Vector and Charmy left Station Square, heading northward as they were passing through the Mystic Ruins. They were determined to get to the Click Clok Wood, one way or another.

"Are we there yet?" Charmy asked.

Vector rolled his eyes as he shook his head. "No, we're not there yet." He sighed as he looked at one of the maps he picked up from the convenient store. "Hmm... it says here that we should go west."

"West?" Charmy bumbled as he tilted his head, wrapping his arms around the back of his head. "Shouldn't we go est?"

"...East?" Vector remarked, glancing back at Charmy as he shook his head. "Kid, I really need to get you a better education..."

Vector and Charmy were in the Marble Zone, heading westward as they were in the purple underground, avoiding the falling green platforms and red hot magma that erupted at any given moment as they were determined to find the Click Clock Wood.

"Are we there yet?" Charmy asked.

Vector growled as he was looking at another map, jumping on the purple platform before him. "No."

Vector and Charmy were going right through the Casino Night Zone, watching the various pinball machines firing pinballs as Vector and Charmy were split at every fork in the road, joining with each other in the middle of the chaotic zone.

"Are we there yet?" Charmy asked.

"No..." Vector snarled as he shook his head.

Vector and Charmy were sliding down one of the many water slides in the Water Palace, falling into the ocean below as they both poked their heads out of the cold, salty water.

"Are we there yet?" Charmy asked.

"Nada!" Vector exclaimed as he was holding another map upside down.

Vector and Charmy were now out of the water and into the frying pan as they were going through the treacherous Dust Hill Zone, the winds blowing harshly from the west direction, making it extremly difficult to travel as they were still determined to reach Click Clock Wood, the sand hindering their view greatly.

"Are we there yet?" Charmy asked.

"No way, Jose!" Vector remarked as he slapped Charmy across the face, then being hit in the face by a large pile of sand.

Vector and Charmy were through the Colosseum Highway Zone, looking at the ancient ruins surrounding them, which included a heavily damaged Egg Falcon in the background.

"Are we there yet?" Charmy asked, rubbing his growling stomach. "My tummy's making the rumblings again..."

"Nyet." Vector stated, barely able to keep his eyes open. "How many times are you going to be asking that?"

"As much as I like." Charmy admitted as he folded his arms.

Vector and Charmy were trekking through the generically named Jungle Zone, several Newtron badniks attempting to zap them as it started to rain. Vector led the way as usual, but by this point, he was to the point where he was ready to break.

"Are we there yet?" Charmy asked.

Vector shook his right fist in anger, glaring right back at Charmy. "Charmy, I swear to God, if you ask me again, I will club you."

"...Are we there yet?" Charmy asked in an annoyingly higher pitched voice, giggling innocently as he made a cute facial expression.

Vector punched Charmy in the face, being sick of the bee's nonsense.

Later on, Vector and Charmy found their way back in Station Square, being completely exhausted from their journey across the world as they panted, unsuccessful at finding their way to the Click Clock Wood.

"Oh, we'll never get there!" Charmy cried as he covered his face with his hands. "We've been going around and around, and we still haven't found it!"

Vector rubbed his chin as he began thinking. "Hold on a moment... we have a ring transporter!" He snapped his fingers. "We have one that instantly teleports us there!"

Charmy gleefully clapped his hands together. "Oh joy! Let's go find it and use it!" He gleefully exclaimed.

Vector pulled out a ring transporter, holding it up to his face as he spoke into it. "Click Clock Wood!"

Suddenly, the ring transporter became much larger, revealing the Click Clock Wood to Vector and Charmy. They both ran right into it as the ring transporter disappeared in a flash, a tiny gust of wind blowing.