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„Beck! Cat! You're next!"

They were in Sikowitz's class, and it was time for some improved acting scenes. Cat giggled softly. "I love being next!" She said cheerfully, following Beck on stage. They stood side by side, waiting for instructions from their teacher.

"So Cat, you will be the goddess of love. Beck, you will be a guy whose heart just got broken by the girl he loves." Beck's eyes flickered over to Jade for a second, before he nodded. Cat clapped her hands excitedly. Sikowitz smiled. "Make sure to get some drama going. And.. action!"

Beck and Cat whispered to each other for two minutes. The redhead then walked to the other side of the stage, while the dark-haired boy pulled out a chair, sat down and put his face in his hands. Cat came towards him slowly, a soft expression on her face.

"Leave me alone" Beck muttered, not looking at her. The girl put her hand on his shoulder and started speaking.

"Look, I know you're angry right now, but…" She began, but was quickly interrupted by her partner.

A little louder, he said: "Go away! I don't want you here!"

Cat made Beck face her and looked at him seriously. "Deep down inside, you still love Monica. You just have to let it out."

"Let it out?"

"Yes, and then.."

" You know what I can let out?!" Beck stood up suddenly and Cat flinched away just a little. The boy flashed her an angry glare.

"I can let out all this BULLSHIT I'm going through with her! No matter how hard I try to please her, she's always unsatisfied, cheating on me!" He yelled.

"Oliver, please…" Cat started, trying to calm him. Beck visibly trembled with rage, still in character.

"And then you come around all the time, saying: 'Oh, but it's Monica! It's Monica! Love her!'" He wildly gesticulated with his hands while he spoke. His voice got louder and louder.

"Oliver…" Cat had an almost fearful expression on her face, raising her hands as if to defend herself.

Beck let out a frustrated yell and kicked the chair away. You could hear the audience holding their breath in shock. There were tears in the boy's eyes. "Of course I love her. But how long do you think can I put up with the crap she's putting me through?" The dark-haired boy turned away from the small girl in front of him. Cat followed.

"I understand you! Really!"

"You understand nothing! Otherwise you wouldn't be here!"

Cat grabbed Beck's hand and turned him to her. She looked him in the eye.

"Love is all that matters. You love Monica, that's why…"

Beck laughed bitterly. "Love? Love broke me! Love and I are not friends, you get that?"

The bottom lip of the redhead trembled. She put her hands on both of the boy's shoulders and pulled him closer.

"I am your friend. I'll always be here for you, okay?" Cat whispered, and pulled Beck into a hug that he returned eventually.

The class applauded. "Cut!" Sikowitz yelled, and walked to the stage, where Beck and Cat were pulling away from each other. They smiled happily. "That was excellent, you two are dismissed!" The pair walked back to their seats.

"That was great!" Tori said, smiling brightly.

"Yeah, good job, you guys", André added. Robbie raised his thumbs in approval. The only one who didn't show any reaction was Jade, but the corners of her mouth lifted a bit when Beck put his arms around her. Cat beamed at Beck for a second and he smiled back, then they focused on Sikowitz again.