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1 - Hope and Despair

31st October 1981

Genryusai Yamamoto opened the door slowly as he returned to the Seireitei, the English Soul Reapers' ancestral home for the past few hundred years. As the door closed behind him, he finally let out the sigh he had been holding in while in public. It was finally over. The eleven years of terror caused by Voldemort and his follows had finally ended. He could hardly believe it. It was even harder to grasp knowing that the one who had stopped him had been nothing more than a one year old baby. Harry Potter he believed his name was. Already though, Albus Dumbledore had proclaimed him to be the Boy Who Lived. It was a straight thing to hear yet there was no doubt it was the truth. Genryusai had known Albus for many years. Even in his youthful mistakes, the one thing he had always been was honest about the things that he said. Sure, he sugar-coated some things and tried to hide other facts but the truth was still there for those who looked. There could be no doubt that this Harry Potter had survived.

"It's funny how a one year old little boy solves all our problems for us so easily," said a voice from the shadows. Genryusai sighed as he slowly turned to face the voice.

"It matters not at the moment Isshin. For now, let the people rejoice in this pause."

Isshin startled for a second before hiding his shock. "That was easier than I thought," he said. "I thought I would have to spend hours convincing you that this wasn't over."

"It is for now," said Genryusai softly as he thought back to the days of the war. "Eleven years is a long time. Even with our limited participation, we still suffered greatly. This break is just what we need to mourn our losses."

Isshin nodded slowly, not needing to even say anything. While few in number themselves, the Soul Reapers had lost a few good men and women, Chojiro Sasakibe being among them. He had been a loyal assistant to Genryusai for many years, showing a loyalty any Hufflepuff would dream of possessing. He could have taken his talents higher than he had reached but he had sworn to serve Genryusai for as long as he lived, and died holding off the Death Eaters while Genryusai helped evacuate nearby wizards to safety.

He wasn't the one who Isshin's thoughts rested on though. Voldemort had thought himself to be almighty, that his lineage from Slytherin gave him a right to dispose of the 'filth' as he called them, better known as muggles and muggleborns. It was this arrogance that turned him towards themselves. Soul Reapers were something to be feared by ordinary wizards. Enough rumours and propaganda had been spread that portrayed them as dark creatures, despite that the few times they got involved, it was always to help. Voldemort believed that he was stronger than them and ordered the kidnapping of one of Isshin's sons, Kaien Kurosaki, to prove that no one was untouched by him. By the time they had realised what had happened, they were too late. Kaien had been taken straight to the Dark Lord.

Genryusai had calmed down Isshin and told his son that he would deal with it. Isshin had accepted the arrangement stubbornly, yet didn't argue with the look in his father's eyes. When Genryusai finally arrived at Voldemort's base later that day, he had found Kaien's body on a spike outside, the life already gone from his eyes, and what seemed to be cuts all over his tiny body. Sufficient to say, Voldemort was lucky to not have been there at the time. When he finally returned, there was nothing left. His base, the Death Eaters left to guard it, the dark creatures within. They had all been turned to ashes. After that event, Voldemort left them alone, half out of respect, and half out of fear. It was those days where people truly feared the power Soul Reapers possessed.

"How is Masaki doing?" Genryusai asked carefully, not wanting to trigger any more painful memories than he had to.

"She's as good as she can be I guess." Isshin shook his head carefully as a small smile crept at his face. It wasn't a happy smile, but the best that could be shown at times like this. "She's been very possessive recently with Ichigo. Spoiling him rotten with the amount of love she's been showering him with. She's even gone so far as to take as many photos as she can and making sure he's constantly okay and safe." The smile faded as he continued. "He spoke his first word yesterday. Kaien."

Isshin didn't have to elaborate on what that meant. It was obvious to everyone that Masaki had been busying herself with Ichigo to avoid dealing with the pain. She was a strong woman, no one doubted that, but even she didn't want to accept her own son's death. And for Ichigo to mention his twin's name so suddenly, he could understand the pain that she must be feeling.

"So Ichigo finally noticed as well," Genryusai spoke finally. "I had hoped he was young enough to not remember him. It would save him so heartache later on if his memories of Kaien are short and few."

"So you would rather his existence be forgotten about," snarled Isshin, taking one step towards his father in anger.

"Of course not," Genryusai shot back. "Kaien was my own grandson. I would never forget him. However the pain of losing a family member is harder on the youngest, especially when that person who died was your own twin. They would have had a bond that only twins would have and for it to suddenly be shattered…"

"They might never recover," finished Isshin.

Genryusai said nothing for a moment. "Yes. Better the bond be broken while Ichigo was young enough so that he wouldn't fall into depression later if Kaien had died when they were older."

Isshin shook his head, cursing himself for agreeing with his father's reasoning. It was at this moment that his brother, Kisuke Urahara appeared.

"I heard about the Potter boy," Kisuke said to Genryusai as he approached, not bothering for small talk.

"And I assume you have already been to confirm things for yourself then Kisuke," Genryusai responded, knowing that Kisuke didn't even need to answer.

"What Dumbledore said was true. The boy truly did survive the killing curse. It's quite extraordinary actually. I have never heard of a wizard that could survive the Avada Kedavra. He was left with nothing more than a lightning bolt scar. The energy it emits though is… disturbing."

"How so?" Isshin asked. "Surely it's just a by-product of surviving the curse?"

"It could be," muttered Kisuke in thought. "To be honest, I don't know what it is and since Dumbledore took the boy into hiding, I doubt I can get access to the boy to check. It wouldn't help my cause considering I'm a Soul Reaper. Even Dumbledore can't get them to repeal those labels they gave us. If we were to look at the boy, they could try to convict us for poisoning the mind of the child of the light."

"The boy will show up in the world in the future. Albus wouldn't hide such a hero forever, not when he is perfect for Albus's plan, whatever it is. No, when the boy turns eleven, he will reappear at Hogwarts. I can guarantee it." Kisuke and Isshin just nodded at their father's statement. What was the worst that could happen anyway?

"Anyway," Kisuke continued, "The Potters' home in Godric's Hollow has seen better days. The front door had been blasted open, the roof has collapsed in on itself, and the windows of the nursery were shattered." Genryusai nodded for Kisuke to continue. "I thought I saw Severus Snape for a second but my eyes were properly playing tricks on me. The think that shocked me though was in the distance. I swear, I could see a half giant man riding away on a flying motorbike." Those few words actually caused the other Soul Reapers to freeze as they imagined the image.

"Part of me wonders whether he is making this up at our expense sometimes," thought Isshin, trying to picture the image he had just been told.

"Anything else?" Genryusai said hesitantly, not sure if he wanted to hear more.

"Yeah," muttered Kisuke as he thought back. "I saw Sirius Black."

Isshin's eyes grew wide at that. "Sirius Black. As in James Potter's best friend, Sirius Black?"

"What other Sirius Black do you know of?"

"The Potter house was under a Fidelius charm," said Genryusai slowly. "They would trust no one more than Sirius Black. Only he could tell the location of the Potters to people."

"That doesn't sound like him," said Isshin carefully. "I was practically leaving Hogwarts when he appeared in his first year but even then, the amount of trust between him and James was astonishing. Even later on when I saw them, they still acted the same. They were brothers in all but blood, though technically, they were related distantly I think. It's hard to believe that he would betray them."

"It seems to be the truth," Kisuke said. "I saw him facing Peter Pettigrew, accused of betraying Lily and James. I don't know what happened next. Suddenly, twelve muggles were killed from an explosion and Pettigrew was gone. Dead maybe. All that was left of him was his finger. I would have stepped in their but I sensed the arrival of the Aurors so I left before they noticed I was there. A Soul Reaper in a place like that would never be a good sign to them. The last I saw of Black was them arresting him. He's probably going to be on trial in a few days unless the Ministry decides to ignore their own laws and just chuck him into Azkaban."

"Time will tell now," said Genryusai. "Let us hope that the time in between this war and the next will be long, though somehow, I doubt things will go smoothly for long."

"I guess you are right father," said Isshin quietly as he left the room. It didn't take him long to find Masaki, her eyes red. He simply embraced her as she turned to him, letting her let out all the emotions she was feeling over Kaien's death. There was one thing for certain that Isshin felt. Voldemort was going to pay one day. And he was more than willing to wait as long as he got his shot.

Genryusai turned back to Kisuke as Isshin left before speaking quietly. "I don't like saying this by I have a responsibility as the head of the Soul Reapers here. Kaien was the back up for Ichigo and now he is gone. I don't doubt that Ichigo will become strong but we have to have someone in reserve in case Ichigo falls before the prophecy has reached its peak. Is there anyone who fits the criteria?"

"There is one boy. Kugo Ginjo. He was born a bit before Ichigo was. He is close enough that the prophecy would accept him if Ichigo failed. He was actually the original prospect but was sidelined when Ichigo and Kaien were born."

"I see," said Genryusai in thought. "Fickle things prophecies are. They don't care for the world and who lives in it. They don't even care who fulfils them, just as long as the person has the qualities they want. A creature of darkness for instance could be a vampire but at the same time could easily be someone who has always stayed in the darkness. They can be interpreted in many ways and all will lead to a different conclusion but the prophecy itself will never change. The only things that exist that aren't in flux, an unchanging monument in the sea of time. Let us hope for the best when the time finally comes."

19th June 1989

"So you finally found him," commented Kisuke as Isshin carried an unconscious Ichigo in on his back.

"Yeah," said Isshin sadly. "Tatsuki told me where to find him. Said he had been walking along that same path for two days, not even bothering to eat or sleep. It really scared her."

"I see," Kisuke said. "Did Miss Arisawa tell you what happened?"

"She just filled in some blanks," replied Isshin. "He and Masaki left the dojo at the usual time and were heading back. She only discovered him the next day when she saw him on the way to the dojo but she could barely get him to respond. The police themselves must have missed him when they found Masaki's body or otherwise they would have brought him home with her."

Kisuke started at Ichigo's still body, only relaxing slightly as he saw for himself that the body was still moving slightly. "We better let him rest. I'm sure Karin and Yuzu will be overjoyed to see that their big brother is back so it's best we let him sleep in either my room or yours. It sounds like he needs the sleep."

"You're right," Isshin commented as he led the way to his room. He carefully placed Ichigo down before leaving and heading back to Kisuke. He was about to ask the question that was on his mind when Kisuke beat him to it.

"The police already completed the autopsy. They can't explain how she got those wounds at all and it can't have been a wizard. The holes are too severe to have been caused by a dark curse. It was more like that she was stabbed by some kind of claw."

"What about the energy around her? It was pure evil."

Kisuke shook his head slowly. "I just don't know. However I have an idea."

"What is it?"

"You're not going to like what I think."

"God damn Kisuke, just tell me," shouted Isshin before a hand was clamped over his mouth.

"Be a bit quieter brother. You don't want to wake Ichigo do you?" Isshin simply stared harshly at Kisuke. "Fine, I get the message." Kisuke took a deep breath before saying one simple word. "Hollow."

Isshin nearly shouted again before he caught himself. Inside though, his mind was screaming in panic. "How is this possible?" he asked carefully. "Hollows are practically extinct. The ones remaining live in solitude in Hueco Mundo. Why would one venture out now?"

"I doubt it was one of them. They're too wise to pull a stunt like that. Besides, they know to avoid anything involving Soul Reapers. There would be consequences for both sides if we went against each other. No, this was most likely a newly birthed hollow. This means either of two things. One is that someone is playing around with powers they can never obtain. This doesn't seem likely though. No one is that foolish now that the consequences are known. The other possibility is actually worse."

"Which is?"

Kisuke didn't speak for a second, looking away in what seemed to be shame.

"Kisuke? What have you done?"

"Nothing," said Kisuke hurriedly. "At least not what you think. I've been researching more into hollows, looking for ways to push past the boundary between the two. The problem lies from the fact that I doubt I'm the only one. I was properly the first though to come up with the idea."

Kisuke would have said more but he suddenly found himself lying on the floor, clutching his cheek. Isshin was standing over him slightly, his fist clenched. "So what has this madman done?" he spat out angrily. "What did you inspire him to do?"

Kisuke looked away again in shame.

"Tell me damn it," Isshin shouted as he grabbed Kisuke by his shirt.

"He or she is most likely skipping the theoretical step or has a different method to me and has already finished the planning stage." Kisuke finally spoke. "This hollow was most likely created from experimentation, most likely on muggles and wizards. Judging by the fact that this is the first time something like this has happened, I would say the success was very recent or just by pure luck."

Isshin let Kisuke drop and watched him fall to the floor. His anger was diminishing but it was still there. "So how do we solve this?"

"I don't think we need to worry about that at the moment," said Kisuke. "I doubt the person expected the hollow to kill Masaki. It was properly an accident on his or her part which would have caused him to go to ground. They won't dare risk something like this again while we are on our guard. Their movements should be halted for now so we will need to prepare for when they act once more."

"I've got it. I'll keep an eye out for anything suspicious. Just do me a favour."

At this, Kisuke looked curiously at Isshin. "And what would that be? It's not like you to ask for something."

Isshin seemed conflicted for a moment before finally confirming his decision. "Don't tell father about the hollow."

"Why not?" Kisuke actually seemed surprised to hear something like this. Surely their father could help. He must have had experienced things like this before.

"I know," said Isshin, answering Kisuke's unasked questions. "But I'd rather keep this between ourselves. The less people who know the better and we both know that if we involve father, the culprit may never show themselves. He's just too powerful."

Kisuke seemed to think this through for a second before nodding in response. "You're right. Best keep this quiet for now. I'll check on a few things, see if there is any leads anywhere."

As both of the two men walked away, neither noticed the man hidden in the corner, a smirk on his face. "The bait is set."

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