Vector And Charmy's Click Clock Woody Venture

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: You know, I haven't realized how cut a Vector and Charmy adventure would be. Get it? Be? I'll be here all night.

It was a pretty quiet day at the Chaotix's headquarters in the western part of Station Square. Espio The Chameleon was meditating while Vector The Crocodile was snoozing, dreaming of adventure, music, and money. Charmy Bee giggled as he leaned from the stairway, planning something naughty.

"Hehehe..." Charmy muttered to himself as he rubbed his hands together. "I'm gonna get Vex good..." He buzzed right in front of Vector, placing his butt in Vector's face. "Just right here... perfect!"

Charmy farted loudly, scaring Vector as the crocodile launched himself from his rotating grey chair, hitting his head on the ceiling and falling down, breaking the wooden table in front of him. Charmy laughed as he had his right hand on his head, pointing at the injured Vector with his left hand as Espio opened his eyes, his meditating ruined.

"Charmy, what is with you?" Espio growled as he stood up, folding his arms. "If you have to break wind so much, kindly do it in the bathroom."

Charmy giggled as he placed his hands behind his back innocently, sticking out his tongue. "Oh poo, Espio! Let me have my fun! I'm sure Vex doesn't mind having a stinky wake up call!"

Vector squeezed Charmy with his right hand, pulling himself up as he had his crocodilian face in Charmy's face, breathing heavily as he was angered. Charmy gulped, trying to break himself free as Vector had him in a tight grip.

"Vex... please... I didn't mean it!" Charmy exclaimed as his voice got higher pitched.

Vector growled, dropping Charmy as he folded his arms, tilting his head upward as he closed his eyes. "Humph. You're lucky I'm tolerant of you, Charmy."

Charmy trembled with fright as he started breathing normally again. "Golly, you sure are scary when you're mad..."

Espio rolled his eyes as he placed his right hand on his hip. "Well, since you're up, why don't you go and check the mail? I'm sure it's the mortgage again."

Vector growled as he waved his hands at Espio. "All right, I'll go get it. Jeeze." He sighed as he headed out of the house, going right up to the bright red mailbox as he pulled the mail out, shifting through it. "Bill, bill, bill, oh hey..." He spotted a bright, yellow envelope, reading it thoroughly. "Dear Pesky Plumbers, I need help! My home in the woodlands is being raided! Please come and help me!"

Vector glanced up at Charmy and Espio in the doorward, dropping the other white letters as he held the yellow letter in his right hand. "Hey, you guys want to go on an adventure for once?"

Charmy squealed with joy as he buzzed right up to Vector, getting excited as he pumped his fists. "An adventure? Oh boy we haven't been on one of those in years I really wanna go explore the world all over again I'm so excited I could pee and also-"

Vector placed his right hand over Charmy's face as he turned to Espio. "What do you say, Esp? Are ya in, or out?"

Espio rolled his eyes as he closed the door shut, going back to meditating.

Vector shrugged as he let go of Charmy, allowing the bee to continue spazzing out in excitement as he looked at the yellow letter. "All right... now where is this location..." He squinted, making out the tiny words printed on the bottom. "Click Clock Wood? What kind of name is that?"

Charmy gasped as he grabbed Vector's face cheeks with his hands, his eyes widening with excitement. "Ooh, I heard good things about that place! Can we go, please?"

Vector sighed as he nodded his head. "Yes, yes we'll go, but first things first..." He then took out his green cellphone, dialing up Silver The Hedgehog. "Silver!"

Silver gawked, relaxing in Seaside Hill as he picked up his silver colored cellphone, answering it immediately. "Yeah, Vex? What's up?"

"Me and Charmy are going to the Click Clock Wood. Be sure to have Space Ghost handle my manager duties while I'm gone." Vector confirmed as he closed his cellphone, placing it away and giving Charmy a thumbs up. "Let's go to the Click Clock Wood!"

"Yay!" Charmy squealed joyfully as he tightly hugged Vector, who shrugged as he proceeded to go look for a convenient store that sold maps.

Silver sighed as he heard Vector hanging up, turning his cellphone off as he lied back on the sand, wrapping his lanky silver arms around the back of his head. "Oh that Vector... sometimes, he's an enigma..." He muttered to himself as he started to relax again.