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This takes please a year or so after the end of the Great War, Fred, Remus and Tonks are alive and Ginny and Harry are engaged to be married, as well as Ron and Luna, Hermione on the other hand has to be paired up with someone due to the introduction of the new Marriage Law introduced.

Staring at the letter that had just come by owl to her flat, she can't believe what it says.

Hermione Granger had never thought in a hundred years that this would be the outcome of the new law. They have been friends for years, they attended the same school and have the same friends, even shared the same bed but only as friends. How is she going to tell Molly and Arthur about this? Well no time like the present, she thinks to herself. Stepping up to her fireplace, grabbing a handful of Floo powder and shouts "The Burrow". Whooshing around her stop abruptly as she slides into the living room she has come to call home. She can hear the family in the kitchen.

"When do you think our letters will arrive?" Mrs. Weasley asked just as Hermione walks around the corner into the kitchen.

She is still unsure how to approach the Weasley's about the outcome of the letter but first she will need to come clean about something else as well. Turning the corner, "Hi everyone." She says cautiously as she looks around at all of the faces before her, the ones she now calls her family. Ginny – her best friend, Harry and Ron – her partners in all good and bad, well mostly, Fred – one of the pranksters of the family, George – the other prankster and a great friend too, Arthur and Molly - the heads of the house that love her. "Molly, can I talk to you and Arthur for a minute?" She says very quietly. Turning her head down, they are going to be so upset with her, that she kept this from them. But before telling them she is set to marry one of their own she needs to be honest with them, the questions will come soon enough about her family. Living with it, alone for 2 years, she has to tell someone. Everyone stares as she walks past.

"Sure, sweetheart, let's go outside." Molly answers, grabbing her up in a big hug and leading her out by hand. "What's going on, you very rarely call us Molly and Arthur." Turning to look at the young witch, who looks like she is going to be sick. Casting a silence charm, so that the curious ears of her children in the kitchen can't hear, "Have you gotten your letter?"

"Well, before I talk to you about my letter, I need to tell you, I have been lying to you all about something and I need to come clean before I burst." She says her eyes brimming with tears and she starts to shake.

"It can't be that bad, honey, you know we love you." Arthur states, pulling her into a hug because he hates to see anyone cry, especially any of his girls, Molly, Ginny or Hermione, she was just as much his as the others. "You can't change that, not with all of the good that you have done."

Without thinking, she says "Before the war, I obliviated my parents, so nothing would happen to them, so they wouldn't remember me. Please don't be upset with me, I didn't tell anyone that I did it. I didn't want anyone to think I didn't love them but I did it because I love them." Sobbing because she finally got to say it, two years of hanging on to it, all came out at once and at lightning speed. Feeling somewhat better, until she looked at Molly's face, now it's Molly's turn to look sick.

"Oh come here girl," crushing the sobbing young women into a hug, she held on to her like she was trying to absorb some of her pain, "you should have told us, we would have helped you get through this. I know you loved your parents and that shows how much you loved them, to let them go, knowing you would never see them again. That is settled, you are a Weasley but promise us you won't hold something in like that again. You can tell us anything, you understand?" Pushing her away to look at her face, she lightly grabbed her chin and pulled her face upward. "You are such a wonderful young woman, it shows in everything you do, right Arthur?" Looking at the shocked man next to them.

Slowly, he shakes his head, "You have been through a lot this year, haven't you, and you kept telling us you were visiting them at holidays, were you just sitting in your flat? Please tell us?"

"Sometimes, I would just sit there, looking at pictures, remembering them, other times I would volunteer in Muggle London."

"Now the question is, why did you decide now is the time to tell us?" He asked.

"Well, I didn't think it would be right to lie to the parents of the person, I will be marrying under the new law." Hermione said quietly as she handed her letter over to Arthur. "He petitioned for my hand, I didn't even know he did it." She smiled weakly.

Both Weasley parents looked even more confused, since several of their sons's are already married and or engaged. There were 4 possibilities, Charlie, Percy, Fred and George. As Arthur read the letter out loud, he started to smile.

Hermione Granger,

By the order of the Ministry of Magic and in accordance with the new marriage laws, the petition for your hand in marriage has been given to:

George Weasley

Other petitions for your hand that were considered were:

Neville Longbottom

Dean Thomas

Viktor Krum

Please bear in mind that you will need to register with the office of Wizarding Marriage by the end of the month with the wedding date. More information will follow soon.


Minister of Magic Shacklebolt

Molly shrieked with happiness and not only hugged but kissed Hermione on the cheek. "Now we won't lose you, we were worried about you and who you would be paired with, now you will be officially in the family." Hugging and kissing Arthur as well, "We always wanted another daughter. Here she is, perfect as can be. Maybe you will be able to talk some sense into that boy." She winked at her "He has always had a soft spot for you."

"I hate to say it though, we have to ask him, why he petitioned but didn't tell any of us. He sure didn't say anything to me." Walking past Hermione and stopping to squeeze her and kiss her forehead, "I am going to get George so we can talk about this before letting the other know."

"Are you ok?" Molly asks.

"Well, I feel a little better after telling you, I am so sorry I kept that from you. I just didn't want to disappoint the parents I still had" she smiled and shrugged slightly. "I was afraid everyone would think I was heartless and didn't care." Sniffing slightly again.

"I'm glad you think of us that way and I meant it, you can tell us anything. No secrets from here out."