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Naruto finished working with team 10 for the week and was going to check to see if there were any quick missions he could do when he heard yelling coming from the Hokages office.

"No more d rank missions, I an Uchia deserve to do better missions so I can get stronger and beat that MAN!"

Naruto knew exactly who it was, he walked past the secretary who was telling him that the hokage was busy at the moment. Naruto ignored her and walked in.

Naruto walked up the Uchia and knocked him on the head. Sauske rubbed his head and glared at him.

"Hokage, I demand you order this ass to unseal my sharingan eyes. I need them to get stronger, do it now."

During this Sakura and Sai were shaking their heads. They knew not to mess with Naruto. Sauske on the other hand, still believed he was a god.

The hokage looked at Naruto and asked if it was true that he sealed the sharingan. Naruto told him that he did it because that eye was nothing but trouble. They stole jutsu that other people work for. They bleed, sweat, and cry for their jutsu and an Uchia can just copy it with no problem.

A lot of clans hated the Uchia for that. Most people who worshiped the Uchia were civilian. Most ninja tolerated them, but with most of them gone, they didn't care.

The hokage nodded and agreed with Naruto witch made the Uchia threatened to leave the village. Naruto knocked him out and tossed him to a corner were a Anbu caught him. The hokage told the Anbu to take him to Ibiki and tell him to interrogate and get Inoichi (Ino's dad) to go through his mind.

The Anbu to do his job and the hokage turned back to Kakashi.

"Learn to control your students better Kakashi, or you will be taking off as their teacher."

Kakashi got scared and told the hokage that he would work on it. Kakashi then asked for a mission when team 10 came in. That is when the Hokage got an idea.

The hokage decided to send team 10 with team 7 on their first C rank mission. Both teams agreed and the hokage told his secretary to send in the client.

In walked a man with some muscle he was older, about 50 or so. He told them that they were going to escort him to his home in wave and he would finish the bridge.


The next day they all met by the north gate and set out on their journey.

On the way the teams were in a protection pattern. Ino, Sakura, and Choji were protecting in a triangle while Shikimaru, Sai was on the sides with Kakashi up front and Asuma in the back while Naruto was in the trees.

A few hours later

Naruto noticed a puddle on the road which was suspicious. Naruto knew it hadn't rained for a long time and there were no other puddles in the area. Naruto noticed that Kakashi tensed and so did Asuma.

Naruto noticed that the ginning didn't notice. So he prepared to jump in.

Just as the group passed two chains shot out and wrapped around Kakashi and a Kunai shot out at Asuma. Both hit their marks, however they didn't notice that they ported to the tree line.

Naruto jumped down and got in between the attackers and the genning. He then saw the headbands with a line through it, but what caught his eye was the symbol. It was a Kiri symbol.

Naruto told the team to grab the bridge builder out of there and he would catch up. The team did without hesitation .the same with the two hidden Jonin in the tree line.

When Naruto knew the teams were out of ear shot Naruto got out of his stance which confused the two attackers. Naruto knew who they were because of Mei. They were the demon brothers.

The demon brothers were two chunning who were against the Mizukage. They along with a few others tried to assassinate the Mizukage, but the plan failed causing them to abandon the rebellion and run for their lives

Naruto used a sign language that the rebels used for when they were fighting the war.

One of the brothers stepped up but still on guard. "Who are you and how do you know those signs?"

Naruto took out a scroll and tossed it to the man.

"I am Naruto Uzumaki also known as the bloody fox of the mist. Mei taught me those signs while we were fighting the Mizukage. The war is over, Rebels won, Mei is Mizukage."

The two looked at the seal and it was legit. The war was over. When they red it, they were surprised. It was a full pardon for past crimes against the mist. They would also keep their old rank, but have to once again pledge loyalty to Mist. Both nodded and looked at Naruto.

"Thank you for this knowledge, we have been trying to get money for the rebellion, but now I guess we can keep it. We have two others who are with us. Zabuza the demon of the mist and his apprentice Haku. We will tell them," but was cut off by Naruto telling them that he would deal with them.

The two nodded and jumped off in the direction of Mist. Naruto smiled at helping some fellow rebels and jumped off to join the rest of his team.

It must have been a while that Naruto was talking with the two brothers. By the time Naruto caught up with the group, they were fighting Zabuza.

Naruto got there just before Haku was about to step in and help Zabuza. Naruto jumped into the fight and told them to get the bridge builder home. Again, not wanting to waist any more energy agreed and left Naruto and Zabuza with Haku in the trees.

Zabuza was about to attack when Naruto did the hand signs again causing Zabuza to stop. Zabuza signaled Haku to come down.

Naruto tossed Zabuza the scroll which he read.

"So Mei is Mizukage Hugh? Well that works. A full pardon as well and…tacos?"

Naruto shrugged and Zabuza grinned under his bandages on his face. What was said next would define the whole meeting between Zabuza and Naruto.

Zabuza screamed HELL YEA and danced a little causing Haku to face fault and Naruto to sweat drop.

Naruto then told them that the demon brothers were already on their way. Haku was about to leave but Zabuza told her to wait. (yes Haku is a girl, I don't care about what the anime or manga says, it's a girl!)

Zabuza told Naruto that he wanted to kill the person who highbred them to kill the bridge builder. The person was Gato. (not going to get into the info on him).

So they teamed up and destroyed Gato and his mansion. After that they drug his body to the center of town and the citizens went crazy for them both.

A big party was thrown and a good time was had by all. Eventually 2 in the morning came and Zabuza and Haku who was all over Naruto had to go. Naruto told Haku that he would visit Mist soon and kissed her goodbye while Zabuza got a handshake.

When Naruto found his way to the bridge builders house it was 3 A.M. Naruto came upon the house and Asuma was on watch. He saw Naruto and jumped down.

"Naruto were where were you, are you alright…why do you smell like booze?" Naruto smirked and sat down on the steps.

"Azuma my friend….you missed one hell of a party. Blood, gore, a gorgeous girl, it was amazing. Any who, killed Gato, got Zabuza to bail, had a party in town. Well that's the update, you and Kakashi need me any more?"

Asuma shook his head and Naruto headed back to the leaf.

It was 2 in the afternoon when Naruto got back to the leaf. Naruto gave his report to the hokage and left out the part of the group going back to the mist.

Naruto got home and went back to bed, thinking about his little adventure.


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