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Two weeks later - February 14th.

"How goes the composing?" Beck asked, flinging his backpack off his shoulder and dropping it on a pile of dirty laundry that he kept forgetting to take to the laundry room in the basement. Taking his phone from his ear, he put it on speaker so he could start undressing and hop in the shower.

"Not Bad," Jade paused, and when she continued he could hear the smile in her voice. "I'm actually on a roll."

Beck's mouth turned up as he happily replied, "Nice."

"What are you up to?" She hit a key on the piano waiting for his response. She could hear his heavy breathing. Was he running? Jade thought.

"Just, uh, doing a movie night with Andre. It's Tarantino night," Beck closed his bedroom door loud enough for the sound to transfer over the phone.

"Well, I'm back in my apartment. I'm going to do some work before he gets home."

Jade sighed quietly. Obviously she hated Valentine's Day. It's a stupid holiday and all the pink heart decorations made her want to barf…at the same time, a small part of her hoped she'd do something with Beck tonight.

Of course she would never admit that to anyone. Especially Beck.

"Bye," Jade said flatly.

"Bye, babe," Beck called out before hanging up. He panicked when he realized he left his towel in the bathroom. Having no other choice, now that he was nude, he sprinted to the bathroom.

"Beck?" His eyes widened recognizing Tori's voice. Luckily he made it to the bathroom before she caught him running naked.

Sticking his head out the door, he replied with a tight smile.

"Hey Tori, Andre's not home yet, he has a late class."

"Oh, okay," Tori raised her hand to scratch the back of her neck, clearly uncomfortable. "Is it cool...if I just wait here?"

"Yep, yep, definitely. Sorry, I gotta-" Beck spoke quickly, pointing his thumb in the direction of the shower.

"No problem. Thanks," Tori smiled as she put her bag down and slowly bent to sit on the sofa.

He shut the door and glanced at the clock radio sticking to the shower wall.

With a gulp he jumped into the tub to take the quickest shower of his life.

He opened his fully stocked cabinet- he still can't believe Jade hasn't made fun of him for all of the products he and Andre have collected over the years. They could probably open up a barber shop from their bathroom if they really wanted to.

He finally completed his hair routine and jogged back to his room, avoiding eye contact with Tori who was sitting on the couch playing on her phone.

With a breath, he grabbed his phone to text Cat.

Beck (4:29pm): Did you check in?

Cat: (4:30PM): She'll be there for another few hours. I told her Robbie and I are occupying the apartment right now. Hehe

Beck (4:30pm): Awesome.

Cat (4:31pm): Anything for Jadey! :D

Cat (4:31pm): Oh by the way-

Beck didn't bother to read the rest. He tossed his phone on the bed then changed into dark wash jeans and a gray button down with a black sports coat, rolling up the sleeves.

He ran a hand through his hair, clicked his tongue and shot two finger guns to the mirror. Stud.

He took down his winter coat to fold over his arm then picked up the overnight bag he packed this morning. Sticking the essentials into his jean pockets (keys/wallet/phone), he did a light jog out of his room towards the front door.

Just as he put his hand on the knob, Tori spoke up.

"Going to meet Jade?" She asked, her innocent, wide doe eyes and slight tilt of the head made Beck freeze. It's a holiday celebrating love, why be rude?

"Yeah, I, uh, got a reservation to a restaurant we've been wanting to try."

Her response immediately made him regret stopping.

"Ah, so you're a 'we' couple now?" Tori's tone sounded playful, but Beck could tell it was a bit forced.

"What's a 'we' couple?" His hand was off the door knob now, and tightened around his bag strap, itching to get out of there.

"You know, the whole 'we've been wanting to try,' or 'a movie we've been wanting to watch,'" She cleared her throat and added a final, "A 'we' couple.'"

Beck isn't sure where she was going with this and truthfully he didn't care to find out. He looked at his watch and figured he entertained her long enough.

"Interesting. Well, I gotta go."

"Have fun!" Tori called with a smile as he opened the door.

Beck turned around and said, "We will." Leaving Tori with a wink and a door slam.

Thankfully no one was in his way as he ran down the stairs and made it to the lobby in record time.

Taking a breather (clearly he needed to workout more), he felt his phone vibrate.

Jade (4:55pm): What's first on the list?

He was confused for a moment, before he remembered the ruse.

Beck (4:56pm): I think Andre wants to start off with Pulp Fiction.

He then called Cat to double check.

"HI HI!" Cat chirped into the phone.

"You're sure she'll still be at school when I get there? I'm leaving my apartment now."

"She'll be there til they kick her out," Cat replied. "I also told her I decorated the apartment, so she definitely doesn't want to be home right now."

Cat giggled and Beck chuckled.

"Yup, that'll do it. Text me if anything changes. Kay?"


Stuffing his phone in his pocket and taking his metrocard out in preparation, he fast-walked through the crowd to the platform. Seeing the train parked he scurried down the stairs and pushed his way onto the crowded car, seconds before the doors closed.

His sigh of relief quickly turned to one of annoyance. Rush hour trains are ten times worse on holidays. His past, patient LA attitude had apparently morphed into an impatient, apathetic, strong-willed, stereotypical New Yorker, who also has terrible judgment when it came to spatial awareness.

Beck reached up to hold onto the metal poll above- ignoring the vicious looks of those he had pushed to make the train. As they began to move, he scrunched his face up as people accidentally hit him in the face with their ridiculously large flower bouquets.

Finally, he reached his stop and practically ran out the doors. He's not sure what the time is, but he wanted to get out of there fast.

Coming up from the underground, he smoothed out his outfit and checked his phone.

5:45pm, with a 7pm reservation. Not too bad.

He walked with a grin as he made his way to Julliard's campus, and to the building where Jade was practicing. Getting a visitor's pass was easier than he thought it would be: an excuse that he forgot his student ID and a flirty smile to the woman behind the desk. He started heading in the direction of the room Cat told him she'd be in, and once he heard the piano he knew he was on the right path.

The door to the room had a narrow rectangular window, just wide enough for Beck to see her, slightly hunched, sitting at the piano. He reached for the handle and was relieved she didn't lock it.

Beck slowly opened the door and quietly placed his bag on the floor. Thankfully her playing covered up the click of the lock once he closed it.

Leaning against the wall, he watched her. The sound finally traveled fully and he realized she was singing softly as she played.

"Shelter my eyes from the sun, and wait for the birds to fly by…"

His lips curved into a small, devious smile and he pushed off the wall to tiptoe to her backpack to pluck her apartment keys from on top of her bag and drop them into his jean pocket.

She kept singing until Beck reached around and squeezed her waist from behind. Jade yelped in surprise. Her hand automatically went to her combat boot, ready to cut the fool that sneaked up on her.

"Wow, who knew you could actually play. I was starting to think this whole classically-trained pianist thing was just an act." He rested his chin on top of her head while Jade's fingers uncurled themselves from around the cold metal of her scissors.

Beck kissed the top of her head and dropped down onto the piano bench next to her.

"Hey babycakes," he said, his hand instantly grabbing her wrist before she could lunge for her shoe again. The other hand turned her face up so he could swoop in for a kiss.

"Hi," Jade replied. He leaned back a bit to look at her fully- his hand still holding her wrist, just in case.

"I was serious about the playing. Wasn't sure you ever even touched a piano." Beck scrunched his face, "So secretive."

"Ha. Ha," Jade said sarcastically, then pulled her hand free from his grip. Sitting up straighter, she added, "What are you doing here anyway? Has campus security been alerted that there's a trespasser on campus?"

"Well, I came to surprise you," Beck bit his lip, not completely sure how she'll take this next part. "...And take you out for a little Valentine's Day dinner."

She nodded her head, thinking about it.

"You don't have plans with Andre?" Beck shook his head, waiting in suspense for her answer.

After another minute of silence, she asked, "What do you have planned for after dinner?"

He knew her well enough by this point to know that just a Valentine's Day dinner would suffice. She'd expect more, and deserved more than just a few hours at a restaurant.

"I got us tickets for Sleep No More, and then I figured we'd head to back to you. I have a little surprise for you once we get back."

She tilted her head and a slight smile formed, but she dropped it before it could widen.

Composing herself, she declared, "Alright. I'll go."

"Wait, ugh, Cat and that kid have the apartment tonight," she grumbled.

"Nope they don't. It was a cover so you wouldn't go back to the apartment. I figured if I'd told you I had special Valentine's Day plans over the phone, you'd skip town and leave me hanging. Or if I just showed up at your apartment, you might slam the door in my face."

"Hmm, yeah. Probably," she agreed.

"However, if I escort you to your place, I have a better chance of making sure you don't run away."

"What's stopping me from staying here all night?" Jade challenged.

He honestly had not considered that part, but luckily he caught a sign on the door that said the building hours, and today it closed at 6pm.

He gave her a cocky grin. "This place closes in about 10 minutes."

Jade sighed, defeated, then began stacking her papers and sheet music into a folder before placing it in her messenger bag.

"You know I can still slam my door in your face," she said, amusing herself with the idea of being back in control. Standing across from Beck in the elevator, she started searching for her keys in her bag and pockets.

He gave her a smirk right back. "You may have some trouble getting in first…"

"Huh?" Jade looked up to see him holding her keys by the black scissor key ring.


Before she could lunge at him, the elevator doors opened and he sprinted to her apartment.

"Woah, woah, getting a bit handsy there, Ms. West," He chuckled, taking his time turning the lock. She groaned and finally gave up trying to reach over him.

Walking in behind him, he immediately pushed Jade against the door to close it and lifted her up. She leaned her head down and kissed him with force. What started as a quick innocent make-out, quickly escalated as her hands groped his upper body, until one went down toward his-

He stopped, recognizing her game. He sunk his teeth deep into her bottom lip.

"Dude! You made my lip bleed," Her face was a mix of confusion, anger and Beck caught a last minute slightly-lustful look in Jade's eyes.

She pulled away and jumped off him.

"Whoops!" Beck said with a shoulder shrug. She was not going to distract him tonight…at least not before they went out.

"Ugh. Whatever." She took a step back and examined his outfit.

"You look all cool and fancy. Where are we going?" she asked, her hands on her hips. She licked her bottom lip, tasting the blood. She tried, and failed, to hold back a satisfied smile. Beck beamed internally. He knew she'd like that.

He took a seat on the couch as he answered, "Remember that place we passed by once, that had a big skull and crossbones next to the name?"

"Death & Co? No Way!" She dropped her excitement a second later and groaned. "That's all the way downtown." She was already dreading the long trip.

"Nope," Beck replied, popping the "p" casually. "They opened a new location not very far from here."

Jade jumped on his lap to straddle his thighs. He just got hotter.

"That is awesome," she smirked and licked her bottom lip again. He gave her a gentle kiss, then pushed her off.

"No, no, no."


"Our reservation is for 7pm, and you still have to change-" Beck's breath hitched and he shut his eyes after he said that last part. Shoot.

"Excuse me? What, so you don't think I look good now?" Jade growled.

Perfect way to start the evening, he thought to himself.

"I didn't- You know what I mean- I didn't-"

He scrambled, trying out different sentences, hoping one of them would soften her glare. Finally realizing it was a fruitless effort, and not wanting things to escalate, he went for a more direct solution.

Shaking his head, he replied, "No. I won't stand for this. Not tonight. Wipe that frown off your face, I'm officially in control for the evening."

He stood up from the couch and picked her up again. This time throwing her over his shoulder.

"BECK! PUT ME DOWN!" She kicked her legs violently, struggling to slip out of his grasp.

"That does you no good here. We're charging our way through." He smirked and slapped her bum with his free hand.

Getting to her bedroom, he plopped her on the bed, leaving her seething.

He shrugged, once again unfazed under her tight glare.

He moved to leave, but seeing her still annoyed he added, "Hey, wear something sexy, will ya?"

She rolled her eyes and gave him a glowering look. "Ohh, I will."

Beck smiled happily as he heard her door close.

Jade plugged her curling iron in and checked herself out in the mirror. She smiled, pleased she didn't have to do too much to get ready. Picking up the now heated iron, she wrapped around the pieces where the curl had fallen out, then took out a long sleeve black one piece with a big scoop neck. Pulling on her signature black tights and short black skirt, adding a quick, soft smokey eye. she stuck on her high heeled combat boots and was set for the night.

Quicker than he expected, he heard Jade yell, "Ready!"

Her heels clapped against the ground as she rounded the corner to the living room.

Beck's mouth suddenly went dry. This girl stunned him every time.

"You look beautif-

"Whatever," Jade said, letting a smile slip. "Let's go, boyfriend. You can ogle me at the restaurant."

Without turning around or waiting to see if he followed her, she walked towards the front door and grabbed her coat and bag from the hook mounted on the wall.

Beck chuckled and replied to her back, "Coming, girlfriend."

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