DG had been home for two months now. She and Alice had become close friends and Hatter was wonderful at trying the patience of Raw, since for some reason, he could never read Hatter. DG concluded it was because Hatter was born and raised in Wonderland, and that made him different. Alice was the first female Tin Man in O.Z. history, and she loved every minute of her job. Jeb seemed to be her best friend, and that made Hatter obviously jealous, but their was no drama.
Her life had returned to normal, except it was much simpler now. She and Wyatt had no secrets, they were each other's best friends, lovers, confidants. They wanted to spend every moment with each other.
But life doesn't stay uncomplicated for long. Wyatt and DG were spending their evening together when DG couldn't keep it in any longer.
"Did you enjoy being a father?" Wyatt looked up from his papers and thought for a moment.
"Yes. I have to say that the brief moments that I was a father, I enjoyed it."
"If you could, would you want to be a father again?"
"Deeg, where are you going with this." He stood up and started to walk towards her, sitting on her couch. She didn't say anything and stood up as he sat down. "Deeg-"
"Wyatt, I'm having a baby." She had planned it so differently, but this is what she got
"What?" He jumped up. That was the first time that DG had seen him be afraid and show it.
"I am having a baby." She didn't know how many times she could say it to be more clear. His response surprised her though. He picked her up and kissed her.
"I love you, kiddo."
"You can't call me kiddo any more." She smiled at him.
"Alright. I love you mother." He smiled back at her and she knew her fairy tale had finally come true.