"I can easily break you, you know." Said the spiteful man behind her, teasing her to his heart's content.

She suppressed the urge to roll her eyes as she stood tall and firm. Her hands clasped behind her back and her head held high.

"Any time," he circled her, his breath an inch away from her neck, "anywhere."

"See Dominic Toretto again and Anthony will pay for it." The man gave her a grin before walking out of the garage, specifically made for her.

The woman glared at the floor, trying as hard as she might not to break down. The only sign that shown she was upset was the uncontrollable urge to stop her lip from quivering.

"Hey, don't take it so hard. We aren't in this line of business for nothing, Letty." An older man of 38 said, trying to keep her train of thought on the right path.

Letty stared at the engine in front of her, "Yeah."

"Remember who you're doing this for," another voice came from behind them, "none of us here have anything to lose. But you do."

She glared harder at the engine before throwing down the wrench that was in her hand to the floor and stormed her way out of there.

Her eyes widened a fraction as she noticed Dom's jacket was gone.

She had just gotten into her condo when she noticed something wasn't right.

"Looking for this?"

She turned around quickly, noticing a petite woman holding onto the jacket she was looking for.

"Give it up, Mona. That jacket dont mean shit to you." Letty glared

"Mm no," Mona tilted her head slightly and threw the jacket over her shoulder, "but I'm pretty sure Owen's gonna wanna know who you've been with."

Letty smirked, "What, that I was seeing my man?"

Mona gave the older woman an incredulous look.

"He already knows and guess what?," Letty stepped toward the short, curly haired girl and snatched the jacket from her, "he let me off the hook."

Mona glared as she backed away from the stronger woman in the room.

"Not the same I can say for you though."

"Just watch your back, Ortiz. I'mma catch you slippin' one day." The younger girl retreated from the room, both never taking their eyes off of the other until she finally left.

Letty let out an annoyed sigh and made her way towards one of the doors in her hallway.

She opened the door as quietly as she could without waking up the boy inside.

All her stress seemed to fade as she stared at the child that meant the world to her.

"Who would've thought," she whispered, opening the door wider and leaned herself against the door frame, "that having a kid would be my salvation."

She looked over the boys features. He was the spitting image of what his father looked like when he was a kid.

At the age of 3, he had strong cheek bones, sharp eyes, and was perceptive of his surroundings.

Unfortunately, the Toretto attitude didn't fall short of him. Neither did the Ortiz's.

"That's our kid for ya, Dom."


She looked over down at the jacket in her hand and walked toward the little boy.

"This's your pops, Tony." She said gently, covering the quivering child in his father's large jacket.

The only thing she had as remembrance of Dom was a picture the family had taken together. Every day she made sure to show Anthony who his dad was and how they got together. The little boy made sure to never forget his father.

She sat on the large bed and ran her fingers through her son's hair before lying down next to him and taking in the smell of her former lover.


He sat up and searched his surroundings, narrowing his gaze at the large room.

Where was he?

His confused features continued to observe the room.

The walls were cracked and made of pure cement.

His eyebrows furrowed at the objects hanging off the walls.


He was in a garage. That much he understood. Now he wanted to know how he got there.

"What are you doing here." A female voice came from the opposite side of the garage.

His neck snapped to look behind him towards the voice.

But the woman wasn't looking at him.

Instead, she was staring at a shadowed figure in front of her.

"Now, now, remember Letty. I had this garage built for you. I can easily tear it down as quickly as it was made."

Letty crossed her arms and stared down at the ground defiantly.

Dom slowly stood up, keeping his gaze on the woman with oil-stained jeans and a dirty wife-beater.

His nostrils flared as the unknown man took steps closer toward Letty.

The stranger gripped at Letty's arms and pulled her closer to him.

"Hands off." Dom growled. But neither of the two people before him paid him any mind.

"How about we go to bed now?" the still unknown man gave her a sinister smile.

"I said hands off!" he shouted while the other two ignored him.

Dom's features took on one of confusion, "What the…."

"I'm working." She replied with a dull tone, before turning to look at the motor bike she had been working on.

"Letty," the man sniffed in harshly, "I'm beginning to get impatient with you."

Letty paid him no mind and undid the oil drain plug screw with a spanner and watched as the oil drained down onto the pie-plate she had found lying around.

"You know, Owen," Letty began, "you remind me of this gearbox."

"Oh and how is that?" he sighed and rolled his eyes, looking off into the distance of the garage.

"It only takes on ten inches of oil. Try to put in more, it'll overload," she stood up and looked at him menacingly; "keep threatening me and my kid—and that'll be the last thing you do."

The man let out a small chuckle, "Leticia, Leticia, Leticia," he stepped forward, looking down at her lips before raising his gaze to her own, "you are pushing your limit."

Dom clutched his hands in tight fists and walked up to them.

His eyes widened when the strangers hands clasped themselves around Letty's neck.

He raised his fist back and swung it forward, fully prepared in knocking the bastard out.


His eyes snapped open as he went into full panic mode. Looking around frantically and noticing he wasn't in the garage anymore.

"Damn it Dom! You scared me!"


He looked at the woman screaming at him.


Mia rolled her eyes and grabbed his wrist. Huffing as she pulled him into a sitting position.

"Geez, what kind of nightmare were you having?"

His eyebrows furrowed at her question.

Mia raised an eyebrow, "Okay then, I guess I won't ask."

"He awake yet, Mia?"

Mia turned to stare at the opened door to her brother's room, "Yeah!" she called down to her husband in the living room.

Dom stared at her and then towards his hallway, "Why're you here?"

His sister sighed and sat herself on his bed, "Elena called," she took his hand in hers and stared at her brother sadly, "she's gone, Dom."

He closed his eyes and nodded, "I figured."

"What exactly happened between you two?"

"I'm too reserved." He smiled jokingly at her

She smiled back and smacked his arm, "What am I going to do with you?"

"Cook for me until I settle down?"

"Right," she giggled, standing up and making her way to leave the room, "that's a long time you're asking for, Dom."

"Why you gotta bring me down like that?" he smirked, lying back in his bed.

"Because I want you to start facing reality already."

He set his arms behind his head and stared up at the ceiling. Knowing Mia already left the bedroom.

"Reality, huh?," he turned to look at the clock on his nightstand, 12:23pm, "I've been dealing with it for a long time…."

Dom let out a deep breath and rubbed the back of his head, tiredly.

What was the deal with that dream?

"keep threatening me and my kid—and that'll be the last thing you do."


His eyes rose from the ground to the picture frame of his old family. Back before all their troubles began.

To the time where his friends were together with them, the moments when all they had to do was go to a race Saturday night, party it up till the next day, and have quality family time with a bbq on Sunday mornings.

He shook his head. The last thing Letty had said—dream Letty had said, bothered him.

A kid?

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