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ThisIsMyUsername123's profile

Name: Beatrice Prior

Age: 16

Faction: Abnegation.

Relationship status: Single. But that's not an invitation!

Likes: I don't know. Abnegation, remember?

Dislikes: Erudite and their reports on my faction. :(

Beatrice Prior: Oh no, totally nervous for today! :(

Tori: Stay calm. I'll just hook you up to this machine.

Beatrice Prior: :O ...

Beatrice Prior: Woah. Freaky.

Tori has sent you a private message.

Tori: You have an aptitude for three factions. Dauntless, Abnegation and Erudite. You are Divergent.

Beatrice Prior: Okay...

Tori: don't tell anyone.

Beatrice Prior: O.O


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Name: Caleb Prior

Age: 16

Relationship status: I kinda like someone...

Likes: Helping others.

Dislikes: I don't really have any...

Caleb Prior: We have to think of our family, Beatrice.

Beatrice Prior: yeah...

Caleb Prior: but we must also think of ourselves.

Caleb Prior now likes *reading*.

Beatrice Prior: Aaah what do I do?


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Name: Marcus Eaton.

Age: as old as my hair but older than my teeth.

Relationship status: widower.

Likes: being selfless and being in charge.

Dislikes: selfish people.

Marcus Eaton: We are gathered here today to celebrate the new life of our younger people, to celebrate the choice they are about to make, to celebrate their future.

Caleb Prior has changed his faction to *Erudite*.

Beatrice Prior: no, Caleb! You bastard!

You have changed your faction to *Dauntless*.

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Name: Christina.

Age: 16

Relationship status: Single. Oh yeah.

Likes: Hamburgers, dogs and clothes.

Dislikes: liars.

You are now friends with Christina.

Beatrice Prior: I'm sick of being discriminated against.

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Name: Peter.

Age: 16

Relationship status: Who wants a piece o' this?

Likes: kicking puppies.

Dislikes: Stiffs and people who beat me at initiation.

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Dauntlessleader7's profile.

Name: Max.

Age: not telling.

Likes: being a leader. Nothing much.

Dislikes: nothing much.

Max: the headquarters is down there. Go!

Peter: Sure you're fit for this faction, Stiff?

Beatrice Prior: I'll show you!

You now like *jumping from tall buildings* and *adrenaline*.

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Name: Four.

Age: 18

Relationship status: why should I tell you people?

Likes: brave and selfless people.

Dislikes: cowardly and selfish people.

Four: here. I'll help you. What's your name?

Beatrice Prior: Tris. I'm Tris now.

You have changed your nickname to *Tris*.

Four likes this.

You are now friends with Four.

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