"So, are you exactly friends with the wild life here, kid?" Vector asked as they continued climbing up the huge tree.

"Yeah!" Tooty exclaimed while moving her hands around. "Everyone around here is so friendly! At least, when they don't try to attack you for being related to Banjo and Kazooie."

"I guess it's a good thing we barely had any contact!" Charmy buzzed in, with Vector and Tooty both groaning at the young bee's unbearable pun.

"Is he always that bad with the puns?" Tooty asked as she noticed Charmy giggling uncontrollably.

"Trust me, toots, he gets even more obnoxious once he gets the ball rolling," Vector sighed after placing his right hand on Tooty's shoulder, with the two walking faster as they really did not want to hear Charmy crack up more bad puns.