Okay, so this scene came to mind when I noticed Vin posted up a still from Fast and Furious Six of him and Letty. I had been thinking about it for a while now and finally decided to post this as a one shot. Though I would really love to make it into more than that. But with my schedule, it doesn't seem possible. T.T

A lone woman of Latin heritage stood leaning against her car. Watching as the waves crashed against the cement walls of the dam ahead of her. The night blew cold winds at her, but she didn't mind.

Even though she had a calm look to her, her eyes showed years of suffering. How she had survived this long, she didn't know.

That was a lie, she did know.

She sighed, hanging her head in defeat.

The loud roar of an engine is what took her out of her visage.

The woman didn't raise her head when she heard the car stop, nor did she make a move to look at the person when she heard the car door slam shut.

Slowly, she noticed a large shadow loom over her from the headlights of his car.

The tall, built-up man took slow steps toward her. Not really knowing how to own up to their situation.

He continued until he has a foot away from her and stared down at her fallen face.

The woman finally spoke as she raised her head to look at his shoulder, "Why are you here?"

He tilted his head slightly, looking the woman over.

She hadn't changed at all in appearance since he last seen her.

Yet he could tell she wasn't the same person as before.

Her eyes shown emotions she wished didn't show.

"Answer me, Dom."

He raised his hand to touch her hand, but decided against it and looked away.

Anger slowly began seeping into her as she tilted her head up to meet his eyes and glared, "Fucking answer me!"

"It ain't every day you find out your girl's alive…," he responded, his voice cracking at the low tone that escaped his lips, "even after you've been told she's been dead for the past three years."

She turned away and stared off at the ocean again, snorting at Dom's use of the word, 'girl.'

"You don't belong here." She crossed her arms and pushed herself off of the 1970 Charger R/T.

Somehow, even though she was away from her old life, she couldn't let go of old memories. She had found this car in an old junk yard and fixed it from ground, up. She hasn't let it go sense.

Dom's eyes trailed her form as she walked toward the edge of the rails, peering over the crashing waves.

"I came to Berlin for one reason and one reason only," he took a couple of steps toward her, staring at her back exhaustingly, "I ain't leavin' till I get what I came for."

She lifted her head up to look at the stars, the wind blowing her long hair beside her as she stared innocently at the twinkling lights of the night sky.

"Hate to break it to you, but you're gonna be disappointed when you don't get it." She said, running a hand over her hair, taming it from the now upbeat winds.

That's when she felt it. A large, heavy object was put over her shoulders.

She looked over her shoulder to see Dom had taken off his jacket.

Her eyes trailed down to the black leather jacket but gave no response about it.

He leant his elbows against the old, rotting rails and sighed, rubbing at his temples with one hand.

"A military convoy….," he looked over at the woman with incredulous eyes, "Letty, what the hell where you thinking?"

Letty grabbed onto the railing with both hands until her knuckles turned white from the pressure, "It isn't your business, Dom."

His eyebrows rose at her assumption, "It ain't my business?"

"Letty, everything you do, is and has always been my business." He confirmed

She let her hands fall from the rail and turned to glare at him, "The hell it is."

He took a step towards her, towering over her until his chest was right up against her own.

There was no way she was about to back down.

Instead, she challenged him back, staring up defiantly at him.

"Tell me Dom, how's your skank back at home, huh?"

His eyebrows furrowed at the question, not understanding where she was going with it.

She clicked her tongue and continued to egg him on, "She's nice in bed, right. Pretty little thing ain't she," she leaned up and whispered in his ear, "light green eyes, brown hair, nice body, former officer…"

"How do yo—"

"I know a lot of things, Dominic." She said bitterly, stepping away from him and shoving his jacket back at him.

She made her way angrily toward her vehicle, opening the door and just as she was about to get in, a hand grabbed onto her wrist and pulled her back.

He pulled her against him tightly, adding more pressure as she fought against him.

"Let go, Dom!"

"How do you know about Elena…"

Her domineer decreased as she realized what he had just asked her.

Letty's lip quirked up with interest, "What's the matter Toretto," she tilted her head mockingly to the side, "scared I might have your new girlfriend here?"

Dom stared down at her coolly, not thinking her possible of doing such things to the Brazilian woman.

"You wouldn't dare."

Her eyes slowly saddened at the remark, "I never thought it'd be me you would say that to."

She stared deep into his eyes and noticed a glimmer. Realization dawned in her irises as he looked into her own.

"You love her, don't you?"

His expression hardened as he let go of her wrist.

She backed up slowly from him.

Letty had, had every intention of leaving the scene, until a shine flickered from around Dom's neck and caught her attention.

Her eyes narrowed slightly at it, "You kept it…"

Dom looked from her, to the cross necklace around his neck.

That necklace held so many memories and meaning to the both of them. It meant family, love, pain, and sadness. No matter what Dom went through, he always had that cross to hold on tight to when the going got tough.

He looked at her with gentle eyes as a small smile formed on his lips, "I never take it off."

Thoughts began running through her head as she came to a stop, "Things are never gonna be the same between us anymore, Dom."

She turned to set a hand on the door of her car as she peered at him from over her shoulder, "Remember, so long as you're here, you're my enemy."

"We're doing this for you, you know." He piped in, setting his jacket on the hood of her car.

"Doing what for me?" she rolled her eyes, turning back around to face the man she held so much respect for, yet hated with a passion at the moment.

"Owen can't keep you forever Let."

As soon as that name came out of his mouth, her eyes widened.

She stepped toward him with a cold expression written on her face, "I'm warning you, Dom. Stay the hell away from him."

Dom stared at her through half lidded eyes. What she had said clearly didn't bode well with him.

"Why're you protecting him?"

"I ain't protecting him, I'm protecting you, you ass!" she shouted

Letty growled as she noticed too late what had come running out of her mouth.

Only she knows how to get him from being mad to happy in a couple of seconds. That was one of the things that helped set Letty apart from the rest of the women in the world for him.

"What's Owen Shaw got on you, Letty?" he asked, leaning against the window frame of the Grey '70 R/T.

She let out a stiff breath through her nostrils and shook her head from side to side.

"This ain't your game. You can't beat him, Dom. No one ever does."

He leant forward for a moment, their faces just breaths apart from each other as he observed her reaction. Turning back around, he made his way towards his own car.

"Watch me."

Uuuu I like the tough attitude Dom has when he sets his mind to something. Yup, yup. That's how we roll! We roll like this!-jk Anyway, how was it? Was I too farfetched with Dom and Letty's characters? :)