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1 – Hermione/Remus – Less than 8 chapters. It is after the war and they are in a relationship but have been keeping it secret. It comes out when they are caught in the Burrow kitchen when Hermione was making tea for an order get together. Ron catches them and throws a royal hissy fit. But everyone else is supportive. Remus is described as looking like a boy who got caught doing something he shouldn't. After leaving to go home, Hermione convinces him to marry. When they get home they are a little lost up against the wall and Harry catches them. Harry, Ginny, Ron and Molly were there so Ron could apologize. One of the last lines in the story is about when are they going to start having kids.

2- Hermione and one of the twins (I hate grouping them but I really can't remember) – Again a shorter story between 3 and 5 chapters I think. They had been together as a couple. Something had happened while she was alone and she had to defend herself against a Death Eater and she used a "dark" or "questionable" curse and everyone turned on her. Told her she should have figured out a different way. After everyone turned on her, she found out she was pregnant, unable to get Fred/George to listen to her to be able to tell them she figures out a spell to use. At the holidays she writes the family, telling them of what they did but none of them remember it. In her letter to the father, she explains she figured out a way to get the baby to him, he needs to speak a specific spell and the baby will come. After agonizing that they could treat someone that they loved like that. They complete the spell and instead of the baby, the spell brings Hermione, very early in her pregnancy.

Waking up and stretching, George is surprised to find Hermione's side of the bed empty and cold. Jumping up out of bed, George is heading for the living room and kitchen, "Hermione?" calling out for her. Looking at the clock on the wall, 9:30 am, he slept in longer than he normally does, finding a note from Hermione on the table.


I didn't want to wake you, you were sleeping so well. I have some errands to do today, I am not sure if I will be home for lunch or not. I will be home for dinner, for sure.



Breathing a sigh of relief but still wondering a little as to what she had to do. She hadn't mentioned any errands the night before. He is thinking that he may go into the shop for a bit, maybe get ahead on some work while she is out.


Hermione was walking towards a small grouping of trees, having finally located the small cemetery that her parents were buried in. The breeze blowing the soft material of her skirt around her legs, it was a beautiful day so she settled on a long peasant skirt and form fitting jumper. She had no problems talking to her mum, she found herself doing it often enough. She found herself needing to be close to her today, even if it was just her sitting by their graves. Waking up this morning, she felt confused and awkward, she knew that she needed to clear her head but didn't want to talk with anyone. Fleur, Tonks, Molly have all been great, Ginny and Luna are always there for her and now Amanda too. She never really dwelled on being the only Muggleborn in their group of friends, Harry was basically but he still had the power of the Potter name behind him. Now she has someone who gets it all, well with the exception of a few things being she is British and Amanda is American but Hermione is looking forward to having someone understand her and some of the same interests. Stopping, she is close enough she is able to see the names on the stone, her breath hitching. Running her fingers of the etched stone, three hearts all interlaced together. "Hi Mum, Dad… Hi Emma, I wish I would have got to meet you Emma; I'm your big sister. I have a surprise. I'm a witch. Not the nasty ones from fairy tales but a good one. Like Glinda, just not as pink or perky. I'm so glad Mum and Dad had you in their lives for the little bit they did." Wiping a tear that was starting to make its way down her cheek, "I'm so sorry I did what I did to you two. I had to. I hope wherever you are, you remember me now. I hope you understand why I did it." Sitting for a minute before continuing, "I loved you so much. I hated the idea of you not knowing me but I knew I much rather you not know me than be tortured for information." Shaking her head as if she knows what he would be saying and quietly, "I know Daddy, I know you'd do anything for me but… I just couldn't… I live with the results of it now and I could've never lived with it would it have been you or Mum dealing with it." Fiddling with her fingers, "I'm getting married, to George. I told you about him in some of my letters. He's Ron's older brother, one of the twins. You'd like him Mum, he'd make you laugh. He's good at that. He's really good to me. Dad, you would like him too. After you threatened him with a root canal," Sighing and settling in on the ground, crossing her legs "It has been a lot to take in lately. I miss…you… so… very much!" Sobbing and burying her head in her hands. Crying because she wants to be held by her mum, she is crying because she wants to lean on her dad while watching TV. Wishing her mum was here to give her advice on her relationship with George, wishing her dad was here to give George that talk, the you hurt my daughter and I will hunt you down talk. Crying for everything she would never share with her parents, her baby sister. Knowing that there was so much unsaid between them because she was afraid, "I hope you are proud of me. That was all I ever wanted. I am the brightest witch of her age, smarter than any that have come before me in a long time." Looking around to see if there were any other visitors in the cemetery that day, "Here I'll show, I don't even need my wand to do it, either." Slowly moving her hand over the spot right below her sister's name, a small bloom, growing into a beautiful grouping of cosmos, orange and pink "I know I said I wasn't a pink type of witch but these really look nice together. George would like the bright colors. Things have been hard between Ron and I. Dad I don't understand why boys, sorry young men, are so stupid. I mean, he got mad at me when tried to talk to him about the war, what happened to me at the manor. He wouldn't listen to me. I understand that we all were trying to get over it but I needed someone to talk to. He was trying to get back into some sort of a relationship with Luna. I was trying just to sleep at night." Smiling slightly, "I guess though it was a small blessing, I got to know Sirius better, he is going to give me away at the wedding." Wiping a tear from her cheek, "He took me shopping for my dress, paid for it too and wouldn't take any money for it." Rubbing her hands together, "I'm excited about marrying George. I never thought I would be. We became friends early on in school, we could talk about anything. We did talk about almost anything. I never thought of him like that but now I couldn't see myself with anyone else. I know I'm rambling on; I just needed to see you and talk to you for a bit. I will try and visit more often. I've got a new job; I'm going to be teaching. Imagine that, Professor Granger, for a bit then Professor Weasley." Giggling, "I know it is weird sounding, it is to me too. I honestly never figured I'd marry. Don't get me wrong mum, I can just imagine your face now, I'm loved. I'm reminded of that fact often but I never thought I would find someone who would put up with me. I've been told, I can be a know it all, kind of bossy too." Wiping across the stone, tracing the name Granger, "I am going to get going. I decided I need to talk with Ron, I don't know what his problem is but we need to deal with it before it gets worse. I am supposed to be a bridesmaid in his wedding. Can't do that if we aren't speaking to each other," Standing up and brushing herself off lying her hand on top of the stone, "I love you. I will be back soon. I know I don't have to come here to talk to you but I needed it." With one last look back she is smiling before appariting away to Luna and Ron's house.

Knocking on the door and waiting until she hears Luna's voice behind it, "Just a second Ron," Peeking out the door, "Oh Hermione, it's nice to see you."

"I was hoping to talk with Ron." Looking around and then down at her feet, "I mean as long as you guys weren't busy."

"I'm glad to see you; I was hoping you'd be by soon. Ron and you need to talk I think."

"As perceptive as always Luna, I decided with you two getting married soon, if I'm to be in the wedding we need to discuss our issues." Smiling at her friend, "As long as he still wants me in the wedding," While Hermione and Luna were friends; Ron was the one to ask her to be in the wedding.

"He does. We talked about it, I told him he needed to get his issues sorted soon." Guiding Hermione through to the small living room, "Ron, look who's here."

Looking up from the magazine he was holding, "Oh, hi Mione." Standing and wiping his hands on his jeans, "What brings you by?"

"I thought we could talk." Standing there awkwardly, "I mean, I think we need to."

"You're right, we do." Holding his hand out to her, "Luna, I'm going to show Hermione the back patio. I think it'll be nice sitting out there."

"Ok, I'll bring you two some tea in a few minutes."

Walking towards the backyard, Ron is pulling Hermione by the hand, "I know I've got issues Hermione," Motioning for her to sit in a chair, "I realized that after I missed out on the weekend with my brothers."

"I just wish I knew how to help you."

"I'm getting there; I needed to avoid you for a bit. I was a bastard. There's no other way to say it. I was. I started seeing a healer and a mind healer, I'm surprised that they didn't find this when I first went for the Auror physical. They think that the fight at the Ministry caused more damage than originally thought and then I was affected by the Horcrux in a way you and Harry weren't because of it." Looking up to see Luna bringing out tea and a plate of cookies, "Thanks love," Getting a kiss before she turned to walk back in the house. "You know that is when I really started to notice Luna."

"I know, I could see it in your face."

"I was confused, for so long I wanted you. I thought I needed you," His face reddening at the admission, "I resented Luna for a while, I think, we danced around dating for so long, she and I did."

"Everyone seemed to think we were destined for each other and I never fancied you like that. You were my brother, over-protective, annoying, pain in the arse brother." Sighing, "I wish that at some point in time I could have loved you like you loved me. Even if it didn't last but I didn't we can't live a life of would've, should've or could've. It doesn't work like that."

"One thing that I've talked about with my healer is why I ignored what happened to you." Scooting his chair closer to her, "I mean, after the war, I was too busy trying to do everything but help you or Harry move on. I'm sorry."


"No I got to say it all. Lucy, my healer is a Muggleborn, she is working with some Muggle tactics for some of my issues. She hypnotized me and took me back to that time. After that I could remember everything, I somehow blocked it all out, I was sick to my stomach. The idea that I could just forget about everything I heard that night. I remember your screams." Lacing his fingers in hers and pulling her out of her chair and into his lap, "They sacred me to death, I was so afraid I was going to lose my best friend. She thinks it is part of the disorder… It is a new concept to Wizards."

"Post-traumatic stress?"

"Yes, that's it." Hugging her tight to him, "She and I have talked, she thinks my brain filed it away and didn't want to think or know about it. You were trying to come to grips with everything and tried to talk to me about it but with no memory I thought you were making stuff up. Then you add in my general temper and it didn't mix well. I was upset with you being paired with George because he knew a side of you I didn't. Then Bill and George too, it was too much and I blew up."

"But why did you bring Harry and Sirius into it all too?"

"Because I'm a daft bugger, again I hated that someone had something with you. I don't understand the jealousy sometimes but I'm working on it. I didn't mean to accuse Harry of anything, I really didn't I know you two are closer than siblings. You used to come to me for things. I mean, first year after the troll incident you, me and Harry, we were it. Then second year before you were petrified we watched out for each other. Third year, you turned to me when Buckbeak was killed the first time around."

"I trusted you with everything, even though you drove me spare. I wanted to go to you for a lot. While Harry is my brother and knows so much about me, you were my best friend even when you argued with me."

"Then the year from hell, fourth year was one of my worst ever. All I can do with that one is blame jealousy. I was getting crap from the twins just teasing me about the gorgeous bird you had turned in to and that Viktor was going to steal you away. I hated that while you didn't care about his Quidditch status, you acted like a girl around him."

"Ron," Sighing and moving from his lap back to her chair, rubbing her back and grimacing a little "He was the first person to not care I was a Muggleborn or Harry Potter's friend or a know it all. While he didn't talk much, he was easy to be around. He was a gentle soul, I know before you say anything about how rough he was on the pitch, off the pitch he was a kind and gentle soul. In the library one day when I got one of my hand cramps from writing, he massaged my hands. He used a family spell his momma used on him when he would first come home from Quidditch practice."

"Momma? And are you ok? You keep screwing your face up like you're in pain?"

"Sorry, I am fine, my stomach is just a little upset today plus I get cramps as an aftereffect of the torture." Waving off the pale look that passed over his face, "That was how he always referred to her. He would talk about his family and would light up. His momma and little brother meant a lot to him. Anyways, while he did have romantic feelings for me, I didn't about him at that time. Would I have liked to see if something could have grown? Yes, I never got the chance to date in school, the Yule Ball and one horrible Christmas party for Slughorn. Part of that George says is because too many guys were intimidated by me," Shrugging "I didn't mean to be like that but I just wanted to do well in school."

"Understatement of the decade, Hermione you could have never studied and done better than the rest of us." Looking at his friend in concern, he can see the pain flickering across her face.

"Well we're digressing; I remembered something else I needed to say to you. You had no right to send Viktor's letters back to him. Before you try to deny it, I saw them with your handwriting on them. Why Ron? Was it so bad that someone was interested in me?"

"At the time, yes, I hated it. I know I shouldn't have done that but over the years I have done some stupid things when it came to you. I know that now. It's easy to see that looking back. If I could change things I would but I can't, I just have to live with the things I've done and hope you will forgive me."

"I want to. It's just; I really doubt a lot of people because of that. Viktor told me I was beautiful and that I was great the way I was. He was so excited when he left in the prospect that we would write each other and I could've visited. Then his letters never came and you rubbed it in my face."

"I know. I hate that I did that." Watching her again concerned, "I understand that there has been a lot between us and we'll probably never be as close as we were but I want to be there in your life. Mione, you don't look good, are you sure you are fine?"

"I'm fine don't worry, some days it can be bad." Leaning back in her chair, "You'll always be there; you hurt George too by extension of me. He felt awful for me because of the way you treated me."

"I know he made sure to let me know that."

"I want to be able to get together at the Burrow and be with the family and not have to worry about you sticking your foot in it."

"I'm trying but I've never been good at that." Laughing, "I'm trying to change but remember I'm still only Ron." Kneeling in front of her "Hermione, I'm trying to not only be a better friend but because of Luna I'm trying to be a better person. I know to do that though I needed to apologize to you."

"Ron," cupping his face, "I'm just happy you are getting help. Luna is so good for you."

"Let me finish, please Hermione." Smiling and sitting back on his haunches, "Hermione Jean Granger, soon to be Weasley, I'm so sorry I that I've been a complete and utter prat for the last 3 years of our friendship. For overlooking your pain and needs, while you've always tried to put everyone else first. I know that I've in many ways been more awful to you that Malfoy, I cut you down and made you feel horrible. It's expected of him because he was our enemy but I was your friend and that makes it worse. I stood in your way of being a normal teenager when it came to Krum and flaunted my relationships or your lack thereof in your face. I want to be your friend again and I hope that you'll accept my apology for being a world class arse."

"Ronald, I forgave you already for all of that. As weird as this sounds I talk to my mum all the time and by doing so I would think about things the way she does, she would've said to forgive you and let bygones be bygones. I did talk to her at times about things over the years and she always told me that you were just jealous and that you would grow out of it. My only condition about this, you have to apologize to Sirius, Harry and George. You hurt them too, I know they will forgive you but you need to do it."

"I've talked with Sirius and Harry but I haven't with George yet. I wanted to talk to you first." Bending over in pain Hermione is grabbing Ron's shoulder, "What's the matter, Mione?"

Trying to stand, "I don't know, I think I need…"

"You're bleeding!" Grabbing her up, as they noticed the blood seeping through her skirt, opening the door to the house and yelling inside, "Luna get George, bring him to St. Mungo's!" Stepping back out to appariate, "Hang on Mione!" Landing and running in through the doors to the emergency section, "Help me! She needs help right now."

Getting to the door where they are bringing out a stretcher, laying her down on it, "You'll be fine. I'll wait here for George." Squeezing her hand as her eyes are fluttering close, "I love you Hermione," he is saying as they are pushing her through the doors. Looking around and down at his shirt, some blood from Hermione on his front. Sitting down in the nearest chair, unsure how to react, pulling his wand and sending a Patronus, "Mum, come to Mungo's, I just brought Hermione in. Luna was going to get George but I think you need to be here too." Just as soon as the form is moving away from him, he can see George and Luna running in through the doors. He is waving him over, "They just took her back. I'm not sure what is going on." Pulling George into a hug, "I'm so sorry George."

Holding onto his brother trying to compose his thoughts, George is finally able to ask, "What was she doing?"

"She had come over to talk to Ron. They had been in the back yard when Ron ran in long enough to yell for me to get you."

Pulling his brothers head up, while they weren't much difference in height, Ron had buried his face into George's chest. "Ron, what happened?"

"We were talking; I had apologized for, well the way I have been behaving. She had been rubbing her stomach and back off and on, saying that she had cramps from the torture and she was fine but her face was saying something else. She bent over in pain and when she stood up you could see the blood. It wasn't a lot at first but…" Sitting down hard in a chair behind him, George is on the edge of the chair next to him both pale and staring into to space.

"Come here Ron, I need to…" Luna pointing at his shirt and lowering her voice, "I want to clean that up." Both Weasley boys had settled into chairs next to each other, not saying anything just watching the door that the doctors had taken Hermione through. "I'm going to go get some tea, I'll get you each a cup and we may be here a bit." Kissing Ron and patting George's hand before walking away. As she was walking towards the hallway, she is able to intercept Molly and Arthur, "Molly hold on," pulling them to the side, "The boys are over there," pointing to the two brothers, "All we really know is that they took Mione in the back right now. She was over talking with Ron, when he yelled in the house for me to get George and bring him here. I think it sounds like she's having some more issues from the torture." Watching has Arthur is wrapping his arms around Molly, "I wanted to let you two know because I didn't know how much George or Ron will be up to talking." Watching it sink in, "I'm going for some tea; I think it may be a little bit until they have any answers."

"Thank you Luna," Arthur is squeezing her into a hug with his wife, "We'll keep the boys company." Walking towards their sons, "Now Molly, we've got to be strong. So let's just comfort the boys and wait for them to talk." Nodding her head as they approached them, Arthur is the first to address them, "So boys, what can you tell us?"

Looking up at his father, George is unable to answer, "I only know Ron brought her in, I've only gotten here."

"We were talking and she bent over in pain and when she stood up there was blood." Shaking his head, "I didn't know what to do but bring her here."

"You did the right thing Ron," George is patting his back, "Thank you."

"Ron, what do you mean blood?"

"Um Mum," Looking down and wringing his hands, "It looked like it was coming from her… well… it was spreading down her skirt."

"Oh," Settling in next to Ron, Molly is patting his hand unsure what to say. Arthur is sitting next to George. Sitting in silence for a few more minutes until Luna comes back with the tea and makes Ron take a walk with her to give George and his parents some time.

"She has had some issues," Breaking the silence George is starting to say, "Ever since the Malfoy Manor she said. "She was concerned about not having kids because of it."

"Why would she be concerned about that?" Arthur is asking rubbing George's back as he leans forward to rest his arms on his knees.

"She hasn't had her period since that night. The healers couldn't figure out why."

"That's been a year and a half." Molly is gasping, "What have they been doing to look into it?"

"Unfortunately, Hermione is a rare case. Most of Bellatrix's victims haven't survived and most other Crucio survivors are men. So they aren't sure what to do." Not sure how much time has passed and wondering how much longer they would need to wait, looking up he sees Harry and Ginny coming in.

"We heard that Ron brought Hermione in, what is wrong?" Harry is holding onto Ginny and looking at the Weasley's for answers. Listening as Molly is explaining what they know. Explaining what they did know, now all they could do was wait. Luna having returned from getting tea was now sitting with Ron. George was pacing and then someone would convince him to sit down and within 5 minutes he would be back up and pacing again. Molly and Arthur unable to convince him to sit back down, wishing that Fred was here, he could always settle George. Soon an hour had passed and no word. George was trying to get information but the mediwitch was unable to give him anything as Hermione didn't have him listed as a contact. Shortly another hour had passed and still no word, this time Harry was trying to get some information. When he threaten to call the Minister of Magic, the young witch jumped up and ran to find someone to get answers.

"Family for Hermione Granger?"

"Me!" George is standing and raising his hand, "I'm her fiancée."

"Are you George?" Seeing the young man nodding his head, "Come with me, she wanted me to talk with you before anyone else." Leading him to a small room where Hermione is laying on the bed. Her eyes are red and puffy and she is curled into a ball on her side in a hospital gown.

"Love," Sitting down next to her, kissing her forehead and cheeks, "I'm here."

"Mr. Weasley…"

"George, please," Stroking her hair as he is trying to look at her face.

"Well, George" Hearing her strangled sob, "I hate giving this news to anyone but she had a cyst on both of her ovaries and one of them ruptured." Nodding his head at the doctor waiting for him to continue, "A cyst is a growth that can be taken care of and not cause any harm if they are found. I wish that a healer had caught this sooner but she has had a lot of damage. She has scare tissue on both sides. There are a lot of factors, I believe it is from the torture she had endured and then from malnutrition from her efforts in the war as well. The cramping that she has been having is because of the cysts. These can run in the family, unfortunately without being able to ask her mother if they are common in her family, I can't for certain say if they were exacerbated by the torture or not. This is not a common thing for witches, so our healers weren't looking for it."

"So when can she come home?"

"Most likely tomorrow, we have given her a potion that will cause her to expel any remnants from her system. It is much like a potion we use after a woman has had a miscarriage; it is to make sure there is no further damage done."

"What does it matter?"

"What does she mean? What are you talking about love?"

"What the doctor is not saying is that, there is too much damage."

"Miss Granger, I just figured you would want to talk about that at a later time, once you have had time to come to terms with it."

"Come to terms with it?" Pulling the blanket she had up around herself, "There is no sense in it! I might as well give him all the information now. So he can still marry someone else!" Openly crying now, Hermione is shaking in George's arms, trying to turn away from him.

"Doctor, I think you need to leave. I'll let you know if I've got any questions," Watching the doctor squirm with Hermione's outburst, "Can you please tell my family I'll be out soon."

"Sure thing," Turning one last time before leaving, "I'm really sorry Hermione."

Sobbing harder, Hermione is shaking and rolling tighter into a ball, "Love, you've got to talk to me. I love you."

"You shouldn't, George…" trying to get her sobs under control, "I really think you should ask someone else to marry you."


"Yes, you should."

Shifting Hermione around on the bed to curl into his side and getting into bed with her, "Give me one good reason."

"I won't be able to have children." Fisting his shirt and pulling him closer, "They ran test after test and there is too much damage. That's why I haven't had my period in so long. There is no fixing it."

"So? If not, we don't have children, if you really want a child we adopt. Or we spoil our nieces and nephews rotten and send them home to their parents. Not to mention we will be at Hogwarts, so you will be around children." Feeling her shake, "I know it's not the same and it's probably not what you thought would happen with your life."

"But all of you have talked about wanting children. I've heard you all say it. A Weasley not having children is crazy."

"Yes, I did want children. There will be plenty of children for Mum and Dad to spoil as grandchildren. I was you as my wife more." Nuzzling her neck, "I wish I wouldn't have been so stupid and taken so long to realize how much I loved you to begin with."

Shaking her head, "I don't want you to regret it. You can still find another person to marry. I'm sure they will let you, we'll just tell them. I just can't imagine not giving my husband children."

"Who's to say I wouldn't have problems having children with another witch?"


"So no more talk about marrying others. You are stuck with me Hermione Jean." Kissing her cheek and nose, "No one else can handle me."

Sitting there and holding on to her, uncertain of what to say. Knowing she will say something when she is ready. Breaking the silence a bit later, "Can you bring in mum? I just want to see her no one else right now."

"Um…" Unsure what to do, not wanting to upset her, "Hermione?"

"I'm sorry, I meant your mum. She told me I could call her that."

"Oh ok." Untangling him from her, "I'll send her in and I'll go grab some dinner for us both." Holding up his hand, "I'll check to make sure you can have outside food before I get you anything."

"Thank you George," Kissing his hand as he smoothed out her hair, "I love you. Can you tell anyone out there what's going on? I don't want to have to tell a bunch of different people. I also don't want them to pity me."

"I will no one will pity you. I love you too." Walking down the hall, stopping at the nurses station before leaving, "Hi, my fiancée is here and I want to bring her dinner, is that ok?"

"Who is it? So I can check her file to make sure there are no food restrictions."

"Hermione Granger."

"Granger… Here it is no food restrictions, just try to not being anything too spicy or too strong smelling since others in this area of the hospital have to eat food prepared here."

"I can do that. Thanks a lot," Walking out the door and towards his family, pushing his hands into his pockets, "Mum, she'd like you to come in with her for a bit."

"What's going to Georgie?" Fred and Angelina had shown up while he was in the room with her.

"How long had I been in there?" Looking around at the family that has gathered, everyone but Bill, Charlie and Amanda are there.

"Almost an hour and a half, we all want to be here to support you two." Fleur is standing next to Ginny with her arm around the younger witch's shoulders, who had obviously been crying.

"Thank you. Well, it's bad new and Hermione isn't taking it well. She really doesn't want to see anyone but mum right now." Leaning against his twin, "They said it a cyst, it's a growth that doesn't happen often in witches. It can run in Muggle families but they think it was aggravated by her time at the Manor." Rubbing his face "The blood and pain she had been when it ruptured. It impacted everything; she has too much scar tissue." His voice cracking, "They ran some tests and she isn't ever going to have children. The scarring and damage was too far gone."

"When can she go home?" Ginny is whispering, "Does she need to stay long?"

"They want her to stay overnight. They gave her a potion to make sure there aren't any other issues."

"I'll go sit with her."

"Thanks Mum," Hugging her tight, "Don't be surprised if she calls you mum, she did a few minutes ago."

Kissing her son's cheek, "Ok, Georgie, I'll see you in a bit."

"I told her I'd get her something to eat." Wringing his hands, "Thank you all for coming but I'm sorry she doesn't want any visitors tonight. I'll let her know you were all here and she'll send you an owl when she is ready to talk." Looking at Ginny and Fleur, "I'm sorry."

"No sorry needed," Ginny is wrapping her arms around her brother's waist, "Just take care of her." The rest of the family slowly starts wandering out; giving him hugs and kisses to pass along. Before Harry and Ginny leave, George is asking that they pass the news along to Sirius and the Lupins.

Soon it's just Fred, Arthur and George, "Want to walk with me while I get Hermione food?"

Nodding their heads, his twin and father flank him, "George, you take the time you need in the next couple of days. If she needs you to stay home, you stay home. I will owl Lee and Verity to let them know that they may need to pick up some extra hours this week."

"She wants me to find someone else to marry." George's voice cracking as he says it out loud.

Stopping his son with hands to his shoulders "Why?" Pulling him tight to his side, grabbing Fred and pulling him towards George as well, "What did she give you for a reason?"

"Because all of us wanted children, she thinks that I will regret it." Crying into his father's shoulder, "I'm just worried about her dad. I love her! It hurts to think of being with anyone else." Pulling away from the embrace, "I just don't know how to make her realize that."

"It's going to take time son that's all I can say." Arthur is shaking his head, "I wish I had better advice but this is new territory for us too. Your mum and I never had any issues, hence why there are 7 of you." Getting a small smile from George, "I'm sure she will go through stages dealing with it. She'll be depressed, she'll get angry and she may even distance herself from you for a bit. You just have to be there to bring her back."

Back in Hermione's room

"Hermione?" Molly is knocking lightly on her door as she is pushing it open.

"Mum?" Sitting up and putting her arms out to Molly.

"Oh sweetheart," Walking towards her, "I'm here for you."

"I just don't get it."

"About what?"

"Why? I hate it. I shouldn't complain but why does it always seem like it happens to me?"

"Hermione, I wish I had an answer." Wrapping her arms around the young witch and kissing the top of her head. "I know that no matter what George and the rest of us will be there for you."

"I feel horrible."

"Do you want me to get the doctor? Is there something they can give you for the pain?"

"I'm not in that much pain, I just…" Turning into the embrace, "I told George I wanted him to marry someone else."

"He's not going to do that. He loves you, we all see that." Smoothing out her hair and rubbing her back, "I know coming from me it doesn't mean much but there are worse things than not having children Hermione. You're alive and you've got a family that will do anything for you and want to help you."

"I know. I hate that I feel this way."

"It's the depression; it works in the worst ways. It'll eat at you and make you feel horrible about yourself." Tipping her face up wiping away some of the tears, "You're much too hard on yourself; some of us over the years haven't helped your opinion of yourself. I always thought you were a wonderful young girl and loved that you're such good friends with my kids and Harry but I never told you that." Pulling her back into a hug as Molly is leaning against the headboard of the bed, cradling the young witch in her arms. Holding her as she is shaking "Let it out."

"You won't be disappointed?"

"Not in the ways you think." Sighing, "I'm not saying this to make you feel worse. There's nothing like the feeling of motherhood. I'm disappointed that you won't get to experience it firsthand. I'm disappointed you won't feel the anxiety of telling George you're pregnant." Kissing her head, "But I'm glad this happened if it means we still have you. I'm not saying that to be heartless love. It could have been much worse; who knows what would have happened if you would've been home alone. Who knows how bad the bleeding would've gotten before someone found you."

Shrugging, "I guess you're right."

"Hermione, you've always been a very logical girl. Now let me ask you a few questions. You know all of my boys; do you honestly think that George would leave you because of this?" Watching her shake her head, "Ok, do you love him?" Hermione is nodding, "Do you believe he loves you?" Hermione is blushing and nodding this time. "So then I'll ask you one last question, don't you think he would rather have you here to be by his side then not at all."

"Yes," in a small shy voice, Hermione is aware of how much George loves her and how much she loves him.

"I'm not saying this will be easy because marriage isn't in general. You two will fight with each other, annoy each other, get jealous and you may want to hex him. Then other days, you'll love one another, can't get enough of each other, annoy others with your love and be happy. Trust me the early years with Arthur were rough."

"You and Arthur have been great to me. I really appreciate everything…"

"But… I hear the pause there."

"He's your son, what do I do when we do fight and I need my mum." Crying again, "I can't come to you and complain about him?"

"Why not?" Shaking her head, "I know what an arse he can be when he wants to be. I did raise him."

"Hey!" A voice is coming from the doorway, "I'm not an arse." Kissing his mum and then fiancé on the cheek, "I'm a perfect gentleman."

"Try again George Weasley," Molly is standing up to let George sit next to Hermione, "You're not too old for me to smack around still."

"You wouldn't…" Tilting his head at his mum, "Never mind, you would. You would defend me right, love?"

"Depends on whether you've pissed me off as well."

"Well, that's spoken like a wife already," Arthur is laughing at his family, leaning over the side of the bed to hug Hermione. "I think it's time we head home. Let us know if you need anything," Putting his hand out to Molly, "Ready Molly?"

"Night kids."

Watching his parents walk out the door, "Fred sends his love and he gave me tomorrow off."

"I don't want you to rearrange your schedule for me."

"It's already done so we'll just go with it." Handing her a small container of food, "I thought you might like some pasta and I got you bread too."

Eating is slightly uncomfortable silence, how do you apologize to your fiancé who is also a good friend that you tried to convince him to marry someone else. Even though you wouldn't want that, poking at the food, "I'm sorry."

"For what love?"

"For telling you to find someone else," Shaking her head, "I really don't want that."

"Good cause it's not going to happen." Kissing her temple, "We don't need to talk right now. Just eat and then you can get comfortable and I'll stay until they kick me out."

"Thank you."

At the burrow

Stepping out of their Floo into their living room, "Oh Arthur!" Turning into her husband's arms, "When will that girl get a break?"

Letting his wife cry until he can feel her sobs subsiding, "I don't know Molly. I wish there was something we could do but we can't." Walking her to the couch and sitting down with his arm around her, "As much as we want to help, we have to try and let them do this on their own. If and when they come to us, then we can help but give them a shot at it first." Sighing, "Of any of the couples, those two will make it through it. They are incredible strong and they care about each other."

"Hermione told George to find someone else."

"You know, I wasn't sure if George loved Hermione until tonight." Getting a glare from his wife, "Now, now, I knew he cared and he would come to love her like he should. Tonight when he told me she wanted him to marry someone else, he cried and held on to me. Other than when Fred was in the hospital, when was the last time you saw George cry."

"The same thing with Hermione, I knew she cared about him and that over time they would be fine. Then tonight when talking you could see it in her eyes although I think she would let him go if he really wanted it."

"It's going to be hard on both of them but they will make it through it. Out of the family, they are the two that I think are the best equipped with dealing with it. The next month will be hard on them. She'll go through the grieving process especially so soon after losing her parents. I warned George that she may try and distance herself from him. He will just have to watch her and be there for her."

"When did you get so smart Arthur?"

"Being married to you Molly has done me wonders over the years."

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