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Chapter 2

It had been four months after that day that DG and Cain were married. The event itself was uneventful. Az sent a recorded message and a gift. At least she's alright. DG thought to herself. Cain refused to answer to any sort of royal code.

"I just want to be Cain." He whined the entire month before the wedding. He settled for "sir" and moved on with whatever he was doing (usually something regarding the new Tin Man project he was in charge of).The night after the wedding, they found that they had pretty much an entire floor to themselves. It was actually the most narrow part of the castle, and was located in the middle floor. They were both relieved to have two separate rooms, conjoined only by their shared lounge. When they went to bed, both couldn't sleep, ever present of the person in the room around them.A few weeks later, the queen stepped down, and DG took over her responsibilities. That event was a bore as well.

Two months was sitting next to the fire, taking great pleasure in the fact that he didn't need to go out to get wood, with the storm that was brewing outside. One of the doors slid open and DG crept in. She closed her door with her back and slid down to the floor, curled up in a ball and started to shake. Cain got up, left his papers and walked over to the desk and put a strong hand on her shoulder.

"DG? What happened?" He didn't hear her muffled reply. He squatted closer to her. "DG." She lifted her face and he saw her tears. "Aw, kiddo. I'm sorry." She let he sobs go and threw her arms around his neck. He hugged her back.

"I didn't even get to say good buy. I didn't get there soon enough." She stammered into his neck. He rubbed his hands up and down her back, trying to get her to breath more normally. He picked her up and walked her into her room for the first time. He saw covered canvases, piles of drawing books, pencils, paints, drawings of people and places he didn't know. Colored glass had replaced the clear glass in every other room. He sat her down on the bed.

"You need sleep, Deeg."

"Will that make the pain go away?" She looked up at him, shoulders still shaking, eyes red, face white as paper.

"No, but it will help." He left the room to let her go to sleep. He felt an unnerving sense of something new, and it made him scared. Pull yourself together. Why would that bring out a new feeling? He heard a voice clear and twisted in his seat. WHAT IS SHE WEARING? All he could do was stare. She was in baggy pants and a loose grey shirt that looked like something his son would wear.

"I was wondering," she hesitated. "I was wondering if you would spend the night with me..." Her voice trailed off. Cain knew he needed to be their for her. Ahamo would be distraught. He had just lost his wife after a 18 year separation and one year reunion. Cain got out of his chair and slowly walked towards his wife. "Sure, kid. If thats what you want." She nodded and ushered him in. You are so far out of your comfort zone here, he thought as he sat on the edge of the bed. She was sitting cross legged right in the middle and fell over on her side. Poor kid. She's so exhausted. He grabbed the loose blankets and slid up to the top of the bed. Cain swung his legs out and DG pulled up to him, resting her head right on his collar bone. He pulled the blankets up over them, and they both drifted into sleep.