Chapter 8 the underwear run

A.N: sorry I was taking a break from writing but I'm back know and that's all that matters story wise I decided to change jacks pistols make from Beretta 92FS into .454 Casull Auto (Alucard's from Hellsing guns)

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daten city church

"ok that's the last pistol" jack said after he was finished modifying VERITAS and AEQUITAS, until he had got a text about a lingerie run tonight. "Well girls it seams like you have a excuse for a break" jack told, panty and stocking while they where performing maintenance on their holy garments "lingerie run sounds stupid" stacking said in a bored tone. "Well at least we will have something to do for a while" jack tolled stocking "come on let go"panty yelled in the elevator "alright but I'm driving" jack tolled panty and stocking grabbing his keys to Catherine before heading to the garage.

Daten city school

While four jocks where four way headbutting each other you see jack,panty and stocking puling off a dukes of hazard style jump in Catherine. "Well girls do I know how to make a entrance or what" jack said to panty and stocking, while getting out of Catherine clad only in his black boxers and black with red stripes racing jacket (john tanner's jacket from Driver:San Francisco). "It would be better with police chasing us" panty said to jack. "Hey you take off your jacket" a jock yelled at jack while ripping the jacket sleeve jack just took off the jacket showing off the tattoo on his back(see in profile) as stocking and everyone else saw his tattoo while he put his leather jacket in Catherine's trunk, while taking out a tire iron "that was a custom leather jacket that cost two hundred dollars so hand over the cash to repair it or do I have to beat the shit out of you?" jack said to the jock with eerie calmness waving the tire iron in front of the jocks face.

2 hours later

during the lingerie run we find jack walking across nude students as he saw a ghost eating panty black lace and stockings stripes when the ghost wan up and stole his boxers off him leaving him in the nude "oh hell no he did not take my boxers off me while I was still wearing them" jack said pissed beyond reason calling Catherine as the car sped to him to chase after the ghost as he picked up panty and stocking as they where gaining on the ghost jack flipped a switch on the dash board and two sky blue chain guns raised from the side of the cars engine "well better test these out" jack said as he fired at the ghost killing it underwear started raining from the sky as jack saw par ok boxers that fit him he made him self descent. "lets go home" jack said to panty and stocking while driving back to the church