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When Naruto finished speaking with Kyubi they decided to keep it that he knew about her a secret for the moment. Kyubi then told Naruto to get up and go to his cave and get ready for his training.

When Naruto woke up he was in the hospital. "Naruto, are you alright?" He looked to his side and saw the third. He had to bite his tong to keep a somewhat calm façade.

"Yea gramps, just another beating. I still don't know why they do that, do you old man?" The third shook his head and told him no. 'dam villagers making his life hell, I wish I could do more for him but the council would get into a fuss and make my life even harder' thought the Hokage.

"Hey old man, when can I get out of here?" That brought the Hokage back from his musings. He told Naruto that he could get out of there today now that he was healed up.

As the Hokage was walking Naruto back to his apartment he noticed Naruto was quiet most of the time. Naruto then asked if he could join the ninja academy so he could learn to protect himself. Sarutobi looked at Naruto and asked him why he would.

Naruto told him that he would need to get strong to protect his precious people. This made Sarutobi happy to hear. Hearing that gave him hope for the future of the village of not hurting Naruto. However Naruto was still to young. He told him that he would have to wait for 3 more years before he could start. Naruto pretended to be sad but told the old man he understood.

When they got to his apartment the Hokage told him that it would get better and left him alone.

After the old man left, Naruto headed to his cave which was in training ground 44 better known as the forest of death. Naruto got to his cave and Kyubi instructed him on how to draw seals in the dirt which would keep his presence hidden from everyone.


A few months later

we find Naruto sitting under a waterfall meditating while a few clones were practicing water walking while a few were doing the tree walking and a few were working on their hand sign speed.

Kyubi had taught him how to make shadow clones to help him with his training. She knew from Kushina that what shadow clones learned, it transferred back to original. They were also solid so they could last a few hits. The only drawbacks were that it did not transfer back physical muscle mass also that if you dispelled many at once the overload on the original could be harmful.

Kyubi also taught him how to make a blood clone. It was a clone that would last as long as the original wanted it to or till the clone was killed. Naruto had this clone out on the town while he was training as to not arouse suspicion.

So while Naruto was meditating he was in his mindscape talking with Kyubi. They were discussing what Naruto should do, training and sparing with clones could get you only so much experience.

They decided that Naruto would train for three years till the academy started and then leave the blood clone to go to the academy while Naruto would go out on the world and travel and get experience. He would return a few days before he was supposed to graduate from the academy and go from there.

They also discussed how they would fund their little trip. Kyubi taught Naruto the henge and he would send out clones as different people and have them pickpocket and have them come back to the cave and drop off and dispel.

By the end of the next month Naruto had a surprising 5 million. His clones kept to the rich area so they had a lot of money. Naruto would also have the clones keep collecting so by the time he left he would have a lot of money for when he left and enough for when he returned.


One month later Kyubi had Naruto start working on nature manipulation. Kyubi was fire and earth. Naruto had wind and water manipulation. She said that she would teach him elemental jutsu as soon as he had this down, it would make learning them that much easier and also not cost as much as much chackra.

Naruto had clones working on wind fire, water, and earth manipulation. Kyubi also learned that he could combine a few of them.

Earth and fire would be magma, water and wind would make ice, water and earth would make mud.

Naruto was then working on sealing that he Kyubi picked up from being sealed in Kushina and Mito. They did not know that she was able to fore a small amount to their eyes and learned with them.

Earlier that month Naruto tore off a small part of the seal which gave Kyubi access to his senses such as sight, hearing, smell and sometimes touch. This made it easier for them to communicate.


One month later Naruto started learning jutsu. With all the work he put into his chakra control and nature manipulation it was easier.

Naruto made eighty shadow clones. Twenty for each group.

Twenty went to fire, twenty to water, twenty to earth, and twenty to wind. Ten of each group would practice the hand signs and speed while the rest worked on the actual jutsu and application.

They practiced that for a week until they could do a jutsu without hand signs. Naruto and Kyubi were pleased at the progress that they were making.

While the clones were doing that Naruto and Kyubi were working on Naruto's fitness. His current workout schedule which would change from time to time was as followed:

8-9 make clones and have them work on control, manipulation, jutsu for the day.

9-10 stretch

11-12 run as long as he can as fast as he can to build up stamina and lung capacity.

12-1 lunch

1-2 push ups, sit ups, crunches, jumping jacks, squat thrusts

2-3 swim to stretch muscles and flexibility

4-5 get used to resistance seals and weight seals

5-6 dinner

6-7 work on tijutsu and kenjutsu(sword) katas

7-8 spar with clones

8-9 unwind by stretching and meditation

9- bed

This would change up every other week with his other workings.

8-9 create clones to work with jutsu and manipulation

9-10 practice stealth

10-11 practice dodging kunai and shuriken and jutsu

11-12 watch ANBU patrols and memories routs

12-1 lunch

1-2 infiltrate secure locations without being caught witch he never was

2-3 look for the leafs week points in security

4-5 work on seals

5-6 dinner

6-7 work on putting Kyubi's chackra into a clone and get her out of the seal for a little bit

7-9 work on anything that needs work

9-10 bed

That was his work schedule for the next three years.

Surprisingly the blood clone was never fond out and the Sarutobi never found out. Every time he would watch Naruto through his seeing ball that belonged to the current Kage to keep tabs on the villagers. Of course it was safe to say that the hot springs were made sure to be looked after for a very good amount of time.

Even during when the old would visit, he still couldn't tell.

Three years later

Naruto was now 8 and was 4' 5 and a good 110 pounds. Not pure muscle, but not all fat. Naruto wore black Anbu Pants, A black shirt with chain mail under the shirt. On the shirt he sewn the Uzumaki symbol. He had his hair combed back.

His personality was quiet and waited for information before action but knew when to act. He also was on a constant look out to where it wasn't obvious for things that were off.

The Naruto that the village knew was totally different he was a loud obnoxious kid shouting on how he was going to be hokage. He would wear a bright orange jumpsuit that a few stores would sell to him.

Eventually it was time to go. Naruto over the years had added onto the cave to where it came out outside of the village. He also prepared by taking 50 million that he had gotten from pick pocketing over the years. He also put the rest which was another 75 million hidden in the cave.

Naruto hinged as a ninja bought a lot of shuriken and kunai. He sealed them in scrolls. His current count was 500 of each and fifty of them sealed in seals on his hands. His right hand had kunai and his left had shuriken, all he needed to do was add chackra and out they came.

Naruto had been going to different towns just outside of the village watching which routs were used the most by civilians, ninja, and what time they were most used.

He left during the time that it was most used because nobody would notice a kid by themselves at that time.


A few hours of traveling later Naruto got to an inn and sat down and ordered some food. While he was waiting he overheard something interesting.

"So Mei, how did the meting with the Hokage go? Will he help with the rebellion?" a man that was dressed in a hunter ninja uniform that had seen better days was asking a beautiful young woman.

The woman had red hair and was in a blue dress. "No Ao it didn't, he said that they were still recovering from the Kyubi attack that happened eight years ago. He said he couldn't send anybody to help, but the country looked really great in my opinion. Bastard must be stingy or just doesn't want to help.

Damit how the fuck are we supposed to deal with a jinchuricki?"

This got Naruto's attention. Naruto and Kyubi had a conversation while the one with Ao and Mei had theirs.

"What do you think Kyu-chan? This could be the Mist rebellion we were hearing about for a few months now."

Kyubi thought it over, "Well this would defiantly get you some experience and defiantly some allies. But fighting a jinchuricki will be interesting, I wonder who it could be. Well I say we help them."

Naruto agreed with her and waited five minutes till after the two left to follow.

He caught up with the two about ten miles away from the inn. Naruto masked his signature and snuck up on them.

He overheard them still talking about what they were planning to do. That was when Naruto made his move.

Naruto dropped down 10 yards in front of the two who dropped into fighting stances.

Naruto held up his hands in a sign that he meant no harm.

"Who are you! You think that you can take us?" Ao said in a tough voice that promised pain.

Naruto shook his head. "No I heard about your dilemma and I am offer my help." Mei eyed him carefully. "What can a kid do that other strong ninja's can not?"

She figured she might as well hear this kid out. The rebellion was not going as planned so any options could not hurt.

Naruto nodded and started to speak. "Well I have 10 million on me that I can give to the rebellion. Also I have been training and just need experience. But most of all, I can help you fight fire with fire in this case." A grin marking Naruto's lips to see how long it would take them to get the meaning.

Ao spoke up. "What makes you think we cant just kill you and take the money?" Naruto told him that they were in seals on his body and if he died then his body would burn and take away any chance of them getting the money.

While Ao was talking Mei was thinking about what Naruto said, fire with fire. Then it hit her like a ton of bricks.

Mei spoke up cutting Ao off, " You're a jinchuricki aren't you?" Ao stopped and got in front of Mei protecting her in case Naruto attacked.

Naruto grinned. "Why yes I am. Like I said fire with fire. So what do you say, need my help?" Mei and Ao were quiet thinking about the offer.

Mei spoke up, "What do you want in return surly you aren't going to do this for complete strangers?"

Naruto told her that he would get experience at fighting and also gain some allies. Ao and Mei talked about it and decided that it would be good for the rebellion with the money and a moral of a jinchuricki.

Mei accepted and asked what one he had. Naruto told him the Kyubi which shocked Ao and Mei.

Mei asked about the Kyubi being alive because it was believed that the fourth Hokage killed it. Naruto told her that you cant kill the Bijuu , just seal them.

After a few more questions they left for the rebel base.

On the way there Mei realized that they didn't know the kids name. when she asked she was surprised at his last name.

He told her he was Naruto Uzumaki which shocked Mei. She asked what his mothers name was and it turns out that they were related. It turns out that Mei was a cousin of Kushina.

Naruto was shocked, he had other family out there he was happy and so was Kyubi that Naruto wasn't alone besides with her.


A week later

Naruto, Ao and Mei finally made it to Mist and Naruto was introduced to the rebels who were a little reluctant about a kid being a big help but after a few weeks with the kid helped those worries go away.

Once Naruto got settled down it was time to plan.


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