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Chapter 2: I Miss You

Emma was leaving class when she felt her phone vibrate. She looked at it and saw that it was Nick. "We need to skype when you get back to your room. I miss you."

Emma smiled to herself. She missed Nick. The long distance relationship had been harder than she expected. They skyped every day, but things still weren't the same. She also skyped every day with Ryan and Ava in New York and with her parents and siblings back home. She regularly texted and occassionally skyped with Lizzie, Lexie, Laura, Izzy and Meg as well.

Things had gotten off to a rough start for Emma at school. She didn't know what the roommate committee was thinking when the matched her and her roommate, Courtney, up. Courtney was a full out party girl. Several times a week, Courtney would crash parties at fraternity houses, get drunk, dance with as many boys as she could, and stumble back into the suite after midnight, often creating a mess for Emma to clean up. Courtney smoked about two packs of Camels a day and almost always reeked of cigarette smoke. She also listened to heavy metal music and played it whenever Emma was trying to study. For reasons Emma couldn't figure out, Courtney had made a big group of friends almost immediately. She was rarely in the room sober, but when she was, she brought her friends with her and they crowded the common room to watch reality shows and eat junk food. It was near impossible to not find Courtney mixed in with a huge group of people.

When Finn and Rachel eventually found out about what a hard time Emma was having with her roommate, they'd called the residence services and asked for a roommate switch. Emma's new roommate, Kacie, was quieter than Courtney had been, but at least Emma didn't mind living with her. She wasn't in the room much, which was fine. Emma liked her privacy, and it was an adjustment having to share a living space with someone else.

University of Chicago wasn't as tough a school as Harvard (how Nick was still managing to get straight A's was a mystery to Emma) - but her classes were still hard. This year she had to take a lot of general requirement classes, and the only class she really enjoyed this semester was her only writing class. She liked the city of Chicago. It was a lot bigger than Cleveland for sure, but living in New York had prepared her for big city life. She'd managed to find a few places where things were less expensive and had the bus schedule pretty much figured out. She'd also gotten a part-time job at the American Girl store on weekends.

Emma got back to her dorm room and turned on the computer. Kacie was in class right now, so she and Nick could talk in privacy. She quickly logged on to Skype.

"Emma!" Nick exclaimed when they saw each other.

"Nick, we just talked yesterday," Emma giggled.

"I know, but I miss seeing you every day," Nick said.

Emma sighed. "So do I. How's Harvard?"

"It's Harvard," Nick said. "It feels like I've always got a test coming up."

"I guess I do have it better than some people," Emma admitted. "I really miss you."

"I'll see you at Thanksgiving though," Nick assured Emma. "Kacie's been a better roommate than Courtney, right?"

"Yes, she is, you don't need to worry," Emma said, smiling that Nick still had his protective boyfriend side. "How's your roommate?"

"He's been giving me a weird vibe lately," Nick said.

"What do you mean?" Emma asked. She hoped Nick's roommate wasn't a bad person.

"He's asking lots of questions about us," Nick said. "And I mean, REALLY personal ones."

"That's creepy," Emma said. "He doesn't have a girlfriend, I take it?"

"He told me he's never had a girlfriend," Nick said. "Plus, I caught him staring at our prom photo. I think he might be attracted to you."

"Tell him I'm not interested in anyone else," Emma said. She was worried that a girl at Harvard might fall for Nick.

"I will if I catch him looking at any more photos of us," Nick said. "So, how are your parents and siblings?"

"They're great, I miss them," Emma said.

"I'm actually seeing Ryan and Ava this weekend," Nick said.

"That's cool," Emma managed to say. The truth was, she was jealous. She wished she could see her boyfriend, her brother and her best friend.

Nick then groaned. "I should probably study for my history test tomorrow. I love you, Emma."

"I love you too," Emma said.


"So we'll open with Sarah's solo?" Finn asked Rachel as they sat in the living room, thinking up a set list for Sectionals. Ryan, Ava, Nick and Emma had almost always led the group numbers for competitions for the past four years, and it would definitely be a change to not feature those four singers. Luckily, Sarah had proven to be the strongest singer in the group, even though she was only a freshman.

"Yeah, that sounds good," Rachel said. "Do you still like the idea of Firework?"

"I do," Finn said. "For the group numbers, I'm thinking we should let her and Josh lead on You Can't Always Get What You Want, and then the two of them, Grace and Kyle can have solos in Don't Stop."

"It sounds good!" Rachel said. "I think we'll win Sectionals." She and Finn loved watching the kids in the Gold Stars sing songs they'd sang with New Directions.

Sarah came into the dining room. "I heard you talking about Sectionals. What song will I sing?"

"You'll find out tomorrow," Rachel said, wanting to surprise her daughter.

Sarah pouted. "But I want to know."

Before Rachel had a chance to respond, Sarah's phone vibrated. Rachel looked at Finn, wondering if it was a boy.

"It's Adam," Sarah said, turning to Finn and Rachel. Rachel looked at Finn again. She'd seen this coming. Adam Puckerman had been flirting with Sarah at Nationals last year and again at Emma and Ryan's graduation party and the New Directions reunion party this summer.

"What did he say?" Finn asked.

"He's asking how my first few weeks of high school went," Sarah said. "He said since he's a sophomore, I can ask him for any advice about getting through freshman year." Rachel noticed the look on her daughter's face. It was the same look Emma got when talking about Nick and Ryan got when talking about Ava.

"He's a nice guy," Finn said.

"Yeah, he is," Sarah said, looking flustered before running into her room. When she was gone, Rachel turned to Finn. "I must admit, I miss teen couples."

"So do I," Finn said. "It's weird not having at least one teen couple in our house all the time."

"I can only imagine what Ryan and Ava do in their apartment," Rachel said.

"Rach," Finn said. "We love thinking of him as our little boy, but we have to remember, he is a legal adult now. We don't get a say in what he and Ava can and can not do."

"When we were their age, we were doing just about anything couples do, so we can't really complain," Rachel said. "But I do miss him, and Emma, too." They were planning to visit both their kids sometime in the next few weeks, but with jobs and three kids still at home, they couldn't just go whenever they wanted. "We talk on the phone every day," Rachel said, trying to comfort herself and Finn.

Finn's phone vibrated. "It's Ryan. He wants to skype."

Rachel smiled. "Well, what are we waiting for?" She turned on the computer and called her other kids' names, saying that their brother wanted to talk to them. Grant and Zoe came downstairs. "Where's Sarah?" Rachel asked.

"Talking to Adam," Zoe said.

Rachel held in comments as she turned on Skype and logged on. In a few minutes, she saw her son and his girlfriend on the computer. "Ryan! Ava!"

"Hey, Mom," Ryan said. "How's home?"

"It's good," Rachel said. "We really miss you guys though."

"Ryan got an internship with the Mets this spring," Ava blurted out.

"Ava!" Ryan pouted. "I wanted to be the one to tell them."

"That's so exciting!" Finn said. "What are you doing?" Rachel smiled with pride, thrilled that her son had already found success.

"They want me to be a scorekeeper," Ryan said. "It's not much, but it's in New York with the Mets and that's something."

"That's right," Finn said. "Seriously, that's so cool."

"How are the Gold Stars?" Ava asked.

"They're doing fine, though the Class of 2032 is definitely missed," Rachel said. "Finn and I were just getting our Sectionals set list ready."

"We'll see if we can come home that weekend," Ryan said.

"I wish you could come home now," Grant said.

"I bet you miss having a brother at home, don't you Grant?" Ryan asked.

Finn and Rachel exchanged troubled looks. This was one of those sensitive times. Had things not turned out a certain way back in 2024, Grant would still have a brother at home with him.

"But he got me and Sarah!" Zoe said.

"Oh, and Ava got on the wrong train today," Ryan said, starting to laugh.

"Ryan!" Ava whined. "You promised you wouldn't tell."

"It's okay Ava, if Ryan hadn't lived in New York for a year, I'm sure he'd be getting lost all the time," Finn said.

"I still am getting used to how big it is," Ava said. "Ryan was right when he told me a block in New York is like a mile back home."

"Oh, and we're going to Boston to see Nick this weekend, too," Ryan said.

"I bet that'll be fun," Rachel said. She knew how much Emma missed Nick, but was glad that Ryan and Ava were going to see him. The past year had been hard for Nick, losing his father and stepmother, then leaving his siblings. Finn and Rachel still saw Grace and Kyle, but they did worry about all three of the siblings.

"Hey, where's Sarah?" Ryan asked.

"She's on the phone," Rachel said, giving Grant and Zoe looks.

"It's a boy, isn't it?" Ava asked.

"Yes, it is," Finn admitted.

"I knew it!" Ava said. "I could tell Adam had the hots for Sarah at the graduation party."

"Guys, don't tease her about this," Finn said. "Not everyone's ready for a high school relationship. I think she likes him and he likes her, but they are two hours away from each other."

"We won't," Ryan said. "By the way, Dad, we had lunch with Ally today."

"How's my little sister doing?" Finn asked.

"She's great," Ryan said. "Now that we're in New York, we get to see her a lot more. We're trying to get together with Kurt and Blaine soon, too."

Rachel looked at the clock. "Guys, I should probably get Zoe to bed soon. We love you both."

"But I don't want to go to bed!" Zoe pouted. "I want to talk with Ryan and Ava more."

"It's getting late," Rachel said to her daughter. Finn, Rachel, Grant and Zoe said good night to Ryan and Ava, then turned off the computer.

"I really miss Ryan," Grant said.

"I'm sure you do," Rachel said. "I miss him, too. And Emma."

"It's weird not having them here," Grant said.

Finn sighed. "I know it is. Trust me, we all miss them." He gave Rachel a sad look. Their two oldest kids had only been gone a few weeks, but the house did feel a lot emptier. It was hard to believe that Ryan and Emma were in college, Sarah was in high school, Grant was in second grade and Zoe was in preschool.

When Finn and Rachel finished putting Zoe to bed, Rachel felt her phone vibrating again. She opened it and saw a text from Emma. "I know we talked this morning, but I wanted to say good night! I love you guys!"

"We love you, too!" Rachel texted back. She turned off her phone, reminding herself that her kids would be okay.

Chapter 3 preview: Emma, Nick, Ryan and Ava come home for Thanksgiving and Sectionals, and Emma and Nick see each other for the first time since they left for college. Some moments with the Finchel family. Sarah and Adam see each other too.