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Chapter 17

I slept like an angel last night. I was a little cold at first, so Inuyasha took off his fire rat robe and put it over me. After that, I was off to dreamland. It smelled like him, the robe. It was amazing, the smell of the woods, clean air, and a few more things I can't identify. Instead of sleeping on the other side of the hut, he slept next to me, still propped in a seated position against the wall though. But, it's still an improvement. When I woke up this morning, he was still sleeping, so I stepped out of the hut for some air. Kaede was already up and about and told me Sango and Miroku went out into the village for a few things, and that Shippo had left to return to his training.

"Kagome." I turned around to see a very sleepy looking Inuyasha rubbing his eyes and walking out of the hut. It was such an adorable sight. It was then that I realized I still had his robe on. I began to take it off. "No, it's fine, you can keep it on if ya like. We're not going shard hunting today, so I don't need to wear it."

I couldn't help but smile up at him. Before I knew it, we were walking up to each other and caught one another in an embrace. My head melted into this chest and he rested his chin on the top of it. His arms wrapped around my back and he kissed my forehead as he pulled away.

Kaede was the first to speak, "Well, never in all my years did I see that much emotion from ye, Inuyasha. Not even with Kikyou, that is how I know that the love you have for Kagome is real."

It was the first time he didn't freeze at her name. Instead, he reached out and grabbed my hand. "Yeah, yeah, whatever. We're gonna go to the spring, we'll be back in time for lunch." Before I had time to question why we were going there, he already had me in his arms and was running towards the spring.

Once he set me down, I asked, "Inuyasha, what are we doing here?"

He gave me his lop-sided, cocky grin as he answered, "Well, we're going to relax today, and I know you love to relax here. Don't worry, I'm not gonna look at'cha or anything. I just know what you like."

So here I am, in the spring. The water is great, just the right amount of warmth. And even though we've been talking to each other the whole time, he kept his word and never even peeked.