TMNT Profiles


Yo. What up I know that my bro told ya somethin bout himself. Just a bunch nonsense. But I guess I'll give ya my background.

The name's Raphael Hamato and I was born August 15, 1998. I'm 15 but the second eldest of my brothers. I have golden brown eyes and I wear a red ninja mask. I am 5'7" (I'm the tallest of my bros get over it) and weigh 180 lbs. I don't like to read much but my favorite book is Jurrastic Park ( book is better than the movie) and my favorite color is red. I like to eat cereal (so what if its weird). I enjoy bashing heads, fighting, hangin wit my bros, harassing Leo (Leo: Hey!), etc. I am described by my bros as a hothead and a maniac. You can call me Raph but don't Raphie or Raphie-boy (Mikey should know) and I prefer to fight wit sais. Speaking of Mikey you should know that I am the butt of his pranks and jokes and I retaliate by beating him senseless. I tend to let my anger get the better of me but I mostly take it out on Leo. Don't get me wrong the guy may get on my nerves but I give my life for him. I'm a tough guy but when it comes down to it I'm caring guy( don't call me a softie). And let's get one thing straight. I am NOT scared of bugs, I just hate them.

Mikey: Yes you are dude! Don't deny it

Raph: Mikey you better shut up!

Leo: Raph leave him alone.

Raph: Shut up Fearless!


Raph: GRRRR! Mikey I'm gonna rip your shell off c'mon here you!


Leo: Raph stop chasing Mikey!

Don: uhhh. I have a strange family.



Leo and Donny: uhhh. It never ends.

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