Letty sighed, tilting her head sideways and noticing the large jacket that was atop of her roof.

Her lips quirked upward a fraction as memories from her past began to resurface.

'Typical Dom,' she ruffled the back of her hair annoyingly and grabbed the jacket, 'always forgets things…'

Throwing the jacket into the passenger seat of her car, she slammed the door to her car behind her as she revved up the engine and stormed out of the bay area.

Her hands gripped the steering wheel tightly; lights from passing lamp posts illuminated her dark thoughts coursing through her head.

"No one can save me, Dom. Not even you…."

"Jesus, Dom. Where were you?" an angry petite woman, holding a sleeping boy in her arms whispered furiously at the older man.

Dom gave her a lazy smile as he gave the little boy a once over, "Ah come on, Mia. A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do."

Mia gave him an exasperated sigh and shook her head, "I'm going to bed. It's late and Alec should've already been in his bed."

Dom grinned, "Kid tire you out?"

She smiled, "It wasn't me that had to deal with him this time."

"I can imagine how O'Conner feels then."

"It's been three years," she raised an eyebrow at him, "you're really going to keep calling him that?"

"What?," He shook his head, rubbing the back of his neck. Stopping his hands tracks as he noticed something different, "the hell…"

Mia, the ever so observant one, gave him a worried look, "What's wrong?"

His confused look quickly turned into a joking one, "It's nothin', Mi," he gave her a quick hug and rubbed the top of his nephews head before heading up the stairs, "I'm gonna crash here tonight. See you in the morning."

From the bottom of the stair case he could hear his sister scoff at his dismissal.

He sighed and looked down at his chest. Of course, he should have remembered that he set his jacket on her car, not his.

He rubbed his temples and made his way to a guest room, dropping himself heavily on the comfortable mattress.

"Buy one tomorrow…." Was the last thing that passed through his lips as he fell into a deep sleep, having so many worries really taken a lot out of him.

~Next Morning~

Mia's eyes widened a fraction as her mouth went slack, "Oh, Elena. How good to hear from you, how've you been?"

The tall, fit woman turned away from her kitchen counter to stare at her husband.

He raised an eyebrow in question, his spoon in mid-air filled with his favorite cereal.

"Mmm, no-" She shook her head negatively, pushing herself off from the counter, "no, Dom…Dom hasn't been around here. Why? He didn't go home last night?"

Brian just shrugged and slipped the spoon into his mouth, smiling contentedly at his imported 'Apple Jacks.'

"Alright, Elena, if he comes by, I'll tell him to go straight home," Mia smiled sadly and nodded to herself, "bye."

"What fwas that 'll 'bout?" Brian asked, his mouth full of his cereal.

Mia rolled her eyes irritatingly at her husband's immaturity and grabbed a 'Lightening McQueen' plate for her son from the cabinet.

"Dom," she pointed to the roof of the kitchen, motioning where he was sleeping, "didn't go home. He spent the night here and god knows only what he was doing last night."

Brian scrunched up his nose at the new found information, "When did Dom come by?"

"He slipped into the house at one in the morning. You were asleep way before that." She grinned, setting the plate on the table and putting some eggs in it.

"Mm…." Brian nodded in understanding.

"Morning" A deep and long voice came from the entrance to the kitchen.

"Morning…?" Brian looked at his brother-in-law questioningly, "what brings you here?"

Dom raised a daring eyebrow at the younger man.

"What?," Brian shrugged his shoulders, "I'm just asking."

"Had a late night." Was all he said before opening the fridge and taking out a Corona.

"Oh sure, by all means, take one. You don't even have to ask." The blonde mocked with sarcasm evident in his tone and rolled his eyes at the bald man leaning against the corner of the counter top.

"Dominic, are you serious?," Mia looked tiredly at her brother, "this early in the morning? You haven't even had breakfast yet."

Dom gave her a small apologetic look before downing the beer in a couple of takes and set it in the sink.

"So what do you think about Hobbs proposal?" Brian asked seriously.

The air suddenly got thick around them.

Mia's eyebrows furrowed, "Wait…hold on, what-," she glared at Dom and Brian, "what's he talking about Dom?"

Dom shook his head at the blonde before turning to face his sister, "Look Mi, this is something that Brian and I need to solve."

"Right, because I just got off the phone," She said, a hand at her hip and giving her older brother a look, "with Elena."

He gave a low groan and swore.

"Uh huh, she wanted to know why you didn't go home last night. Of course, I told her you hadn't come here."

His eyes widened in shock.

His little sister had straight up sold him out.

"Hey, you were the one out late. I'm not going to cover for you again. So you better come up with a good reason why you two," She glared and pointed at both of them, "can't tell me anything."

Giving them a final, irritated look, she turned and stomped her way upstairs to wake up her son.

"You've done it now, Dom." Brian chuckled, taking a drink of the last remnants of his milk.

"Shut up."

Dom sighed, closing his front door behind him.

"Dom?" a light voice with a Brazilian accent echoed from the hall

"Uh..," he looked towards the empty hall, "yeah, it's me."

Light heeled footsteps neared towards the foyer as a beautiful and young woman came into view.

Although she was beautiful, her expression was anything but.

Dom's lip rose in an innocent, sheepish smile, "Look at 'chu…."

She shook her head negatively, pointing a finger accusingly at him, "No, that is not going to work this time, Dominic."

What is it with women calling him by his full name today?

"Right…," he gave a resigned sigh, "look, I'm sorry. I just got caught up with something last ni—"

"Really, caught up with something," she crossed her arms and gave him a pointed look, "again?"

He raised an amused eyebrow, "What is it you think I was doing last night?"

"I wouldn't be asking you if I knew what it was Dom."

"Don't get riled up," he took a step closer to her, wrapping his fingers around her forearm, "I was up all night checking the transmission to the Daytona."

She gave him a concerned look, "What is wrong with the Charger?"

He chuckled, "The 0-ring on the dip stick has a minor leak, it's no problem."

"Alright then, are you hungry?." She asked and gave up on her interrogation.

"Uh, yeah, I haven't been able to grab a bite to eat yet." He smiled

She nodded and returned the smile before turning and walking back down the hallway.

He let out a shaky breath when she was out of ear shot. He had to thankful that she didn't know much about cars or else she would have remembered that the leakage took him less than a day to fix.

Dom walked toward the open window that had a view of the beautiful ocean surrounding them.

He definitely had a lot to think about after what happened last night.

Those same beautiful, chocolate eyes have haunted him for the past three years and now she was alive.

He crossed his arms and looked thoughtfully at the calm waves towards the rampant ones on the opposite side of the ocean.

It reminded him about how easy a life he was able to live now, with Elena by his side, he forgot his troubles. Granted, Letty was always on his mind. But the thoughts he had from her were memories that he adored and kept close. In this world, they weren't fugitives; there was no special ops officer on the run looking for him. Life was….okay. But just as the waves were calm here, there was a storm out into more deep waters. No one in this small island could feel the heavy waves from out there. Just as he didn't notice that Letty was leading a hard life while he enjoyed his. He noticed the look in her eyes last night. There was torment in them and he didn't like it. His heart beat rapidly at the thought of any harm being done to her.

Even though he knew she could take care of herself—god only knows how much of a tantrum she would throw whenever he tried to save her from something—he couldn't help but worry. This was more than just a guy trying to cop a feel at the races.

"This ain't your game. You can't beat him, Dom. No one ever does."

He glared

This was her life she was playing with and he'd go to hell and back to make sure she stayed here. He already lost her once; he wasn't going to make the same mistake again.

"Dom, breakfast is ready!"

He shook his head and focused on the voice.

His face saddened, in his entire train of thought he had forgotten about her. He could get Letty back into his life—he wanted to. But where did that leave Elena?

"You love her, don't you?"

Dom slowly made his way towards the kitchen, hoping he would never get there.

Letty misunderstood his situation.

He loved Elena, but he wasn't in love with her.

Dom loved the little things Elena did for him and even though Letty didn't do the things Elena did. His former woman always knew how to make him smile. She always knew when he was down and knew what remedy to give him. A simple smile from her, a kiss, and the feel of her arms around him made Dom's troubles go away.

Elena more than not left Dom to himself when he is troubled. Thinking he would rather be alone than with company. If only she knew how far from the truth that was.

"Letty…" he muttered, raised his head and looked around.

How long had he been standing in the middle of the kitchen?

"Did you say something, Dom?"

"Huh?" He looked over at Elena, having not notice she was standing next to him.

She raised a curious eyebrow, "I asked if you said something."

His eyebrows furrowed, "Oh," a smile formed on his lips as he raised himself up and gave her a chaste kiss, "I didn't say anything."

She returned the smile and pointed to his breakfast before going to get her own.

His eyes rolled down to the eggs and bacon on his plate.

She didn't notice it.

Grabbing his fork, he stabbed it into the scrambled eggs, not knowing why he was...angry?

His smile had quickly fallen as soon as she turned away from him.

How long had he been faking smiles for?

"What's with the holding bars, Toretto?"

He let out a light chuckle.

That was something Letty had said to him, once upon a time.

"How do you do that?" he asked from his spot on his bed.

His eyes trailed up from her long, tan legs. Up to the boxers—his boxers—she was wearing and the tight white tank top, to her amazing assets.

She let out her never changing light, scratchy laugh and snapped her fingers, "My eyes are up here, Toretto. Those aren't up for grabs tonight."

She made her way over to Dom and threw one leg over his waist, giving a small roll of her hips to settle herself comfortably on top of him.

Dom raised an eyebrow, setting his hands firmly on her thighs, "That ain't fair."

"Life," she lent down and whispered over his lips, "ain't fair, papa."

"Hmm" he let out a deep breath, raising his head to meet her lips.

He lifted a hand to the back of her neck and pulled her down tighter against him. Their lips slowly moved in sync, savoring their moments together.

"You love me?" he asked, his eyes never moving from hers as he searched deep for the answer. Though he didn't need to look far to know the answer.

Her eyes stared at him with slight confusion at the sudden question, "What's up with you?"

"You didn't answer the question."

She rolled her eyes and slapped a hand to his chest, "You already know the answer. Now I want to know why you're acting weird."

Dom turned his head to the side, looking off to the frames of his parents and sister.

Her gaze trailed towards the place he's fixated on. Realization dawned on her as she gave him a soft gaze.

Letty grabbed ahold of his jaw and turned his face to look at him.

"You serious about this?"

His eyes just bored into hers as she gave him a slight nod in confirmation.

A small smile curved into his lips.

"You really ready to be more than my girl?"

Letty let out a small sigh, leaning herself forward and rubbing the back of his neck.

"We're not getting any younger, Dom." She turned to look at the picture frame on their dresser, "besides," she gave the man she loved one of her rare smiles and bit her lip, "I think it's about time Mr. and Mrs. T got some grandkids."

He let out a loud, rumbling laugh and hugged her tightly to him.

Yeah, his parents weren't physically there with them anymore. But they knew they were always beside them.

She was right, it was about time his parents became grandparents.


He felt someone push his shoulder forward harshly.


Elena was not impression with his short answer.

"Dominic, I have been calling you for the past five minutes. What has gotten into you?"

He closed his eyes and cleared his throat, "Just been stressed."

She sat herself beside him on the barstool of the island and set her hand on his arm, "What is wrong, Dom?"

He tilted his head in her direction, giving her a tired smile, "Nothin' to worry about. You know me, I get stressed for anything."

She jumped off the stool and set her hands against her hips, "Why are you always keeping things from me?"

Dom slowly turned and gave her a questioning look, "What're you talkin' about?"

She motioned with her hands in front of her, "This! Every time I notice something is wrong with you, you brush me off. I am starting to think you do not trust me, Dom and if there is no trust," she let out an exhausted sigh, "then there is no us."

Dom let out a light, humorless laugh, "So what? You're gonna leave me too?"

Elena took in a deep breath and stared at him evenly, "I do not want to do this, Dom. But you leave me no choice."

"There's always a choice." His voice came out low as he stared her down.

"This is what I mean when I say I do not understand you-,"she raised her arms and slapped them to her thighs, "I do not understand why you always have to be so cryptic about things."

He gave her a long stare and began to put two and two.

He sighed and nodded, "I get it and I'm sorry."

"No, Dominic. You do not get it." She said and crossed her arms.

Dom let out another sigh and stood up, setting his untouched plate in the sink, "I'm not hungry."

Very bad cliff-hanger I must say….I'm actually a bit disappointed because it's turning out more emotional than being action-packed instead.