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Percy POV

The inside is huge and even more elaborately decorated than the outside. The ceilings are at least 30 feet high, some even have paintings. The walls are covered in portraits and old, painted scenes. Most of them I can't recognize, but as I run, I see a few familiar scenes. One stands out and curiosity causes my willpower to break for a moment. It's that old coliseum in Rome or something. Everyone knows it, so it's no wonder it stood out.

Now that I've slowed my pace, I can see everything more clearly and my ADHD begins to take over. as my speed comes to a halt, I begin to examine things in detail. They're all of old people wearing togas. Then that pitiful scream erupts through the halls again and I'm reminded of my mission.

I sprint through the desolate halls, turn left. Right. Up some stairs, down another. I have no idea where I'm going. All I can do to find her is follow her screams. It doesn't help much that these tall ceilings echo sound like crazy.

Up another flight and turn right. The floor's red carpeting is gradually turning darker and darker, as if a lot of people go through this corridor commonly. So at least this place isn't an abandoned mansion. There are doors after doors along the walls, on both sides. Some are decorated with whiteboards or plants. One has police tape on it, which causes me to wonder if some crime was committed there.

As I turn another corner, I see two figures up ahead. From my distance I can't make out many details, so I just keep going, but at a slower pace.

Soon, I can see that one is, indeed, a girl. She is on the ground with her back pressed to the wall. I can see her hair is dark brown and she's pale as death. The other figure is a tan boy with black hair. He looks stronger than her. Before I can take in more, I notice another thing. Well not so much notice as hear. Someone is running full speed in my direction. Before I can even turn to look, I'm shoved aside boy, who keeps running towards the terrified girl. He has deep black hair, almost like a starless sky.

I watch to see what happens. The boy reaches the couple and looks surprised and a bit grossed out. He starts to say something, but suddenly an old fashioned bell rings and students come pouring out of classrooms all down the halls. None seem surprised to hear a girl screaming her head off.

They all were the school uniform: a navy blue skirt or slacks, a matching suit jacket, a white polo, black tie, and, of course, the school crest. The crest is split into thirds, each containing a different element. The first has a bolt of lightning, the second is waves, and the third, a deep fog. On the top two thirds there are "H"s and the bottom a single "B". Every student must wear it over their heart.

People stare at me curiously. Of course. New students are rare here.

One girl breaks away from the deluge of students and begins to walk towards me. She's wearing black tights with Disney's Cheshire Cat's grinning face all over her legs, paired with black combat boots and almost-neon purple laces. As if she doesn't already look crazy enough, her hair is flaming red, with lemon-yellow tips, and bright orange and yellow highlights. From a distance, she probably looks like she has an apple for a head.

Abruptly, she runs towards me with a grin bigger than the cat on her tights.

"Hi! Are you new here? Wow, you're kinda cute…I mean, my name's Leara! Who are you?!"

"I'm Percy and, yes, I am new here. Actually, could you help me find the head-"

"Wait! Stop! Hold!" ,Leara practically screamed. Other stopped and stared, a few snickered, and a blonde dude even face palms, "Have you met anyone else yet? Like, theoretically a brunette, don't get me wrong, dark brunette, not light. With, say, dark blue eyes?"

"Um, no, but I think shes that way if you're look-"

"Yes! I met the newbie before her!" God, could this girl get any more annoying?

"Okay, that's really great, but could you please tell me what's going on? I heard a scream and came running, but now I can't find the girl and-"

Leara looked pleased, despite my confusion and worry.

"That's fine, after all this happens all the time. Don't sweat it."

How can I "not sweat it"? The guy was a total creep!

"After all now's the fun part."

"Oh, and what's that?", I ask worried about her translation of "fun".

"I, Leara Vivian Eatern, am going to formally introduce you to Half-Blood High!"


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