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No more cakes for me only Tarts!

Friday October 14th

"You know your secret girlfriend that you dumped Emma for." He looked at me.

"You may be the thickest chick alive, you're the secret girlfriend, you daft tart."

And he kissed me. It wasn't just any kiss, number 5…phwoaar.

Five minuets later

"So do you want to be my girlfriend? No wait I mean…"

"Go on then Sex Kitty, I will be your girlfriend. It will probably end in tears. Mine. But… I am Dave the biscuit. Ahhhh his eyes are yummy scrumbos, not like the Handbag-horse. Dave's are all green and twinkle like stars. Hmmmm, what is it with this staring fandango. It's boring. But who cares I am finally Horn partners with the Laugh God. No that doesn't work err… oh I give up its just Dave the Laugh but guess what he's mine miney mine all mine. Yes, yes and thrice yes!

10 seconds later

Oh no he's got that look in his eyes. He's turned in to the opposite of Dave the Laugh he's Dave the Un-Laugh. Great.

"Gee you really are the most beautiful girl in the world to me and you always will be no matter happens... he paused looking at me like a, well like a looking thing.


What in the name of pantyhose is he talking about?

"Err Dave errm what are you err like talking about or something... Oh God I have eaten Ellen Baby J save me now, oh I have stopped never mind"

Dave is blushing like mad but I think he may also have gone hysterical.

1 minute later

Oh for all that's good in PANTS. He's still laughing what's so funny.

"Dave I may have to duff you up if you don't stop laughing. And I really don't want to do that since we have only been official snogging partners for like 10 minuets…

10 seconds later

Dave has stopped laughing. But I am ignorez-vousing hi. Ha Dave the so called Laugh.

"Come on kittykat stop ignorez-vousing the biscuit he can't stand it"

He grabbed my chin (I didn't mean he ripped it of my face you blithering idiots) and turned my head towards him so he could see my face. I looked down so I couldn't see him. I didn't want my lips to start puckering and giving me away even though I wouldn't mind snogging Dave. Again. He is a good snogger he nip libbles. No wait I mean lip nibbles I think. Do I. Yes I do I mean lip nibbling.

"Gee what are you thinking about" he run his fingers over my cheek and down to my lips and started tracing them. How the hell am I jelliod at Dave just stroking my cheek. Oh he's waiting for me to answer. " Err well I was like…" He started laughing again. Between laughing and trying to keep breathing he said

"Kittykat…. I think … you … have … seriously swallowed … Ellen spit her … out naughty kitty. I laughed with him. Oh no he's started that staring fandango again. I can't look away it's like he's trapped me with his eyes.

1 minuet later

He really does have nice eyes I am lost in them.

"IloveyouGeethereIsaiditbutId on'tlikeexpectyoutosayitbackify oudontfeelthesamebutwellIdoa ndIneedyoutoknow" he's staring at me

Did he just say what I think he said how fast was he talking I bet that's a record I should have recorded it and made some money for us,, Shut up brain get back to the matter at hand. Which is erm well I don't actually know I am not sure that he actually said what I think he said, but if he did then good because I have loved him for like ever?

10 seconds later

Wait what? Do I love Dave. I think I do. But what if he didn't say that and I make a total fool of myself telling him I love him when he really said he loves cornflakes or Emma … oh shut up brain. Oh no now I have Jas in my head ' look stop being so immature just tell him how you feel and stop playing silly little games or you'll never have him' Oh lord Sandra's PANTS Jas has actually said something useful for once and not about Voles or cuckoo poo or what ever it is she talks about… I actually think its cuckoo spit. Shut up brain.

1 minuet

I have just realised Dave is still staring at me waiting for a response. He looks scared. What's he scared about. More like what am I scared about. Shut up brain…. Wait my brain is right.. Wait what I mean I am right. Deep breath.

" Dave I err.. I mean I.. Like…" he looked at me like he was going to cry. He just stood up and turned to leave. What wait no Dave .

I jumped up and grabbed his hand and spun him around. Oh Jazzy Spazzys humongous knickers Dave is crying. It's my entire fault because I couldn't say I loved him but I do. Don't I . I think I do. ' Of course you do you've always had the red bottom for Dave' Jas said. Well she didn't say it's just what she would say if she was here. Or I allowed her to speak. Which coincidentally I would not. Georgia just bloody say I love you and stop thinking about Jas. Oh no my brain was right.

15 seconds later

" I love you" when did I start crying I cant remember permitting my eyes to start smudging my make-up all over my face so I look like a clown. Dave is staring at me again. I am going to have to run. He didn't say he loved me he said I love Cornflake I can see it in his eyes.

1 minuet later

So then why is he snogging me. Number six ¼ to be precise. Mmm yummy scrumbos.

No naughty Dave stop that stopping and start starting snogging again.

I could feel the pout on my lips Dave chuckled he put his forehead to mine, Like he was leaning on me for support. "Tip top snogging Sex Kitty" I smiled at him, and what a nose spreading smile it was. " nhhugfgg" what?

He laughed lightly again " ahh I gave Kittykat stupid brain" he pulled away and just looked at me. " no you didn't give me stupid brain" I said sarcastically still a bit dizzy so I didn't mean it to come out like that.

"yes I did you can not resist the Hornmeister admit it" he raised his eyebrows. So I did the only thing possible to do in this sort of situation I raised mine higher " no you did not give me stupid brain"







"yes" but I didn't get a chance to reply because he started tickely bears and we all know were that leads. Oh for PANTS sake it leads to number 6 you nincompoops!

I was right number 6, 6 1/4 . mm I luuuvee snogging Dave yummy. Why isn't he bothered that I look like a puffy eyed clown?

1 minuet later (what I was in snog central)

Oh god I look like a puffy eyed clown must get to the tarts wardrobe before he notices or he will dump me straight away. What sain person wouldn't. then again what normal person would want to go out with me my conk is the size of Hamburger-agogoland and according to Jas its huge welli think she said that I don't really pay attention to her. Who does though.

2 Minuets later

What's that rustling.., oh good its not just my stupid brain that's thinking that I can hear something Dave can hear something to.

"Gee can you hear that?" he whispered really quietly right next to my ear. I shivered as his hot breath tickled my neck. As I stood on my tiptoes to whisper back in Dave's ear that I could hear something but I didn't know what it was, I fond out what it was. The whole of the 'Barmy Army' & 'Ace Gang' were snogging backstage in different hidey holes so no one caught them. I remembered that Dave was waiting for my reply so I stood on my tiptoes and whispered (I would like to think I pulled the sexy sort of whisper of) "Barmy Army and Ace gang snogging" then I realise what I had said. "oh god I didn't man they are all snogging each other that's just disgusting I mean official snogging partners only" when I went back down to my normal size ( and know I don't mean that I had drank the potion from Alice in wonderland to make me bigger and I am now munching on the cake to make me shrink again, honestly its like talking to my Vati it's sehr tiring.) Dave was looking at me funny. "Dave what is it?" The rustling had stopped.

"Georgia did you… did you mean like what you said you know about you know…"

"Dade let me just stop you there. 1) spit Ellen out, the dithery one is one of the bestie pallys 2) before you even think about it no I am not on the turn I love ellen in a lezzie free way at all times way and 3) What the in the name of Jazzy spazzy's humongous knickers are you talking about?" he stared at me for a while. Not the staring thing again I cant take this anymore its driving me crazy. Hahahaha I make my self laugh (not out loud of course you idiot) I would have to be sain in the first place to become crazy haha … do you see what I mean… oh Lord Sandra is there no hope for my sanity.

20 Seconds later

I was still in conversation with my self when someone very rudely distracted me by taking a deep breath as if getting ready to say something. Oh someone is going to say something. That someone is Dave if you didn't catch on. Come on keep up.

"Gee what I ment to say before the lil dithery one took over was did you really mean what you said, I mean about loving me or I dunno were you trying to spare my feelings?"

I don't know do I mean it. Do I love Dave. I have already been through this have I not. Oh god I don't know. I will be the last to know.