence of Jimmy except for the hat he had worn that day floating in the water. The parents had been forced to believe that their son was gone after the weeks of search prevailed no farther evidence. The boy was gone.

Deciding that this was no place to take her walk Jane turned around to go home. "Come and play with me ,Jane, Come and play with me, and I will take you on a trip far across the sea" sang a voice behind her.

Jane gasped and whirled around to face the bay. But all she saw was a brightly colored boat with Living Island written on its sail. Breathing heavily Jane scrambled up the rocks behind her.

"Who's there?!" Jane cried out.

"It's me, the boat!" chirped the boat cheerily, "Would you like a ride?"

Jane screamed, "How can you talk! It's not possible!"

"Everything can talk on Living Island," said the boat. "Come and see!"

Curiosity getting the best of her, Jane slowly approached the boat. Intrigued she boards the boat, a choice she would soon regret. Once on Jane sat down and stroked the smooth, shiny paneling. Suddenly the boat began to move. And thus Jane's adventure begins.

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