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Harry groaned as he stretched his back and felt his spine pop "Are you sure you're okay Harry?"

Harry sighed and nodded to Bianca as he sat back down "Yeah just slept funny is all."

"I told you we could have worked it out and both of us could have slept in the tent. Why do boys have to be so stubborn?"

Harry grinned as he finished up his breakfast "No idea, but girls can be just as stubborn and don't try to deny it."

Bianca simply stuck her tongue out at him "So what is the plan for today?"

The young son of Apollo set down his plate and with a flick of his wand their supplies and tent were all packed up and put away in his magically expanded backpack "There's someone I got to find."

Bianca paused in the middle of getting her gear and turned to her newest friend "Who?"

Harry sighed as he made sure his shoulder pauldron was secure and then placed his golden helm on his head "Unfortunately I need to track down Helios, if Zoƫ and the others are tracking down Atlas and Luke, then we need to find our own way to track down Aunt Artemis, and there is a chance we can get some information on their plans from Helios, but before that I have a promise to keep."

Bianca shouldered her backpack and approached the ebony haired teen "To who Harry?"

Harry summoned and checked over Velox Mors "To Hephaestus."

Bianca looked confused "You made a promise to Hephaestus, when did that happen?"

Harry sighed as the two demigods made their way south "Last year, when we went to the Sea of Monster's to get the Golden Fleece, I was attacked by Scylla, I was lucky to survive her initial attack, but somehow I did, and I survived the time it took for me to wash up on the shore of Lord Hephaestus' forge, in the attack my second weapon Charles made for me, Diatrypon was shattered by Scylla, so Hephaestus forged me a new weapon."

Bianca nodded as she examined the sword Harry was still holding "Velox Mors right?"

Harry nodded as he smiled at his blade and shifted it into its bow configuration "Yeah, and in return for forging this for me, I agreed to check in on one of his kids, Leo, he lives in Texas, so I need to get down there and check on the kid."

Bianca nodded "Okay. So are we flying there?"

Harrys shook his head "Sorry but no, my wings are killing me, so I figure that we'll have to ask one of the gods for a ride."

Before Bianca could respond by asking which god and how do they go about asking them for a ride there was a sound of heavy movement, Harry having some of the fastest reflexes of any demigod in the past thousand years was already moving, he quickly released the shield of Helios that was in its watch form on Bianca's wrist, Velox Mors was quickly aimed behind him and an arrow was ready to be released, but Harry relaxed as a large horse made from imperial gold with large rubies for eyes came trotting towards them "Seems that Hephaestus has been keeping an eye on me."

Bianca stood behind Harry slightly as the very large imperial gold horse trotted up to them and then stopped in front of them "Do the gods always keep an eye on us."

Harry shook his head "Normally only when we are doing something for them or in times of duress. We should get moving, something tells me that Lord Hephaestus didn't send this just for our convenience."

Bianca frowned as Harry quickly climbed up and got seated on the leather saddle on the automatons back "So this guy Leo must be in some kind of trouble."

Harry nodded as he held out his hand to Bianca with a smile "Come on, it's a long ride so we should get going."

The young daughter of Hades nodded and took the son of Apollo's hand, and as she did both felt a spark of some kind that neither understood, Bianca because she had never felt anything like it and Harry because he was purposefully ignoring the familiar feeling that ran up his spine. Once she was settled behind him Harry took the reins quickly spurred the automaton into a gallop making Bianca wrap her arms around his waist from behind as they picked up speed.

Up on Olympus Hephaestus limped into the large room in his temple which he shared with his wife only to find it trashed making the Smith God sigh "So who has refused to listen to their heart this time love."

Aphrodite scowled and turned to her husband and threw a large gizmo made from imperial gold, celestial bronze and stygian iron at her husband who quickly side stepped the object with a cringe as it shattered on contact with the stone floor of the room, he looked at his wife and saw that her hair was a mess and she was clearly agitated "Was that really necessary?"

Aphrodite took a deep breath to calm her and dismissed her husband's ire with a wave of her hand "You can fix it in seconds."

"Not the point, now back to my question."

Aphrodite sighed and with a burst of divine power her hair was flawless and she was the vision of beauty once more "That damn boy of Apollo, he's constantly fighting me, refusing to listen to his heart, it makes me so angry, I just want to go down there and kick that sun fried morons well sculpted ass!"

Hephaestus chuckled at his wife, only she could insult someone and compliment them in the same sentence "You're trying too hard. Harry is still hurting. Even you have to see that it will take some time love."

Aphrodite shook her head and crossed her arms under her breasts pushing them up "NO! That boy will find love, and soon. How can I call myself the Goddess of Love when I can't heal a broken heart! That boy deserves to be happy and I swear on the River Styx that he will be!"

Hephaestus nodded with a slightly dazed look on his face which Aphrodite noticed but before she could enquire as to what was wrong the burly Smith God was in front of her and picked her up and threw her onto the bed, and before he descended on her Aphrodite shivered in excitement at the look of love and lust on her husband's face.

"Stop this mechanical monstrosity Harry or I swear I'll either throw you of it or throw up on you!"

Harry smiled and shook his head as he slowed the incredibly fast moving automaton horse to a slow trot and then a full stop. As soon as the imperial gold horse came to a stop Bianca quickly dismounted and began to dry heave while Harry chuckled "You alright Bianca?"

The brown haired demigoddess' only response was to flip him the bird causing Harry to laugh long and hard. Bianca finished her dry heaving and stood up on wobbly legs and looked at her laughing friend and found herself smiling, something which Harry noticed "What?"

Bianca shook her head with a blush barely showing on her face highlighting her slight freckles on her cheeks and across her nose "It's nothing, I just haven't seen you laugh like that before, it was nice to see you acting so normal."

Harry looked away with a light blush on his face and scratched the back of his head "Whatever, so are you alright now?"

Bianca nodded "Yeah I'm fine, are we almost there, my legs are starting to get a bit sore though."

Harry smiled in understanding "Yeah my legs got sore when I first started riding horses and Pegasus, the first time I went riding back at camp I was walking bow legged for two days."

Bianca couldn't stop the smile that graced her beautiful face "I've ridden horses before just never for this long. Are we almost there?"

Harry shrugged "I have no idea, to be honest with you I don't know where this kid is. At this point in time we are just along for the ride."

Bianca sighed and held out her hand "Don't just sit there Harry help me up."

The ebony haired youth chuckled under his breath but helped her up "What do I look like a gentleman?"

Silena Beauregard smiled as she entered the Forge and saw her boyfriend sitting by himself at the rear of the forge, surprisingly he wasn't forging anything, and he was simply sitting and starring at a long wooden box. The young daughter of Aphrodite came up behind him and wrapped her arms around his shoulders "What's got you thinking so hard?"

Instead of answering with words Charles kicked the side of the wooden box opening it revealing the sword within "It's Dein Nomos."

Silena hummed in thought "That's the first sword you forged for Harry right? Wasn't Annabeth using it?"

Charles nodded "She was, but it must have sensed what's been going on because I found it here in the forge back when Harry and Annabeth broke up."

"So why are you starring at it so hard."

Charles merely scratched his chin "Trying to figure out when to return it to Harry."

"You mean because he has Velox Mors right" Charles merely nodded "Just give it back to him, I'm sure he'll find a use for it."

Charles just sighed "Yeah I guess you're right, I'll return it when he gets back, speaking of Harry do you know who he took with him?"

Silena nodded "Yeah the new girl Bianca Di Angelo went with him, I think this trip will be good for Harry."

Charles tilted his head to the side so he could see his girlfriend "You matchmaking again?"

Silena merely smiled "Not me."

Charles just chuckled "Your mother is then. Did you notice it before he left?"

The daughter of Aphrodite grinned as she moved around and sat in her boyfriend's lap "You mean that Harry was much more open, like he was before he had his heart broken, you could see it in his face, slowly but surely his heart is healing. I think sometime soon we'll have the old Harry back."

Harry grinned as he leaned back and avoided a flaming arrow, he was standing against a wall watching as Bianca was fighting a group of undead Grecian soldiers wearing old imperial gold armour, these were the Fire Guard, guards of Helios Temple.

The young son of Apollo watched as Bianca dodged a flaming sword and then struck out with a dagger slashing through its neck severing the head from the body and turning the soldier to dust.

Harry let loose an arrow from Velox Mors and took out a Fire Guard that would have cut through Bianca from behind "Focus Bianca. You can't allow yourself to get tunnel vision. In a situation like this you need to keep track of all your opponents."

Bianca barely managed a nod before she used her dagger to block a flaming sword, she deflected the sword down and followed up by cutting of its arm and pushing it away from her.

Harry watched carefully and batted away another arrow that was aimed at him "Hey aim at her not me."

Bianca spun about and glared at him "What!"

The ebony haired teenager merely laughed "On your left."

Bianca screamed as she was tackled by the one armed Fire Guard, but she managed to angle her dagger and piece it through the chest turning it to dust.

Harry just shook his head as he swung Velox Mors slashing through a Fire Guard as it tried to run him through and then slashed a flaming arrow out of the air before he spun and bashed a Fire Guard in the side of its decaying head with his shield and then slashing through its neck severing the head.

He turned back and saw Bianca take down another Fire Guard with her dagger. As the last Fire Guard was dusted Harry was not that shocked as Bianca stormed up to him and slapped him across the face, he simply reached up and rubbed his sore cheek and merely said "Ouch. Feel better now?"

Her answer was a second slap to the face "Much. Don't you ever do that again!"

Harry simply nodded "Of course not, you need some real experience and now you have, next time we're in a fight you won't freeze up. Besides I wouldn't have let anything happen to you, if it looked like you were in any real danger I would have stepped in and ended it as quick as possible."

Bianca simply shook her head "Really?"

Harry just nodded "Really. Have ye so little faith?"

"Oh I have faith" Harry grinned but that was ended by her next words "Just not in you" Harry slumped in defeat making Bianca smile at him "So which way now?"

Harry shook his head as he dismissed Velox Mors "South still. We shouldn't be far from this school Hephaestus said his kid was at, so let's get moving."

"Ah Harry, slight problem."

Harry turned to see Bianca pointing at the automaton horse which had several arrows in it and definitely wouldn't be going anywhere anytime soon "Damn it. That is so not cool."

Bianca just scowled at him "It wouldn't be ruined if you had been paying attention."

Harry simply hung his head "True enough."

"You know what this means right?"

Harry just nodded "Yeah" before he shifted into his animagus form, only instead of the hybrid Nundu phoenix he was now just a pure Nundu.

Bianca gathered their bags and then climbed onto Harry's back and then with a small mischievous smile on her face she dug her heels into his side and said "Giddy Up!"

Harry growled slightly before he took off running through the tree's surprising Bianca with how agile his large form was. Harry ran for several hours before Bianca began to get tired as the sun began to set "Harry I think we should set up camp for the night."

Slowing down to a brisk walk the giant Nundu began to look around for a good spot before he stopped next to a large Yew and laid down allowing Bianca to slide of before he quickly shifted back to his human form and began to stretch as he got up "Man I am sore."

Bianca merely grinned "That's what you get for not paying attention to your surroundings."

"Still harping on that?"

Bianca giggled slightly before she shook her head "No I'm just messing with you" Harry eyed her for a moment making her blush under his gaze "What?"

Harry shrugged before he smiled and began to set up a fire "You've changed since we first met, you where shy, quiet and always hiding your face behind that hat of yours. But now look at you, you're laughing and making jokes, smiling and fighting monsters. I'm just surprised at how much you've changed. It's nice."

Bianca's face turned red as she blushed heavily "You think so?"

Harry just nodded as he lit the fire "I do."

Bianca sat down next to him and glanced at him out of the corner of her eye before she said "I think you have changed to."

Harry blinked in slight shook not expecting that "What do you mean, I haven't changed."

Bianca nodded "You have, when we first meet you were open but very guarded, it seemed like you were forcing yourself to keep smiling. But now it's different, I've seen you smiling a lot lately, when we're not in danger that is, but I don't think that even you realized that you were smiling."

Harry just shrugged with a small smile on his face "Huh, guess I have, I hadn't realised."

Bianca nodded "I haven't thanked you yet either."

Harry looked at her with a confused look on his face "For what?"

"For saving me and Nico, if you hadn't have been there then who knows what might have happened to us. So thank you."

Harry just smiled as he poked the fire with a stick "Any time Bianca."

Harry and Bianca sat there for several moments just staring at each other before Bianca looked away with a large blush on her face as Harry did that same just with a smaller blush. Trying to take his mind of what he was feeling for the cute brunette next to him he grabbed his backpack and reached into it and pulled out a large angled caved piece of wood which harry then began to carve small pieces of with a knife.

"What is that?"

Harry glanced at Bianca and saw her looking at the large wooden branch he was carving "It's a piece of Yew from one of the trees in my father's temple. I've been carving myself a bow from it for two reasons, one is that I use a bow as my primary weapon and secondly I use magic as my secondary weapon, this is a combination of a bow and a staff. Yew is the wood within which I'll place a tail feather from my phoenix animagus form and I have a large ruby to use as a foci and amplifier."

"But why are you making it when you have Velox Mors and your wand?"

"With this I won't have to put away my bow and draw my wand, best of both worlds."

Bianca just nodded "Fair enough, but what about Velox Mors?"

Harry merely shrugged "I don't know, maybe give it to Rosa or give it back to the Lord of the Forge."

Bianca nodded before she looked directly at him "Tell me about your family."

Harry stopped carving his bow for a moment before he continued "What do you want to know?"

"Tell me about your mother."

Harry found himself smiling as he thought about his mother "Her name is Lily Evans, she married a mortal wizard named James Potter, he was an abusive self-righteous rapist murderer. My younger half-brother Andrew is famous in the wizarding world, James wanted all the fame that came with it. He forced my mom to abandon me with her abusive sister. My mom may not have been a saint, but she loved me and spent every day trying to prove that she loved me. A couple of years ago she left James and got her own place, she hooked back up with my dad and soon she had Rosa. But soon after James convinced her that he wanted to apologise, James beat her for days before he killed her."

Bianca gasped in horror as tears fell from her eyes before she hugged the young man next to her "I'm so sorry."

Harry just smiled sadly "it's okay, I grieved and then moved on, and I'll never forget her though. Plus I still have Rosa, and Andrew."

Bianca smiled at him as she wiped her eyes "Well I'm happy that you still have them, and you have all your friends."

"True, so what about you, what's your mom like?"

Bianca though for a moment before she answered "Her name was Maria, she was born in Italy and moved to America before she had me and Nico, she was a kind and very cheerful person, Nico gets a lot of his personality from her. She loved my dad, I guess he loved her to since he would visit us all often and he had more than once child with her. Other than that I don't remember a whole lot. Other than that Zeus killed her trying to kill us."

Harry smiled as he put his arm around Bianca's shoulders and gave her a one armed hug "She sounds like a great person. I would have liked to meet her."

Bianca nodded with a teary smile "I know she would have liked you. Thank you Harry."

"What for this time?"

Bianca smiled at him "For being here for me. I don't really talk about mama even to Nico. It was easier to talk about with you here, so thank you."

Harry just smiled "Anytime."

Bianca then surprised the young son of Apollo by leaning up and placing a quick kiss on his cheek before she blushed heavily and quickly went to set up her tent leaving Harry to touch the spot she kissed.

Bianca looked around as she found herself in a large department store "How did I get here?"

"Why I brought you here of course."

Bianca spun around with a cry of surprise as she struggled to draw her bow, standing behind her was a beautiful woman with long dark hair that shifted between black and dark brown and her eyes were an amazing shade of green. She was the most beautiful woman she had ever seen.

"Who are you?!"

The woman merely smiled as she continued to look through the racks of clothes "I think you already know the answer to that my dear."


Said Lady of Doves giggled as she held out a beautiful black dress "Indeed, I think this would look lovely on you my dear."

Bianca blushed slightly at the slightly revealing dress "Um, no offense Lady Aphrodite but why am I here?"

The goddess of Love smiled as she placed the black dress back and continued browsing "I wanted to talk to you about that handsome young man you are traveling with and give you some advice."

Bianca blushed deeply at the mention of Harry "W-What about him?"

Aphrodite examined a black beret before she nodded with a smile and then pulled a maroon turtleneck from a shelf "You see I've taken a liking to that you man, and after that failure of a relationship with Athena's daughter I wanted to make sure that boy would end up happy."

Bianca continued to blush as she watched the Goddess of Love look around for more clothes "What does this have to do with me?"

Aphrodite laughed in response "Oh my dear Bianca, once more you know the answer to that. I'm the Goddess of Love my dear, I can sense what's in your heart, and while it may not be true love just yet it very deep affection" Bianca's blush deepened at the Goddess' words "And I can tell you that he feels the same."

The elder Di Angelo sibling looked at the goddess in front of her "He does?"

Aphrodite nodded with a large smile on her face "Oh yes, but because of his past he is afraid to show how he feels. So you will need to make the first move my dear."

Bianca stopped dead in her tracks as she stared at Aphrodite "M-M-Make the first move?!"

"Yes that is what I said, Harry is far too stubborn for his own good, so it is up to you" the Lady of Doves grinned as she held up the clothes she had picked out "And these will help, now it's time to wake up dear, and don't forget what I said."

Bianca tried to protest but with a snap of the Goddess' finger Bianca returned to the waking world leaving Aphrodite alone to smile and squeal in joy like a teenage girl "Oh yes, one step closer!"

Harry woke up to a startled scream, he had his wand draw in an instant and a curse on the tip of his tongue when he spotted Bianca, she was now wearing a marron turtleneck sweater that hung to he still developing curves, she had on skin tight dark blue jeans and calf high fur lined boots and a black beret sat atop her head. Her hair had been pulled into two braids that fell over her shoulders and finally light lipstick on her lips.

"What the hell? B-Bianca?"

The daughter of Hades blushed as she looked up and saw Harry staring at her "I-It was all Aphrodite, she did this."

Harry continued to stare at her and whispered under his breath "Thank you Lady Aphrodite."

However he wasn't as silent as he thought and Bianca's face turned crimson when she heard him "Y-You think it looks alright?"

Harry coughed into his hand as he looked away with a light blush "Uh yeah, I think you look great."

Bianca blushed before she ran off into the woods "Hey Bianca?"

"Stay there Harry, I'm changing!"

Harry sighed but still had a small blush on his face. Several minutes later Bianca emerged now wearing a simple set of green cargo pants, a simple pair of sneakers and a black shirt under a white button up long sleeved shirt, the make-up Aphrodite had put on her was gone and her hair was now tied back into a single braid.

"Feel better?"

Bianca nodded but still had a small blush on her face "Much, this is so much more comfortable."

Harry nodded, he himself was wearing only a pair of jeans, a black shirt and his boots "What did you do with the clothes Aphrodite gave you? And is that my white shirt?"

"I put them in my bag. And yes it is, I needed something to put on over this shirt to keep warm, is that a problem?"

Harry just shook his head "No it's fine, it looks good on you."

Bianca smiled at him and Harry felt his heart beat faster. The young demi god shook his head before he grabbed his bag and pulled out some food "We should eat, we still have a bit to go before we reach this Leo kid."

So after a quick meal the two demigods continued on their journey. It was several days later that Harry and Bianca finally reached the Texas Wilderness School in Houston, the two demigods where standing on a roof watching the shop class, inside was a young man a few years younger than them, he had curly dark hair, brown eyes and elf like ears.

"Well that's obviously him."

Bianca nodded as they watched the young son of Hephaestus build something with great ease while the other students worked at a more leisurely pace "So what now, he seems alright."

Harry nodded "Yeah seems that way, plus there is a satyr here. So the kid should be fine. I'll send a message to Hephaestus."

"Well isn't that touching?"

Harry tensed and pushed Bianca out of the way as a stream of fire washed over him "HARRY!" Bianca drew her bow and fired an arrow at Helios with deadly accuracy but Helios merely swatted it aside before Harry charged from the flames with Velox Mors in its sword form and his wand in his left hand, he sent a dark cutting curse at Helios who let the flames die as he moved to avoid the curse, as Helios moved around the curse Harry reached him and swung Velox Mors at the Titan's neck only for Helios to grab Velox Mors and smirk at the young demigod.

"Such a fool!"

There was a flash of power that threw Harry back towards Bianca who helped him back up, the young black haired demigod was steaming slightly from the head but the young demigod was staring at the melted remains of Velox Mors, the blade was now nothing more than a melted scrap of metal with a hilt.

Harry glared at the laughing Titan "You bastard!"

Bianca held onto the young man's arm and held him from charging the Titans "Harry calm down!"

Harry looked at the young brunette out of the corner of his eye before taking a deep breath and calming down "Why are you here Helios?"

The Titan of the Sun simply smirked "I would have thought that was obvious!"

Bianca slipped the Titans shield still in its watch form onto Harry's wrist and then stepped back with her bow ready while Harry glared at the Titan "You should have just stayed out of this Helios."

Said Titan merely waved a hand in dismissal "I could say the same to you boy. Now kneel before me and beg me to spare your life, and I'll make your death as painless as possible."

Harry merely scoffed "Yeah like I'd believe that."

Helios glared at the young an before he struck out with a punch that would have seriously injured the young man, if Harry hadn't gotten the Shield of Helios up in time to block it.

"I am the Titan of Oaths you little brat!" The Titan then got a look at the shield and his glare intensified as his body began to glow "So that's where my shield is, I'll be taking that back."

Harry merely smirked from behind said shield "You can try."

Helios bared his teeth in ager as he tried to force the young man back while Harry tried to hold the Titan back. Seeing him in trouble Bianca began to fire arrow after arrow at the sun Titan. Helios turned his head to glare at the daughter of Hades when there was a noise right behind him, it was the loud bleating of a satyr.

Helios stumbled to the side as a large tree branch shaped like a club slammed into the side of the Titans head. As this happened one of Bianca's arrows pierced the Titan just under the ribcage making him cry out in pain. Harry backed off and stood next to Bianca and the rather short satyr that now stood beside them.

Harry began to try and catch his breath as he looked at his companion and their newest acquaintance "Thanks for the save you two."

The satyr glared at the young son of Apollo "What the hell is the big idea, bringing a Titan here!"

"We didn't do it on purpose!"

The satyr glared at Bianca who shrunk back "What are you two even doing here?"

Harry scowled as Helios got to his feet and removed the arrow "Argue later! Fight now!"

"You insignificant speck" Harry watched as the Titan of the Sun began to step back into a glowing portal "Don't think this is over boy!"

Helios waved a hand and a black portal appeared on the ground from which a large three headed dog "Fluffy!"


Harry grinned sheepishly at the satyr and Bianca "That's its name, I recognise this Cerberus."

All three of Fluffy's heads growled at Harry who took a step back and raised the shield of Helios "Come on Fluffy, I'm sorry about killing you!"

Fluffy roared at the young demigod and pounced; Harry slammed his shield into the middle head and used it to hold its mouth open as Bianca began shooting arrows at the left head. Hedge tried to attack the centre head while Harry held its jaw open but Fluffy shook its head and sent Harry rolling away. The young wizard drew his wand and fired a flaming spear at the large Cerberus, but Fluffy was smarter then it seems and managed to avoid the spear only taking a minor wound to its front left leg.

"Where's your sword kid?"

Harry scowled at the satyr as he rolled to the left to avoid Fluffy's lunge "Helios melted it into scrap!"

Bianca tried to take out Fluffy's legs but only succeeded in pissing it off. Fluffy roared in anger and turned to attack her but Harry leapt in front of it and smacked it on the snout with his shield.

While this happened the satyr bleated and charged the right head slamming his tree branch into the Cerberus' head, the right head tried to snap at him but the satyr who was short for a satyr ducked under the head and then made his way under the Cerberus grabbing one of Bianca's fired arrow which he used as a dagger and stabbed into the beast's chest.

Harry sighed as the Cerberus dropped dead and turned to the Satyr "Thanks for the help."

The satyr nodded "It's fine, call me Hedge. Now you two want to explain why you're here?"

"Lord Hephaestus asked us to check on his son."

Hedge just sighed "You mean Valdez, I knew it. Are you here to escort him to camp?"

Harry shook his head "No, we're just checking on him."

Hedge just sighed "Fine, you did, now get out of here, last thing I need is more monsters showing up."

Harry just shook his head as Hedge turned and headed back into the school "Jeez what an ass."

Bianca elbowed the young teen in the ribs "Harry you shouldn't be rude."

Harry just nodded "Yeah you're right."

"So what do we do now?"

Harry simply sighed "I guess our best guess is to head to San Francisco."

Bianca looked confused as she began to walk beside him "What's there Harry?"

Harry scowled as he thought of the Titan stronghold "Mount Othrys."