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Chapter 1

The Proposal

"Kagome, what are you doing getting home so late?" My mother looked so startled as I barged in through the front door of our home and stomped up the stairs.

That arrogant, dog! How can he treat me like this? Why is he always so demanding and controlling over me? I should go back and teach him a lesson or two…or, better yet… I'll just wait here and make him become humble and come for me. Yeah, I think that's what I'll do.

"It's ok mother, Inuyasha and I just had another argument is all. I just need to take a bath and cool down."

"Well, okay Kagome. But if you need anything, just ask. I still plan to be up for a few hours."

"Alright mom, thank you."

I then walked to the bathroom and started the bath water. While it was heating up, I went ahead and undressed and placed my clothing into the hamper, my white shirt with the whites, and my green skirt with the colors. I may be in a bad mood, but I know if I don't do it right, my mom will have a fit on laundry day. Oh no, I forgot my pajamas. Hmm, it's Friday night, so Sota is at a friend's house most likely, I'll just walk across the hall to my room and grab my forgotten items. By the time I'm back, the tub will be filled and the water will feel perfect against all of my bruises and battle wounds.

I slowly set a foot into the tub, testing the water to make sure it is just right. Then in goes the other foot and I slowly sit and sink into the warm liquid. Feeling all my soreness disappear as well as my troubles. Now, I can think. I can think straight and figure things out.

All I know is, Koga came by the hut for a visit. He does it because he knows how it bothers Inuyasha. The trivial things always do. But this time, was different. This time Koga came with a gift. This time he brought a ring. I beautiful ring. It had five black diamonds, and they surrounded a strange crystal. Well, not just a crystal. It was a wolf eye, the color amber, and it was crystalized. It was his father's eye. Or, so Koga had said. Koga asked for me to be his mate, his wife.

Inuyasha was furious. He attacked Koga before I had a chance to even respond. Of course I would have told Koga no, but still. It's my choice, not his! I mean, I don't understand why Inuyasha would become so angry. It's not like I'm his, he doesn't care for me like that. We're just friends and comrades in search for the sacred jewel. He'll always think of me that way. I mean, I care for him. I can't let him know, but I love him. Ever since I first saw him pinned against the sacred tree. He just looked, like he should belong to me. However, I know this can never happen. It's impossible; he doesn't care for me as I for him.

The bathwater grew cold. I unplugged the drain and proceeded out of the tub to dry off. I then put on my pajamas, my favorite pajamas. They were pink and so soft, with Hello Kitty on them. I then brushed my teeth and combed my hair. When I left the bathroom the house was quiet and still. My mom must have gone to bed, I wonder how long I was thinking of the tub. I entered my room after first getting a small glass of water. Then laid down on my bed. Oh how I missed my warm bed, the cozy sheets surrounding me. It's so much different than the sleeping bag I'm often in while in the feudal era.

And so I continue my thoughts. I really need to figure out what's going on with Inuyasha, and also if anything is going to go on between us. I really think nothing is. So maybe I should return and tell Koga yes. He's nice enough, and I know one day I'm going to end up in their time forever. I don't belong in my time; it's no longer, home. Sure I'll miss my family. Not my friends here so much though, I hardly ever see them as it is to still be calling them friends.